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Topic: State of the Union Address

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  State of the Union Address - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The State of the Union Address is an annual event in which the President of the United States reports on the status of the country, normally to a joint session of the U.S. Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate).
Once there, the President hands copies of the address to the Vice President of the United States (as President of the Senate) and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, both of whom sit behind the President for the duration of the speech.
Certain states have a similar annual address given by the governor, called the "State of the State Address".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/State_of_the_Union_Address   (1438 words)

 State of the Union Address 1980
I'm determined that the United States will remain the strongest of all nations, but our power will never be used to initiate a threat to the security of any nation or to the rights of any human being.
And we sought to engage the Soviet Union in the important task of moving beyond the cold war and away from confrontation.
The Soviet Union is now attempting to consolidate a strategic position, therefore, that poses a grave threat to the free movement of Middle East oil.
www.jimmycarterlibrary.org /documents/speeches/su80jec.phtml   (2979 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - State of the Union Addresses of the American Presidents
The State of the Union is an annual address presented before a joint session of Congress and held in the House of Representatives Chamber at the U.S. Capitol.
Prior to the 20th Century, the State of the Union was referred to as the President's Annual Message.
Regardless, they were perceived as being State of the Union Addresses by the press and the public at the time they were delivered and are commonly remembered as being State of the Union Addresses.
www.usa-presidents.info /union   (420 words)

 State of the Union Address - dKosopedia
In 1801, Thomas Jefferson discontinued the practice of delivering the address in person, regarding it as too monarchial (similar to the Queen's Speech).
In 2004, the Democrats delivered a response to that year's State of the Union in Spanish.
State of the Union Addresses of the American Presidents (1790-2004)
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/State_of_the_Union_Address   (1117 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - William McKinley First State of the Union Address
The act of Congress extending to Alaska the mining laws of the United States contained the reservation that it should not be construed to put in force the general land laws of the country.
In further effort to prevent the invasion of the United States by yellow fever, the importance of the discovery of the exact cause of the disease, which up to the present time has been undetermined, is obvious, and to this end a systematic bacteriological investigation should be made.
The Union Pacific Railway, Main Line, was sold under the decree of the United States Court for the District of Nebraska, on the 1st and 2d of November of this year.
www.usa-presidents.info /union/mckinley-1.html   (8846 words)

 Responses to Bushs 2003 "State of the Union" Address -- Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation study, 49 states have planned or implemented Medicaid cuts in FY 2003, and 32 states are already on their second round of cuts.
In order to reduce deficits, states are eliminating health care for some of the poor adults and children who used to be eligible for Medicaid, requiring patients to pay higher co-payments, or reducing the reimbursements made to doctors, hospitals, or nursing homes that care for the needy.
Unfortunately, the United States government has frequently used its military and economic power to suppress liberty, such as supporting the overthrow of democratically elected governments in countries like Guatemala and Chile while backing scores of dictatorial regimes throughout the world.
www.accuracy.org /2003   (15303 words)

 State of the Union   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
State of the Union (SOTU) provides access to the corpus of all the State of the Union addresses from 1790 to 2006.
SOTU focuses on the relationship between individual addresses as compared to the entire collection of addresses, highlighting what is different about the selected document.
State of the Union is a project by Brad Borevitz at onetwothree.net
stateoftheunion.onetwothree.net   (453 words)

 2006 State of the Union Address
Ultimately, the only way to defeat the terrorists is to defeat their dark vision of hatred and fear by offering the hopeful alternative of political freedom and peaceful change.
In recent years, you and I have taken unprecedented action to fight AIDS and malaria, expand the education of girls, and reward developing nations that are moving forward with economic and political reform.
The United States could have accepted the permanent division of Europe, and been complicit in the oppression of others.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/wh/rem/60153.htm   (5373 words)

 State of the Union Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
State of the Union Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Although Federalists Washington and Adams had personally addressed the Congress, Jefferson was concerned that the practice of appearing before the representatives of the people was too similar to the British monarch's ritual of addressing the opening of each new Parliament with a list of policy mandates, rather than "recommendations." This changed in 1913.
Since 1934, the State of the Union is delivered near the beginning such year, with some presidents delivering a final message at the end of their last term (Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Ford, and Carter).
www.presidency.ucsb.edu /sou.php   (550 words)

 CNN.com - Bush State of the Union address - January 29, 2002
States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world.
We will work closely with our coalition to deny terrorists and their state sponsors the materials, technology and expertise to make and deliver weapons of mass destruction.
The United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons.
archives.cnn.com /2002/ALLPOLITICS/01/29/bush.speech.txt   (3670 words)

 U.S. Senate: Art & History Home > State of the Union Address
Franklin Roosevelt referred to it as the "State of the Union Address," a title that became official during the Truman administration.
The first radio broadcast of the message occurred in 1923, and the 1947 address was the first televised.
Each year, one member of the President's cabinet is absent from the address, to maintain the line of succession in case of an emergency.
www.senate.gov /artandhistory/history/common/generic/News_State_of_the_Union.htm   (193 words)

 USA: Ford State of Union 1975
Twenty-six years ago, a freshman Congressman, a young fellow with lots of idealism who was out to change the world, stood before Sam Rayburn in the well of the House and solemnly swore to the same oath that all of you took yesterday--an unforgettable experience, and I congratulate you all.
State and local governments will receive $2 billion in additional revenue sharing to offset their increased energy costs.
Quite frankly, at stake is the future of industrialized democracies, which have perceived their destiny in common and sustained it in common for 30 years.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/P/gf38/speeches/su75grf.htm   (3801 words)

 State of the Union Address | TutorGig.co.uk Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Domino Effects of Slavery and Discrimination: The State of the Bla..
Address to the soldiers of Ohio, by the Democratic state central commi..
State of the Union, The: An Address by the Rt.Hon.Tony Blair MP, Prime..
www.tutorgig.co.uk /ed/State_of_the_Union   (1333 words)

 First State of the Union Address - George Washington - 1790   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There was reason to hope, the pacifick measures adopted with regard to certain hostile tribes of Indians, would have relieved the inhabitants of our southern and western frontiers from their depredations.
Various considerations also render it expedient, that the terms on which foreigners may be admitted to the rights of Citizens, should be speedily ascertained by a uniform rule of naturalization.
I HAVE directed the proper officers to lay before you respectively such papers and estimates as regards the affairs particularly recommended to your consideration, and necessary to convey to you that information of the state of the union, which it is my duty to afford.
ahp.gatech.edu /first_state_union_1790.html   (489 words)

 Bush makes case for a second term - Politics - MSNBC.com
President Bush argued in his State of the Union address Tuesday night that while he had made great strides in defeating terrorism and revitalizing the economy, his work was not done and he should be returned to office to finish the job.
The address, delivered in the chamber of the House of Representatives on the third anniversary of Bush’s taking office, came the day after Democrats formally kicked off their presidential nomination selection process in the Iowa caucuses, won by Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.
In last year’s address, Bush denounced Saddam as a “dictator who is assembling the world’s most dangerous weapons” and devoted a large section of his speech to cataloguing them.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/4000590   (2204 words)

 State of the Union 2006 - SourceWatch
The State of the Union address for 2006 was delivered on January 31, 2006, by President George W. Bush.
Bush stated, "there is a difference between responsible criticism that aims for success, and defeatism that refuses to acknowledge anything but failure.
Dan Robinson, "Bush's State of Union Address Unlikely to End Divide Between Democrats and Republicans," (http://www.voanews.com/english/2006-01-27-voa67.cfm) Voice of America, January 27, 2006.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=State_of_the_Union_2006   (658 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | Full text: State of the Union address
In their efforts, their enterprise, and their character, the American people are showing that the state of our union is confident and strong.
The United States and our allies are determined: We refuse to live in the shadow of this ultimate danger.
That statute protects marriage under federal law as the union of a man and a woman, and declares that one state may not redefine marriage for other states.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/3415361.stm   (5077 words)

 washingtonpost.com: Transcript: Bush's 2005 State of the Union Address
Following is a complete transcript of the 2005 State of the Union address.
Tomorrow morning, Secretary of State Rice departs on a trip that will take her to Israel and the West Bank for meetings with Prime Minister Sharon and President Abbas.
The goal of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace is within reach, and America will help them achieve that goal.
washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/politics/transcripts/bushtext_020205.html   (5023 words)

 BBC News | AMERICAS | Full text: State of the Union address
As we gather tonight, our nation is at war, our economy is in recession, and the civilised world faces unprecedented dangers.
When I called our troops into action, I did so with complete confidence in their courage and skill - and tonight, thanks to them, we are winning the war on terror.
The men and women of our armed forces have delivered a message now clear to every enemy of the United States: Even seven thousand miles away, across oceans and continents, on mountain tops and in caves, you will not escape the justice of this nation.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/americas/1790537.stm   (3920 words)

 President Bush Delivers State of the Union Address - US Department of State
President Bush delivers the State of the Union address Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2005, at the Capitol in Washington.
President Bush delivered his annual State of the Union address February 2, saying the January 30 elections for Iraq’s national assembly “opens a new phase” of U.S. involvement in the country as the United States increasingly focuses its efforts toward training and preparing Iraq’s security forces.
The United States will promote peace and stability in the Middle East by working with its friends in the region “to fight the common threat of terror, while we encourage a higher standard of freedom,” he said.
usinfo.state.gov /dhr/Archive/2005/Feb/02-506149.html   (1159 words)

 NPR : Transcript of State of the Union Address
In Iraq, 28 countries have troops on the ground, the United Nations and the European Union provided technical assistance for the elections, and NATO is leading a mission to help train Iraqi officers.
You have passed, and we are applying, the Syrian Accountability Act, and we expect the Syrian government to end all support for terror and open the door to freedom.
Today, Iran remains the world's primary state sponsor of terror, pursuing nuclear weapons while depriving its people of the freedom they seek and deserve.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4476370   (5052 words)

 CNN.com - Bush's State of the Union speech - Jan. 29, 2003
Transcript of President Bush's second State of the Union address, delivered to Congress Tuesday night.
The best way to address the deficit and move toward a balanced budget is to encourage economic growth and to show some spending discipline in Washington, D.C. We must work together to fund only our most important priorities.
The United States will ask the U.N. Security Council to convene on February the 5th to consider the facts of Iraq's ongoing defiance of the world.
www.cnn.com /2003/ALLPOLITICS/01/28/sotu.transcript   (5120 words)

 CNN.com - Bush pushes his agenda - Feb 3, 2005
State of the Union speech focuses on Social Security, Iraq
President Bush outlines his domestic and international agendas in the first State of the Union address of his second term.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush laid out his second-term agenda Wednesday night in his State of the Union address, hailing the successful Iraqi elections and promising skeptical lawmakers that he would consider any good idea to overhaul Social Security.
www.cnn.com /2005/ALLPOLITICS/02/02/sotu.main/index.html   (1186 words)

 State of the Union Lesson Plan
Lesson Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about the history and purpose of the State of the Union address, and to teach them how to evaluate the speech.
Students should examine the history of the State of the Union speech (see handout).
Students should fill out the worksheet on the State of the Union address.
www.pbs.org /newshour/extra/teachers/lessonplans/politics/stateoftheunion/index.html   (848 words)

 2003 State of the Union Address: Complete Transcript of President Bush's Speech to Congress and the Nation - ...
This year, as we gather the entire United States government together in this one chamber, let us take solace in the knowledge that I have dispatched Attorney General Ashcroft to the Shadow White House, from where he will single-handedly combat global indecency in the event we are all vaporized in a horrific nukeyular catastrophe.
I urge you to shatter the separation of Church and State by passing the United States Department of Faith's many Christly Initiatives, which use taxpayer dollars to support loaded acts of compassion that can methodically convert America to Christianity one heart and one soul at a time.
We've intensified security at the borders and ports of entry, posted more than 50,000 newly trained federal screeners in airports, begun inoculating troops and first responders against smallpox, and are deploying the nation's first early warning network of sensors to detect biological attack.
www.whitehouse.org /news/2003/012803-SOTU.asp   (4305 words)

 USATODAY.com - Text of President Bush's State of the Union address   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Text of President Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday, prepared for delivery, as released by the White House:
Tonight the state of our Union is strong and together we will make it stronger.
We will also lead a nationwide effort, working closely with African-American churches and faith-based groups, to deliver rapid HIV tests to millions, end the stigma of AIDS and come closer to the day when there are no new infections in America.
www.usatoday.com /news/washington/2006-01-31-sotu-text_x.htm   (5313 words)

 State   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
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