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Topic: Stapleton International Airport

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Stapleton International Airport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stapleton International Airport was Denver, Colorado's primary airport from 1929 to 1995.
The probable cause of the crash was the failure of the flight crew to have the aircraft de-iced prior to take-off and the over-rotation of the aircraft on take-off.
Stapleton is by far the largest neighborhood in the city of Denver, and an eastern portion of the redevelopment site lies in the neighboring city of Aurora.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stapleton_International_Airport   (1081 words)

 Smart Communities Network: Green Buildings Success Stories
Emphasizing the preservation of open space, the reduction of pollution and the conservation of natural resources, the Stapleton Development Corporation is constructing a community comprising a network of urban villages, employment centers and greenways on the 4,700-acre former site of Stapleton International Airport near Denver.
Stapleton's land use planning and community design stress the creation of compact, mixed use communities that are walkable and transit-oriented in order to reduce automobile dependence and emissions and increase the efficiency of service delivery.
Stapleton is also creating training and skill development programs designed to provide area residents with the work skills needed by employers operating on the Stapleton site, and developers are establishing programs that encourage the participation of youth and entrepreneurs, particularly from minority communities.
www.smartcommunities.ncat.org /success/stapleton.shtml   (831 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions about Centennial Airport
At that time, the Airport’s location was considered far outside the urban area, and much of the development you see around the Airport today – the residential, commercial and retail – didn’t exist.
In 1975, the County created the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority – a separate political entity from the County - because major expansion of the Airport was imminent and required bond funding.
The Centennial Airport Board of Commissioners, as well as the Arapahoe County Board of County Commissioners has long stated that Centennial is, and should remain, a general aviation reliever airport for DIA.
www.co.arapahoe.co.us /Community/Airports/faq.asp   (1017 words)

 Terrain.org - Denver's Stapleton: Green Urban Infill for the Masses? by Michael Leccese
By the time Denver’s Stapleton International Airport, one of the nation’s busiest hubs, closed in 1995, a group of citizens, planners, and private foundations had already been working for six years to develop a visionary plan to recycle the 7.5-square-mile site into a new urban neighborhood.
Stapleton’s scale—it is the region’s second-largest housing development after 22,000-acre Highlands Ranch in nearby Douglas County—and its social intentions may make a difference by offering an urban alternative for a broader regional population.
The former airport’s 975 acres of concrete and asphalt are being ground up for new road base and concrete aggregate, recycling 6 million tons of material in the process, while reducing pressure to mine for new sand and gravel.
www.terrain.org /articles/17/leccese.htm   (2945 words)

 Concrete Thinking for Sustainable Development | World Record Recycling Project | Portland Cement Association (PCA)
After 66 years of operations, Stapleton International Airport had grown to become one of the busiest airports in the United States, with its concrete runways and concourses sprawling over the outskirts of Denver, Colorado.
The ongoing transformation of old Stapleton Airport into a family-friendly residential and commercial community illustrates the durability, versatility, and sustainable properties of concrete.
Developers are conserving resources by using the existing concrete from old Stapleton Airport and recycling it for use in the new Stapleton development and in other projects.
www.cement.org /concretethinking/case_stapleton.asp   (391 words)

 Preservation Online: Story of the Week Archives: Runway Model City
Yet with the redevelopment of the 4,700-acre Stapleton International Airport, which closed when the new Denver International Airport opened in 1995, the two interests might be merging.
When the Stapleton communities are finished in 15 years, there will be 12,000 homes and apartments built to house 30,000 residents, from singles to seniors, retail clerks to corporate executives, first-time buyers to empty nesters.
At Stapleton, the most controversial project so far was construction of a big-box retail center with a Wal-Mart and Home Depot—a way for both the developer and the city to boost tax revenue.
www.nationaltrust.org /magazine/archives/arch_story/041103.htm   (887 words)

 Stapleton - Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Called the "Union Station of the Air," and heralded as the most modern facility in the country, the Denver Municipal Airport was constructed by the City of Denver.
In 1964, the airport's name was officially changed to Stapleton International Airport.
In the spring, Forest City purchased the first Stapleton land from the City and began construction of streets and utilities.
www.stapletondenver.com /history/timeline.asp   (521 words)

 Schools, Developer Partner Up On Denver Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The vast, bare plot of land in the middle of Denver used to be an airport.
Believed to be the largest current redevelopment project in the country, Stapleton is also a laboratory for creative school financing and planning that offers lessons for other communities caught in the throes of rapid expansion.
Stapleton’s developers see the project as a sociology experiment of sorts, in which individual residents and families of all income levels are encouraged to share common spaces and community resources such as schools.
www.edweek.org /ew/articles/2004/03/24/28stapleton.h23.html   (1763 words)

 Publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Forest City Stapleton, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forest City, kicked off the project’s first phase in March, starting work on a 750,000-square-foot regional center and the first of several Main Street- style neighborhood "town centers," some anchored by grocery stores, that will be dotted around the site.
Stapleton will have an immense impact on Denver’s economy, enhancing its status as a world-class center of business and industry, according to observers.
Stapleton served as Denver’s airport from 1929, but it grew increasingly unpopular with local residents as the city grew up around it.
www.icsc.org /srch/sct/current/sct0601/page11.html   (1200 words)

 Construction & Demolition Recycling :: Features :: The Urban Quarry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The former Stapleton Airport in Denver yields a massive recycled aggregates lode.
While commercial airport closings are rare, the scaling back of the number of military bases in the past 10 years has resulted in several military airfields being de-commissioned.
In the mid-1990s, as construction of the new Denver International Airport proceeded, a committee was formed by the City of Denver to begin making plans and holding public forums concerning the redevelopment of the seven square miles of land comprising Stapleton Airport.
www.cdrecycler.com /features/feature.asp?ID=282   (2583 words)

 Stapleton - Forest City Enterprises
In Stapleton, residents and businesses alike can feel they are part of a real and growing community - one that combines all the benefits of a quiet, close-knit neighborhood with the enriching environment and conveniences of a diverse urban center.
One of the greatest challenges involved in the redevelopment of Stapleton has been the need for Forest City to coordinate and implement a range of development activities that are nearly unprecedented in their scope, due to the ambitious nature of this, one of the largest urban redevelopments in the nation.
Stapleton Stapleton Stapleton presents a new ideal for urban living.
www.forestcity.net /projects_detail_mixed.asp?id=384   (1395 words)

 Denver: 1966-1995
Stapleton Municipal Airport unveiled its multimillion-dollar new terminal complex in late 1966, replacing an undersized facility that had been in use since the late 1920s.
Traffic grew steadily in the latter half of the 1960s, however, and by 1970 airport officials were breaking ground on the second phase of the terminal building.
City officials decided that Stapleton had reached the end of its useful life and began planning for a new airport on the plains east of the city.
oldterminals.topcities.com /denver.html   (1854 words)

 Stapleton Corporation
The Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC) is a private sector, non profit entity created by Mayor Wellington E. Webb and the Denver City Council in 1995 to oversee the disposition of the former Stapleton International Airport.
The Stapleton Development Corporation is charged with the responsibility to implement the Stapleton Development Plan, a community-based vision for creating new jobs, housing, and open space, on the 4,700 acres airport property that lies in the heart of the Denver metropolitan area.
The Federal Aviation Administration requires that sales of the land at Stapleton be at fair market value, with proceeds being applied to reduce the indebtedness of Denver International Airport.
www.stapletoncorp.com   (285 words)

 Denver Airport Underground base and weird murals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
An African woman in colorful native garb; a Native American woman who's heritage the airport's art supposedly celebrates; a blonde girl with cupid bow lips, a Star of David on her chest and a bible in her hands.
The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres (53 square miles; 137.593 Sq.km) in spite of the fact that Denver already had what everyone said was a perfectly fine airport - Stapleton - which was ordered closed when DIA was built so there "wouldn't be any competition".
It was built in a high wind area (Stapleton hadn't been) that causes it to be shut down or flights delayed often.
www.anomalies-unlimited.com /Denver_Airport.html   (4451 words)

 The urban quarry: the former Stapleton Airport in Denver becomes a high-profile recycling project - C&D Series - ...
Very few new airports have been built in the U.S. in the past two decades, and thus very few old airports have been taken out of service.
While commercial airport closings are rare, the scaling back of the number of military bases that has taken place in the past 10 years has resulted in several military airfields being de-commissioned.
His involvement with the foundation ensured that the recycling of demolition materials generated at the airport remained on the redevelopment agenda.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0KWH/is_12_40/ai_96194792   (905 words)

 Affordable Housing At Former Denver Airport, IRED
Plans are underway for a for an urban infill project that creates new affordable housing for Denver area residents on the site of the former airport.
Forest City Stapleton, Inc. is the developer behind the plans that call for 1,600 single-family homes and apartments for lower-income homebuyers and renters to be built on a 7.5 square mile parcel of land that was formerly Stapleton International Airport, seven miles from downtown Denver.
Forest City was selected by the Board of the Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC) as its development partner in 1998.
www.ired.com /news/2001/0102/denverairport.htm   (340 words)

 Exploring Denver real estate; Stapleton neighborhood profile (via CobWeb/3.1 planet03.csc.ncsu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Land at the adjacent Rocky Mountain Arsenal was acquired for runway expansion, and the airport became Stapleton International Airport in 1964.
After considerable controversy and 2 elections, construction began on Denver’s new airport, while at the same time, the first planning for the old airport’s future was undertaken by the citizen group, Stapleton Tomorrow.
As many as nine builders are building a diverse range of homes at Stapleton, with prices ranging from the mid $100,000.’s to the low $1,000,000.’s.
www.buyselldenverhomes.com.cob-web.org:8888 /stapleton.htm   (359 words)

 FTG - Information - Background
However, the cargo bubble burst in 1993 and the result was a general aviation airport that was land-rich (2/3 the size of the old Stapleton International Airport) and had a runway system well beyond the current or future needs of its customer base.
Beginning 1994 the Airport was given a mandate to "Operate Like a Business" and achieve a reputation as being "General Aviation Friendly." Operating like a business paid off as the Airport's viability was recognized and the private sector began to invest in the Airport.
The project was completed December 2002, giving the Airport the ability to connect general aviation passengers to schedule airlines at DIA in 25 minutes.
www.ftg-airport.com /info_background.html   (832 words)

 Denver International Airport
The airport building, including the main terminal and three concourses, measures more than 5.5 million square feet and offers 94 gates for arriving and departing passengers.
You can plan ahead for your trip to DIA by looking at this map of the airport from the City of Denver.
If you or car will be staying longer at the airport, you'll pay $4 for up to two hours of parking, and $2 for each extra hour after that, up to $10 for the day.
www.denver-rmn.com /travel/dia.shtml   (761 words)

 Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields: Colorado: Northeastern Denver area
In 1944, the field was renamed after Mayor Stapleton, who had led the fight for the new airport.
Stapleton depicted as having 4 paved runways, with the longest being 11,500'.
Stapleton was still depicted, but was labeled as Closed.
www.airfields-freeman.com /CO/Airfields_CO_Denver_NE.htm   (3272 words)

 Recycled Materials Company, Inc.
RMCI is the first recycle firm to pioneer and implement a "no-cost" (to the City of Denver) re-use and sustainability model with their successful recycling of Stapleton.
Of course, a great deal of the recycled specification aggregate generated by this project is being re-used at the Stapleton re-development site itself in the interest of project sustainability and in close working association with Forest City, the site developer.
As a result of the Stapleton success, RMCI has secured contract negotiations with the City of Irvine, Calif. to recycle the 4,700 acre El Toro Marine Base in Orange County.
www.rmci-usa.com /stapleton.htm   (321 words)

 MWH Press Release -MWH and City of Denver Selected for Award of Excellence in Public/Private Partnerships   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Stapleton International Airport Redevelopment project involves the redevelopment of 4,700 acres of the former Stapleton International Airport and is the largest urban in-fill project in the country.
The Stapleton public/private partnership has helped remove bureaucratic barriers and taken advantage of the skills and approaches of private industry to accelerate the development progress and stimulate economic impact on the Denver economy.
The redevelopment of Stapleton International Airport has become a business model studied by cities around world including Austin, Texas, Mexico City, Mexico, Brest, France, Munich, Germany and Melbourne, Australia.
www.mwhglobal.com /press_template.asp?pressURL=press_2003_2_3.asp   (447 words)

 State & Local Government Airports and Aviation Experience
Airports and airport-related businesses are complex and challenging facilities to manage in today's fast-paced and competitive climate.
For Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia Division of Aviation, Runway 8-26 Design and Construction,Terminal E, Philadelphia, PA, WESTON provided comprehensive geotechnical/geoenvironmental services to support construction of the new 5,000-ft Runway 8-26.
For both Philadelphia International and Northeast Philadelphia Airports, WESTON developed a Pollution Prevention Control Plan that covered spill plans/procedures, materials handling, emergency response, and Best Management Practices to reduce pollutant discharge from both airport and tenant waste generators.
www.westonsolutions.com /clients/state_local/airport_aviationexp.htm   (736 words)

 Matrix Design Group - Integrated Design Solutions - Projects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Matrix Design Group, Inc. is serving in a key engineering consulting and program management role for redevelopment of the former Stapleton International Airport in Denver, Colorado.
Forest City Stapleton, Inc., through its Park Creek Metropolitan District is developing this 4,700-acre property, which will ultimately result in over 12,000 residential housing units, 3 million square feet of retail, 10 million square feet of commercial office space, and over 2 million square feet of research and development over a 30-year development program.
With a dedicated on-site staff located in Stapleton's new town center, Matrix has provided a range of services for this award-winning in-fill community, including financial modeling, infrastructure master planning and implementation strategies, scheduling and design services, as well as environmental analysis, assessment and investigation.
www.matrixdesigngroup.com /projects/stapleton.htm   (142 words)

 USCM | 2003 Public/Private Partnership Awards: Denver
Denver's Stapleton International Airport Redevelopment project addresses factors critical to the success of public/private partnerships, including improved delivery of services, innovation and creativity, sustainability, cost savings, impact on the city economy, documented benefits to both partners and measurable results.
The redevelopment of the former Stapleton International Airport presented unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the City.
In the first phases of the infrastructure development, 18 minority or women-owned business enterprise contractors have already received over $7.2 million (22%) of the total contract dollars to date and 210 of the 352 employees (59%) working on that infrastructure are women or minorities.
www.usmayors.org /USCM/best_practices/buscouncil/denver03.asp   (544 words)

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