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Topic: State (country subdivision)

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

 Planning and Zoning Commission - 06/28/00 Agenda
HORTON PLACE SUBDIVISION - IMPROVEMENT PLANS - A request for approval of Improvement Plans for a residential subdivision of eleven (11) lots on a tract of approximately 24.07 acres located on Horton Lane, south of the Village of Country Life Acres, in the Estate (E) Zoning District, by DeShetler Homes, Inc., developer.
CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT AMENDMENT — BOSTON MARKET RESTAURANT - A request for amendment of a Conditional Use Permit for a restaurant at 13965 Manchester Road, in the Commercial (C) Zoning District, by Golden Restaurant Operations, Inc., owners. /meeting/515/index515.html   (134 words)

 BAHA :: Claremont Country Houses & Gardens
Neighboring country houses were built on Roble Court, a new cul-de-sac, each with its own grand garden, incorporating pieces of the famous Olmsted-designed estate.
The first one, simply named "Claremont," was opened in 1905, concurrent with planning for the Claremont Hotel and with the introduction of the extensive Key System electric streetcar network.The first "Claremont" subdivision lay east of Claremont Avenue and was promoted as a refuge for the harried businessman, linked to downtown San Francisco by electric trains.
Beyond "Claremont's" first residential subdivision, there is yet another "Claremont," higher in the hills, that lies on either side of Tunnel Road. /housetours/2000springhousetour.html   (737 words)

 Residential Home Lot at Lake Livingston Village, Texas and related: 4.8 Acres Royal Highlands Spring Hill Florida Tampa Bay
Within the subdivision there are swimming pools, a tennis court and boat ramp, as well as 20 RV spaces and 10 cabins available for use by property owners for a small fee.
This is a legally recorded subdivision so you have guaranteed legal access to all lots.
Livingston is in the East Texas Timberlands region on the east bank of the Trinity River. /Residential-Home-Lot-at-Lake-Livingston-Village--Texas,i4405914462,c15841.html   (1190 words)

 Welcome to FRA$ER Farm Finance
108 - No farms - no food - Country News Sept 2003
66 - New US Farm Bill - Coast and Country September 2002
124 - Thinking of making money out of a subdivision? /Fraser_articles.html   (1069 words)

 Maps, Weather, and Airports for Country Club Estates subdivision, United States
Google links for Country Club Estates subdivision, United States
Maps, Weather, and Airports for Country Club Estates subdivision, United States
Approximate population for 7 km radius from this point: 76370 /world/US/13/Country_Club_Estates_subdivision2.html   (49 words)

 Encyclopedia: Subdivision
Subnational entity is a generic term for an administrative region within a country — on an arbitrary level below that of the sovereign state — typically with a local government encompassing multiple municipalities, counties, or provinces with a certain degree of autonomy in a varying number of matters.
Subdivision is the act of dividing up land into smaller pieces that are easier to sell, usually via a plat.
Subdivision is the process of subdividing something, usually land, into smaller pieces. /encyclopedia/Subdivision   (219 words)

 Windridge Subdivision - Austin, Texas
Windridge is a newer subdivision, and is convenient to major employers and medical facilities.
The subdivision is located in Northwest Austin with access to Highway 183.
The beauty of Windridge is striking, with its tree-lined streets and quiet cul-de-sacs to its views of the Hill Country. /windrdg_d.html   (280 words)

 Country Style House Plan Southern Cottages
This country style house plan is not a typical builder's plan or subdivision house plan.
Your country style house study plans are great for getting budget estimates, verifying that the country style house plan will fit on your property and verifying compliance with height and setback requirements of your local ordinances.
The house plan collection is a set of exciting home designs, which blend traditional country style house features with contemporary architectural forms and open plan layouts. /country-style-house-plan.html   (365 words)

For an entity located in several countries, codes are assigned for each country, or for a larger encompassing region.
Generally, codes are assigned for headings in a subject added entry for a geographic name (field 651) or headings in other fields which contain a geographic subdivision (subfield $z).
For a local geographic feature, region, or jurisdiction, the appropriate code for the country or first order political division in which the entity is located is assigned. /marc/geoareas   (365 words)

 Subdivisions of Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Being the largest country in the world, and one of the most populated, Russia incorporates several types and levels of subdivisions.
Autonomous districts (Russian: автоно́мные округа́, sing.: автоно́мный о́круг; English transliteration: avtonomnyye okruga, sing.: avtonomny okrug) under the jurisdiction of the federal subject (even though they are considered subdivisions of the lower level, they have a status of federal subjects themselves).
For economic and statistical purposes the federal subjects are also grouped into eleven economic regions (Russian: экономи́ческие райо́ны, sing. /wiki/Subdivisions_of_Russia   (351 words)

 Domesday Book on
Royal agents took the evidence of local men in each hundred (county subdivision), the latter acting as inquest jurors.
The survey ascertained the economic resources of most of the country for purposes of more accurate taxation.
Descriptions of each piece of land, its present and former holders, the holding itself, and the population on it were among the facts recorded. /html/D/Domesday.asp   (351 words)

 Dictionary of Meaning
There you find a list of all editors and the possibility to edit the original text of the article Lesko Country.
Administrative division: 5 Commune_(subdivision) communes* Baligród commune Baligród ''rural commune''* Cisna commune Cisna ''rural commune''* Lesko commune Lesko ''urban-rural commune''* Olszanica commune Olszanica ''rural commune''* Solina commune Solina ''rural commune''
'''Lesko County''' (in Polish_language Polish ''powiat leski'') is a unit of territorial administration and local government in the Subcarpathian Voivodship in Poland, created on 1st January 1999 as a result of the Local Government Reorganization Act of 1998. /Lesko_Country.html   (351 words)

 Banjul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Banjul is the main urban area of The Gambia and holds the country's economic and administrative center.
Banjul is the capital of The Gambia with a population of 34,828 as of 2003.
On July 22, 1994, Banjul was the scene of a coup d'etat. /wiki/Banjul_(Gambian_subdivision)   (230 words)

 ISO - International Organization for Standardization
Microsoft® Access 2000 file of the list part of ISO 3166-2 comprising two interlinked tables, one with the subdivision codes and subdivision names and one with each country's header information
regional subdivisions and their regional identifiers referenced in the field "Subdivision Category" in the table "ISO 3166-2 list"
name of a the subdivision in a first language) /iso/en/prods-services/iso3166ma/05database/db-iso3166-2.html   (213 words)

The fifth edition of ISO 3166 which is being developed at the moment will consist of three parts: Part 1 (Country Codes) establishes codes that represent the current names of countries, dependencies, and other areas of particular geopolitical interest, on the basis of lists of country names obtained from the United Nations.
Part 2 (Country Subdivision Code) establishes a code that represents the names of the principal administrative divisions, or similar areas, of the countries etc included in Part 1.
The ISO 3166/MA recognized that due to the development of the Palestinian autonomuous areas many users of ISO 3166 have the need to address these areas by means of a country code. /np/ds/osi/ISO-3166-background.txt   (213 words)

 Northern Branch (Conrail) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From here, it splits into two CSX lines, the Bergen Subdivision (which was part of Conrail 's River Line until most of Conrail's assets were split), and the Northern Branch, which ends at the New York state line, and was also a Conrail line until recently.
Because of these recent changes, the Northern Branch now serves as part of a major CSX rail corridor from Upstate New York to the rest of the country.
CSX 's Northern Branch (which was owned by Conrail until the 1998 split) continues north to the New York state line, and is a minor spur. /wiki/Northern_Branch_(Conrail)   (213 words) Spanish Fork rejects subdivision
Mendenhall said he believes the subdivision fits the city's general plan requirements, which include providing for future traffic growth.
The area of farms and country homes lies just west of the Spanish Fork River.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency reduced the flood zone to a narrow area on both sides of the river after being informed about flood-control structures that have been installed farther up river, Mendenhall told the Deseret Morning News. /dn/view/0,1249,595062621,00.html   (213 words)

 River Place Homeowners Association
River Place is both a waterfront and country club community located along Lake Austin.
The community of River Place, located in Austin, Texas, and its homeowners association, known as River Place Residential Community Association, Incorporated, welcomes you to our neighborhood via the Internet.
At final buildout there will be over 1,200 homes and over 2,000 residents.   (213 words)

 Definition of United States
In the following years, the number of states within the U.S. grew steadily, due to western expansion, the conquest and purchase of lands by the national government, and the subdivision of existing states, resulting in the current total of fifty.
Florida, the Great Plains in the center of the country, the Mississippi -
Missouri river system, the Rocky Mountains west of the plains, deserts and temperate coastal zones west of the Rocky Mountains and temperate rainforests in the Pacific Northwest. /definition/United_States   (213 words)

 Laudholm Trust: Laudholm Farm, A History
Laudholm Farm was an appropriate location for those events, for it was widely known as "one of the showplaces of the country and a model of modern scientific agriculture."
He served as a selectman for the town of Wells, as a state representative, state senator, and finally on the Maine Governor's Council.
Since the farm was adjacent to two estuaries, the points where the Little and Webhannet rivers meet the sea, it was a perfect candidate to become a National Estuarine Research Sanctuary. /stockford.htm   (3008 words)

However, the traditional Irish practice of sub-dividing plots among the male children of a family, though diminishing, was still widely practiced in the poorer areas of the country.
However in the mid-nineteenth century, few states internationally restricted the rights of landlords; restrictions in Ireland were only imposed from the 1870s, as under the Land Acts which conceded the Irish nationalist demand for the Three Fs and which finally allowed tenants to buy their farms.
In 1845, for example, 24% of all Irish tenant farms were of 0.4 to 2 hectares (one to five acres) in size, while 40% were of 2 to 6 hectares (five to fifteen acres). /Irish_Potato_Famine_(1845-1849)   (3682 words)

 Wellington Shire Council - Localities
History of Kilmany Park, detailing the subdivision of part of the property for closer settlement farms in 1911 for the growing of sugar beet.
History of early pastoral settlement in north Gippsland, and the establishment and development of high country grazing from its beginnings in 1835, in conjunction with an examination of the administration of grazing occupation.
1 (1971) — Articles on high country grazing and the mountain cattlemen, and the history and pioneers of the mountains, including poetry and photographs. /page/PagePrint.asp?Page_Id=203   (3682 words)

 Country Club Estates News
A majority of homeowners in the West Country Club Estates subdivision petitioned the county to drop the name.
Two armed men burst into the old Route 28 Country Club Estates apartment of a Vietnamese couple yesterday, bound them with phone cords and duct tape, ransacked their apartment and took a set of keys to the...
Local news for Country Club Estates, GA continually updated from thousands of sources on the web. /city/country-club-estates-ga   (922 words)

 Links by Country (D-F)
updating the country's entry in "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries".
of a Library of Congress Country Study, whenever those tables have information about country subdivisions.
Postcodes: link to a page allowing lookup of postal codes, or a general-interest post office site. /ldf.html   (297 words)

 Los Angeles, California - Biocrawler definition:Los Angeles, California - Biocrawler
Los Angeles is also home to the largest populations of Japanese and Persians living in the U.S., and has one of the largest Native American populations in the country.
Los Angeles has the second-largest Jewish community in the United States, rivaled only by New York City.
For example, Downtown Los Angeles is the area of Los Angeles roughly enclosed by three freeways and one river: the Harbor Freeway to the west, the Hollywood Freeway to the north, the Los Angeles River to the east, and the Santa Monica Freeway to the south. /biowiki/Los_Angeles,_California   (5885 words)

 Proposal for the settlement of the Irish Land Question
Tenant-right should be the right of occupiers to hold their farms tor ever at a fixed rent (which should be the present fair letting value) and to sell or bequeath their interest, subject to the conditions stated below.
In quitting his Irish, home he would break with all his old habits and associations; he would as it were begin life anew, How many men are there, especially amongst the easy-going conservative class of country gentlemen, who would be capable of such an effort?
The circulation, of farms consequent on free trade in land would present to the prudent labourer opportunities of raising himself to the rank of a farmer by purchasing the tenant-right of some small limn. /other/abl/etext/irish/proposal/irishproposal.html   (5124 words)

 Real Estate Auction
This 100’ x 90’ lot is located in the Hamilton Heights Subdivision in a beautiful neighborhood on Janesville’s west side, close to the Janesville Country Club.
Janesville, WI Sunday, October 24, 4:00 P.M. Parcel #0123300159
This property will be offered and sold as one or two parcels. /sunset.htm   (5124 words)

 Welcome to the Town of Janesville website
Case law states that when Town Board grants a conditional use permit, and parties want to appeal, next step is circuit court.
Moved by Mielke, seconded by Schneider to approve final subdivision plat for Rollingwood 9th addition as presented with conservation easement on it.
Moved by Mielke, seconded by Rebout to approve the conditional use permit for Club Grand in Section 7, subject to Inspector Krebs okay on the staking out of the building and subject to the conditions already in the agreement for Grand Videre/Club Grand. /TOJ/2004_Meeting_Minutes.htm   (5124 words)

 Country Club Estates (subdivision) Chat
Chat > United States > Georgia > Country Club Estates (subdivision)
Friendsation is free to join, flirt, blog and voice chat...
Using Talk121 acknowledges your acceptance to all terms and conditions set forth in the /d/c/.../1664913/country-club-estates-(subdivision).html   (190 words)

 Deed Transfers
William R. and Joyce A. Darling to James W. and Louise DeVuono, White Oak Farms subdivision, Lot 79, Block F, Bradley Rd., Dover, 121,000.
Town and Country Farm LLC to Grant A. Sr.
and Patricia Wolfe, Zornes Hazlettville Property subdivision, Lot 18, Co. Rd. /PostArchives/12-22-04/pages/deeds.html   (1895 words)

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