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Topic: State religion

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  State religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
State religions are examples of the official or government-sanctioned establishment of religion, as distinct from theocracy.
Finland's former state church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, was changed into a national church (along with the Finnish Orthodox Church, which was given the same position) through the church law of 1870, the constitution of 1919 and the law on religious freedom of 1922.
Christianity was declared to be the state religion of the Roman Empire in 392 by decree of Theodosius I.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/State_religion   (2242 words)

 Religion, Politics, and the State: Cross-Cultural Observations by N.J. Demerath and Karen S. Straight
Astonishingly enough, religion took on a new political importance as phrases like "liberation theology," "fundamentalism," "solidarity," and "moral majority" were shouted from the political ramparts in countries as diverse as Nicaragua, Iran, Poland, and the United States.
Then too, every state administration involves some degree of politics as well; politics only become religious in response to broader religious tensions within the society at large; and the distinction between religion and the secular is itself artificial, especially if religion is defined more sociologically than theologically in terms of the sacred.
Overall, the United States may be the exception that commends the rule concerning the virtues of a secular state and a religious polity.
www.crosscurrents.org /Demerath.htm   (5823 words)

In so far as the Romans had a religion of their own, it was not based on any central belief, but on a mixture of fragmented rituals, taboos, superstitions, and traditions which they collected over the years from a number of sources.
The Roman state religion was in a way much the same in essence as that of the individual home, only on a much larger and more magnificent scale.
Christianity is often portrayed as the religion of the poor and the slaves.
www.roman-empire.net /religion/religion.html   (4894 words)

However, the Constitution also states that a Shari'a court of appeal may exercise "such other jurisdiction as may be conferred upon it by the law of the State." Some states have interpreted this language as granting them the right to expand the jurisdiction of existing Shari'a courts to include criminal matters.
State officials said the certification boards were dealing with a large backlog of cases for all persons, regardless of religious faith.
State authorities claim that students are permitted to decline to attend these classes or to request a teacher of their own religion to provide alternative instruction.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/irf/2003/23745.htm   (4666 words)

 State religion Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The exact boundaries of this prohibition are still disputed and are a frequent source of cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.
In some cases, a state may have a set of state-sponsored religious denominations that it funds; such is the case in Alsace-Moselle.
After independence in 1917 Finland gave State Church status to both the Church of Finland (successor to the Church of Sweden in Finland) and the Finnish Orthodox Church (successor to the Russian Orthodox Church in Finland).
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/s/st/state_religion.html   (541 words)

 Church and State, Politics and Religion
The question of religion and politics is not the same as the question of church and state.
Religion and politics has to do with two spheres of activities in the life of the same persons.
Strictly speaking, since this was an official state occasion, it certainly has the faint odor of state sponsorship of a particular religion.
www.frontiernet.net /~kenc/relandpo.htm   (2494 words)

 Constitutional Topic: The Constitution and Religion - The U.S. Constitution Online - USConstitution.net
The states were still free to establish churches, to direct church taxes be paid, and to even require attendance in church, all within the bounds of the state's own constitution.
Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his god, [the people, in the 1st Amendment,] declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state.
One of the arguments in the case was that under the Constitution and the 1st Amendment, the state did not have the authority to deed land to a church.
www.usconstitution.net /consttop_reli.html   (6489 words)

 State Sponsored Religion - Access to Energy - Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Freedom
Arynne's lack of these social graces is not, however, the reason that university officials first demanded that she leave after one quarter -and ultimately agreed to allow her to finish the year (she is taking three-quarter courses) before departing.
Arynne's sin is that she has refused to take the University's three-quarter, four-unit per quarter (out of 15 units in the usual course load) total-immersion indoctrination course in the Oregon State Religion.
Arynne was told to drop one of her science or math courses and take the religion course - or else be expelled from the University after one term.
www.accesstoenergy.com /view/ate/s41p889.htm   (1028 words)

 LewRockwell.com Blog: State and Religion
In fact, several states had state-supported religions at the time of the founding and for years after the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791.
And provisions in state criminal law (and the state's police forces etc.) are meant to protect that right from being invaded by private criminals.
If the state convicts and executes you for a crime of which you are innocent (or for a victimless crime), that is one type of murder.
blog.lewrockwell.com /lewrw/archives/006436.html   (834 words)

 Religion and the State Governments (Religion and the Founding of the American Republic, Library of Congress Exhibition)
Knowing that in the egalitarian, post-independence era, the public would no longer permit single denominations to monopolize state support, legislators devised "general assessment schemes." Religious taxes were laid on all citizens, each of whom was given the option of designating his share to the church of his choice.
In the revised creed, adopted by the Presbyterian Church in the United States in 1788, "nursing fathers" was elevated from an explanatory footnote--(note f), as it appears here, to the body of the text in the section on the duties of the civil magistrate.
Advocating such a policy--on the grounds that religion was necessary for public happiness, prosperity, and order--were the ministers and most members of the Congregational Church, which had been established, and hence had received public financial support, during the colonial period.
www.loc.gov /exhibits/religion/rel05.html   (2467 words)

 Religion and State in Nigeria | International Humanist and Ethical Union
The Assembly was sharply divided between Christians striving to maintain the secularity of the State and Muslims bent on the Islamization of the nation.
In 2000, the governor of Zamfara State, Ahmed Sani Yerima, launched with fanfare the introduction of the Sharia Penal Code in Zamfara State, one of the 36 States of Nigeria.
Subsection (5) – Religion shall not be taught, and proselytizing shall not be practised, in public schools, hospitals, and institutions.
www.iheu.org /node/1759   (1626 words)

 Religion & State
The States' Liberty Party will restore to the separate states and to the citizens their constitutional right to practice their religion free from federal interference.
The state has unconstitutionally monopolized the teaching of behavioral morality in the public institutions, namely the assuming that the procreative act without a desire for a child is natural and good.
The 1947 federal barring of religion from the schools stripped citizens of their moral compass, resulting in an uncontrolled increase in unwanted or terminated babies.
www.liberty-ca.org /religion.htm   (529 words)

Give two reasons why the religion of the Roman Empire has been labeled "the state religion" by scholars.
Note how the state religion was an expansion of rites performed by individual families in early Rome.
State briefly the purpose of the Robigalia (374).
academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu /classics/dunkle/courses/religion.htm   (2242 words)

 The Anabaptists and State Religion
For the Anabaptists, the church’s primary duty is to be the church and, by example, to be a source of renewal for the state and society.
My Anabaptist forefathers believed that the assimilation of the church to the state was worse than the corruption of Christianity; it was a denial of the very essence of the church.
Yet a primary Anabaptist concern is the disavowal of Constantinianism and the recovery of a biblical critique of the state.
www.daveblackonline.com /anabaptists_and_state_religion.htm   (1045 words)

 Taylor & Francis Journals: Welcome
Religion, State and Society is a peer-reviewed journal and is the only English-language academic publication devoted to these issues in communist and formerly communist countries throughout the world, and focusing on the legacy of the encounter between religion and communism.
Religious believers in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world have much to learn from the way in which their counterparts in communist and formerly communist countries are tackling social, cultural, ethnic, political and ecclesiological problems, and vice versa.
Religion, State and Society also addresses subjects of world-wide concern to religious believers and religious communities such as legislation on religion, religious rights and freedoms, ecumenism, religion and national identity and the challenges of globalisation.
www.tandf.co.uk /journals/carfax/09637494.html   (225 words)

 Religion Resources on the Web
Philosophy of Religion -- Well organized page devoted to exploring all of the central topics in the philosophy of religion, including attempts to prove the existence of God, arguments for atheism, discussions of controversial Christian doctrines, and religious ethics.
Religion Religions Religious Studies: Information and Links for Study and Interpretation of Religions -- Links for the study of comparative religion.
Hartford Institute for Religion Research -- The Hartford Institute is a research-based center whose work is guided by a disciplined understanding of the interrelationship between the life and resources of American religious institutions and the possibilities and limits placed on those institutions by the social and cultural context in which they work.
www.lib.iastate.edu /collections/eresourc/religion.html   (2862 words)

 The State Religion, by Ernest Partridge - Democratic Underground
They are, instead, a species of anarcho-egoists, disdainful of the American tradition of democratic government, bereft of humane concern for the wretched of the Earth, and convinced that nothing will benefit the world at large as much as their personal selfish acquisition of wealth and power).
The Devil in our new national religion is the government - described by libertarian philosopher John Hospers as "the most dangerous institution known to man." It follows that Satan's minions are bureaucrats, as they go about their diabolical business of undoing the holy work of the free market, through regulation and progressive taxation.
The State Religion: Of course, "the Gospel of the Market" is not similar in all respects to the Western theistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
www.democraticunderground.com /articles/02/01/10_religion.html   (2121 words)

 Positive Atheism's Big List of James Madison Quotations
Strongly guarded as is the separation between Religion and Govt in the Constitution of the United States the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history.
Besides the danger of a direct mixture of religion and civil government, there is an evil which ought to be guarded against in the indefinite accumulation of property from the capacity of holding it in perpetuity by ecclesiastical corporations.
The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.
www.positiveatheism.org /hist/quotes/madison.htm   (4600 words)

 State religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A quite different topic is treated in statist religion, and yet another topic in civil religion.
The following states which recognize some form of Christianity as their official religion (by denomination):
Nations which recognize a Lutheran church as their official religion:
www.losbanos.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Establishment_(church)   (1074 words)

 Pharyngula::Our official state religion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Let's float this idea past the wanna-be theocrats: if the US is to endorse a state religion, it ought to be Unitarianism.
If we've got to have an official religion in this country, Unitarianism isn't a bad choice since at least some of the congregations have decent coffee and one god at most is more economical than three gods at least.
In the American colonies the Congregational Church was the semi-official religion of the upper classes.
pharyngula.org /index/weblog/comments/our_official_state_religion   (2726 words)

 Alcoholics Anonymous: America's State Religion?
Ruling that Alcoholics Anonymous "engages in religious activity and religious proselytization," New York state's highest court declared Tuesday that state prison officials were wrong to penalize an inmate who stopped attending the organization's self-help meetings because he said he was an atheist or an agnostic.
But the high court, in a 5-2 ruling, said that state prison officials violated the constitutional rights of the inmate who brought the case, David Griffin, a former heroin addict who complained that he found the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings objectionable because of agnostic or atheistic views he has held since the 1950s.
He adds, "I have trouble with all these murderers complaining that their rights are being violated." This kind of indifference to basic legal issues and abstinent outcomes is an example of how AA has come to monopolize our social institutions.
www.positiveatheism.org /rw/alcohol.htm   (3039 words)

 Rome Exposed - Roman Religion
The mystical and orgiastic cults of Greece and the Orient were adopted in the West and established.
It must be maintained for the welfare of the clan and State.
The religion of Isis were popular in the lower classes.
www.classicsunveiled.com /romel/html/religion.html   (1029 words)

 Bush's State-Based Religion Is a New Fascist Movement
The alliance of right-wing Protestants and Catholics who brought President George W. Bush into the Presidency, and are campaigning for the President on so-called "religious issues," is a "new Nazi movement," charged Lyndon LaRouche at the conclusion of his April 7 webcast.
There was a history in the world as a whole, of religions which were created by government in order to control people.
It's a violation of the Constitution, because we know that the government of the United States, a section of it, the people in government, are running a religious cult around the theme of the faith-based initiative, as a movement to control the politics of the population.
www.larouchepub.com /other/2005/3215_state_based_religion.html   (1225 words)

 Religion in the Colonies - Under God ProCon.org
While most instances of state-supported religion were removed before 1850, some requirements were never officially stricken from the state law books.
The Christian Protestant religion shall be deemed, and is hereby constituted and declared to be, the established religion of this State.
The history of Congregational Churches in the United States is closely intertwined with that of the Presbyterian church, especially in New England where Congregationalist influence spilled over into the Presbyterian church.
www.undergodprocon.org /pop/statereligions.htm   (2172 words)

 The State Religion
The number, the industry, and the morality of the priesthood, and the devotion of the people have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the Church from the State.
The Devil in our new national religion is the government – described by libertarian philosopher John Hospers as "the most dangerous institution known to man." It follows that Satan's minions are bureaucrats, as they go about their diabolical business of undoing the holy work of the free market, through regulation and progressive taxation.
However, so-called "conservatism" displays, in many other respects, the characteristics of a dogmatic religion – and unfortunately, these are not the most useful or desirable characteristics of religious devotion.
gadfly.igc.org /liberal/religion.htm   (2222 words)

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