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Topic: Stock car (rail)

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  Stock Car Automated Stock Trading Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Stock car (rail) - In railroad terminology, a stock car is a type of rolling stock that is designed (as the name implies) for carrying livestock to market.
Stock cars are designed to transport the animals while they are still alive ("on-the-hoof"), rather than after they have been slaughtered at a butcher shop or meatpacking facility.
Open wheel car - Open wheel car is a term for cars, usually purpose-built racecars, with the wheels located outside the car's main body, as distinct from cars which have their wheels below the body or fenders, in the manner of most street cars, stock cars, or touring cars.
www.firstustrading.com /stockcar.html   (465 words)

 Stock car (rail) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A traditional stock car resembles a boxcar with slats missing in the car's side, and sometimes end, panels for ventilation; stock cars can be single-level for large animals such as cattle or horses, or they can have two or three levels for smaller animals such as sheep, pigs, and poultry.
Sheep are unloaded from the upper level of a Wisconsin Central stock car in Chicago, Illinois in 1904.
Fish car use declined in the 1930s as fish transportation shifted to a speedier means of transport by air, and to trucks as vehicle technology advanced and road conditions improved.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stock_car_(rail)   (2858 words)

 2004 Stock Rules
Stock Class racing at the Speedrome is intended to provide a low cost and safe experience and a lot of fun for the beginning driver.
Bumpers - the stock front and rear bumpers may be used or replaced by tubular steel bumpers constructed of square tubing with a maximum size of 2x2 inches or round tubing with maximum diameter of 2 inches.
Stock front and rear bumpers are to be used and can be used in conjunction with steel reinforcing bars.
www.speedrome.com /2004/rules/2004Stocks.htm   (4029 words)

 Railfan USA: rolling stock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
An autorack is a large excess hight car used to haul road vehicles by rail.
Centerbeam cars are usually used to ship sheets of wood or drywall on either side of a center beam.
They are not actually rail cars, but are specialized truck trailers suspended by wheel bogies and coupler mates.
www.railfanusa.com /info/cars.html   (589 words)

 Rail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The surface where the rail and a roadway (or pathway) cross at the same level.
Light rail may share right-of-way on a roadway or operate on exclusive right-of-way and can have multi-car trains or single cars.
Painted on the pavement in advance of a railroad highway crossing, to warn the motorist or pedestrian of the rail crossing.
www.wsdot.wa.gov /Rail/rail_terms.cfm   (1044 words)

 stock definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Her stock is high in terms of public opinion because of her aid work.
(plural stocks or stock) plants flowering plant: a widely grown ornamental plant.
We've stocked the freezer with ice cream for the children.
encarta.msn.com /dictionary_/stock.html   (755 words)

 NEB&W Guide To IHC Rolling Stock Kits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
IHC is one of the few companies to offer 19th century freight cars in plastic, but unfortunately, their line is a mishmash of eras, from the Civil War to early 20th century.
Therefore its cars wouldn't seen off the road except in the South (which had a lot of five foot gauge trackage) before 1886 and shortly thereafter, they would be in the process of being relettered.
The slotted stock car was developed in the 1870's and became common in the next decade.
railroad.union.rpi.edu /rolling-stock/Kits/IHC-kits.php   (4610 words)

Rail cars on the America Orient Express (AOE) are fully restored carriages ranging from 40 to 50 years old.
New York Observation Car (#800321) was delivered in 1948 to the New York Central Railroad for the 20th-Century Limited between New York and Chicago.
The cars were purchased in 1980 and sent to either Northern Rail Car Co.
trainweb.org /carl/AOE/RollingStock.html   (583 words)

 Cartech Fuel Rail Kit
The rail that is capped off goes to the front on the driver’s side.
These fuel rail fittings are made for those individuals running large fuel lines and you DO NOT want to weld them to the stock rails.
We tried dual and up to four inlets on the stock rails with all known fuel regulators and NO gain in power was achieved by any of these methods.
www.cartech.net /instrcfuelrailkit.htm   (878 words)

 NASCARĀ® Stuff   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Passing 26 cars at Daytona in 2 laps is not for the faint of heart.
If it was red flagged immediately and the cars were stopped on the track where they were, the best that could have been attained would have been a single lap dash to the flag which would have been disastrous as any real fan or "expert" would know.
If the cars drive through the scene of a wreck, they have to have the opportunity to change tires which will take one lap for lead lap cars, one lap for cars that are a lap down and finally one lap to close up the field so that everyone is starting at the same speed.
www.stock-car-racing.net /2002-archive.htm   (10843 words)

 FASCAR - Florida Association of Stock Car Auto Racing Rules   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Florida Association of Stock Car Racing, is a sanctioning body founded in Central Florida.
FASCAR was formed for the purpose of organizing and regulating the rules and operating procedures at it's speedways.
Stock floor pans and fire wall, must remain in original location and all holes must be patched.
www.fascar.org /html/superstock.shtml   (840 words)

 Stock Car Products Hints and Tips
DIRT CAR WEDGE - Excessive left rear bite can cause looseness getting in (because the left rear gets more traction under braking and wants to turn the car) and looseness coming off the corner (because the tire loading is so uneven that neither tire works properly).
LEAF SPRINGS - Cars with leaf spring suspensions (ie: Chrysler street stock, some IMCA) can benefit by running a 5" arch on the left and a 4" arch on the right to help put some left rear bite in the car.
Stock Car Products offers a wide selection of pedal brands and sizes to fit any need.
www.stockcarproducts.com /techtips.htm   (2487 words)

 Gold Coast Railroad Museum - Ferdinand Magellan
These cars were all placed in the Pullman general service pool at about the same time and were operated by the Pullman Company over many of the nation's railroads.
President Franklin Roosevelt approved of the idea after he was told that the car would not only be used for him but for future Presidents as well.
Two escape hatches were built into the car, one in the ceiling of the observation lounge and one on the side wall of the shower/bath in the Presidential bathroom, near the center of the car.
www.goldcoast-railroad.org /magellan.htm   (652 words)

 Rolling Stock for MSTS
Again, the texture mapping causes the car ends to be mapped improperly.
This is a vintage CP Cattle Car, as used to transport livestock.
Cars are being repainted as they are due for major shop work.
cpr.railfan.net /CPMSTS/RollingStock/Rolling_Stock.htm   (225 words)

 MARTA - Media Center - Rail Car Rehabilitation
The cars are part of a $266 million capital project to rebuild 238 of MARTA's oldest rail cars, extending their useful life by 15 years.
ALSTOM Transport delivered prototype cars 275 and 276, the first married pair of refurbished CQ311 rail cars, to MARTA on March 30, 2005.
The CQ311 class rail cars were built to support the expansion of the MARTA rail system in the 1980's and 1990's including expansion to the Airport.
www.itsmarta.com /newsroom/railrehab.htm   (448 words)

 Stock Car Road Racing : Results
The two front row cars were only a tenth of a second apart, and when the green flag flew, the pair figured to leave everyone else behind.
DANVILLE, Va., July 9 – Dodge’s return to the US LEC Stock Car Road Racing Championship after a year-and-a-half absence was a resounding success, as Aaron Dudley’s 2005 Charger dominated qualifying and the race at the HSR Gold Cup weekend to give MoPar their first win in the US LEC Tour.
Refusing to lose, the stock car road racing rookie got the bit in his teeth and before long, it was clear that he not only intended to run down Dunn and Graham, but might actually do it.
www.stockcarroadrace.com /news_arch.html   (4995 words)

The race for 1/24 scale TSRF cars was again run on the King track as the Hillclimb is not back in service yet after the Wing-Car Nats.
It shows that modern exact-scale cars with the correct tall tires, powered by $9.00 toy motors with none of the exotic performance of the aforementioned, can plain out-handle the professionally built racing cars of the time fitted with chopped semi-scale bodies and aerodynamic down force-generating spoilers.
Since this was a new car, I was sorting out teething problems and lost the car several times in the donut of the King track.
www.tsrfcars.com /trace-bp-09-03-05.htm   (617 words)

 UP: NASCAR Style Pit-Crew Concept Improves Union Pacific Operations
Union Pacific "pit crews" are comprised of electricians, machinists, firemen, oilers and car inspectors.
As the reliance on rail transportation increases, there is growing pressure on Union Pacific to find ways to move trains even more quickly and efficiently.
Workers responsible for refueling, inspecting and maintaining trains moving through Bailey Yard’s run-through areas employed a unique pit-crew approach to reduce dwell time -- average hours a rail car is at the specified terminal location -- and speed up the processing of run-through trains.
www.uprr.com /newsinfo/releases/service/2006/1019_stockcar.shtml   (699 words)

 <--Kawasaki Rail Car Inc.,-->
Kawasaki has been selected to supply M-8 passenger rail cars for MTA Metro-North Railroad and State of Connecticut.
In March 2006, Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc. (KRC) was awarded the contract to Repair Thirty-Three (33) Passenger Rail Cars from the State of Connecticut.
Kawasaki has completed construction of a new rolling stock parts plant within its existing Hyogo works, which is the hub of Kawasaki's rolling stock operations.
www.kawasakirailcar.com /home.asp   (219 words)

 Letter S Articles - Information from A to Z   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Safety carIn auto racing, a safety car (known in America as the pace car) is a car which limits the speed of competing cars on a racetrack in the case of a major accident or obstruction on the track.
Stock car (rail)In railroad terminology, a stock car is a type of rolling stock used for carrying livestock (not carcasses) to market.
A traditional stock car resembles a boxcar with slats missing in
www.infofromatoz.com /letter_s_articles   (313 words)

 Roll Models Inc.: Miniature train and railroad equipment for your club, backyard, or park.
Our boxcars, reefers, and stock cars feature steel bases, steel internal body bracing, laser cut marine plywood sub-structures, and newly developed, custom milled, hardwood timbers and tongue & groove planking.
The highly ornate lettering and hardware found on turn-of-the-century (20th that is) rolling stock are faithfully reproduced.
All cars have removable tops and can have optional fold down seats.
www.rmirailworks.com /LS_Rolling_Stock.html   (140 words)

 Florida Stock Car Racing News
"The car is real strong and we should run up front if I don't throw a fan belt that keeps wanting to leave the car before the race is over!" Brad told me before the event.
Rebecca's car took a straight shot at the sand wall, but came to a stop befor going over it.
This pretty lil race car (and driver) sports the Gator Family Haircutters machine #3x and is only in its second week of competition.
www.karnac.com /FLAraceresults/96506957975170.shtml   (817 words)

 NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Coverage From Atlanta
Biffle, the defending NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion who is a rookie in the Busch Series this year, was trying to track down the leader, Joe Nemechek, in Saturday’s Aaron’s 312 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.
The harder tire on a fast race track, however, means that when a race car slips, it shoots straight toward the wall.
I could go faster, but the tire was filling the car with smoke in the corners.
www.stockcarracing.com /eventcoverage/15078/index3.html   (761 words)

 3rd Rail Division of Sunset Models
These later T 1's were semi streamlined and were painted with CPR tuscan red panels along their running boards and on the tender sides.
The Rail Diesel Car (RDC) was built by the Budd Company during the 1950's.
Never before produced in 2 or 3 Rail O Scale the PRR Q-1 is a must for any collector or operator.
www.3rdrail.com /instock.html   (767 words)

 StockHouse USA
For these stocks some data points may not be available.
Please note that we are currently experiencing data corruption with the bid and ask for the TSX and TSX-Venture stocks.
In addition to coal cars, FreightCar America designs and builds flat cars, mill gondola cars, intermodal cars, coil steel cars and motor vehicle carriers.
www.stockhouse.com /comp_info.asp?symbol=RAIL   (297 words)

 TMO 40' Stock Car
During the heyday of rail transport, livestock was routinely shipped in complete trainloads to packing plants throughout the country.
The typical stock car was based upon a 40’ box car modified with open slat sides and possibly internal decking for the smaller breeds of animals.
Designed primarily for transporting cows and pigs, original stock cars date back to the 1860’s, and could carry up to 20,000 pounds of livestock.
www.atlaso.com /Trainman/Freight/tmo40stockcar.htm   (172 words)

 Rail Links > Rail Industry > Rolling Stock
Supplier of rail products including locomotives, passenger stock and turnkey rail systems.
Full-service locomotive and passenger car repair facility, specializing in the supply, servicing, repair and rebuilding of Budd stainless steel RDCs and coaches.
South African manufacturers, facilitators and suppliers of rolling stock, and spares, including traction motors, armature rewind kits, tools, interpole coils and field coils.
www.railsusa.com /links/Rail_Industry/Rolling_Stock   (247 words)

 RailroadData.Com Link Detail: Unilok Rail Car Movers
Manufacturing road / rail car movers (shunters - switching) for over 35 years.
The Unilok range includes road & rail car movers with or without weight transfer and rail only versions.
Unilok's are the most advanced road rail car movers on the market, optimizing weight, traction and torque to provide cost effective pulling power in a compact, heavy duty frame.
www.railroaddata.com /rrlinks/Detailed/6140.html   (125 words)

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