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Topic: Storage area network

  What is storage area network? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: SAN, storage network
A storage area network is usually clustered in close proximity to other computing resources such as IBM z990 mainframes but may also extend to remote locations for backup and archival storage, using wide area network carrier technologies such as ATM or SONET.
Some SAN system integrators liken it to the common storage bus (flow of data) in a personal computer that is shared by different kinds of storage devices such as a hard disk or a CD-ROM player.
SANs support disk mirroring, backup and restore, archival and retrieval of archived data, data migration from one storage device to another, and the sharing of data among different servers in a network.
searchstorage.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid5_gci212937,00.html   (409 words)

 Managed Storage at Hosted Solutions - Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage, and Direct Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage (NAS) was developed to allow the sharing of data files over an Ethernet network.
Storage Area Networks (SAN) were developed to allow organizations better disk utilization and performance.
By networking the storage, the drives that were once proprietary in usage, can now be placed in a central location and shared between multiple computers.
www.hostedsolutions.com /solutions/managed-services/storage-services.php   (417 words)

 Storage Devices for Storage Area Network (SAN) and Storage Management
The storage area network (SAN) allows all of the server capacity to be used by the end-user, for business applications, as the data resides in the storage devices and not in the server itself.
Storage management, as a general term, can be defined as arranging, allocating and maintaining a company's digital storage resources.
Storage management, however, would be better served with the definition of providing cost effective resources, processes and methodologies of digital storage and structuring them to best suit the business' requirement.
www.keyitsolutions.com /storage_area_network_management.htm   (284 words)

 Storage Area Network - SAN
The main purpose of the SAN is to connect the different storage systems such as the array of the disk system controllers and the tape library servers etc. By the definition of the SAN that is the Storage Area Network; It has a distinguished property from the other storage networks.
The file storage access method is similar to that of the NFS that is the Network File Storage system etc. Generally the SAN storage systems utilize the communication properties of the SCSI communication protocols uses for the communication over the network.
SAN or the Storage Area Network has many exciting features and most of them include the listed below: They are the support for the disk mirroring, archiving and retrieving of the archived data, backup and restoration of the data, and the sharing of data and data migration from one storage device to another.
www.raid-data-recovery.net /san.html   (573 words)

 Streamingmedia.com: A Storage Area Network Primer
SANs, by comparison, are heavily optimized for numerous requests for data, but typically only allow one user at a time to write content to a drive while all other users are limited to reading from that drive.
Other SAN vendors are beginning to embed the metadata controller in a storage device chassis, as a blade alongside redundant power supplies, NIC cards, etc. While this doesn’t necessarily reduce the cost of the overall system, it does provide a reduction in physical space requirements.
SANs are set up for two primary reasons: to maintain access to mission-critical data that is necessary to keep the company in business and do so without sacrificing speed.
www.streamingmedia.com /article.asp?id=9361   (1041 words)

 Spirent Communications - Storage Area Network,fabric SAN
As storage networks grow, the shared resources used for name server services and state change notification can become strained and network performance can be slowed or stopped altogether.
It is imperative to check network equipment and new networks under real world load conditions to be sure that storage traffic is not being adversely affected.
As storage area networks continue to grow large port testing is becoming increasingly important.
www.spirentcom.com /html/storage.htm   (916 words)

 Building a Storage Area Network | Page 1 | May 15, 2000
Storage area networks are the future of enterprise storage, period.
In fact, storage is so inexpensive that IT administrators give little thought to adding 50 GBs here and there when their servers run low on disk space.
To evaluate SAN functionality, we constructed in our Real-World Labs® at the University of Wisconsin-Madison a SAN consisting of six Intel servers running a combination of HBAs from Emulex Corp. and Qlogic Corp. For connectivity, we used a Vixel Corp. Vixel 2100 Zoning Managed Hub, as well as a Vixel 8100 Fabric Switch.
www.networkcomputing.com /1109/1109ws1.html   (1298 words)

 Sailing the Storage Area Network Islands:Dummies
A new trend in SAN management is the capability to access and control a company's storage resources from a centralized help desk using a single management console.
A SAN island is a storage area network that's physically isolated in a single location and is managed as a separate physical entity, as shown in Figure 1.
The servers might be connected to a low-cost departmental storage array in a small SAN in one department, and another department might have an expensive high-end array because it has a larger budget.
www.dummies.com /WileyCDA/DummiesArticle/id-1813.html   (1173 words)

 Storage Area Network(SAN) - Storage Area Network Management at Rackspace
A SAN, or storage area network, is a dedicated network that is separate from LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks).
SANs evolved to address the increasingly difficult job of managing storage at a time when storage usage is growing explosively.
Storage area networks capitalize on the best of the storage and network technologies to provide a low latency, high bandwidth interconnect which can span large distances, provide high connectivity and good management infrastructure from the start.
www.rackspace.com /products/storage/san.php   (375 words)

 SAN Storage Area Network solutions!
A Storage Area Network or SAN is a separate network from any other servers, clients, or routers.
Since all of the servers and devices on the network only require data services to be exported to the main network, it is virtually impossible by design for a virus or worm to spread onto this network.
Storage Area Networks operate by using high speed devices interconnected on the same network segment- improving performance.
www.data-backup-and-storage.com /san-storage-area-network-solutions.html   (501 words)

 Storage Area Network - A network of storage disks or devices
There are so many advantages to the FC storage system that it is hard to know where to start.
FC allows the storage to be local in the chassis or remotely as the situation requires.
And finally implementing a FC switched environment allows unlimited flexibility in the size and number of connected storage devices, recorders, playback units operating simultaneously with display and analysis workstations.
www.vmetro.com /category531.html   (575 words)

 Storage Area Network | Nemertes Research
The desire to consolidate these networks onto a single fabric is as old as the networks themselves.
As network vendors continue to reengineer and ramp up production of 10G Ethernet equipment, the promise of unifying data, HPC and storage networks onto a common technology—Ethernet—increases.
Network vendors have some significant technical and engineering hurdles to clear before they can simultaneously meet the opposing pulls of storage, which demands lossless reliability, and high performance applications, which demand very high throughput at very low latency.
www.nemertes.com /storage_area_network   (263 words)

  allSAN.com — all about Storage Area Network (SAN)
A storage area network (SAN) is a high-performance subnet, probably (but not necessarily) based on fibre channel, whose primary purpose is the transfer of data between computer systems and storage elements and among multiple storage elements.
A SAN consists of a communication infrastructure, which provides physical connections, and a management layer, which organizes the connections, storage elements, and computer systems so that data transfer is secure and robust.
Storage Area Networks are an enabling technology that allow storage resources to be shared in order to provide continuous, faster, easier access to data.
www.allsan.com /sanoverview.php3   (2307 words)

 CommsDesign - Storage Area Network Overview
Disk, tape, and optical storage can then be attached directly to this network, which is based on a "fabric" of fibre, switches and hubs that connects storage devices to a heterogeneous set of servers on a many-to-many basis.
A SAN is thus a dedicated storage network that carries I/O traffic only between servers and storage devices—it does not carry any application traffic, which eliminates the bottlenecks associated with using a single network fabric for all applications.
Primary storage devices are usually the fastest, random access devices such as individual disks or RAID arrays, whereas secondary storage is usually a linear access device such as a tape, or a device with slow access characteristics such as an optical drive.
www.commsdesign.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=192200416   (3016 words)

 [No title]
Access within the SAN storage pool must be restricted to certain classes of users through a robust universal locking mechanism.
SANs are composed of pieces of hardware from many vendors, including the HBA, the switch or hub, and the disk arrays.
SAN University helps IT professionals build the infrastructure to handle the exploding amounts of data generated by e-commerce, network globalization, mergers/acquisitions, and accelerating data digitization.
www.lycos.com /info/storage-area-network--vendors.html   (478 words)

 Storage Area Networks
The concept for Storage Area Networks, or SANs, was born out of the need to protect the most essential byproduct of a workstation or network server - the data.
A Storage Area Network is a separate network that is isolated from the client and server connections.
With the SAN, servers are attached to the storage devices on a second network connection behind, or separate from, the primary network.
beradio.com /mag/radio_storage_area_networks/index.html   (1000 words)

 [No title]
The 2Gb SAN Connectivity Kit 3000 is a turn-key storage area network designed to give IT professionals in small- to medium-sized businesses a simple, affordable entry to the benefits of SANs.
A SAN is a network of storage devices that are connected to each other and to a server, or cluster of servers, which act as an access point to the SAN.
With the growing popularity of storage area networks (SANs), Fibre Channel technology has emerged to the forefront as an effective means of solving storage-related problems that have plagued corporate networks all over the world.
www.lycos.com /info/storage-area-network.html   (433 words)

 storage.itworld.com - Best Practice: Consolidating storage into a storage area network
Mesirow opted to consolidate all of its direct attached storage (DAS) and network attached storage (NAS) into a storage area network (SAN) that could be managed and protected as a single pool of storage.
The SAN had to be capable of supporting an IT infrastructure featuring more than 100 Compaq, Sun, and Novell servers distributed across the company's 11 nationwide offices.
Evaluating the SAN's methods of consolidation and virtualization is critical to finding a solution that delivers superior management capabilities to truly lower the total cost of ownership, increase storage utilization, and make system administration more efficient and cost-effective.
storage.itworld.com /5002/bestpractice_equallogic050112/page_1.html   (1418 words)

 STORAGE AREA NETWORK SUMMIT storage area network conferences
The SAN Summit Conference is designed specifically to get you up to speed on what SANs are, how they work, what they can do for you, how they fit into your systems environment, and what the industry is doing to provide solution-based products.
Storage area networks (SANs) are an integral part of clustered computing environments.
The primary challenges of managing a storage area network are identified and an object-oriented storage network management model is presented as a solution to these challenges.
www.creative-expos.com /san.html   (1347 words)

 Chi Corporation
The SAN Interoperability Guide is a 200+ page one-stop manual for those interested in storage networking solutions.
SAN solutions through a Fibre Channel or IP-based backbone allow multiple servers to share central storage for higher performance, lower management costs, and unlimited capacity growth.
SAN solutions can provide the ultimate in performance and reliability with complete redundancy and hot swappable components that ensure 100% uptime on your mission critical data.
www.chicorporation.com /san   (380 words)

 Storage Area Network and SAN Protocols
Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed network or subnetwork whose primary purpose is to transfer data between computer and storage systems.
A storage area network is usually clustered in close proximity to other computing resources but may also extend to remote locations for backup and archival storage.
High speed Ethernet is also used in the storage Area Network for connection.
www.networkdictionary.com /protocols/san.php   (235 words)

 Storage Area Network Products Information from Reseller Radiant Resources, SANs - Storage Area Network solutions, ...
Network World a weekly news source is shaping the future of network computing in the enterprise world.
Storage professionals can stay current with news and trends relating to SAN solutions and the utilization of Hitachi storage, Hitachi data systems, Cisco systems, Veritas volume manager, Brocade switch firmware, Brocade san fabric and Brocade silkworm.
CommWeb is a guide to information on advanced communication systems, storage area networks, enterprise storage and the convergence of voice, data and the internet.
www.radiantresources.com /Storage_area_network_resources.htm   (2329 words)

While SANs are capable of connecting many components, there is need for better management and mechanisms to share resources.
Creating a standard to share nodes on a SAN is a near-term objective for the nine companies.
Unique in the computer industry, SNIA is driving the standards for storage area networks so storage can become as easy to use as a common utility such as telephone or electric service.
www.sun.com /smi/Press/sunflash/1999-04/sunflash.990405.2.html   (596 words)

 SNIA - Advancing storage and information technology
The SNIA is celebrating a decade of storage networking excellence.
Visitors from around the globe—be they network storage end users, industry and other technical contributors, academic researchers, or anyone looking for information about storage networking and information management will enjoy our more user-friendly Web site design.
Members will also appreciate the additional focus areas that broaden our scope, and the recognition that comes from affiliation with an Association that continues to evolve and keep pace with the industry and the needs of its membership.
www.snia.org   (258 words)

 HDS: Storage Networking> Storage Area Network, Server/Storage Bond, Total Cost of Ownership
Since the storage area network (SAN) first broke the traditional server/storage bond, we've been helping organizations lower their total cost of storage ownership with our collaborative approach to supporting this innovative technology.
SANs make large storage pools shareable across the enterprise, centralize storage management, and dramatically improve storage utilization, resulting in lower costs.
The Hitachi Data Systems Plug-and-Play SAN kit is designed to allow customers to easily and cost-effectively deploy a storage area network.
www.hds.com /products/storage-networking   (244 words)

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