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Topic: Stinger (organ)

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  Stinger (organ) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A stinger is an organ or body part found in various animals that usually delivers some kind of venom.
Animals with stingers include bees, wasps, hornets, and scorpions - although the scorpion's stinger is not homologous to that of the other three, but is rather an example of convergent evolution.
In honeybees, the stinger is barbed, and lodges in the flesh of the victim upon use and tears free from the honeybee's body, leading to the honeybee's death within minutes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stinger_(organ)   (178 words)

 Sting (biology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A sting (or stinger) is a common term for a sharp organ of an animal or plant that can pierce the skin of another animal.
A stinger is different from other piercing organs in that it pierces by its own action, as opposed to e.g., teeth, which pierce by the force of jaws, or thorns, which pierce by the actiion of the victim.
Any sharp organ of offense or defense, especially when connected with a poison gland, and adapted to inflict a wound by piercing; as the caudal sting of a scorpion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sting_(biology)   (273 words)

 MSN Encarta - Ant
In some species, worker ants lack a stinger but use the tip of their gaster to squirt or dab poison at other small animals and when fighting battles with other ants, fending off predators, or killing insects or other animals that they use as food.
Males have a pair of sperm-producing organs called testes, which are connected by ducts to an organ called the aedeagus.
Queen ants have a pair of egg-producing organs called ovaries, a genital chamber through which an egg passes after leaving the ovary, a sperm-storing structure called the spermatheca, and an egg-laying organ known as the ovipositor.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761556353_2/Ant.html   (938 words)

 Stinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The stinging organ of various animals, such as bees or scorpions.
The CCI Stinger is a type of high-velocity.22 Long Rifle ammunition.
The Stinger is a ship used by the Zoq-Fot-Pik in the game Star Control II.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stinger   (254 words)

 Related WordNet synsets for SUMO concept Organ
a sharp organ of offense or defense (as of a wasp or stingray or scorpion) often connected with a poison gland
an organ that is situated on or near the surface of the body
the organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract; the prominent part of the face of man or other mammals; "he has a cold in the nose"
virtual.cvut.cz /kifb/wordnet/_organ.html   (1388 words)

 Information Sheet 2, The Honey Bee Body
The antennae are feathery in male moths, elongated in the cockroach, short and bristle-like in the dragonfly, and bead-like in the termite.
The stinger is similar in structure and mechanism to an egg-laying organ, known as the ovipositor, possessed by other insects.
When the stinger is not in use, it is re tracted within the sting chamber of the abdomen.
ag.arizona.edu /pubs/insects/ahb/inf2.html   (1328 words)

 Common Missouri Wasps and Bees
The stinger is modified from the ovipositor, a structure that in most insects (including non-stinging hymenopterans) is a conduit for laying eggs.
Since the stinger is modified from the ovipositor, you can be certain that if you have been stung by a wasp, bee, or ant, it was a female.
The organ pipe mud dauber, Typragilum politum, illustrates the anatomy of wasps and bees.
mdc.mo.gov /nathis/insects/mowasp   (3931 words)

 W3Dictionary.com - Online Dictionary - Definition of ORGAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Note: In animals the organs are generally made up of several tissues, one of which usually predominates, and determines the principal function of the organ.
A medium of communication between one person or body and another; as, the secretary of state is the organ of communication between the government and a foreign power; a newspaper is the organ of its editor, or of a party, sect, etc. 5.
{Organ point} (Mus.), a passage in which the tonic or dominant is sustained continuously by one part, while the other parts move.
www.w3dictionary.com /organ   (533 words)

 Animal Planet :: Corwin's Carnival of Creatures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Most vertebrate predators bite or break off the scorpion's tail and stinger; some vertebrates are immune to scorpion venom, even from those species that are lethal to humans.
The scorpion's venom is in the last joint of its tail concentrated in the stinger.
The base of the stinger contains a pair of venom sacs, which are controlled voluntarily allowing the scorpion to regulate how much venom is injected with each sting.
animal.discovery.com /fansites/jeffcorwin/carnival/crawler/scorpion.html   (994 words)

 The Goonies
As prison officer is hit by Fratelli, stinger for the blow leads off “Fratelli Chase.” Titles begin, and chase music accompanies prison breakout and getaway of gang.
Stinger as they see Sloth, and run, with music expressing terror and flight.
All building to a finale as triumphant A flat is sounded by organ and all previous musical effects are combined as total chaos breaks out.
www.grusin.net /the_goonies.htm   (2612 words)

 ScienceDaily: Stinger organ
Start the Stinger organ article or add a request for it.
Look for Stinger organ in the Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
Check for Stinger organ in the deletion log, or visit its deletion vote page if it exists.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/stinger__organ_   (892 words)

 Sci Tech News - from ABC News Online 22/10/2002 GE progress on pig organ transplants
Until now researchers have relied on injecting a human gene into fertilised pig eggs to create animals whose organs can be harvested for use by humans.
Scientists in Italy are now engineering sperm to dramatically reduce the chances of transplanted pig organs being rejected by human patients from a success rate of 4 per cent to 88 per cent.
They say the possibility of generating transgenic pigs efficiently will be an advantage for creating donor animals whose organs will be as close to a human as possible.
www.abc.net.au /science/news/scitech/SciTechRepublish_708120.htm   (139 words)

 Stinging insect allergy | Allergy - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
They have a barbed stinger that they commonly leave in a victim upon stinging.
Among Hymenoptera species, the honeybee commonly leaves a stinger (with venom sac attached) in the skin of its victim.
Since it takes several minutes for the venom sac to inject all of the venom, immediate removal of the stinger and sac (within 30 seconds) will limit the amount of venom injected.
www.chop.edu /consumer/jsp/division/generic.jsp?id=77066   (1598 words)

 D. Croft Fishes: Motoro Stingray
Hippolyte’s stinger is a long (4 cm or so), thin, flat structure made of calcified cartilage that has a series of sharp, posteriorly-directed barbs along its entire length (see photos below).
Because a new stinger is always growing underneath the functional one, “unused” stingers are periodically shed.
I often find Hippolyte’s shed stingers on the bottom of the tank, but often not until long after the stinger was shed.
www.dcpaleo.org /Leisure/Animals/FishesStingray.html   (1433 words)

 SUSAN AND THE SURFTONES RA 0193 Spanish Wave Pitstop ****
The organ floats under the guitar's edge quite effectively.
The dry aggression and playful keys are matched by rumble and pound from the rhythm section.
The balance between the guitar and organ is quite nice.
www.reverbcentral.com /reviews/s/susan4613.html   (591 words)

 Sci Tech News - from ABC News Online 13/07/2005 South Korea clones pigs for organ transplants
South Korean scientists say they have successfully cloned piglets whose organs were genetically modified to make them more suitable for human transplants.
Lead scientist Park Kwang-Wook says the cloned piglets are genetically modified to contain the "HLA-G" gene, which would give their organs a greater chance of being accepted if they are transplanted into humans.
The cell was then implanted into the womb of a surrogate pig, which gave birth to five cloned piglets.
www.abc.net.au /science/news/scitech/SciTechRepublish_1413764.htm   (212 words)

 SoundtrackNet : The Howling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The mood is also lightened a bit by flute, piano, harmonica and strings in "Terry and Karen / Delirium", but the final moments revisit the eerie, 2-note motif on synth and voice, rocking back and forth like an empty chair in a creepy haunted house.
Churning low strings open "Wolf at the Door" before the violins and the organ dangerously dance around either other, sometimes in slicing gestures.
This all leads up an attack of brass and timpani in both "Shapeshifters" and "To Make You Believe", before the tension is released by an idiosyncratic "End Title", where the mellow pop "Doctor's Orders" material is reprised by guitars, harmonica, sax and drums.
www.soundtrack.net /soundtracks/database?id=4067   (706 words)

 mrnussbaum.com - Bees
Honeybees have a special organ used to clean the antennae located on the leg.
The pollen basket, which is used to transport pollen from a flower back to the hive, is located on the hind legs.
Female honeybees possess a posterior stinger, which is actually a modified ovipositor.
www.mrnussbaum.com /bee.htm   (580 words)

 Emergencies -- Handle Them Without Hitting the Panic Button : St. Louis Children's Hospital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
That little fl dot you see where your child was stung by a honeybee is the stinger.
After disposing of the offending stinger, soothe the pain and neutralize the venom with a meat-tenderizer-and-water solution.
Call your pediatrician to have the sting treated, especially if you can't remove the stinger or it looks like the swelling is quick and severe.
www.stlouischildrens.org /default.aspx?tabid=113&acn=view&aid=65   (867 words)

 Spirit of Healing - Default Page1
If no server or immediate life threatening symptoms are present then you will need to remove the stinger if it is still in the skin.
If the venom sac is still attached to the stinger do not squeeze it as more venom may be injected into the skin.
Once the stinger is removed wash with water.
www.spiritofhealing.com /articles/html/burns_stings_poison_ivey.htm   (1120 words)

 The Hunter's Life - Stinger Or Velocitsers
Stingers are a 32gr bullet traveling at 1650 fps.
are fine to shoot with a stinger because they all have thin skin and fragile bones.
I cant find the pic but the stinger only went in 1/4" and the velocitor still went the full 7/16".
thehunterslife.com /forums/showthread.php?t=302   (1325 words)

 Cicada Killer Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
A stinger is a modified ovipositor (egg-laying organ); therefore, no male ants, bees, or wasps can sting.
Although they may appear to be aggressive or chase you, they are probably just trying to orient themselves--you are a new, large object in their habitat.
These are the most commonly encountered stingers, but their greatest danger is the potential for allergic reaction.
websites.quincy.edu /~coelhjo/ck/control.htm   (2272 words)

 scorpions articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
scorpion SCORPION [scorpion] any arachnid of the order Scorpionida with a hollow poisonous stinger at the tip of the tail.
sting STING [sting] in zoology, organ found in bees, many wasps, some ants, and in scorpions and sting rays, used defensively as well as to kill or paralyze prey.
In the bee and the wasp the venom is produced by glands associated with the ovipositor (egg-laying organ) of the female.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=scorpions   (429 words)

 Horn-tail tree borers / Yellow leaves in locust trees
You probably saw what is called a horn-tail, or horn-tail wasp, as it was laying its eggs under the bark of the tree.
The "stinger" is its ovipositor, or egg laying organ, with which it can inject the eggs like it was a hypodermic needle.
The larvae of this wasp hatch under the bark, feed on the cambium layer under the bark, bore into the trunk and pupate until they emerge from the tree as mature wasps.
www.cahe.nmsu.edu /ces/yard/1996/060896.html   (569 words)

 Casebook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The stinger is connected to a poison gland near the gullet (throat).
Some species of the carnivorous Cone Snail have a stinger that is similar to that of the Auger Snail.
The Cone snail uses its stinger to paralyze and sometimes kill another animal, and then eats it.
projects.edtech.sandi.net /dailard/snailtrail/casebook.html   (2914 words)

 Search Results for "scorpions"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
...book lung, terrestrial respiratory organ characteristic of arachnids such as scorpions and primitive spiders.
...sting, in zoology, organ found in bees, many wasps, some ants, and in scorpions and sting rays, used defensively as well as to kill or paralyze prey.
...A sacculate respiratory organ found in some arachnids, such as scorpions and spiders, consisting of several parallel membranous folds arranged like the pages in a...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?query=scorpions&filter=colReference   (302 words)

 whip scorpion --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The second pair of appendages, the pedipalps, are spiny pincers; the third pair are long feelers.
Two types of respiratory organs are found among arachnids: book lungs and tracheae.
Book lungs are found in hardened pockets generally located on the underside of the abdomen.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9076771   (731 words)

 NorthernStar OnlineBees swarm west side of campus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In fact, honey bees die when they lose their stinger, which becomes imbedded in a person’s skin after being stung.
Only female bees can sting because their stinger is a modified egg laying organ and it is only in defense they sting, King said.
The stinger should be removed completely as soon as possible.
www.star.niu.edu /articles?id=11580   (371 words)

 Contents for Teacher Overview: Taxonomy, Morphology and Origins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Most ants have a stinger at the end of the gastor.
The stinger is only found in female ants and is a modified ovipositor (egg laying organ).
Ants have compound eyes which have not been shown to effect their behavior, although some ants seem to be able to detect movement.
biology.arizona.edu /sciconn/lessons2/Shindelman/teacher/Page1.htm   (397 words)

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