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Topic: Stainless steel

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  Stainless Steel
Pure iron, the primary element of stainless steel, is extracted from its natural state as iron ore, it is unstable by itself, and naturally wants to corrode (rust).
Austenitic stainless steels are hardened and strengthened through cold working (changing the structure and shape of steel by applying stress at low temperature) instead of by heat treatment.
Ferritic stainless steels are plain chromium steels with no significant nickel content; the lack of nickel results in lower corrosion resistance than the austenitics (chromium-nickel stainless steels).
fantes.com /stainless_steel.htm   (2840 words)

 Stainless Steel Cabinets, Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets - A Plus Warehouse
Stainless steel storage cabinet with drawers, floor cabinet, ventilated cabinet, see through, janitor, wardrobe, stainless bin cabinet, and bin type with drawers.
The stainless steel used is #304 with a #3 finish.
It is also worth noting that Aluminum is corrosion resistant relative to steel as well.
cabinets.apluswhs.com /stainless-steel-cabinets   (422 words)

 What is Stainless Steel?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Stainless steel is the name given to a group of corrosion resistant and high temperature steels.
Stainless steel is not normally corroded in such a galvanic couple, since it is usually the more corrosion resistant of the two metals and acts as the cathode.
Stainless steel rebar is used in bridges, barrier walls and decking to extend the life of critical areas of roadways and marine structures.
www.nickelinstitute.org /index.cfm/ci_id/11021.htm   (2495 words)

Stainless steel is similar to mild and alloy steels; it is an alloy of iron that contains at least 12% chromium.
Some stainless steels are known as low carbon grades to minimize this carbide precipitation; others, such as 321, are special alloys that reduce carbide precipitation by combining and stabilizing the chromium at elevated temperatures.
Stainless steel performs this function without the need for add-ons because it has a much lower coefficient of thermal conductivity, thereby keeping more heat inside and transmitting it to the header outlet.
www.burnsstainless.com /TechArticles/Stainless_article/stainless_article.html   (1490 words)

 Stainless Steel Tanks - Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers
Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, which makes it useful in the storage of hazardous substances.
Stainless steel sanitary tanks must adhere to the strict hygienic standards of regulatory bodies, such as the FDA and the USDA, and are used in the medical, chemical and food processing industries, among many other industries.
Stainless steel is a common choice for tanks because of its corrosion and temperature resistance.
www.iqsdirectory.com /stainless-steel-tanks   (1913 words)

 Stainless Plate Products - White Paper, Stainless Steel
Stainless steels are primarily used when corrosion or oxidation is a problem.
The austenitic stainless steels, because of their high chromium and nickel content, are the most corrosion resistant of the stainless group providing unusually fine mechanical properties.
Carbon in steel when heated to temperatures in what is called the critical range (800 degrees F to 1600 degrees F) precipitates out, combines with the chromium and gathers on the grain boundaries.
www.sppusa.com /reference/white_paper/wp_ss.html   (1316 words)

 Stainless Steel Countertops - Keidel Bath, Plumbing, Kitchens - Cincinnati, OH
Stainless steel, a classic look that never goes out of style, is the choice for countertops by professional cooks, restaurant and food service facilities.
Steel is iron alloy that has a low carbon content (up to 1.7%), and low sulfur and phosphorus content (less than 0.04 %), making it malleable (capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer or by the pressure of rollers).
Stainless steel countertops are fabricated off-site from a template, much the same way as are solid surface materials.
www.keidel.com /design/select/tops-matl-ssteel.htm   (1205 words)

 Stainless Steel
I have a stainless steel sink and it is beginning to rust.
Stainless steels are a family of steels that are resistant to corrosion (rusting) and elevated temperature.
Stainless steel should never be cleaned with steel wool.Damp steel or cast iron was left in the sink for a prolonged period of time and it rusted.
www.jindalstainless.com /stainlesssource/know-stainless-steel/faq.html   (1030 words)

 Stainless Steel Information, Selection and Fabrication Notes
Stainless steel is a preferred material whenever hygienic processes or in-service corrosion is anticipated.
The corrosion resistance and other useful properties of the steel are enhanced by increased chromium content and the addition of other elements such as molybdenum, nickel and nitrogen.
There are many grades of stainless available, some having been developed for quite specific applications, and there are various international non-profit organisations, dedicated to the promotion of stainless.
engineeronline.ws /stainless.htm   (858 words)

 Stainless Steel - Magnetic Properties
All stainless steels, with the exception of the austenitic group, are strongly attracted to a magnet.
Any austenitic (300 series) stainless steel which has developed magnetic response due to cold work can be returned to a non-magnetic condition by stress relieving.
For corrosion resisting applications there are ferritic stainless steels which are magnetically soft, usually variants of a grade "18/2" (18% chromium and 2% molybdenum) but with very tightly controlled additions of silicon and often with sulphur added to make them free machining.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=1140   (500 words)

 Stainless Steel Info
Stainless steel is essentially a low carbon steel which contains chromium at 10% or more by weight.
The longevity of stainless is the result of the alloying composition and, therefore, it has a natural corrosion resistance.
Stainless steel needs less maintenance and its hygienic qualities means that we do not have to use harsh cleaners to get a clean surface.
www.acemagnetics.com /stainless-steel-info.html   (598 words)

 Stainless Steel - All Metals & Forge
Ferritic stainless steels are magnetic and retain their basic microstructure up to the melting point if sufficient Cr and Mo are present.
Martensitic stainless steels are used where strength and/or hardness are of primary concern and where the environment is relatively mild from a corrosive standpoint.
Compositions of most precipitation-hardening stainless steels are balanced to produce hardening by an aging treatment that precipitates hard, intermetallic compounds and simultaneously tempers the martensite.
www.steelforge.com /infoservices/matoverview/mo_stainless_steel.asp   (1547 words)

 Stainless Steels
Most Duplex stainless steels are intended to contain around equal amounts of ferrite and austenite phases in the annealed condition.
Duplex stainless steels generally have similar corrosion resistance to austenitic alloys except they typically have better stress corrosion cracking resistance.
Precipitation-hardening stainless steels may be either austenitic or martensitic in the annealed condition.
www.materialsengineer.com /E-Stainless-Steel.htm   (611 words)

 Stainless Steel Fabricators
Used residentially for its contemporary and antibacterial appeal, stainless steel is finding another surge of popularity in kitchens today.
Stainless steel countertops are a great complement to stainless steel appliances giving you easy maintenance and a smooth, high-tech look.
A brushed stainless steel surface hides scratches and smudges ("wears") better than a highly polished one.
stainlesssteelfabricators.net /services   (225 words)

 Stainless Steel Dinette Set- Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables & Dining Room Chairs
Our stainless steel kitchen tables and stainless steel chairs are perfect for meeting a variety of needs and purposes that you may want to utilize your dinette set for.
Our stainless steel dinette kitchen and dining room furniture provides a great seating location for your kids to eat, for you family to have a sit down dinner and recap the day's events, or to have friends over to celebrate and relax.
The Chateau stainless steel set is covered with a shiny stainless steel finish and the table is topped with a crystal clear glass surface.
www.alfadinettes.com /stainless_steel_dinettes.htm   (546 words)

 CNC Machine Shop - Experts in Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is corrosion resistant due to a "passive", chromium-rich, oxide film which forms on the surface of the steel.
For example, since stainless steel does not need to be coated, in the long run, it may be less expensive because there are cases wherein the cost of coating a part is more expensive than using stainless, (since stainless does not need to be coated).
Since stainless is non-corrosive, it is best for products that will remain outdoors, products that are repeatedly exposed to elements that would otherwise be damaging to steel and any parts that are critical to function for extended periods of time.
www.pfiprecision.com /stainless_steel.asp   (994 words)

 Home - Stainless Steel World
The Stainless Steel World 2008 Call for papers is now available.
Stainless Steel World welcomes you to "Stainless Steel World Conference and Expo 2007!" See our video retrospect...
Stainless Steel World has up-to-date data available on production, consumption, import and export of these materials, both on a global scale, as well as on a regional level.
www.stainless-steel-world.net   (379 words)

 Central Boiler - Outdoor Wood Furnaces
"Titanium Enhanced" Stainless Steel is the stainless alloy of choice based on its ability to withstand the stress, corrosive environment, and high temperatures that are exerted on your firebox during operation.
Other stainless steel alloys simply fall short of what it takes to withstand the stresses and corrosive environment that outdoor wood furnace metals are exposed to while they are in use.
There are 2 main familes of stainless steels in the world of metals, based on their element composition.
www.centralboiler.com /stainless.html   (617 words)

 Stainless Steel - Precision Steel
The family of stainless steels is large and varied; in fact, there are more than 100 registered types.
Stainless strip steels, like the many carbon strip steels, may be procured in either the Heat-Treatable, Non-Heat-Treatable, or Pre-Hardened types.
Although we do stock stainless steels other than those listed in this section, as a matter of general information we list below the three general groups of stainless and heat resisting steels.
www.precisionsteel.com /products/default.asp?n_cat_id=4   (384 words)

 hand made stainless steel flatware
Pure stainless steel 304 18/8 grade guarantees that this flatware will be highly durable and last for many years.
It is achieved by heating the oiled surface of the raw stainless steel twice to embed the flening into the surface.
Wipe your stainless dry after hand or machine washing to prevent water spots, as well as build-up of minerals that can be deposited by hard city water.
www.thaihandmadegifts.com /stainless_steel.htm   (800 words)

 Stainless steel
The stainless steels owe their resistance to corrosion to the presence of chromium.
Today, there is a range of steels from the plain chromium variety to those containing up to six alloying elements in addition to the usual impurities.
Thus, in oxidising environments, such as nitric acid, the high chromium steel is initially attacked at the same rate as ordinary plain steel, but it rapidly builds up an oxide film, known as a self-healing passive-film, which efficiently protects the underlying metal.
www.key-to-steel.com /Articles/Art14.htm   (830 words)

 Steelcraft - Product Catalog / Templates - Doors - Stainless Steel Series
Steelcraft LS-Series Stainless Steel Doors are designed to meet and exceed the harsh environmental exposures like: chemicals, water, moisture and others.
Type #304 stainless steel is recommended for areas where corrosive materials are present in the atmosphere.
Type #316 (optional) stainless steel is recommended for swimming pool areas where high concentrations of chlorine are used.
www.steelcraft.com /pc_doors_stainlessseries.asp   (176 words)

 Frigo Design - Stainless Steel Appliance Frame & Panel Sets
Stainless Steel is as Interior Designers have named it, The "Universal Neutral" - absorbing & reflecting what ever surrounds colors or tones exist.
Stainless Panels Only Sets are available in Quilted and V formation Patterns as well as...New Embossed Patterns a wide variety of Ultra-Attractive and functional Patterns as: Hammered, woven, Leather, Granite.
Stainless Steel Top Hat-designed to conceal door hinges and fill-in the space between the top of the appliance and the cabinetry, creating a beautiful Built-in appearance.
www.frigodesign.com /steel.html   (1448 words)

 Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples Stainless steel Fittings india Stainless steel parts Stainless Steel Components CNC ...
Stainless steel conduit and fittings from a UL listed manufacturer is an increasingly important product today, given the tough new standards for health, safety, and corrosion-resistant materials used in places such as pulp and paper facilities, the waste water treatment industry, food preparation at every stage, water desalination and orsoninfication processes, and many other applications.
Stainless steel conduit and fittings from a UL listed manufacturer is an increasingly important product today, given the tough new standards for health, safety, and corrosion-resistant materials used in places such as pulp and paper facilities, the waste water treatment industry, food preparation at every stage, water desalination and ozoninfication processes, and many other applications.
stainless steel grids strainers sieves kitchen sinks bath overflow grids
www.stainlesssteel-fittings.com /stainless_steel_pipe_nipples/stainless_steel_pipe_nipples.htm   (200 words)

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