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Topic: Steel

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  Steel Buildings
Steel is an extremely strong and durable, yet flexible, material that allow for a wide range of innovative designs that would be impossible, unsafe or very expensive to create using other materials.
Steel office buildings from Costal Steel Structures are designed to be erected fast and with a minimal amount of hassle and you will therefore have your new office facilities up and functioning in no time.
Steel barns are typically ordered pre-fabricated since this makes it possible to erect a barn rapidly and with a minimal amount of heavy equipment.
www.coastalsteelstructures.com   (1177 words)

  Steel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steel is a metal alloy whose major component is iron, with carbon being the primary alloying material.
The problem of mass-producing steel was solved in 1855 by Henry Bessemer, with the introduction of the Bessemer converter at his steelworks in Sheffield, England.
Damascus steel, which was famous in ancient times for its durability and ability to hold an edge, was created from a number of different materials (some only in traces), essentially a complicated alloy with iron as main component.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Steel   (4960 words)

 New Jersey Scuba Diver - Artifacts & Shipwrecks - Iron, Steel & Rust
Steel was first made by cementation, a process of heating bars of iron with charcoal in a closed furnace so that the surface of the iron acquired a high carbon content.
Steel is often classified by its carbon content: a high-carbon steel is serviceable for dies and cutting tools because of its great hardness and brittleness; low- or medium-carbon steel is used for sheeting and structural forms because of its amenability to welding and tooling.
Nickel steel is the most widely used of the alloys; it is nonmagnetic and has the tensile properties of high-carbon steel without the brittleness.
www.njscuba.net /artifacts/matl_ferrous.html   (2992 words)

 Steel (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steel is a name used by several fictional characters owned and published by DC Comics in their universe.
The third Steel, also known as the Man of Steel, was created by Louise Simonson and artist Jon Bogdanove in Adventures of Superman #500 (June, 1993).
The fourth Steel is Natasha Irons, John Henry's niece and apprentice.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Steel_(comics)   (397 words)

 Steel buildings, pre-engineered metal churches, prefabricated buildings and kits
More and more consumers, businesses and organizations are choosing General Steel Corporation because they are requiring premium quality and customized solutions from the structural designs for their steel building's application.
Our steel agricultural buildings, commercial metal buildings, institutional buildings, manufacturing facilities, or metal warehouse buildings are designed to withstand the harshest of elements for years.
General Steel and the State of Maryland - General Steel Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of top quality and low priced steel buildings worldwide.
www.gensteel.com   (1020 words)

 Brad's Page of Steel
The lap steel guitar is held in your lap facing toward you.
Typically the lap steel guitar is tuned in one of several "open" tunings rather than standard guitar tuning.
The forefather of the National, Dobro® and pedal steel guitars was conceived and built by Hermann Weissenborn in the early 1920's.
www.well.com /user/wellvis/steel.html   (1099 words)

 steel@Everything2.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Steel was actually Hank Heywood II, grandson to the World War II hero, Commander Steel.
Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, along with a small proportion of other elements.
The latest developments in steel processing is the electric arc furnace - it has the advantage of not having to include a fuel with the iron, thereby making it possible to make an even cleaner and better form of steel.
everything2.com /index.pl?node=steel   (1661 words)

 ArtLex on Steel
Steel is often classified by its carbon content: a high-carbon steel is serviceable for dies, cutting, and carving tools because of its great hardness and brittleness; low- or medium-carbon steel is used for sheet metal and structural forms because it is easily and effectively welded.
Nickel steel is the most widely used of the alloys; it is nonmagnetic and has the tensile strength of high-carbon steel without the brittleness.
Stainless steel, which was developed in England, has a high tensile strength and resists abrasion and corrosion because of its high chromium content.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/s/steel.html   (509 words)

 eFunda: General Information on Steels
Steel is the common name for a large family of iron alloys which are easily malleable after the molten stage.
Steels are commonly made from iron ore, coal, and limestone.
Steels can either be cast directly to shape, or into ingots which are reheated and hot worked into a wrought shape by forging, extrusion, rolling, or other processes.
www.efunda.com /materials/alloys/alloy_home/steels.cfm   (367 words)

 Steel Building Immediate Pricing - Ironbuilt Steel Buildings, Metal Buildings
Ironbuilt Steel Buildings designs and manufactures steel buildings and metal buildings used as storage buildings, commercial buildings, warehouse buildings, horse barns, church buildings, pole buildings, farm buildings, and more.
Ironbuilt steel buildings cost far less than conventional construction projects, are much stronger than traditionally built pole buildings and pole barns, and are absolutely maintenance free.
Steel buildings that can withstand anything and are perfect for a variety of applications, straight from the steel building factory.
www.ironbuilt.com /index.html   (414 words)

 USATODAY.com - Bush slaps tariffs on steel imports   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And steel executives and union leaders pleaded to have the government pick up billions in health care and other benefits for 600,000 retirees and their families.
Big Steel — the integrated mills that use blast furnaces and coke ovens to turn iron ore into steel — has been in a tailspin since a financial crisis swept Asia, Latin America and Russia in 1997.
The White House is hopeful the steel package will keep steelworkers from using their political clout to help Democrats take control of the House this fall with gains in steel states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.
www.usatoday.com /money/covers/2002-03-06-steel.htm   (1619 words)

 Cold Steel High Performance Knives
Practically the entire Cold Steel product line is on display.
Cold Steel knives represent real, solid value for the money backed by our unconditional 30-day guarantee of complete satisfaction.
The Cold Steel Office is not open to the public.
www.coldsteel.com   (160 words)

 Steel UK - links to steel associations in the UK
Steel UK - links to steel associations in the UK Steel UK The Steel UK site, which was put together by a consortium of steel associations and related organisations in the UK, has now closed.
Steel stockholders also work with many customers to provide added value to the steel they supply through first stage manufacturing processes, performed efficiently and at low cost by stockholders before the steel is delivered to site.
Steel plates can be processed and precision ground to customers shape requirements by flame, laser and plasma cutting; and steel sections can be shotblasted, sawn and painted.
www.uksteel.org.uk /steeluk   (504 words)

 Steel - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Steel, today, is made by commentators sitting in giant football stadiums (or "crucibles") in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (once the location for technologically obsolete steel plants run by morally bankrupt ex-tycoons -- who've now turned commentators -- of protected USA).
The microstructure of steel is a lattice arrangement of iron crystals in haemetite and austentite formations at the core, with martensite-cementite and pearlite formations towards the surface, bound with carbon and it's allotropes in a rhomberdol arrangement that imparts hardness to the structure while giving it the property of slidealliteration upon normalizing or annealing.
When steel was invented in Vietnam (around the same time it was invented in India, circa 273.15 °C), Vietnam was a province of China.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Steel   (1392 words)

 Welcome to the Steel Industry Analysis Brief Web Site
Steel is the backbone of bridges, skyscrapers, railroads, automobiles, and appliances.
Most grades of steel in use today – particularly high-strength steels that are lighter and more versatile – were not available ten years ago.
Steel is the most recyclable and recycled material in North America, with an overall recycling rate of 68 percent.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/mecs/iab/steel/index.html   (261 words)

 Steel buildings price quotes - Free metal buildings advice and quotes from multiple steel building suppliers
Smart businesses consider all purchases as investments in the future, and a steel building should be no exception.
Please note: If you're unfamiliar with the differences between steel buildings and modular buildings, our Quick Guide to Choosing a Pre-fab Building is an excellent place to start.
Please describe in detail the intended purpose of the steel building and any additional requirements you may have for your steel building.
www.buyerzone.com /industrial/steel_buildings/qz_questions_790.jhtml   (778 words)

 Steel Buildings & Metal Buildings: Building Manufacturer, Pole Barns, Storage Buildings
We specialize in metal steel buildings for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and residential building use.
Because Olympia all steel metal buildings are designed and sold directly to you, our valued customer, you save time and money by getting the best steel building price up front.
A 25-year warranty on the roof, a 35-year warranty on the paint, a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel screws for the roof, and a 50-year warranty on the structural frames all mean that Olympia out performs your every expectation.
www.olympiabuildings.com /index.html   (886 words)

 storage buildings, pole building kits, prefab horse barns
For over 38 years, American Steel Span has been the world's leading manufacturer of pre-engineered, easy to assemble, arch-style steel buildings for a variety of uses including prefab horse barns, metal storage sheds, pole building kits, and more.
American Steel Span metal storage sheds, pole building kits, and prefab horse barns are 100% made in the USA using only the highest grade U.S. commercial steel to ensure the best quality and workmanship available.
American Steel Span delivers quality, strength, and service at factory direct prices on general steel buildings, metal storage sheds, steel pole building kits, and prefab horse barns.
www.americansteelspan.com /agricultural.html   (483 words)

 BlueScope Steel Australia: BlueScope Steel Products in Australia
Due to an increasing shortage of flat land, builders and developers in south east Queensland are using steel to encourage construction on sloping sites that were previously overlooked and considered too expensive to build on.
Steel roof sheeting is durable and strong and is available in a range of attractive colours and shapes.
Cold Rolled strip is sheet steel which has been rolled to thickness at low temperature in a continuous cold rolling mill operation.
www.bluescopesteel.com.au   (173 words)

W-1, W-2, and the series of 10-- steels from 1045 through 1095 are the ultimate in simplicity and very shallow hardening so they may be used to make a selectively hardened edge as one sees on old Japanese swords.
M-2 is a high temperature steel made for lath cutting tools, which has darn little to do with knives, but allows you to really cook the blade in finishing after heat treat without annealing it.
DAMASCUS steel is such a widely made product that it is impossible to make too many general statements about it, other than it seems to catch collectors better than any other type.
www.engnath.com /public/steel.htm   (2232 words)

 Steel-Ind'l Goods / Svs-News By Industry -The Economic Times   (Site not responding. Last check: )
NRI steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal is likely to unveil a new heavyweight British non-executive director at the company's annual meeting in Rotterdam on Monday.
Mittal Steel wants to sit down with Arcelor’s board to get to a “friendly bid situation”, but its offer, currently valued at 20 bn euros ($25.2 bn), is not open for discussion, a senior executive said on Thursday.
Uttam Galva Steel on Wednesday hiked the prices of hot-rolled steel by Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,700 a tonne and that of galvanised steel by Rs 2,000 a tonne.
economictimes.indiatimes.com /articlelist/13357699.cms   (497 words)

 Guns Germs & Steel: Variables. Steel | PBS
Settler communities in North America and the Cape of Good Hope were able to capitalize on European-invented steel rails, steel locomotives and steel ships to transform their model European economies.
Steel's complex manufacture requires large quantities of iron ore and plentiful, carbon-rich forests, plus access to fast-flowing water for power and transport.
Nevertheless, indigenous Africans were about 1,000 years behind their European rivals — and we will never know what they might have gone on to achieve, had the trajectory of African culture not been interrupted by colonialization.
www.pbs.org /gunsgermssteel/variables/steel.html   (953 words)

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