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Topic: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Steve Austin (IV)
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was born in Victoria, Texas, as Steve Anderson...
WrestleMania 21 (2005) (V) (as Stone Cold Steve Austin)....
Wrestlemania XV (1999) (V) (as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin)....
www.imdb.com /name/nm0042524   (0 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin at first was reluctant because he didn't want the fans to think of "Steve Austin" of the Six Million Dollar Man, but the real reason was because he was from Austin, Texas in kayfabe.
Austin was scheduled to face Steamboat in a rematch for the title on September 18, 1994 at Fall Brawl 1994, but Steamboat was unable to wrestle due to a back injury, and Austin was awarded the title by forfeit.
Austin went on to challenge Duggan for the WCW United States Championship at Halloween Havoc 1994 on October 23, 1994 and at Clash of the Champions XXIX on November 16, 1994.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin   (631 words)

 Austin 3:16, Stone Cold Steve Austin Biography
At Survivor Series (1999-11-14) Steve Austin was hit by a car (scripted) in the parking area and Big Show took his place in the Triple Threat WWF Championship match defeating Triple H and Rock.
Austin took the time off to undergo surgery to repair some prior injuries to his neck as well as film two more episodes of Nash Bridges which aired May 5 and May 19.
A couple weeks prior to Unforgiven 2000 Stone Cold announced he was going to be at the show to open the Stone Cold Court of Law and find the person who ran him down.
rock13.com /austin/articles/austin.html   (1744 words)

  Stone Cold Steve Austin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Austin at first was reluctant because he didn't want the fans to think of "Steve Austin" of the Six Million Dollar Man, but the real reason was because he was from Austin, Texas in kayfabe.
Austin was scheduled to face Steamboat in a rematch for the title on September 18, 1994 at Fall Brawl 1994, but Steamboat was unable to wrestle due to a back injury, and Austin was awarded the title by forfeit.
Austin went on to challenge Duggan for the WCW United States Championship at Halloween Havoc 1994 on October 23, 1994 and at Clash of the Champions XXIX on November 16, 1994.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stone_Cold_Steve_Austin   (5364 words)

 "Stone Cold Steve Austin"
Steve Austin entered the WWF as "The Ringmaster" and was managed by Ted Diabiase.
Austin lose to the Rock and he was injured in which he nevered wrestled again.
Although Austin was still in the WWE after Wrestlemania in which he became an enforcer in his storyline.
stonecold_eks.tripod.com /scsa.html   (562 words)

 Steve Williams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steve Williams, the real name of another American professional wrestler better known as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Steve Williams (footballer), a former footballer for Southampton and Arsenal
Steve Williams (caddy), a New Zealander who is the caddy for golfer Tiger Woods
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Steve_Williams   (137 words)

 Stone Cold Steve Austin's profile
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the most popular wrestler in America and has become so by turning his back on some of wrestling’s old conventions.
Steve Austin was born in 1965, the second of three children in Austin, Texas.
Austin, who in those days had long blonde locks, no facial hair, an long spandex tights, stared as a babyface, but after a few months he was told that he was now a heel.
campus.fortunecity.com /dixie/431/stonecoldbio.html   (2718 words)

 Stone Cold Steve Austin
At the ceremony to proclaim him the king, Austin set the WWF on fire with his new motto of the year and that was the rules of Austin3:16.
Austin was forced to give up the IC title while injured, but made a triumphant return at the November Survivor Series classic by beating Owen Hart and getting back the title.
Austin continued his comeback with a win over Rocky Maivia at the December IYH and eliminated the Rock at the 1998 Royal Rumble to gain a shot against HBK for the WWF Title.
www.iolani.honolulu.hi.us /SummerSchool/surfnet/98/HULL/AUSTIN.HTM   (646 words)

 STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN @ Lew's Wrestling Archive
www.lewzworld.com /wrestling/austin.html   (166 words)

 Amazon.ca: WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin: Books: Steve Austin,J.R. Ross,Dennis Brent   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Steve grew up in a small town in Texas, one of four boys, who were fondly called by their parents the "Williams gang." Always a fan of wrestling, Steve seized the chance to study wrestling at a school in Dallas.
Steve tells the reader, in general terms, what he was thinking and feeling and why he made the decisions he did in his life.
Steve Austin's dream before he became a wrestler was he wanted to be a rock star.
www.amazon.ca /WWE-Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin/dp/0743477200   (3564 words)

 SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Austin's opponent, the late Owen Hart, executed a piledriver on Austin, but the move went wrong and Austin suffered a stinger that left "Stone Cold" temporarily paralyzed and with neck problems that continue to plague him.
Stone Cold would also reappear in the WWE, taking part in Piper's Pit at Wrestlemania XXI and showing up on Raw the next night where he embarrassed Simon Dean and Maven.
Austin was supposed to battle the Coach at Taboo Tuesday, with the stipulation being that Ross would be reinstated as an announcer if Austin won, only to quit the company again when he learned that he was supposed to lose to the Coach.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam/Wrestling/Bios/austin.html   (1860 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Steve Austin formed an extremely successful partnership with the late Brian Pillman, in a tag team known as the Hollywood Blondes..
December 6, 1998 - Capitol Carnage: Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Kane and Mankind and The Undertaker in a "fatal four-way"..
April 2004: Steve Austin hits a deadlock in contract negotiations and misses an episode of RAW and may be gone for good..
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /profiles/s/steve-austin.html   (7056 words)

 Stone Cold Steve Austin - Review - Stone Colds gonna come down here, and i'm gonna do what i want when i want!
Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most dynamic personas in the WWF today, no, scratch that, in history.
Austin was hit by a car, in which a wrestler known as Riqishi was driving, which was orchestrated by another wrestler, HHH, to create a great rivalry.
Austin was listening earlier to the WWF locker room getting some inspiration from a WWF hero from another time (I forget who), I guess this struck something in Austin, because he went into a bit of a rage and headed back to the arena.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /discussion/stone-cold-steve-austin/295182   (1975 words)

 WWE: Superstars > Raw > Stone Cold
Stone Cold's new feature film, The Condemned, is slated for release on April 27.
Two of Stone Cold's entrance themes, the classic "I Won't Do What You Tell Me" and a remixed "Oh Hell Yeah," are available for download from iTunes as part of the WWE Anthology album.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a six-time former WWE Champion.
www.wwe.com /superstars/raw/stonecold   (0 words)

 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is a vicious assailant, inflicting assault and battery on his victims.
While his Trademark Finisher (Stone Cold Stunner) is somewhat standard, Open A Can Of Whoop-A%$ is extremely powerful, allowing an early unblockable move, possibly leading to a chain of them, using Austin Elbow Smash, great for building Fortitude quickly.
Cause Stone Cold Said So is a good card, very strong, but since it is dependent on having Bottom Line in play (perhaps difficult against low-F decks using just Clutch and reversal cards for Fortitude) might make you pass on it.
members.cox.net /chaos-ad/profiles/austin.htm   (1364 words)

 The Dominion community of San Antonio, Texas - home to Stone Cold Steve Austin, former NBA star David Robinson and ...
The Dominion is a prestigious golf course community near San Antonio, Texas and is also the home of pro wrestling superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Country music legend George Strait.
Discuss "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and George Strait at the CelebrityDetective.com forum.
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Country music legend George Strait's San Antonio area...
www.celebritydetective.com /cmntyprofile-stonecold.html   (0 words)

 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin makes a crossover into movies - Minnesota Daily
Austin, however, said he is relatively uninterested in this project, fixated instead on the future and the three-movie deal he has recently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment Films.
Austin's story is different than those of other stars making the transition to film.
As Austin makes his big-screen debut this weekend, and plans for his first leading role in a WWE film, the industry may be on the verge of the next big trend: instant franchises for pop personalities with established fan bases.
www.mndaily.com /articles/2005/05/25/64571   (658 words)

Steve Austin plays Jack Conrad, one of 10 convicts purchased by a rich television producer and sent to a remote island to play a sort of high-stakes Survivor.
Austin, one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the squared-circle, will soon be seen in a remake of The Longest Yard.
Steve says they watered it down a lot..but, he was pleased the wrote up some of his book in a RAW Magazine story.
www.wrestling-caricatures.com /id36.html   (1049 words)

 Stone Cold Steve Austin -- Click Here because STONE COLD SAID SO !!!!
I think he was one of the four horsemen but I'm not so sure.
It was at WCW that Austin developed a friendship with Brian Pillman (also know as 'Flying Brian') and both signed up with WWF at almost the same time.
Even though Austin was a strong contender for the Television Champion belt in WCW he left for ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) because he felt that the 'challenges' of wrestling were missing!
www.webontario.com /fighting/stonecold_steveaustin/stonecoldsteveaustin.html   (0 words)

 WWE's Stone Cold Steve Austin Roughs Up His Girlfriend - March 29, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: )
MARCH 29--Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin (real name: Steven Williams) allegedly assaulted his girlfriend during a dispute last week at the grappler's Texas home, according to this San Antonio Police Department report.
Tess Broussard, 37, told cops Friday that she met with the athlete to discuss the couple's troubled year-long relationship.
He was fined $1000, sentenced to a year's probation, and ordered to perform 80 hours of community service and attend a domestic violence counseling course.
www.thesmokinggun.com /archive/0329041austin1.html   (221 words)

 STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN - Sports   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Stone Cold Steve Austin story In 1989, Steve Austin was living in Texas and earning a living by unloading trucks on the loading dock.
Steve Austin’s breakthrough came at the 1996 King of the Ring, where he suffered more than a dozen stitches from Marc Mero and still went on to beat Jake "The Snake" Roberts in the final!
Stone Cold’s return to the ring came at the 1997 Survivor Series, where he dismantled Owen to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship.
maxpages.com /homedog/STONE_COLD_STEVE_AUSTIN - !http://maxpages.com/homedog/STONE_COLD_STEVE_AUSTIN   (864 words)

 IGN: SmackDown Countdown 2006: Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin broke into the world of sports-entertainment in 1990 in Texas, where he was trained by "Gentleman" Chris Adams.
Stone Cold refused to tap to the Sharpshooter, but he eventually passed out from excessive blood loss, ending the bout.
Thereafter, Stone Cold's claims to fame are many, but he is perhaps best remembered for his battles with WWE Chairman Mr.
ps2.ign.com /articles/743/743904p1.html   (1038 words)

 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Steve Austin at the ECW Arena, on September 23, 1995.
Austin, still injured, mostly used the microphone in his brief ECW stint.
Stone Cold pinned Shawn Michaels to win the WWF title on March 29, 1998.
keyalex.tripod.com /wwe/id1.html   (1621 words)

 Stone Cold Truth, The : Stone Cold Steve Austin
Always a fan of wrestling, Steve seized the chance to study wrestling at a school in Dallas.
However, it was Steve's own ability inside the ring and his quick-witted responses that lead to his becoming one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time.
The Stone Cold Truth is an unvarnished take on his life, his loves, and his days as a wrestler told in a way that only he could, and you know it's the truth "cause Stone Cold says so!"
www.audiobooksonline.com /shopsite/0743535219.html   (325 words)

 Grave Stone Cold Steve Austin
The man he brought in was known as the Ringmaster (later known as Stone Cold Steve Austin).
Bret Hart was able to defeat Stone Cold Austin and Bret’s feud was far from over in the 1997 Royal Rumble Austin was thrown over the top rope by Bret but the refs didn’t see it.
It was an awesome match Austin all bloody and in the sharpshooter but he passed out before he gave up and Bret won because Austin could no longer continue.
www.howtoadvice.com /Wrestling/SteveAustin   (546 words)

 How to Create a WWF Costume - Stone Cold Steve Austin | eHow.com
Steve Austin may be MIA in the WWF, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up and drop a Stone Cold Stunner on Halloween night.
Paint a smaller version of the Stone Cold skull on the front left side of the vest.
Walk with the Stone Cold swagger and attitude as you trick-or-treat, but don't flip anyone off or start guzzling beer.
www.ehow.com /how_18735_create-wwf-costume.html   (503 words)

 Amazon.com: WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin - Lord of the Ring: Video: WWF   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Stone Cold Steve Austin's story told from the beginning -- from his high school football playing, to his meteoric rise to the top of the sports-entertainment industry.
From Steve's childhood to amateur teenage wrestling to his emerging as a WWF Superstar - this video goes deep into the life and times of the man who you never want to see getting in your face.
His early sucess as a high school football player, to his choice to become a pro wrestler, to his name change from Steve Williams to Steve Austin, to his struggles in WCW, to the birth of Stone Cold in the WWF.
www.amazon.com /WWE-Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin/dp/B00004VVNK   (948 words)

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