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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Stockwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stockwell is an inner city area in the London Borough of Lambeth.
Stockwell is 2.4 miles (3.9 km) south south-east of Charing Cross and located between Brixton, Clapham, Vauxhall and Kennington.
Following the 21 July 2005 London bombings, Stockwell gained a certain unexpected and unwelcome notoriety as the scene of the shooting by police of a terror suspect (who later proved to be an innocent Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes) in the tube station and of the arrests of other suspects in nearby housing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stockwell   (378 words)

 Stockwell Show Transcript   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell: With all of the ills and the evils and the mistakes and the corruption that might have been involved with the Clinton Administration, at least when you called the White House, there was somebody there that would answer the phone.
Stockwell: What we want to do here, I don't want to step on anybody's feelings, Randy, but at a moment like this, what we have to be using is knowledge, fact-based knowledge, common sense and a cool head.
Stockwell: You have made the comment in the past, that one of the clear-cut, more obvious descriptions of somebody who simply cannot be trusted in what they have to say regarding economics, is someone who's been to economics school.
larouchein2004.net /pages/interviews/2001/lhl_stockwell_0911.htm   (12912 words)

 LaRouche On March 2, 2003 Dr. Jack Stockwell Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell: Is this, then, not a side-effect of a very production-oriented economy, or production-oriented society, that at one time we were living with foul drinking water and living in the dirt...
Stockwell: So, you take a group of people like [that which] Tom Brokaw identified as "the greatest generation," those who came home from World War II, who had a sense of achievement, who had a sense of putting their lives on the line, who came back and knew they were valuable, and had value.
Stockwell: Well, during the DNC meetings of a couple of weeks ago, a lot of the younger people of your organization kind of let the DNC know that you were still out there, even though you weren't invited to attend the meeting.
www.larouchein2004.net /pages/interviews/2003/030302stockwell.htm   (10479 words)

 The South Western Fever and Smallpox Hospital, Stockwell
Stockwell was the location one of the earliest hospitals erected by the Metropolitan Asylums Board which had been set up in 1867 to administer care for certain categories of the sick poor in metropolitan London.
Stockwell was actually two hospitals in one, with a 100-bed smallpox hospital designed by Thomas Henry Wyatt at the north of the site, and a 200-bed fever hospital designed by F Marrable at the south.
In 1886, Stockwell was the subject of a scandal when Dr Wilson Pash, a former assistant medical officer at the hospital, published a number of serious complaints about medical practices employed there.
users.ox.ac.uk /~peter/workhouse/MAB-SWFever/MAB-SWFever.shtml   (660 words)

 Kip Stockwell BNS 16   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell and his family team had bodywork to do all around the car after an accident under caution at Dover International Speedway last week, in addition to changing their only car over to go from a superspeedway to a road course setup.
Stockwell, from Braintree, Vermont, came back from being a lap down to get that finish, which allowed him to maintain thirteenth in the season points standings.
Stockwell, along with the rest of the 29-car entry list, was seeing the.416-mile track for the first time.
www.kipstockwell.com   (1464 words)

 CBC News - Viewpoint
Stockwell Day represents the aspirations of millions and millions and millions of Canadians who will not be ignored any longer.
Stockwell Day is an honest man who does what he says he will do.
Since the supposed rise of Stockwell Day and the many criticisms of his views I have noticed in letters and opinion columns in newspapers an increase in the number of letters from the Christian right wing asking for tolerance of their point of view.
cbc.ca /news/viewpoint/columns/rebick/rebick000628.html   (2514 words)

 National Drug Research Institute
Stockwell, T.R. and Chikritzhs, T. Epidemiological considerations relevant to the appraisal of recommendations arising from papers commissioned for the National Alcohol Research Agenda Workshop, March 2001.
Stockwell, T.R., Masters, L., Phillips, M., Daly, A., Gahegan, M., Midford, R. and Philp, A. Consumption of different alcoholic beverages as predictors of local rates of night-time assault and acute alcohol-related morbidity.
Stockwell, T.R., Single, E., Hawks, D.V. and Rehm, J. Sharpening the focus of alcohol policy from aggregate consumption to harm and risk reduction.
db.ndri.curtin.edu.au /staff.asp?persid=22   (6210 words)

 Stockwell Show Transcript   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell: Well, this was going on, of course, before Sept. 11, and there's still a lot of people out there, especially in the press, trying to blame this on Sept. 11.
Stockwell: These ideas that you've been proposing, and the economic situation we're in right now, you have of course called years, decades, ago, describing, year by year, and—I don't want to really say forecasting and predicting, but just describing the trends that would bring us inevitably to the point that we're at now.
Stockwell: You know, one of the things that attracted me to your way of thinking, to begin with, some years ago, was that everybody hated you.
www.larouchein2004.net /pages/interviews/2001/011009stockwell2transcript.htm   (11170 words)

 Mr. Stockwell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell’s wife’s name is Daina and they have two boys: Hayden (7) and Gavin (4).
The Stockwell family enjoy spending time together and often take quick day trips to the beach where they like to splash around in the surf or play in the sand.
Stockwell received his Bachelors Degree from Pacific University where he was captain of the wrestling team.
www.beavton.k12.or.us /cedar_mill/Mr__Stockwell.html   (180 words)

Stockwell Day supported a move by ultra-conservative Alberta legislators to ban provincial medical funding for abortions, including those that are medically necessary - including cases of rape and incest.
Stockwell Day initiated calls for an Alberta provincial lottery research grant to be recinded from the Red Deer museum, due to its subject matter - a research project on the history of gays and lesbians in Alberta.
Stockwell Day cannot hide his Alberta legacy (underfunded schools and hospitals, increasing poverty, low wages, opposition to equality, corporate welfare) and he cannot hide his extreme views on immigration, capital punishment, abortion, and religion.
www.stopstockday.homestead.com   (961 words)

 John Stockwell: The Secret Wars of the CIA
John Stockwell is a 13-year veteran of the CIA and a former U.S. Marine Corps major.
In 1975, Stockwell was promoted to the CIA's Chief of Station and National Security Council coordinator, managing covert activities during the first years of Angola's bloody civil war.
Stockwell is a founding member of Peaceways and ARDIS (the Association for Responsible Dissent), an organization of former CIA and Government officials who are openly critical of the CIA's activities.
www.serendipity.li /cia/stock1.html   (1846 words)

 LaRouche Discusses the Sept. 11 Attack As It Unfolds
Stockwell: You know, when Oklahoma first happened, the first two or three days—and I remember, I was glued to the television set.
Stockwell: So we've got a situation here where this could just be the beginning, esxpecially with what we've got coming up with the Jacobin terrorist activity that a lot of people are expecting in Washington at this big summit at the end of themonth, because —
Stockwell: The numbers that are coming in right now between the two buildings—50,000 people worked in those two buildings—and they're showing a shot from the Statue of Liberty right now, and you cannot even see Manhattan, because of the smoke.
www.larouchepub.com /pr_lar/2001/010911stockwell.html   (12531 words)

 UM Residence Halls Overviews - Stockwell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell Hall is situated on the corner of "The Hill", which affords it a beautiful view of Palmer Field and the city.
Stockwell, an all female hall, houses 418 predominantly first and second year undergraduates.
The Multicultural Council for Stockwell is Students in Stockwell Transmitting Ethnic Relations (S.I.S.T.E.R.).
www.housing.umich.edu /residencehalls/stockwell   (297 words)

 News and Gossip
Dean Stockwell currently guest stars on JAG, as Secretary of the Navy Sheffield while his goddaughter AmberTamblyn stars in her own TV show, "Joan of Arcadia".
Stockwell said he too would be involved and hoped to get rolling on the movie sometime next year.
Stockwell's been credited with discovering the blaze and waking his fellow guests, sending Bacall dashing through the halls in her nightgown.
www.stockwellsassies.50megs.com /news.html   (1498 words)

 Stockwell, Chip   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Chip James Stockwell was born on June 22, 1978 at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Mountain Home, ID, the son of Leonard and Cindi (Tescher) Stockwell.
Chip is survived by his parents, Leonard and Cindi Stockwell; two brothers, Chad of Eagen and Chase at home; one sister, Chelsea, also at home; and his grandparents, Rena Stockwell and Jim and Loretta Tescher, all of Beach, ND.
He was preceded in death by his grandpa Stockwell and uncle, Robert Stockwell.
www.trftimes.com /obits/Stockwell_Chip.htm   (276 words)

 WILLIAM R. STOCKWELL, Division of Atmospheric Science, Desert Research Institute
His research has involved investigations of the effects of turbulence on chemistry, the coupling of gas and heterogeneous chemistry for aerosol and cloud models and sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of tropospheric chemistry models.
Stockwell is also developing better oxidation mechanisms for the products of biogenic emissions and working to improve the modeling of secondary aerosol formation.
Stockwell, W.R., R.S. Artz, J.F. Meagher, R.A. Petersen, K.L. Schere, G.A. Grell, S.E. Peckham, A.F. Stein, R.V. Pierce, J.M. O'Sullivan, and P.-Y. Whung (2002).
www.dri.edu /People/wstock   (463 words)

 Americas Third World War: How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries
John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, working for then Director of the CIA, George Bush.
John Stockwell is the highest-ranking CIA official ever to leave the agency and go public.
He ran a CIA intelligence-gathering post in Vietnam, was the task-force commander of the CIA's secret war in Angola in 1975 and 1976, and was awarded the Medal of Merit before he resigned.
www.informationclearinghouse.info /article4068.htm   (5441 words)

 Stockwell Partnership: Local history
With its fashionable and wealthy society, it was the centre of the official tea trade.
Here among the cottages lay a number of warehouses, owned or leased by the smuggling gangs, where tea was stored awaiting the dealers.
The smugglers' route to Stockwell ran across Clapham Common, then a wild and unfriendly place and, on a Thursday in 1743, Custom and Excise officers were tipped off about a gang that would be crossing the common with horses loaded with tea.
www.stockwell.org.uk /localhistory.html   (647 words)

 Stockwell Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell Day has become leader of the opposition party in Canada.
Unfortunately, many those in his own party are so blinded by visions of success that they don't fully appreciate how Stockwell intends on implementing a government based on his (intolerant) personal beliefs.
Stockwell Day's vision for Canada is a very narrow regional view.
www.geocities.com /day_stockwell   (820 words)

 Stockwell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The manor of Stockwell was formed in the late 13th century, when King Edward I acquired the manor of South Lambeth and divided it into the two manors of Vauxhall and Stockwell.
The oldest surviving buildings are St Andrew's Church, Stockwell Green c.1767 and Stockwell Congregational Church c.1798.
Residential streets started being laid out in the 1830s, and most of the Stockwell Park area was developed during the 1840s.
www.vauxhallsociety.org.uk /Stockwell.html   (244 words)

 Sarah Stockwell Arthen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sarah Stockwell is a passionate connoisseur of songs, a finder and nurturer of their shy secret beauties, a caresser of melody and rhythm.
She is a voracious seeker of songs that bring awakening and regeneration.
"Stockwell is a riveting, mesmerizing performer who deeply feels the music she plays.
www.earthspirit.com /resources/sarah/sarahome.html   (209 words)

 Amy Stockwell, Macon County Auditor -- Press Reports   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Despite the short time she has been on the job, Stockwell is drawing praise from both sides of the aisle on the financially beleaguered county board.
Republican Mervil Jacobs, a longtime critic of Sapp, said after hearing Stockwell's financial presentation at Thursday's board meeting he was very impressed.
Stockwell, who has never held elective office, brings the type of education and business experience that should serve the office well."
www.il-democrats.org /macon/amynews.html   (239 words)

 Stockwell urban II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Stockwell URBAN II Programme is one of the European Commission's Community Initiatives.
It is targeted at a small geographic area to ensure that groups who need help and support received it.
The overall aims and objectives of the Stockwell Urban II Programme are set out in two key documents that you should read.
www.stockwellurban2.org.uk   (194 words)

 Dean Stockwell
During the early 1960's, Stockwell dropped acting for a hippy lifestyle, and again he went back.
In the mid-1970's, he once again "retired" from acting to be a real-estate broker.
A Marine Colonel is on the President's short list to become the new Judge Advocate General sparking controversy while Harm & Mac investigate a Navy Ensign accused of shooting a Canadian fisherman.
www.tv.com /dean-stockwell/person/3045/summary.html   (108 words)

 Stockwell Partnership: Homepage
Stockwell Partnership is the winner of the Best Community Partnership Initiative at the London Planning Awards 2003.
We aim to improve the quality of life in the Stockwell neighbourhood.
We want an area that people feel proud of, where they feel safe and where there is a sense of community.
www.stockwell.org.uk   (125 words)

 Dean Stockwell Current Month TV Schedule
Starring Richard Widmark, Lionel Barrymore, Dean Stockwell, Cecil Kellaway, Gene Lockhart.
Starring Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley, Lloyd Bochner, Michael Fox, Sam Jaffe, Barboura Morris, Donna Baccala, Joanna Moore, Talia Shire.
Starring William L Petersen, Dean Stockwell, Willem Dafoe, John Pankow, Debra Feuer, John Turturro, Darlanne Fluegel, Robert Downey, Robert Downey Jr, Dwier Brown.
www.tv-now.com /stars/dstock.html   (1769 words)

 Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements and Shaddock, L.L.P., is the largest law firm in Lake Charles, representing a diversified range of business and individual clients, including those in industry, healthcare, business, finance, insurance, construction, oil and gas and real estate.
This range of clients is representative of the varied educational backgrounds and expertise of our attorneys, and reflects the scope of our practice.
The firm, which was founded in 1934 as a partnership between Vance Plauche, a former City Attorney for Lake Charles, and Oliver P. Stockwell, the Valedictorian of the Louisiana Law School’s 1932 graduating class, was originally known as Plauche and Stockwell.
www.ssvcs.com   (164 words)

Stockwell is the 5,936th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.002%; percentile is 65.256 [SourceCBN]
Stockwell, Indiana, United States [Place] is in Tippecanoe County; location is 40°17'10"N 86°46'15"W [SourceGSP]
Stockwell, New York, United States [Place] is in Oneida County; location is 42°52'29"N 75°23'22"W [SourceGSP]
www.placesnamed.com /s/t/stockwell.asp   (70 words)

 David Stockwell Evangelistic Association: Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations
David Stockwell is leading a team of four Americans on a Mission Campaign to the capital city of Lusaka, Zambia, Sept. 23-Oct. 4.
The teams are speaking with students about drug and alcohol abuse, abstinence, and AIDS awareness, and then have the opportunity through the DSEA David Stockwell Speaks Out campaign to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the same students.
Amy and David Stockwell led a team of over 60 pastors and Christian workers in Cavite Province Philippines for an evangelistic outreach campaign that included ministry in local high schools, a Pastors' Training Conference and DSEA's CityCelebration evening evangelistic event open to the public.
www.lifewaylink.com /davidstockwell   (699 words)

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