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Topic: Standard Oil of New Jersey

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In the News (Sat 20 Oct 18)

  ExxonMobil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other Standard Oil descendants, such as BP and Chevron, do however maintain a few stations with the Standard Oil brand in specific states in order to retain their trademarks and prevent others from using them.
Jersey Standard acquired a 50 percent interest in Humble Oil and Refining Co., a Texas oil producer.
Jersey Standard changed its name to Exxon Corporation in 1972 and established Exxon as a trademark throughout the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Standard_Oil_of_New_Jersey   (2107 words)

 Standard Oil -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Standard Oil (1863 - 1911) was an (Click link for more info and facts about oil refining) oil refining organization founded by (United States industrialist who made a fortune in the oil business and gave half of it away (1839-1937)) John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) and partners beginning in 1863.
Standard Oil, by this time, was often not appreciated by the its competitors and some of the public.
Standard Oil, formed well before the discovery of (Click link for more info and facts about Spindletop) Spindletop and a demand for oil other than for heat and light, was well placed to control the growth of the oil business.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/st/standard_oil.htm   (1325 words)

 A History of the Standard Oil Company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Republic Oil was dissolved and its assets sold to Indiana Standard, Ohio Standard, and Waters-Pierce.
Standard Oil of Colorado was chartered in Denver in 1922, the unused charter was recinded in 1926.
Esso Standard Oil (Jersey Standard) didn't care to have motorists confused, considering it was operating Esso stations in the state at the time and spending significant funds on advertising.
www.us-highways.com /sohist.htm   (1862 words)

 Standard Oil and the Effects of Standard Oil on New Jersey v. US of 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In 1899, the front of Standard Oil of Ohio was abandoned and replaced with Standard Oil of New Jersey.
This was done by the alleged altering of the Charter of Standard Oil of New Jersey in January of 1899.
He believed that Standard Oil of New Jersey did restrain trade, but the way "the standard of reason" was assumed by the rest of the justices was unconstitutional, and the Judicial Branch was over-stretching its power (Bowen 11-14).
www.headroyce.org /~us_history/2000/kwu/so.html   (939 words)

 Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. U.S., 221 U.S. 1 (1911)
The Standard combination is an attempt to control and monopolize a vast commerce of the entire country, as these people undertook to control and monopolize a local commerce.
Soon afterwards it was alleged the trustees organized the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and the Standard Oil Company of New York, the former having a capital stock of $3,000,000 and the latter a capital stock of $5,000,000, subsequently increased to $10,000,000 and $15,000,000 respectively.
Further, the individual defendants, the Standard Oil Company, and the 37 subsidiary corporations were enjoined from engaging or continuing in interstate commerce in petroleum or its products during the continuance of the illegal combination.
biotech.law.lsu.edu /cases/Antitrust/Standard_Oil_case.htm   (10386 words)

 Exxon Mobil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Exxon Mobil Corporation (International: Esso), headquartered in Irving, Texas, is an oil corporation, formed on November 30, 1999, by the merger of Exxon and Mobil.
In 1911, after a United States Supreme Court ruling which upheld a federal court order to dissolve the Standard Oil Trust, Jersey Standard and Socony (along with 32 other companies) were spun off from the Trust.
The spill was the largest in U.S. history, and in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez incident Congress passed the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/exxon_mobil   (813 words)

 Excerpts Trading with the Enemy The Nazi - American Money Plot 1933-1949
Standard Oil of New Jersey had $120 million invested there; General Motors had $35 million; 111 had $30 million; and Ford had $17.5 million.
Standard Oil's Paris representatives were directors of the Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas, which had intricate connections to the Nazis and to Chase.
The New York Daily News sent reporter George Dickson to investigate the meaning of a big white placard with a large G on it in a window of a front second-floor bedroom.
thirdworldtraveler.com /Fascism/Trading_Enemy_excerpts.html   (8993 words)

 Standard Oil Co. v. U. S. (1911)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Such decree was entered upon a bill filed by the United States under authority of the act of July 2, 1890, known as the antitrust act, and had for its object the enforcement of the provisions of that act.
The decree was against seven individual defendants, the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, thirty-six domestic companies, and one foreign company which the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey controls by stock ownership; these thirty-eight corporate defendants being held to be parties to the combination found to exist.
[42] I concur in holding that the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and its subsidiary companies constitute a combination in restraint of interstate commerce, and that they have attempted to monopolize and have monopolized parts of such commerce, - all in violation of what is known as the antitrust act of 1890.
www.ripon.edu /Faculty/bowenj/antitrust/stdoilnj.htm   (3443 words)

 Mohammed Mossadegh hero file
Iran's economy becomes more and more centred on the production of crude oil from the country's vast reserves, which by the end of the century are estimated at between 89.7 and 99.1 billion barrels, ranking them as the fourth or fifth largest in the world.
The term of the contract is also extended to the end of 1993, when all oil facilities, including the refinery at Abadan, are to revert to the Iranian Government.
Under an agreement reached between the government and a consortium of eight foreign oil companies, industry control of the oil companies is restored, but the government's share of income is greatly increased to approximately one-half of the net profits.
www.moreorless.au.com /heroes/mossadegh.html   (4559 words)

 Encyclopedia: Standard Oil of New Jersey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Exxon Mobil Corporation or ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM (http://www.nyse.com/about/listed/lcddata.html?ticker=XOM)), headquartered in Irving, Texas, is an oil producer and distributor formed on November 30, 1999, by the merger of Exxon and Mobil.
In order to create a unified brand, the company changed its corporate name from Jersey Standard to Exxon, rebranding all its U.S. stations under the latter title.
Other Standard Oil descendants, such as BP and ChevronTexaco, do however maintain a few stations with the Standard Oil brand in specific states in order to retain their trademarks and prevent others from using them.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Standard-Oil-of-New-Jersey   (1322 words)

 Encyclopedia of New Jersey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Overseen by an editorial board composed of distinguished experts in a variety of fields and edited by two leading specialists in New Jersey history, the Encyclopedia of New Jersey is an indispensable resource for both the scholar and the general reader.
Marc Mappen is the executive director of the New Jersey Historical Commission and author of Jerseyana: The Underside of New Jersey History.
He enjoys exploring the changing landscape of New Jersey, and maintains a website of historical maps.
www.scc.rutgers.edu /njencyclopedia/entries.html   (407 words)

 The 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act
The Standard reorganized once more, in a holding in the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) which now coordinated the whole machine, that is 70 companies and 23 refineries controlling 84% of the crude oil refined in the US in 1899.
In 1911, the Supreme Court finds the Standard Oil in violation of the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act because of excessive restrictions to trade, and in particular its practice of buying out the small independent refiners or that of lowering the price in a given region to force bankruptcy of competitors.
This is a landmark ruling in the economic history of the USA, and is the basis for a new doctrine in American antitrust policy, called the rule of reason (because of the famous unreasonable restraints to trade mentioned in the Sherman Antitrust Act.
www.micheloud.com /FXM/SO/antitrust.htm   (435 words)

 Standard Fuel Oil,
Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.G. Farben and their intent.
Standard Oil of New Jersey to the Nazi war machine.
Standard Oil of New Jersey, Standard Oil of California, and Socony-Vacuun
www.farish-mims.150m.com /fb3.htm   (3067 words)

 New Jersey and the Nazis
I later learned that the state troopers in new jersey was started by a German, that their uniforms were patterned after some type of German uniform (very similar to the uniforms South African police wear), that they are notorious for stopping Black, Hispanic, and long-haired people on the turnpike and beating, harassing, and arresting them.
Standard Oil of New Jersey, which later renamed itself Esso, then Exxon, was a major player in the foreign support of Nazi Germany from the 30's all the way into 1942.
One of the most brutal groups ever to settle in New Jersey since the English killed the Indians was the VorKommando Moskau, originally formed by the SS as they advanced into Eastern Europe and recruited White Russians fleeing their homeland.
www.afrocubaweb.com /assata4.htm   (9045 words)

 Guide to Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. U.S., 221 U.S. 1 (1911)
Guide to Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v.
What was the role of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey in the third period of the conspiracy?
Just past **523 the court discusses the defense to monopoly based on the control of the crude oil business.
biotech.law.lsu.edu /cases/Antitrust/Standard_Oil_guide.htm   (799 words)

 The Rockefeller Archive Center - Frequently Asked Questions
Rockefeller entered the oil business in the 1860s and in 1870 founded the Standard Oil Company, which grew to dominate the oil industry and made Rockefeller and his partners wealthy men.
He became a successful businessman in Cleveland and entered the oil business there, and Cleveland was home to the Standard Oil Company from its creation by Rockefeller in 1870 until it and Rockefeller moved to New York City in the early 1880s.
New York's WNBC Television, whose studios are located at Rockefeller Center, have compiled facts on the Rockefeller Christmas tree and traditions: http://www.wnbc.com/christmastree/1775313/detail.html
archive.rockefeller.edu /faqs/?printer=1   (6494 words)

 H102 Lecture 05: Businessmen and "That Creature" the Corporation
Born in Carmel, New York, Drew served briefly in the War of 1812 before beginning a livestock business, driving cattle and horses to New York City from upstate, and later from as far away as Illinois.
He quickly acquired a reputation for sharp dealing and was known to feed salt to his cattle and then let them drink themselves full in order to increase their weight; this practice became known as "stock watering" and Drew was its master.
The new businessmen and the new methods of doing business that became prominent during the Gilded Age were not always shining examples of morality and democracy.
us.history.wisc.edu /hist102/lectures/lecture05.html   (2102 words)

 Ad Aware Free Removal Spyware
Because of reluctance to change and the fact that most computers come with Windows pre-installed, there is a slow adoption free removal software spyware ware of new desktop operating systems.
You have to add something like: "As a result of this judgment, Standard Oil was broken up into 12 competing units, Standard Oil of New York, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Standard Oil of California.
On a Lexis-Nexus news search, there are 7 news items mentioning Mozilla to 119 results mentioning Linux in the past week.
free-spyware-removal.beplaced.ru /ad-aware-free-removal-spyware.html   (914 words)

 The Reply to Mexico: Standard Oil Puts Forth Its Position
In 1937, the policy was put to the test when Bolivia charged that Standard Oil of New Jersey had defrauded the Bolivian government; Bolivia canceled the company’s oil drilling rights and confiscated its facilities.
True to its new policy, the United States avoided military intervention and instead pressured Bolivia by withholding loans and technical assistance.
It is a matter of record that the oil workers in the service of the expropriated companies enjoyed wages and working conditions superior to those of the workmen of any other industry in Mexico.
historymatters.gmu.edu /d/5169   (1463 words)

 #539 (03/27/97): History of Precaution, Part 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
At that time, the toxicity of lead had been well-established for 100 years,[4,pg.76] but a new gasoline additive was needed by the automobile and petroleum corporations and lead suited their purposes.[4,pg.6] In 1923, the automobile industry was booming.
At Standard Oil's Bayway, N.J., facility, 5 workers died and 35 suffered severe palsy, tremors, hallucinations and other serious symptoms of nerve damage.
The NEW YORK TIMES reported that 80% of the workers at DuPont's lead plant were poisoned.[6,pg.347] These industrial poisonings created headlines nationwide and public health officials became apprehensive about the prospect of treating billions of gallons of gasoline with tons of tetraethyl lead, which would be released into the air along with the exhaust fumes.
www.monitor.net /rachel/r539.html   (1167 words)

 John D. and Standard Oil
In 1863, Sam Andrews, a new partner, convinced John D. to diversify his activities and to invest in the booming oil industry.
As a result, on January 10, 1870, the Standard Oil Company (S.O) was formed with the same partners and John D. as president.
In 1879, a committee was formed by Alonzo Hepburn, chairman of the New York State Assembly, to investigate malpractices and the plausible existence of a monopoly in the oil industry.
www.bgsu.edu /departments/acs/1890s/rockefeller/bio2.htm   (733 words)

 How did the price of the 'Standard Oil of New Jersey' change before during and after World War II?
Please click here to help answer the question "How did the price of the 'Standard Oil of New Jersey' change before during and after World War II?" If you can't offer a complete answer, it's still helpful to get things started and point people in the direction for more information.
Click here to watch the World War II FAQ so that you'll be alerted when there are new questions and changes.
If you sign in before asking your question, you will be able to "watch" it and make sure you're alerted when the question is answered.
www.faqfarm.com /History/WWII/24605   (339 words)

 Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States
221 U.S. Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v.
The Anti-Trust Act contemplated and required a standard of interpretation, and it was intended that the standard of reason which had been applied at the common law should be applied in determining whether particular acts were within its prohibitions.
The word "person" in § 2 of the Anti-Trust Act, as construed by reference to § 8 thereof, implies a corporation as well as an individual.
supct.law.cornell.edu /supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0221_0001_ZS.html   (740 words)

 #540 (04/03/97): History of Precaution, Part 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The morning session on May 20 was devoted to speeches by General Motors, Standard Oil of New Jersey, DuPont, and their new joint venture, Ethyl Corporation, which they had created to market leaded gasoline.
For about six months, the committee studied 252 garage mechanics, filling station attendants and chauffeurs in Dayton and Cincinnati and concluded, "There are at present no good grounds for prohibiting the use of ethyl gasoline." In sum, the "facts" argument overwhelmed the precautionary principle.
In June, 1926, GM, DuPont, Standard Oil of New Jersey and their joint venture, the Ethyl Corporation, started selling leaded gasoline again, and they continued to do so until Congress finally outlawed it completely in 1989.[5] They still sell their brain-damaging product in third-world nations today.
www.monitor.net /rachel/r540.html   (1169 words)

 Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil.
Solid as a prison, towering as a steeple, its cold and forbidding façade seems to rebuke the heedless levity of the passing crowds, and frown on the frivolity of the stray sunbeams which in the late afternoon play around its impressive cornices.
Strikes by oil workers had been a regular feature of the protests against the Tsar in 1903 and 1904, and were a major factor in the 1905 revolution, in which the former Josef Dzhugashvili played a significant, anti-Tsarist role.
Rockefeller and Standard Oil are the Founders of the State of "Israel."
www.reformation.org /rockefeller.html   (3382 words)

 Books about New Jersey
The Grants, Concessions, and Original Constitutions of the Province of New Jersey: The Acts Passed During the Proprietary Governments, and Other...
History of the Fifteenth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry by Alanson A.
Leon Abbett's New Jersey: The Emergence of the Modern Governor by Richard A. Hogarty
home.att.net /~newbooks/newjerseybook.html   (4088 words)

 Adaware Downloads
The two are seperate entities and althought it may not obvious now, when google launches a new browser, or introduces search software on computers the destinction will become clear.
Then the IETF standards on Instant Messaging are adaware se presented.
In contrast, until about 1986, some major manufacturers of hardware-software combinations would periodically introduce new machines with new operating systems giving little or no compatibility with the previous ones.
adaware.beplaced.ru /adaware/downloads.html   (792 words)

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