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Topic: Stealth

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  Stealth technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Increased awareness of stealth vehicles and the technologies behind them is prompting the development of techniques for detecting stealth vehicles, such as passive radar arrays and low-frequency radars.
As well as altering the tail, stealth design must bury the engines within the wing or fuselage, or in some cases where stealth is applied to an existing aircraft, install baffles in the air intakes, so that the turbine blades are not visible to radar.
To achieve infrared stealth, the exhaust gas is cooled to the temperatures where the brightest wavelengths it radiates on are absorbed by atmospheric carbon dioxide and water vapor, dramatically reducing the infrared visibility of the exhaust plume.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stealth_technology   (1741 words)

 Stealth Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Often thought of simply as the use of special materials to render aircraft invisible to radar, stealth is actually a complex design philosophy to reduce the ability of an opponent's sensors to detect, track and attack an aircraft (or other platforms such as warships).
The great secrecy surrounding stealth programs is designed not simply to protect a particular stealth technology, as it is to protect the choice and mix of techniques that have been used in a specific system.
Thus while a stealth aircraft may be difficult to track when it is flying toward a ground-based radar or another aircraft at the same altitude, a high-altitude airborne radar or a space-based radar may have an easier time tracking it.
www.engineering.com /content/ContentDisplay?contentId=41010021   (1991 words)

 PGP Stealth: a PGP 2.x utility for steganography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stealth could also be used to produce random numbers (just uuencode the output and email it), if you are happy with your only plausible deniability being: "it was the output from my random number generator for Fred to analyse".
Stealth 2.0 is Henry's version 1.1 modified to incorporate an improvement in the randomness of the RSA header part of the PGP encrypted message.
This continues to be the case after stealthing by stealth 1.x, and a few sample messages would lead to the increasingly implausible (from a deniability point of view) situation of random data always being less than a particular point (the RSA modulus of your public key).
www.cypherspace.org /adam/stealth   (377 words)

 ALZA: STEALTH® Liposomal Delivery
STEALTH® liposomal technology is designed to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity of intravenous drugs with site-specific targeting.
ALZA Corporation's STEALTH® liposomal technology, developed for state-of-the-art intravenous drug delivery, is the basis for the anticancer agent Doxil® (doxorubicin HCl liposome injection).
ALZA's patented STEALTH® technology is composed of lipid nanoparticles that incorporate a polyethylene glycol (PEG) coating.
www.alza.com /alza/stealth   (295 words)

 Stealth Banjo - Scott Vestal's innovative 5 string banjo design
Now, with the introduction of the STEALTH, Scott Vestal puts his mark on banjo design in much the same manner as he has as a player - boldly, creatively and with what is sure to be a lasting effect.
Scott's distinctive tone is something that banjoists have been seeking for years, many putting their own instruments through multiple mutations in search of "that sound." Owning a STEALTH is as close as you can come to producing the tone that has made Scott Vestal one of the most admired players in recent history.
Of course, with the technical difficulty of so much of Scott's material, ease of playabilty is a must and the radiused fingerboard and attention to detail make this banjo exceptionally smooth and easy to play.
www.stealthbanjo.com   (266 words)

 Stealth | movies : ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stealth is full of whooshing jet engines, hurtling landings on aircraft carriers, and lava orange fireballs — the standard aerial military videogame porn.
Her parachute crash landing is Stealth's one truly harrowing action sequence, but whenever the film cuts to her ragged scramble to the border, it stops dead.
Stealth, a dregs-of-summer knockoff, is too ponderous and inept to serve a comparable function now, yet the film's lack of thrust may be related to an absence of conviction about its own war-is-a-videogame clichés.
www.ew.com /ew/article/review/movie/0,6115,1087402_1_0_,00.html   (915 words)

 UO Stratics - Stealth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A stealthed player still can be tracked with the tracking skill.
When stealthing near other people or monsters there is a chance you are detected.
A check is made by comparing the stealthers Stealth skill and Dexterity versus the other persons or monsters Detect Hidden skill.
uo.stratics.com /content/skills/stealth.shtml   (284 words)

 Stealth Movie Review at Hollywood Video
The fact that Stealth blatantly cribs ideas from 2001, Wargames, and Top Gun, to name a few of the more obvious titles, doesn't mean that it couldn't have been an enjoyable, albeit derivative, popcorn flick.
The sheer lack of narrative ingenuity and wit in Richter's screenplay is surprising, given that he wrote and directed the deliriously off-kilter cult favorite, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.
Their approach to filmmaking can be summed up as follows: "Why bother with characters when you can blow s--- up?" Or, as in the case of Stealth, get your sexy heroine into a bikini for an extended, entirely gratuitous sequence set in Thailand that plays like an homage to Baywatch.
www.hollywoodvideo.com /movies/movie.aspx?MID=140655   (878 words)

 Audio Magic Stealth Power Purifier by Srajan Ebaen
And then there's the real but invisible action inside the Stealth's case, with another seven stages of secondary surge and spike protection, the firm's trademark ultra-purity 10 gauge silver wiring and five different stages of proprietary broadband noise reduction, one of which I assume is capacitive in nature.
The tongue-in-cheek christened Stealth B-II ($3,500 with two cords) is a single chassis "double Stealth" with 4 duplexes that are separated into two dual mono banks, each fed from its own power cord, and visually distinguished by two front-mounted VU meters for voltage and current status.
To let the cat right out of the bag: the Stealth, challenged as it was by the seriously topnotch company of the Sound Application CF-XE and Shunyata Research Hydra, performed not only competitively but, in my system and according to my personal biases and preferences, in fact walked away victoriously.
www.enjoythemusic.com /magazine/equipment/1201/audiomagic.htm   (3337 words)

 STEALTH audio cables
We at STEALTH believe that high-end audio in general, and high-end cables in particular are about the best currently possible, about perfecting all design elements, no matter how small, and putting them together aiming at state-of-the-art and making it happen.
STEALTH AUDIO CABLES are individually crafted by hand with painstaking attention to detail.
Our most advanced cables are impossible to reproduce by a machine, and they simply cannot be made in a bulk form.
www.stealthaudiocables.com   (194 words)

 stealth manufactures, rackmount PCs, touch monitors, rugged lcd's, industrial computers, rugged portable PCs, rugged ...
Stealth Computer Corporation is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer that specializes in high performance industrial grade computer systems and peripherals that include Rackmount PCs, Flat Panel Monitors, Rugged Portable PCs and Industrial Grade Keyboards.
Stealth enjoys an impressive customer list of Fortune 500's, Governments and Militaries worldwide.
Since we are limited to the number of product photos on our individual data sheets we have built this detailed photo album to provide you with further assistance in making a buying decision.
www.stealthcomputer.com /home.htm   (270 words)

 Stealth Computer - industrial lcd monitor, panel mount lcd monitor display and rugged flat panel monitors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stealth's NEMA 4/4X industrial grade panelmount LCD monitors are designed and build to withstand the effects of harsh environments typically encountered in industrial, military, and transportation related applications.
These NEMA 4/IP 66 LCD Displays withstand water, dust and dirt intrusion and are primarily used as operator interface displays that perform well beyond ordinary monitors.
For well over a decade Stealth has been delivering high performance LCD technology to a growing list of recognizable companies that include fortune 500's, Government agencies and Military customers around the world.
www.stealth.ca /monitors_flat-PM.htm   (207 words)

 Performance exhaust systems for Ford Focus
Even though our 'Sport' exhausts were already one of the quietest systems on the market, now our 'Stealth' exhausts offer even less sound, while not losing ANY horsepower or torque.
The 'Stealth' system is a good option for anyone utilizing race headers, or for anyone that wants a relatively quiet exhaust.
The 'Stealth' option is available after you add the product to your cart.
www.focussport.com /exhaust.htm   (788 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does stealth technology work?"
The metal body of an airplane is very good at reflecting radar signals, and this makes it easy to find and track airplanes with radar equipment.
A stealth aircraft, on the other hand, is made up of completely flat surfaces and very sharp edges.
The overall result is that a stealth aircraft like an F-117A can have the radar signature of a small bird rather than an airplane.
people.howstuffworks.com /question69.htm   (289 words)

 Stealth (2005): Joshua Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard - PopMatters Film Review
Indeed, Stealth is on some level a gargantuan, hyper-expensive video game (this despite Ben's dutiful expression of concern: "I just don't think war should become a videogame").
Stealth (which only briefly deals with the issue of "stealth," as most of the action is loud, excessively visible, and crisis-generating) emphasizes that EDI gets his idea for seeking out targets on his own by observing Ben go off orders during a mission to execute a group of terrorists meeting in Rangoon.
Stealth wants to be a smarter movie than it is, posing the cases for and against technological warfare, tracing foibles not only of individuals within the financing and command systems, but also in the systems themselves.
www.popmatters.com /film/reviews/s/stealth-2005.shtml   (1151 words)

 Stealth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The film thus follows the inevitable equation: The greater the reliance on technology, the less human and therefore the less engaging the story.
"Stealth," directed by "XXX's" Rob Cohen, targets the young male audience with a full payload of high-octane action, macho posturing, impressive military hardware and an old-fashioned cheesecake.
Their commanding officer, Capt. Cummings (Sam Shepard), seemingly without any military superior of his own, has enough juice to ram through Congress and the Pentagon a pilotless aircraft that he insists will be the "new wingman" for our Terrific Trio.
www.hollywoodreporter.com /thr/reviews/review_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000999942   (808 words)

ABOUT US Established in 1999, Stealth Magazine is now in its 6th year of existence, and continues to up the ante for hip hop publishing.
Full colour, with worldwide distribution including through Tower Records, Stealth is available through Australia's and New Zealand's largest newsagency distribution network, Gordon and Gotch - from Hobart to Darwin, from Byron Bay to Perth.
Stealth is also now available through key chain stores: Newslink and HMV.
www.stealthmag.com   (281 words)

 Technorati Tag: stealth
Dodge Stealth Online Find information on the Dodge car or truck model you're considering at the official site.
Stealth - Compare Car Prices Find Stealth reviews, prices, values, specs, photos and more.
Our new entry tagging secret beta stealth feature might be a little difficult to see since it doesn't work on IE yet, though Joe did a great job with...
www.technorati.com /tag/stealth   (533 words)

 Stealth (2005)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Every now and then a movie comes along that really makes you wonder at the depths of human nature, the very intricate framework that binds us together in society.
Stealth is one such movie, if of course you replace "human nature" with "Jessica Biel's cleavage", and "intricate framework" with "mind-numbingly bad plot and acting".
It all begins simply enough with the same old introduction of the piloting dream team (for more information on high flying dream teams, please reference Top Gun, Apollo 13, and the 1992 Olympic Men's Basketball Finals).
www.imdb.com /title/tt0382992   (702 words)

 The Flick Filosopher | Stealth
Fighter pilot Josh Lucas is "armed for penetration detonation," he informs us as Stealth opens, and so I just gave up right then and there and decided to go weak in the knees for the next two hours.
Supposedly the star of Stealth is not in fact Josh Lucas but actually some sort of supercool robotic warplane that's the neatest thing since the Brave Little Toaster...
Stealth probably augers a new subgenre of action film: the techno terror fantasy, in which gung-
www.flickfilosopher.com /flickfilos/archive/2005/stealth.shtml   (600 words)

 Stealth DVD Review - MovieWeb
It isn’t bad enough that Stealth was bomb at the box office but now, for some reason, the makers of this DVD felt the need to release it as a 2 disc set.
Biel, Foxx and Lucas move toward as a Stealth bomber flies overhead and explosions happen in the background.
I hate to say it but the Stealth aircraft looks bad when it is laid against a “live” background.
www.movieweb.com /dvd/reviews/review.php?upc=043396102156&id=1050   (1251 words)

This high-action flight movie centers on a team of three sexy stealth bomber pilots who are forced to fly with EDI (Extreme Deep Invader), a computer-manned prototype plane that specializes in extra-precision bombing.
Michael Douglas has played the president before, but in The Sentinel, he is far from presidential when he is accused of plotting to assassinate the president of the United States.
"Stealth is so over-painted with CGI that it doesn't look as real as the sequence starring Shepard that inspired it in The Right Stuff, a movie made with model airplanes."
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/stealth   (1097 words)

 Stealth Movie FA-37 Talon w/ Jessica Biel as Kara Wade
This aircraft, dubbed the FA-37 Talon Stealth Fighter, is the star-prop in the sci-fi/action thriller "Stealth" due out next year.
Not yet made public, the F/A-37 is a Mach 3.5, super cruise stealth fighter/bomber/interceptor with a 4000nm range.
The movie is a Columbia Pictures/BackBreaker Films Production entitled "Stealth", due out in May 2005, and starring Jessica Biel, Josh Lucas, and Jamie Foxx (produced by Rob Cohen).
www.americanantigravity.com /stealthmovie.shtml   (629 words)

 Define stealth - a definition from Whatis.com
In computing, stealth refers to an event, object, or file that evades methodical attempts to find it.
In particular, the term applies to certain computer viruses, and to a state of affairs in which a computer or port is rendered invisible to hacking programs.
When a port-scanning program encounters a stealth (invisible) port, no reply is received in response to requests for connection.
searchsecurity.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid14_gci541380,00.html   (307 words)

 Metromix. Movie review: 'Stealth'
Halfway through "Stealth" -- a big new action movie about three gung-ho U.S. Navy pilots and an ultra-computerized, pilotless plane named EDI (for "Extreme Deep Invader") -- there's a conversation between statuesque hero Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) and the plane's computer.
That "2001" reference only throws "Stealth's" flaws into higher relief by spotlighting the silliness of the story and the madly overscaled action.
"Stealth" is a movie with grander ambitions than the average actioner, and certainly grander than anything Cohen attempted in "The Fast and the Furious" and "XXX." But though "Stealth's" strengths are obvious -- high-tech marvels and a good cast -- so are its flaws.
metromix.chicagotribune.com /movies/mmx-050728-movies-review-stealth,0,3861179.story?coll=mmx-movies_leftutility   (886 words)

 Stealth Communications
Let us know how we can improve our products and services to service you, regardless if you are a Stealth Partner, a member of one or more of our many services, or just a visitor to our website.
Stealth has been a provider of telecommunication services in the City of New York since 1995.
With trust and experience earned over the years, Stealth has sucessfully created network exchanges such as the Voice Peering Fabric & Big Apple Peering Exchange.
www.stealth.net   (194 words)

 Stealth movie,trailer,review,pics,pictures,poster,news,DVD at The Z Review
In the film, Navy officials decide to use an unmanned version of the "Talon," but when one of the planes begins attacking friendly forces, Navy pilots are called in to save the planet from artificial intelligence.
Looks like the filming of Stealth in Australia is having some problems with a group in the Blue Mountains protesting against the movie filming there.
Anon has been in touch to advise that the filming on Stealth is currently at Schofields Aerodrome, Schofields in Sydney.
www.thezreview.co.uk /comingsoon/s/stealth.htm   (1010 words)

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