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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

A.D. 105, a date which can be fairly certain as its rampart overlay burnt debris concealing a hoard of coins dating no later than 98 while a coin of 103 was found within the rampart make-up (Frere, p.123).
The garrison along the Stanegate was also supplemented by the establishment of new 'fortlets' and 'small forts' between the larger stations, at Newbrough, Haltwhistle Burn, Throp and Boothby.
In addition, beyond the known termini of the Stanegate there were further forts, at Burgh-by-Sands overlooking the Solway estuary and at Kirkbride on the River Wampool in the west (Breeze, chap.4).
www.roman-britain.org /frontiers/stanegate.htm   (721 words)

  Romans and Frontiers - The Stanegate
The forts of Corbridge and Vindolanda are located on the Stanegate.
From here the Stanegate is heading further east towards Newcastle and South Shields, but the exact course of the road east of Corbridge is still not clear.
The Stanegate will be presented on the DVD about the Roman frontiers in Britain.
www.britanniafilm.de /hadrian02.html   (450 words)

 Stanegate Studios: Testimonials
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 Trailblazer Guides
Built during the governorship of Agricola in AD80, the Stanegate was an important trade route that needed protecting.
This wall was to extend beyond the limits of the Stanegate, to stretch across the entire island.
Such a road would be vital for the rapid transport of troops along the Wall and eventually replaced the Stanegate as the primary artery adorning the neck of Britain.
www.trailblazer-guides.com /books/main.html/excerpt/53/211   (2948 words)

 Unique Original Web Design - Graphic Design
At Stanegate Studios, we believe that commercial art can and should be unique, original, attention-getting, and instilled with caring, quality, and a regard for detail.
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 Vindolanda Tablets Online | Exhibition | History of Vindolanda | Vindolanda and its northern context
Vindolanda itself lies on the 'Stanegate', built by Agricola or his successors, connecting Corbridge to Carlisle through the gap in the Pennine hills cut by the rivers Tyne and Irthing.
The Stanegate perhaps marked the limit of Roman control but may have been a patrolled road rather than a formal frontier line, allowing the movements of the Britons to be monitored.
The milestones set up along the Stanegate and other roads by third and fourth century emperors, presumably to record repairs, show the continuing importance to the army of these strategic routes.
vindolanda.csad.ox.ac.uk /exhibition/history-2.shtml   (501 words)

 About World of Stoves
By the end of the year the best stove retailer in the country will also be the biggest, and most accessible to customers throughout the north of England and the Scottish borders.
Stanegate Stoves and Cookers in the Newcastle outskirts of Lemington is based in a very strange location, it is in a 215yr old glassworks close to the Tyne.
The name Stanegate was chosen because it was the old road linking the west side of Newcastle with Carlisle.
www.worldofstoves.com /about.php   (562 words)

 The Stanegate
After stabilizing the Province up to the Tyne-Solway-Line (the road along this line from Carlisle to Corbridge was probably built by Agricola and is known as the Stanegate, its medival name) Roman units entered Scotland and conquered the territory up to the Tay River.
The furthest North legionary fortress of Inchtuthil at the Upper Tay indicates further advance in order to subdue the whole island, but with the withdrawel of the legio II adiutrix to the Danube the retreat from Scotland started.
On the Stanegate there is a striking lack of watchtowers (prooved frontier systems like the Gask Ridge or the Raetien border provide a close spacing of watchtowers) For the five possible watchtowers (Pike Hill, Walltown Crags, Mains Rigg, Barcombe, Birdoswald) there is still no clear evidence.
www.hatii.arts.gla.ac.uk /MultimediaStudentProjects/98-99/9808220d/pro/roman/hadrian/hadrian2.htm   (490 words)

 Hadrian's Wall-The Wall
Since the aim was to speed the movement of troops, the Stanegate road ran along the river valleys, avoiding the hills wherever possible, and was dominated by higher country to the north.
So it was decided to construct the permanent barrier a mile or so in that direction, taking advantage of the long ridge of folded volcanic rock known as the Whin Sill.
The chosen line involved a number of river crossings but Roman soldiers were experts at building bridges The Stanegate was still useful for moving troops and supplies therefore it was decided to use the existing forts as permanent bases for the troops who were to defend it.
www.odysseyadventures.ca /articles/hadrian-wall/article_hadrianswall-thewall.htm   (1846 words)

 Ancient Roman Empire Forums -> The Triclinium
The area is not noted for having been a major area of conflict as the Legions pushed north toward the Stanegate, as it has always (until recent centuries) been sparsely populated.
Corstopitum is a Stanegate (strategic crosss country road) installation, pre-dating Hadrian's Wall but repeatedly rebuilt as a crucial supply depot and major civilian settlement.
The fort evolved from early wooden construction to later stone re-build, via considerable growth and re-planning/rebuilding, to finally function as a strategic HQ for Severus in his Caledonian campaigns.
www.unrv.com /forum/index.php?automodule=blog&blogid=19&m=10&y=2006   (872 words)

 Stanegate Cottage Self Catering, Banktop, Greenhead, Haltwhistle presented by A1 Tourism
Stanegate Cottage Self Catering, Banktop, Greenhead, Haltwhistle presented by A1 Tourism
Stanegate Cottage is a beautifully presented 2 bedroomed holiday cottage renovated in 2002 from a former cow byre.
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 Hadrian's Wall - Mithras - Housesteads
He visited Britain in 122 and ordered a wall to be built to formalise the frontier, which had been temporarily established at the Tyne-Solway line.
A road, known as the Stanegate (probably originally built by Agricola), already followed this line between Corbridge and Carlisle, and there were several forts along its length.
The main construction work on Hadrian's Wall, which was built to the north of the Stanegate, took about ten years.
www.stephen.j.murray.btinternet.co.uk /h_wall.htm   (910 words)

 NYTimes.com: VisitBritain
Just beyond the city of Carlisle, we got off the main road (A69) and onto the path of the ancient Roman Stanegate, the military highway of its day (today's B6318), following what was the original turf-and-mud wall that preceded Hadrian's grand enterprise.
We walked up through fields of buttercups to rather steep crags (known as the Walltown Crags) looking north into the territory of the barbarians, and on for another 20 minutes or so until we saw a rather steely-eyed bull -- time to turn back.
We could have walked the entire 10 or so miles to Vindolanda, lying just south of the wall (on the original Stanegate), but I was eager to get there.
www.nytimes.com /ads/visitbritain/softadventure_article3_2.html   (569 words)

 Unique Original Web Design - Graphic Design
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 Stanegate Cottage Self Catering Brampton - The UK Hotel Network
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The Roman town of Luguvallium, now known as Carlisle was an important centre, and a road called the Stanegate was constructed to link it with Corbridge.
Vindolanda is also a fort on the Stanegate and predates the wall.
It was not until 122 AD that the Emperor Hadrian decreed that a wall be built from the Tyne to the Solway; frontier walls also were built in Germany and Belgium.
www.shapcumbria.co.uk /reporter/histmtg.htm   (603 words)

 Fortress - design, technology and history of key fortresses, strategic positions and defensive systems
Although the Stanegate, the Roman road connecting Corbridge with Carlisle, marked the northern limit of military occupation in Britain by the reign of Trajan, it was not a frontier system.
Hadrian himself came to the province in AD 122 and, according to his biographer, ‘he put many things to rights and was the first to build a wall, 80 miles long, to divide the Romans from the barbarians’ (SHA, Hadrian 11.2).
This road had been constructed during the governorship of Agricola to link Corbridge on Dere Street, the arterial route up the eastern side of the province from the legionary fortress at York, with Carlisle on the western route north from the legionary fortress at Chester.
www.ospreyfortress.com /read.htm   (1375 words)

 Stanegate Cottage Self Catering, Haltwhistle brochure
Braeside is part of the old farmstead of Banktop Farm, which was in existence over 250 years ago, situated in a quiet corner of the countryside above the village of Greenhead.
Peacefully situated on a quiet road above the village of Greenhead the cottage has panoramic views of the surrounding countryside of Hadrian's Wall country and the Scottish Hills.
We have catered for your every need so that your stay in Stanegate Cottage will be comfortable and relaxing.
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 self catering holiday: Stanegate Cottage - Hadrian's Wall Country- luxury self-catering cottage to sleep 2-4 ...
Stanegate Cottage provides quality accommodation for 2-4 people throughout the year, with the extensive use of natural wood together with carefully coordinated furnishings creating a homely atmosphere.
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 [No title]
Walk down the road and turn left into Stanegate Road which pre-dates Hadrian's Wall.
The six foot high Chesterholm Roman milestone is alongside Stanegate Road.
At the next road junction I turned left and then did a detour up the hill on my right to reach my next point of interest.
shottonlad.bravepages.com /hadrianswall.html   (396 words)

 A Glimpse of Life at the Roman Fort Vindolanda
Early-morning sun lit the eastern sky, but glistening dew still whitened the prospect of meadowland and small fields of ripening wheat and barley that Messicus could see as he gazed to the north.
Old shoes, offcuts from leather hides, dead dogs, used bedding and floor matting, broken cooking pots and crockery, spoiled food and the knackered carcasses of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats all piled up in the ditch, there to putrefy.
Truly, mused Messicus, any traveler on the Stanegate Road would know that he was approaching the fort miles before it actually became visible.
equisearch.com /equus/vindolanda_021606   (1419 words)

 Holiday UK - Hadrian's Wall area
If calling from outside the UK please dial 44 instead of 0 at the start of the telephone number.
Stanegate cottage is a beautifully presented two-bedroom cottage with extensive views over open countryside.
It has been imaginatively converted from the original byre, part of the 250-year old former Banktop Farm.
www.holidayuk.biz /hadrians.htm   (713 words)

 Roman Military Sites in Britain
The Stanegate Frontier is a suggested late first century system based on an earlier road.
The Stanegate (not its Roman name) road was built circa 80 AD from Carlisle to Corbridge.
The Wall garrison was to have been based in forts on the Stanegate.
www.castra.org.uk /Pages/Gazetteer/ENGN.HTM   (2938 words)

 Keys To The Past, Ref No N6080
Roman cemetery and Stanegate near Carvoran Roman fort (Greenhead)
The cemetery of Carvoran Roman fort and its civilian settlement lies on the east side of the fort alongside the Stanegate Roman road.
However, the Stanegate can be seen in places as an upstanding earthwork, with a raised bank representing the spine of the road and its drainage ditches visible on each side.
www.durham.gov.uk /durhamcc/k2p.nsf/k2pdetail?readform&prn=N6080   (183 words)

 Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site
There are also many earlier Roman military works such as marching camps and permanent bases along the east-west Stanegate road which may itself have begun as a control line before the decision was taken to build the Wall.
In the central sector, the remains of the Wall and associated features are prominent and often dominate the local landscape.
In this area too, other traces of Roman occupation such as the Stanegate road and its forts are well preserved as are more ephemeral features such as marching camps.
www.eng-h.gov.uk /ArchRev/rev95_6/hadrian.htm   (1707 words)

 Brown Classical Journal
In the uppermost reaches of Northern Britain, on the border with Scot­land between Luguvalium (Carlisle) and Coria (Corbridge), lay the fron­tier of the empire.
Although Agricola had led his victorious armies 200 miles further into Scotland proper in the mid-80s A.D., it was the road linking these two towns, the Stanegate, that formed the boundary between Roman Britain and the wild expanses to the north.
During this Agricolan period of conquests and the subsequent reversion to the Stane­gate frontier, many timber forts were constructed along the Stanegate (Birley, 1977: 12).
www.brown.edu /Departments/Classics/bcj/15-05.html   (4093 words)

 Holiday rentals in Greenhead, North, Northumberland, England, Stanegate Cottage, Cottage
Stanegate Cottage is situated above the village of Greenhead in a peaceful position just off the A69 Newcastle-Carlisle road about 18 miles east of the M6 motorway.
Stanegate Cottage has everything one could wish for, a wonderful position, tasteful decoration and very comfortable.
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