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Topic: Steve Guttenberg

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  Steve Guttenberg Takes on Rear Ends, Leonard Maltin, And Directing
Steve Guttenberg: Oh, I believe in myself, and I believe in the piece, and I believe in the theme of the piece, which is no matter where you are in life, no matter how bad it gets, you can always fight and win, and always come back.
Guttenberg: I might have smelled a rat during it.
Guttenberg: Well, I was lucky because I had a very long rehearsal process.
www.indiewire.com /people/people_030109gutten.html   (2026 words)

  Encyclopedia: Steve Guttenberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Guttenberg suffered a setback playing a struggling pop composer in "Can't Stop the Music" (1980), the notorious disco-era flop which failed to successfully exploit the fleeting popularity of The Village People, but bounced back to gain positive notices for his work in Barry Levinson's "Diner" (1982).
Guttenberg was teamed winningly with Tom Selleck and Ted Danson for the surprising blockbuster remake "Three Men and a Baby" (1987).
Guttenberg also acted in several TV projects for children before returning to the big screen in three 1995 releases: two comedies for kids, Disney's "The Big Green" and the feature debut of TV's Olsen twins, "It Takes Two"; and director Jodie Foster's more grown-up domestic comedy, "Home for the Holidays".
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Steve-Guttenberg   (1453 words)

 Steve Guttenberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steve Guttenberg (born August 24, 1958 in New York, New York), sometimes credited as Steven Guttenberg, is a Jewish American actor.
Guttenberg was a popular movie star throughout much of the 1980s, and is best known for starring roles in the first four Police Academy films, Three Men and a Baby, Cocoon, and Short Circuit.
Currently, Guttenberg has a recurring role on the critically acclaimed series Veronica Mars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Steve_Guttenberg   (236 words)

 Steve Guttenberg
Born Steven Robert Guttenberg in New York City in 1958, Guttenberg made his acting debut at age 19 in the TV movie Something for Joey.
Guttenberg would spend the remainder of the decade as the star of the lowbrow Police Academy movies, fitting roles in films like Cocoon and Short Circuit in between.
Guttenberg spent the next several years revisiting his successes -- starring in the sequels Cocoon: The Return and 3 Men and a Little Lady.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/where_are_they_now/78565   (433 words)

 Steve Guttenberg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Although Steve Guttenberg is firmly established as the star not only of...
The writers of "The Simpsons"; (1989) pay tribute to Guttenberg in the episode...
The Boys from Brazil (1978) (as Steven Guttenberg)....
www.imdb.com /name/nm0000430   (345 words)

 plasticbag.org: Steve Guttenberg is gay...
I wish Steve Guttenberg was gay, because I had such a huge crush on him when I was fifteen.
The reason I (don't) think Steve Guttenberg is gay is this article about him: Steve Guttenberg Takes on Rear Ends, Leonard Maltin, And Directing.
Anyway - here are the things in the article that make me think that they're trying to horribly mischaracterise Steve Guttenberg as being a big homo.
www.plasticbag.org /archives/2003/01/steve_guttenberg_is_gay   (240 words)

 Steve Guttenberg Steve Guttenberg is nakedgirls egyptian girl
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www.hardwareprincess.com /Steve-Guttenberg/Steve-Guttenberg.html   (272 words)

 Project Steve Guttenberg :: About
Project Steve Guttenberg allows you to create an online journal or "blog" with a minimum amount of hassle.
It doesn't have a massive list of dependencies, such as a database server.
Finally, Project Steve Guttenberg is open source software, meaning that you are free to read and modify the source code, and to redistribute your own version.
www.projectsteveguttenberg.org /about.php   (186 words)

 Steve Guttenberg, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Police Academy, Short Circuit August 24 in History
Steve Guttenberg, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Police Academy, Short Circuit August 24 in History
Steve Guttenberg, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Police Academy, Short Circuit
Obviously, the answer to oil spills is to paper-train the tankers.
www.brainyhistory.com /events/1958/august_24_1958_120590.html   (52 words)

 SciFan: Writer: D. J. MacHale (bibliography, books, series, web links)
He solely wrote 20 of the episodes and directed 19, including the CableAce nominated "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure" starring Charles S. Dutton.
D.J. also wrote and directed the movie "Tower of Terror" for the premiere season of ABC's "Wonderful World of Disney" which starred Kirsten Dunst and Steve Guttenberg.
The Showtime series "Chris Cross" was co-created, written and Executive Produced by D.J. It received the CableAce award for Best Youth Series.
www.scifan.com /writers/mm/MacHaleJD.asp   (356 words)

Click here for information about steves new film.
This site was established in order to provide fans with information, pictures, news, and more about Steves Career.
This site is in no way connected to Steve Guttenberg, his management or family.
www.steveguttenberg.net   (164 words)

 Project Steve Guttenberg :: With The Famous Random Title!!!
Project Steve Guttenberg :: With The Famous Random Title!!!
Version 1.12.0 of Project Steve Guttenberg is now available.
Thanks to "Ravishekhar S" for letting me know about the problem.
www.projectsteveguttenberg.org   (509 words)

 History Page - Village People
The group wins many worldwide awards including the American Music Award-Favorite Musical Group 1979, AGVA's Georgie Award, West Germany's Gold Lion Award for music excellence, Brazil's 1981 Award for Best Act, etc.
Village People star in their own 1980 major feature movie Can't Stop the Music co-starring Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, Valerie Perrine, Paul Sand, June Havoc, Tammy Grimes and directed by Nancy Walker.
It remains a popular cult film around the world.
www.officialvillagepeople.com /History%20page.html   (897 words)

 Steve Guttenberg TV Listings - find Steve Guttenberg on TV | TV-Now.com
Steve Guttenberg TV Listings - find Steve Guttenberg on TV
TV Guide Network Sites TVGuide.com TV Shows on DVD Jump the Shark Fans of Reality TV
Steve Guttenberg Biography, TV Listings and More from TVGuide.com
www.tv-now.com /stars/stevgutt.html   (100 words)

 Official Steve Guttenberg Filmography Web Site
all of Steve Guttenberg's films in the links listed above.
Type two or three keywords that best describe
of Steve's web site please contact his WebMaster here:
www.steveguttenberg.com   (52 words)

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