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Topic: Stewardship

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  PC(USA) - Stewardship
Stewardship is about being faithful disciples, caring for and managing all that God has given us.
Stewardship is not just one part of Christian discipleship; it involves every aspect of life in all the stages of life.
Each congregation’s stewardship committee or session should weigh the pros and cons of various themes to choose the one that fits their situation at the present time.
www.pcusa.org /stewardship   (218 words)

  Stewardship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In general stewardship is responsibility for taking good care of resources entrusted to one.
In an organizational context, stewardship refers to management's responsibility to properly utilize and develop the talents of the members.
An example of Stewardship is in Genisis chapter 2 vs 15.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stewardship   (190 words)

 The Catholic Diocese of Lubbock - Stewardship
Stewardship is a Catholic Christian way of life based on the spiritual principles of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels.
Stewardship's true purpose is to promote the spirituality of "[seeking] first the kingdom of God." The effort's first concern is not money, but to speak to the heart of the individual about seeking always the will of the Father in our day-to-day living.
Stewardship is based on the fact that all that we have and all that we are comes from God.
www.catholiclubbock.org /stewardship/stewardship.asp   (1083 words)

 Watershed Stewardship
The goals of watershed stewardship are to increase public awareness about watershed management efforts, and to get participation in the process to ensure that citizens practice good pollution prevention practices on their own property and homes.
Often, grass roots watershed management organizations are uniquely prepared to handle many critical stewardship programs, given their watershed focus, volunteers, low cost and ability to reach into communities.
An ongoing stewardship responsibility is to monitor key indicators to track the health of the watershed.
www.cwp.org /stewardship.htm   (647 words)

 Stewardship and Worship
Stewardship: God is the source of all blessings, temporal and spiritual; all that we have and are we owe to Him.
Stewardship is what we do after we say we believe, that is, after we give our love, loyalty, and trust to God, from whom each and every aspect of our lives comes as a gift.
Stewardship is an integral part of the worship in the singing of the hymns.
www.usachcs.army.mil /TACarchive/ACwinspr03/lowe.htm   (2323 words)

 CERC: Christian Stewardship What God Expects from Us
Stewardship is a rather popular term used by Catholics and non-Catholics alike when religious leaders want their followers to give something.
However, understanding that stewardship is collective requires us to find ways in which we can collaborate with others to make the resources in our possession work for the good of all as intended by God.
Because stewardship is collective, the service provided to man by a particular resource is not intended for only one man. Rather, the resources of the earth are intended for all humanity, and our use of them should reflect this solidarity.
catholiceducation.org /articles/environment/en0007.html   (2155 words)

Stewardship is about managing these gifts in order to acknowledge God's goodness and to determine how we can give back to him a proportion of what he freely gives to us.
The first aspect of Stewardship is the raising of funds to enable the church to function and carry out its commitment to God's mission within the community.
The development of the Stewardship Programme is managed by a committee of seven which meets regularly under the chairmanship of Philip Burchell.
www.roystonparishchurch.org.uk /stewardship.htm   (721 words)

 Christian Stewardship - Church of Our Saviour
Stewardship is most meaningful, therefore, when Jesus Christ rules in our lives as our Lord and Savior.
Stewardship is a believer's response to God's love in creating, preserving, redeeming and sanctifying him.
Stewardship is the Christian's management of his redeemed life and possessions to God's glory and man's benefit.
www.secaucus.org /oursaviour/oursaviour-stewardship.html   (542 words)

 Stewardship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Stewardship Committee in the local church exists to educate the congregation in the Biblical principles of whole life stewardship.
That is why the stewardship committee focuses on the task of building people in Christian formation on a foundation of God's grace rather than guilt and compulsion.
It is important that the stewardship committee reflect the grace filled discipline that allows for an atmosphere that fosters the growth of God's people.
www.covchurch.org /cov/stewardship/help-chair.html   (991 words)

 Stewardship: FAQ
The ministry of stewardship invites us into a process of conversion in which we accept that we are beloved before God and are able to be reconciled with our fears of not having enough.
The goal of stewardship ministry is a congregational environment in which all members are encouraged to share all the resources necessary to fulfill the mission and ministries to which we are called as members of the living body of Christ in the world.
The Diocesan Council is also developing a stewardship statement as an expression of the commitment of the Diocese to stewardship in all facets of life.
www.edow.org /parish/stewardship/faq.html   (652 words)

 Stewardship- UPCI
Steve Drury moved April, 2002 to St. Louis as Director of the Stewardship Department for the United Pentecostal Church, Intl.
Stewardship Department is more than blessed to have her on the team with her years of invaluable talents, abilities, servant spirit, and friendships with the entire United Pentecostal Church International.
The greatest credit of all is the reward of their children and their spouses being directly involved in the work of the Kingdom of God… and of course their first grandbaby, Kirenda, born May 29, 2001.
stewardship.upci.org /contact.htm   (429 words)

 Stewardship Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In Conjunction with The BC Stewardship Centre, The Land Trust Alliance of BC is pleased to announce the release of this new publication in the Stewardship Series.
Stewardship '94 began with a series of conversations with and about landowners asking for help in protecting the natural resources of their land.
Stewardship needs to be accomplished on small parcels throughout municipalities and regional districts where stewardship opportunities are being needlessly and incrementally lost for want of effective protection of environmentally sensitive areas.
www.stewardshipcanada.ca /sc_bc/stew_series/bc_stewseries.asp   (4400 words)

 Defra UK; ERDP - Schemes - Countryside Stewardship Scheme
Countryside Stewardship and Environmentally Sensitive Areas Schemes Annual Report 2002-3 - This is the first annual report for the two flagship schemes in England – CS and ESAs – and covers the period 2002 to 2003.
Countryside Stewardship was introduced as a pilot scheme in England in 1991 by the then Countryside Commission and operates outside the Environmentally Sensitive Areas.
Until the launch of Environmental Stewardship, Countryside Stewardship was the Government’s main scheme for the wider countryside, aiming, through the payment of grants, to improve the natural beauty and diversity of the countryside, enhance, restore and re-create targeted landscapes, their wildlife habitats and historical features, and to improve opportunities for public access.
www.defra.gov.uk /erdp/schemes/css/default.htm   (791 words)

 Diocese of Charlotte - Stewardship
Stewardship is based on the spiritual principles of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus; and where it has been implemented, both givers’ and receivers’ lives have been changed.
Stewardship is a way of life, a way of thanking God for all His blessings by returning a portion of the time, talent and treasure allotted to us.
The Office of Development recognizes that when individuals embrace stewardship as a way of life, their faith is deepened, their relationship with Jesus Christ grows, and the fruits of their stewardship benefit every aspect and ministry of the parish.
www.charlottediocese.org /stewardship.html   (515 words)

 Stewardship - Archdiocese of Philadelphia - Home
The mission of the Parish and Diocesan Stewardship Initiative is to introduce and promote Stewardship as a Way of Life.
The Parish and Diocesan Stewardship Initiative is available to work and assist parishes, schools, and individuals in the Archdiocese to develop, understand and cultivate stewardship through the gifts of time, talent and treasure.
Also, they are beginning to work on their Stewardship of Treasure renewal for the fall.
www.stewardship-phl.org   (602 words)

 Brentwood Diocese - Catholic Church in England and Wales - Diocese of Brentwood   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Stewardship reaches beyond individuals, beyond families and beyond parishes.
Catholics need to develop a better understanding of what it is to be a Diocesan family, and what the financial needs are of the Church at the Diocesan level in support of its role in education, the liturgy, its social care services, youth, ecumenism, justice and peace and media.
Parents are called to stewardship in their own homes, which are the domestic Church.
www.dioceseofbrentwood.net /stewardship   (333 words)

This is a weekend retreat held on Sunday to assist the church in budget development, tithing, and to discuss general stewardship for the congregation throughout the year.
Stewardship tracts and other materials are some of our most requested items.
Stewardship – God’s Way, in CD format, can help the church put together its own annual or special-giving emphasis.
www.mbcb.org /mission_strategy/steward   (335 words)

 Congregational Resource Guide Article: Stewardship in the Small Church
This is an especially difficult arena in rural churches, where farmers have experienced skyrocketing expenses coupled with drastically declining returns on their investments over the last few decades, and where families are struggling just to make ends meet.
This example proves another point: If stewardship appeals can be made personal, related to individuals, to immediate crises, or to the place and life the church community shares, members will be more open.
Whether addressing evangelism or stewardship concerns, certainly a minister who has the gift for caring is critical to all aspects of small church life.
www.congregationalresources.org /article0436.asp   (2067 words)

 Giving --- stewardship for God   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Like most word's that I encounter for the first time or word's that I have not heard before within a certain context I look to the dictionary to help me understand their meaning.
I didn't look it up for a while, as whenever "stewardship" was mentioned I thought it was relating to the sidesmen showing people to their seats in church.
Stewardship means looking realistically at how we each use our own time, talents and treasure in God's service, and making an appropriate response by giving what we can to support the work of the church.
www.saint-peters-ash.org.uk /Giving.html   (442 words)

 Long-Term Environmental Stewardship
Stewardship can be defined as, Activities necessary to maintain long-term protection of human health and the environment from hazards posed by residual radioactivity and chemically hazardous materials.
Good long-term stewardship planning ensures us that public health and environmental quality will be protected.
Stewardship and the elements within it are not directly regulated under a federal act or under a body of regulations.
www.sandia.gov /ltes/longterm_stewardship.htm   (190 words)

 Stewardship Partner
Stewardship is appropriate for all seasons of the year.
When stewardship is defined in terms of a fall financial campaign, the rich biblical meaning of the word is severely limited.
Many stewardship resources are available from Discipleship Resources 800-972-0433, http://www.discipleshipresources.org) and from the Stewardship Office, PO Box 340003, Nashville, TN 37203-0003; 615-340-7077; tollfree 877-899-2780, ext.
www.gbod.org /partners_in_discipleship/stewardship_partner.html   (1587 words)

The stewardship concept involves our thanksgiving to God for the gifts he has given to us both individually and as a parish community.
Early last fall the pastoral council sponsored two meetings to discuss the stewardship concept with interested parishioners and to encourage volunteers to become active with the new stewardship initiative.
The first projects for the stewardship committee are in the areas of hospitality, welcoming and communications.
www.rc.net /philadelphia/st_patrick/stewardship_committee.htm   (232 words)

 Washington Forest Stewardship Program
Forest Stewardship is a nationwide program designed to assist non-industrial private forest owners in managing their properties for a variety of resource values.
Landowners who are actively implementing an approved Forest Stewardship Plan are eligible to have their properties recognized as a "Stewardship Forest," including property sign and certificate.
Stewardship Incentive Program funds may be available to reimburse you for most of the cost.
www.wa.gov /dnr/htdocs/rp/steward.htm   (1825 words)

The 2008 Stewardship Program packet will be mailed out to every Greek Orthodox parish in America in October 2007.
The packet includes two posters with this year’s Stewardship theme, a Stewardship Ministry Guidelines booklet (a step-by-step guide to all aspects of an annual Stewardship program), and a CD-ROM of Stewardship resources.
For questions related to the 2008 Stewardship Program, please email stewardship@goarch.org or call the Office of Parish Development at (847) 825-1432.
www.goarch.org /en/archdiocese/departments/stewardship   (319 words)

 The Catholic Diocese of Toledo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Stewardship is a response to the Lord's invitation to follow Him as a disciple without counting the cost.
Within the much broader context of stewardship as a way of life, the disciple of Jesus has a responsibility to support the mission and ministries of the Church, through gifts of time, talent and financial resource, which are symbolic of his/her much more fundamental gift of self.
Stewardship and development responsibilities are combined therefore in a single integrated office because each is so closely related to the other.
www.toledodiocese.org /stewardship.html   (536 words)

 LLM-Proclaiming stewardship
LLM ceased operations on May 31, 2003, but the Stewardship of Life Institute is proud to continue its work by making its web resources available to a new generation of stewards.
In the spirit of true encouragement, speakers should acknowledge that the congregation is not starting at the beginning with their considerations of stewardship.
In sharing stewardship realities, speakers can lend momentum to their words by speaking specifically of projects, lending encouragement with the sense that the good fruits of stewardship will emerge, e.g.
stewardshipoflife.org /Resources/LLM_Archives/LLM-Hedahl.htm   (758 words)

 NWD: Stewardship News
When stewardship education and nurture is treated as a process that is whole-life, year-round and for all ages, good things happen as a result.
A stewardship committee (board, task force) plays a major role in planning and implementing stewardship nurture and education that is whole-life, year-round and for all ages.
In conclusion, it is a good process to assess where the congregation is at in important stewardship areas, and assess what should be stopped because it is ineffective or unnecessary, what should be started because it is important to get on the right track, and what should be continued because it is working well.
www.nwdlcms.org /stnews.htm   (1602 words)

 Summary of Understanding the Spirituality of True Stewardship, a stewardship book recommended for Christians.
The text quickly allows the reader to establish the relationship between personal salvation, spiritual fulfillment, enrichment in life, and his or her adherence to the biblical principles of Christian stewardship.
If you have been selected to lead the stewardship program for your organization, then this book is the first tool that you should add to your portfolio.
Included in this extra material is an excellent stewardship evaluation survey for your congregation plus some, simple yet powerful, biblical presentation points (that he has used in some of his seminars) to help you motivate them; he even includes a sample "Thank You" letter to assist you in keeping them motivated.
www.chrissealey.com /this_book.htm   (366 words)

 Our Sunday Visitor's What the CHURCH Teaches   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Stewardship — the word is bandied about in parishes, schools, and pulpits all the time these days.
Stewardship should be a way of life for every Catholic, but most don’t have a clue about what being Christian stewards really means.
Stewardship lies at the heart of Christian life; it's not something we do, it's the way we live.
www.osv.com /whatthechurchteaches/stewardship   (527 words)

 A National Agreement on Carpet Recycling
The agreement is a voluntary initiative that encourages manufacturers to assume product stewardship — the responsibility for the lifecycle of carpet from point-of-sale to disposal.
The amount of carpet that is reaching the end of its useful life and entering the waste stream is ever-increasing: Estimated total discards for 2002 are 4.7 billion pounds.
The case for "product stewardship." Product stewardship means that all parties involved in designing, manufacturing, selling and using a product take responsibility for environmental impacts at every stage of that product's life.
www.moea.state.mn.us /carpet/index.cfm   (378 words)

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