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Topic: Stockholm Syndrome (song)

    Note: these results are not from the primary (high quality) database. Music: Absolution
Picking one song "Stockholm Syndrome" to focus on, a bleeding rock riff with some beautiful scrapes just to break the riff in perfect timing to bring in some haunting vocals makes you wonder where you're heading.
'Stockholm Syndrome' really sums up just how phat absolution really is. An excellent riff turns into thumping versus and an almost agonizingly good chorus-it's 4 and a half minutes of raging rock with a blissful, rage-esque ending.
On the rock side, there's some of the heaviest song's the band have done, the more mellower tracks may take longer to win you over, but once they do you're left with a CD that wont leave your CD player. /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000C7GG2

 Stockholm Syndrome Chords by Yo La Tengo @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Stockholm Syndrome Chords by Yo La Tengo, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com #-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------------# #This OLGA file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation # #of the song.
This is Stockholm Syndrome, by Yo La Tengo, from their fantastic "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" record.
The verses and choruses mostly go like this except the 2nd chorus kinda walks down to the Am in the 3rd verse. /tabs/y/yo_la_tengo/stockholm_syndrome_crd.htm   (222 words)

 Drowning: Fanlisting for "Stockholm Syndrome"
This is the one and only fanlisting approved by TheFanlistings.Org for the song "Stockholm Syndrome" by Blink 182!
The fanlisting for the awesomeness that is "Stockholm Syndrome" by Blink 182 is now open! /stockholm   (33 words)

 Norrmalmstorg robbery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
British rock band Muse and American rock band Blink-182 both have songs entitled Stockholm Syndrome, the former on the album Absolution and the latter on its untitled album.
The most widely publicized myth about the robbery, or rather about the Stockholm syndrome, was that one or both robbers became engaged to their captives.
The term "Stockholm syndrome" was coined by criminologist Nils Bejerot. /wiki/Norrmalmstorg_robbery   (33 words)

 Chatterbox Records
The intention of The Stockholm Syndrome was to write music that attempted to do nothing less than challenge the parameters of their expressive needs and capabilities, as well as push them musically outside of the 'pigeon hole' category of hardcore.
The Stockholm Syndrome plan to incorporate all influenced musical styles from their broad amalgamation of musical inspiration on top of their well developed sound and structure, while also experimenting with new ideas.
Soon after The Stockholm Syndrome's inception, they had recorded and released a 4 track self-titled CDEP and a single track Split seven inch with "Staying At Home". /artists/art_tss.html   (33 words)

 The Stockholm Syndrome - In The End It's Over
From the ashes of their earlier hardcore project, Syndicate, The Stockholm Syndrome was formed.
This cd just being a re-release of their 4 track self-titled and their one song split with staying At Home, just compiled together for this release on Chatterbox Records.
To top it off, the band is also from the land down under, so check out this cd, they have got a full-length coming soon so also watch out for that. /punknmetal2/tssintheend.htm   (33 words)

 _______let hope burn in your eyes________ the stockholm syndrome fanlisting       [version one point one]
Stockholm Syndrome itself is a medical condition, defined as "a phenomenon in which captives develop a bond to their captors".
Stockholm Syndrome was only available as a download-only release from the official Muse site and was never released as a tangible single.
The song is absolutely fantastic and the lyrics are classic Muse. /syndrome/index.php?about   (33 words) Music Stockholm Syndrome 2004-08-05
Stockholm Syndrome (below), Schools's latest project, may be a bit more song-based than his main combo, but it's not exactly a departure.
That will probably thrill Widespread-heads, but others may find themselves suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
The new band teams him with several kindred spirits, including drummer Wally Ingram (a longtime David Lindley sideman), Jackmormons tunesmith Jerry Joseph and guitarist Eric McFadden, who's worked with the likes of Les Claypool and George Clinton. /issues/2004-08-05/nowhearthis.html   (33 words)

 Stockholm Syndrome
Re: Stockholm Syndrome Buster McBeaver 17:41:47 12/15/97 (
But today-I'd just like to say that Stocholm Syndrome is probably the greatest song ever written....I mean this.
PS My band supports The Pastels in Norwich, UK on Jan 19th.. /plattgj/wwwboard/messages/270.htm   (33 words)

 ..::Stockholm Syndrome::.. ..::Thief King x High Priest::..
The song Stockholm Syndrome, which features on the side of every screen, is copyright to Blink 182, who just happen to be my favourite band.
Howdy, welcome to Stockholm Syndrome, the official fanlisting for Thief King Bakura x High Priest Seth, two characters from the shounen manga Yuugiou.
As anyone who's read the manga knows, this pairing has no canonical basis whatsoever, but that never stops anyone, now does it? /stockholm   (33 words)

 Muse announce details of online single - NME.COM
MUSE have announced final details of their online single, ’STOCKHOLM SYNDROME’, and a winter UK tour.
Stockholm Syndrome’ is released on July 14 via the band’s website
Looking like this, shouldn't Muse have written a song about Goth-enburg? /news/105462.htm   (33 words)

 Promowest touched by Muse; band entrances sold-out crowd - The Lantern - Arts
When the band left the stage after playing "Plug In Baby" from 2001's "Origin of Symmetry," the crowd demanded an encore and was rewarded with "Stockholm Syndrome," from Absolution.
The band played an even mix of songs from all three albums, but leaned more toward tracks from "Absolution." These tracks generally received the best reaction from the crowd, which bounced up and down to every chorus.
When the band played its biggest American hit - "Time is Running Out" - Bellamy pulled away from the microphone and let the crowd sing the bridge, slowly letting his guitar and the song's driving base line build up the chorus. /news/2004/11/30/Arts/Promowest.Touched.By.Muse.Band.Entrances.SoldOut.Crowd-816848.shtml   (33 words)

 Muse on 'Absolution'
After releasing hugely successful singles 'Stockholm Syndrome' and 'Time Is Running Out', Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenhome and Dom Howard return with their long-awaited third studio album 'Absolution'.
Here, you can find out what's behind every single song on the album as Matt and Dom from the band talk John Kennedy trough it, track by track.
"It's similar to the first song on the album in the way that I'm in character a little bit when I'm singing. /article.asp?id=13568   (716 words)

 Musician Forums - Do u like Matt Bellamy? He's a LEGEND!
I love the new Muse album, my faourite songs are Stockholm Syndrome and Hysteria.
I think Matt is a better pianist than guitarist, but I prefer the guitar songs.
He's an awesome musician and while he's technical skills aren't as good as say Petrucci I feel his song writing is inifintely better. /forums/showthread.php?t=237226   (716 words)

 Rock School - Hear The Entries Here
Tone Deaf Messiah are Matthew Sebastian Michael Gaffen, Hannah Carolin Plant, Douglas Hunter Penant, Matthew Rowland Thomas and Tony Hoang and have submitted their version of Muse’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.
Michael Ranayotis (18) drums and vocals, Sadie Tarcan (16) bass and Reshma Gumani (16) from Woodhouse College in Finchley take on the Nine Inch Nails song popularised by the late great Johnny Cash.
One Minute Mile are Michael venues (16), James Selvadurai (16), Sa-lang Ham (16) and Junith Perera from Harrow Weald College and have covered the Neil Young rocking classic ‘Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World’. /Article.asp?id=49502   (716 words)

 Anemic Magazine: Muse Live Review
Wolstenholme takes his place behind the keys, as he plays the haunting undertones of 'Blackout', while 'Stockholm Syndrome' is the emphatic closer that caps off this set as purely belter.
The band then walk off stage doing their waves and whatnot, but the crowd knew the end was only to be short lived as the band swagger back out for two more songs shortly after.
With Howard claiming the final song is upon us, Matt Bellamy's almighty lush guitar finds itself jamming to the infamous riff of 'Plug In Baby'. /muselive.htm   (716 words)

 English Articles
While Wolstenholme explains that the response from North American fans for Absolution has been positive thus far, he remembers that the band’s label was less than supportive of the idea of releasing Stockholm Syndrome, the first single from Absolution, as a free download off their website.
But Wolstenholme insists the record is not all doom and gloom, even with song titles like Apocalypse Please.
Playing together as a band since 1994, childhood friends Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Wolstenholme left the Devon countryside and earned a reputation for their energetic live performances with music that could best be described as grandiose rock, mixing orchestral arrangements with supercharged guitar riffs. /metrocanada.html   (716 words)

 Les Savy Fav: Go Forth: Pitchfork Review
On "Adoptuction," a hilarious ode to a Stockholm Syndrome dream, Tim Harrington sings, "The haggling went on for days/ The days went on for weeks/ And weeks for years." And so it went with my appraisal of this album.
Some of the album's finest moments are to be found on the aforementioned "Adoptuction" and the album's penultimate track (and final song proper), "Bloom On Demand," the latter showing off Seth Jabour's always sharp guitar bursts and snakey lines.
In the overall scheme of this album, though, it's just an aperitif for the absurdly catchy track that follows. /record-reviews/l/les-savy-fav/go-forth.shtml   (716 words)

 Dream Theater - Octavarium : album review
As if to reinforce the point that the Devonian trio may have got some of their ideas from what many of their fans would consider the most dubious of sources, there are at least two tracks on Octavarium that recall the likes of Stockholm Syndrome.
You may wonder what on earth a single song can do for 24 minutes.
In Octavarium's case the answer is four minutes of oh-so-Pink Floyd, dreamy psychedelia, getting silly with a flute, bringing in some meandering vocals, changing to an Adult-Oriented Rock happy feel, bass and drums pretending to be funky, keyboard solos, guitar solos, time signature twisting and bits of acoustic guitar randomly thrown in. /albums4/dream-theater-2.htm   (677 words) Stockholm syndrome Article
Stockholm Syndrome is also the title of a song by the rock band Muse, on their album, Absolution (2003), and also by the punk rock band Blink-182, on their self-titled album (2003). /stockholm_syndrome.html   (330 words)

 Backyard Babies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Backyard Babies reunited in 1997 for the album Total 13 and later released Making Enemies is Good (2001) and Stockholm Syndrome (2003).
Dregen played in the supergroup Super$hit666, which featured an early version of his song 'Star War' (later recorded by The Backyard Babies) under the name 'Star War, Jr'.
Backyard Babies is a Swedish punk rock band, formed in the city of Nässjö in 1987, originally comprising singer Tobbe, guitarist Dregen, bassist Johan Blomqvist and drummer Peder Carlsson. /wiki/Backyard_Babies   (202 words)

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