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Topic: Steelpan

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Steelpan science
Making Steelpans is regarded among Panmakers as more art than science but mainly because it is a hand crafted instrument and is a skill that takes years to master.
A steelpan is made by shaping a flat, 44 gallon oil drum bottom into a bowl with the notes each forming almost flat panels.
Steelpans are steadily growing more popular all over the world and we owe it all to a man who probably had no idea that his biscuit tin would become such an amazing instrument.
www.scienceinafrica.co.za /2003/september/steelpan.htm   (1152 words)

 Steelpan Glossary
STEELPAN (PAN): A definite-pitch, acoustic, percussion   instrument.  It consists of a circular playing surface made from steel     stretched into a concave shape and attached to a hollow, cylindrical resonator called a skirt.  This surface is optimised into a number of isolated convex sections called notes.
Note 3 - An ensemble, consisting of a family of steelpans encompassing a range of approximately six chromatic octaves, is known as a steelband or steel orchestra.
It must be concluded that the steelpan cannot be definitively classified as either an idiophone or a membranophone.  It is unique and may be considered to be the first truly hybrid percussion instrument invented by man.
www.sanch.com /Steelpan_Glossary.htm   (1394 words)

 Steelpan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In fact, drum refers to the steel drum containers from which the pans are made; the steel drum is correctly called a steelpan or pan as it falls into the Idiophone family of instruments, and is not technically regarded as a drum or Membranophone.
In the evolution of the steelpan, all tuning masters are held in high honour, respect and admiration by all associated with the history, the industry and the evolution of the instrument.
Plus, there is a growing steelpan movement on the African continent, spearheaded by such groups as Botswana's Marang Community Junior Secondary Shool Steelpan Ensemble, which was on hand to perform for the state visit of Barbadian Prime Minister Owen Arthur to Gaborone in 2004 (Botswana's Defense Force also has a panside).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Steelpan   (1285 words)

The ensemble, which usually consists of a family of steelpans encompassing a range of approximately six chromatic octaves, is known as a steelband or steel orchestra.
The Japanese are developing such a taste for the steelpan that players from Trinidad and elsewhere are regularly contracted to perform at such functions as the Opening Event of Landmark Plaza and the Dockyard Summer Festival in Yokohama.
Steelpan music is not, therefore, limited to the confines of a single country's folklore.
www.sanch.com /Steelpan_Music_1996.htm   (1925 words)

 Steel Pan History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The steelpan was found to be more effective; it permitted much more subtle and complex harmonies more accessible as technological progress produced cleaner and sharper tones from oil drums aplenty.
Steelpan music clearly achieved major progress with the decision to send a steelband to the United Kingdom as part of a Commonwealth celebration.
Steelpans played an important role in Trinidad's independence celebrations and thereafter went from strength to strength with the introduction of steelpan festivals, performing for Queen Elizabeth when she visited the island, and tour in the U.S. and the U.K. The first National Panorama competition was held on February 22, 1963.
www.roxcie.com /steelpanHis.htm   (796 words)

 Montreal Mirror - Music : Winter Steelpan Festival
Trinidadian Montrealer Salah Wilson is a man with a mission, and that mission is the steelpan.
Wilson is a steelpan champion, by which I mean not a top-notch player, though he is that, but rather someone who has dedicated his life to promoting the pan, bringing it to new musical forms, schooling young and old in its use and documenting its history - and future.
Jazz, classical and holiday tunes are on the menu, a steelpan showdown is slated and major names from Canadian calypso and beyond are scheduled to appear.
www.montrealmirror.com /ARCHIVES/2003/120403/music3.html   (810 words)

 Panland News > TTIL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Programme was specially designed as officials of the Ministry felt that students' involvement with the steelpan, should extend beyond extra-circular activities, but also exposing them to the teaching of the steelpan in an academic setting where music literacy/music history, the sociology of pan and the history of the pan movement.
This is a steelpan, an instrument like a steel drum, whose melodies ring out the main emotions of the soul, in a flow of joy and pain are sounded, in those who hear them.
The steelpan is the only acoustic instrument that was invented in the Twentieth Century and now it is studied in prestigious universities around the world, especially in the US.
www.steelpansttil.com /panlandnews/index_2002_10.php3   (2113 words)

Afropan is a musical orchestra of which the primary instrument is the steelpan.
The steelpan (the pan) is a percussion musical instrument made from a steel drum.
The steelband is an ensemble of steelpan instruments accompanied solely by an untuned percussion section.
www.carnaval.com /cityguides/toronto/afropan_steelpan44_st.htm   (423 words)

 Steelband Musicians May Suffer Hearing Loss :: ttgapers.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The steelpan, an instrument invented by enterprising musicians on the West Indian island of Trinidad, consists of the base of a steel drum that may have previously been used for industrial purposes, such as transporting oil.
For example, while all seven of the steelpan players with less than 10 years of experience had normal hearing, the same was true of only three of the 12 musicians with more than 20 years of experience.
Of particular concern to the researchers is the younger generation of steelpan players, some of whom begin playing as early as 10 years old, the report indicates.
www.ttgapers.com /modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1079&newlang=&topic=1&catid=6   (726 words)

 Steelpan Instrument Goes Ivy League: Pantonic Steel Orchestra featured at Columbia University Graduate Course
Following the question-and-answer session, the graduate students experimented with the steelpan instruments under the tutelage of the Pantonic musicians.
Dr. Stephens felt that this class involving the steelpan instrument, was extremely important in terms of facilitating an added awareness and sensitivity to other cultures, and alternative ways of learning music.
In particular Pantonic Steel Orchestra musicians demonstrated to the graduate level students, the strength of learning music thorough the oral tradition, and performing at a level that was equal to musicians who perform and learn music through traditional academic means, and sometimes with music sheets in front of them.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/8/prweb420582.htm   (467 words)

 Summary First European International Conference on Steelpan
Her position as Founder, Ex-President and Executive Director Steelpan European enabled her to demonstrate how the movement had developed and included her very recent meetings with Pan Trinbago, the Prime Minster of Trinidad and Tobago and staff of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad.
Her message was very clear; “steel pan has long left Trinidad, events such as the National Panorama etc. cater for Trinidadians only and more appropriate events should be developed for bands in Europe”.
Of particular interest are the developments in the city of Kobe where Yuki Murakami, director of the Pan Village Steelpan School also founded (2001) the band ‘Fantastics’.
pan-jumbie.com /steelpan-conference/summary-steelpan-conference.html   (2660 words)

 Steel Drum Sound CDs - Sounds from the Caribe
The steelpan was born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad around the 1930's.
Many people believe that the steelpan is the only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century, however HermanWinterhoff, of the Leedy Manufacturing Company, invented the early vibraphone around 1920 and the J.C. Deagan company also came out with a similar instrument the "vibraharp+" a few years later.
The steelpan is in my opinion however, the most significant acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century and possibly the only "family" of instruments invented in the 20th century.
store.tackletogo.com /stdrsocdssof.html   (282 words)

 trinicenter.com - I met an Elder in the Steelpan movement
For a long time the history of the beginnings of the Steelpan has been shrouded in mystery without a serious effort being made to present the Elders of the movement to the public to tell their story so that proper respect and recognition can be paid to these early inspired inventors.
He started to recount from his experience, the beginnings of the Steelpan movement, running through the dates, names of early Steelpan men and places the events unfolded.
While the discussions continues about what part of Trinidad the Steelpan originated and who first developed the Steelpan, people will have to ask themselves at what stage the beating of any type of iron as objects of percussion be called the birth of the Steelpan instruments we know today.
www.trinicenter.com /steelpan/HotepDarway.htm   (849 words)

 Salah and Family Steelpan Music Academy - Montreal - Canada
The intention of this school was to establish a base for teaching music with the steelpan and ultimately to achieve the status of an accredited school of music.
The Salah's Steelpan Academy is based in Montreal, and has shown a mark of success with an enrolment of over sixty students, of many ethnic backgrounds and ages; including a senior citizens group.
Steelpan Playing with Theory is a wonderful introduction to the steeldrum instrument; combining a step by step approach to understanding the rudiments of music, along with a practical hands-on method of learning to play the steelpan.
pages.infinit.net /salahpan/acadinfo.htm   (328 words)

 WorldWidePans.com Steelpan Catalogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Also called the Lead or Melody pan, the 4th and 5th D Tenor is the pan of choice of 3 out of 4 panists as their lead pan.
It is not a lead steelpan but is played as a rhythm instrument strumming the accompanying chords to the melody, like an ordinary guitar in an orchestra.
Therefore if you require a steelpan with a different note layout simply send us a detailed diagram of this layout via e-mail and our panmakers, who are capable of making any steelpan, will make a steelpan set for you at no additional cost.
www.worldwidepans.com /backup/products/steelpans.html   (725 words)

 The Steelpan Instrument > TTIL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The drums are made of steel sheeting that possesses the thickness and composition that accommodates the hammering and stretching required to make a good steelpan.
The drum skirt is cut to the desired length, the prepared playing surface is heat treated and the notes tuned to achieve predetermined pitches and tones which are reproduced when notes are struck with rubber tipped playing sticks.
The Principle The steelpan is a definite pitch instrument in the idiophone class.
www.steelpansttil.com /steelpan.php3   (510 words)

 TriniSoca.com - 'Bertie' Marshall Speaks on the Steelpan
Marshall, an adept pan-tunist, introduced several fixtures and accompaniments to the instrument that are evident today such as the canopy, and the popular double tenor pans.
Marshall, a perfectionist, is involved in the pan movement for the main purpose of insuring the instrument's continuous betterment and improving its sound.
The saga of the steelpan is expressed in Marshall's words...
www.trinisoca.com /bertie   (206 words)

 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2004
For starters, to date we remain without a patent for the instrument, an act (or lack thereof) that is inexcusable in a country that possesses the legal and financial resources to accomplish this simple task.
In refusing to address the patenting of the steelpan we not only forfeit the financial benefits (imagine being paid royalties for every pan that is produced in the world today), we also belittle the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ of those who gave and are still giving to the creation and development of the instrument.
And speaking of demand, the steelpan is now an internationally acclaimed instrument, a fact that has opened up the scope of the instrument — a range of careers in pan included.
www.visittnt.com /carnival2004/steelpan/steelpan.asp?fn=feat_mediocremalaise.htm   (660 words)

 Steelbands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Century, pan has suddenly made a leap into the future, although much of that initiative is foreign in origin and utilizing equally alien technology.
Scheduled for October 16 to 18, the First International Conference on the Science and Technology of the Steelpan will bring to the foreground much of the work that has been going on in pan research and development.
Salah Wilson has a new book out called Steelpan Playing With Theory, which you can peruse from a link to http://pages.infinit.net/salahpan/home.htm and tuner/arranger for the Finnish Steelband steel pan Lovers, has put up pan building instructions at http://www.dlc.fi/~pan-ari/pan-make.htm.
www.nalis.gov.tt /steelbands/steelpan_PanInCyberspace.htm   (642 words)

 www.steeldrum.de: Steeldrum-Workshop bei PanKultur in Dortmund
Steelpan European is obliged to produce a festival in 2004 under the fixed name : Angostura European Steelpan Festival.
With an organization like Steelpan European that has been growing and successfully producing two big festivals we do believe it is time to achieve a more professional level of acting.
Steelpan European will still have an executive committee with a president (that we need in order to comply with our status of being an Association) and a managment committee with two country representatives.
www.steeldrum.de /steelpan_european_dortmund.html   (580 words)

He was greatly influenced and trained by some of the Virtusos of Steelpan music, including Earl Rodney, Junior Puchette, "Birdie" Mannette the brother of pioneer Ellie Mannette, Leslie Bernard, "Brigo" Prince Rodney, George James, Tommy Crichlow and others, while playing Steelpan with Invaders, Silver Stars, Arima All Stars and Pan Pipers.
Shaqq is an innovative Canadian steelpan musician and with regards to Steelpan and education, he has been teaching and describing the origin and evolution of the steelpan, explaning the fabrication while demonstrating techniques for playing the instrument with students of all ages.
His passion for the Steelpan Instrument has led him on a ongoing quest to publicize and promote the world's youngest acoustic instrument.
www.thepanpiper.com /BIO   (293 words)

 [No title]
The steelpan or steel drum originated in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad.
The steel drum or steelpan is the only acoustic musical instrument invented this century.
However, steelpan will continue to play a significant role in Trinidad and Tobago's society producing the world's greatest tuners, arrangers, and steel drummers.
www.steelpan.com /docs/history.html   (802 words)

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