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Topic: Stratford Shakespeare Festival

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Stratford Festival of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Stratford Festival of Canada is a summer-long celebration of theatre held each year in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
The Festival was founded as the Stratford Shakespearean Festival of Canada, due mainly to Tom Patterson, a Stratford-native journalist who wanted to revitalize his town's economy by creating a theatre festival dedicated to the works of William Shakespeare, being that the town shares the name of Shakespeare's birthplace.
Stratford had originally been a major railway junction and had fallen into decline when the railway yards were moved.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stratford_Shakespeare_Festival   (531 words)

 Shakespeare in Canada: page 5
With the advent of the Stratford Festival, Grey's enterprise began to unravel.
Even though the Festival was founded by a British director, Sir Tyrone Guthrie, at the initiative of Tom Patterson (a Stratford businessman), and used British stars, it was hailed as the iconic achievement of Canadian cultural nationhood.
With the growth of Canadian nationalism during the 1970s, Shakespeare and Stratford came increasingly under attack from some quarters, since both were perceived as enshrining Canada's colonial dependence.
ise.uvic.ca /Library/Criticism/shakespearein/canada5.html   (992 words)

 Stage Reviews: Shakespeare ties bind Stratford's eclectic mix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The confidence level is such at the Stratford Festival, North America's biggest theater company, that it has included a quartet of lesser-known Shakespeares in its 52nd season.
But it testifies to Stratford's confident reach, as further supported by the statistics: a total company of nearly 1,000 at the peak (of whom 145 are actors) with a 2004 budget of Canadian $52 million (U.S. $39 million), staging 704 performances from April through Nov. 7 for a total projected audience of 595,000.
Stratford may stage musicals just to pay the bills, and they may not sit completely at ease on that great Shakespearean thrust stage, but they don't disgrace it, either.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/04200/346987.stm   (2147 words)

 Shakespeare Birthplace Trust   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Shakespeare's Birthplace, as viewed from the garden, where the dramatist was born in 1564.
It is one of only three paintings of Shakespeare that can be taken back with some certainty to the middle years of the 17th century.
An exciting full-colour exploration of Shakespeare's life and times, featuring paintings and illustrations from the period as well as photographs of historical artefacts, costumes and stage props.
www.shakespeare.org.uk   (310 words)

 Streaming Video: Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare
There is also a clip of a young Alec Guinness giving acting advice at the first Stratford Shakespeare Festival, and a scene from South Park, where the kids travel to Canada to see Philip perform Hamlet.
The Stratford Adventure is a documentary describing the history of the first Stratford Festival in 1953, starring Alec Guinness and Irene Worth.
CBC has produced a fascinating archival document relating to Stratford: "From humble beginnings in a leaky tent to revered institution — the Stratford Festival has continued to attract actors, critics and theatre-goers from around the globe.
www.canadianshakespeares.ca /multimedia/m_video.cfm   (1002 words)

STRATFORD, Conn.--I suppose almost everyone has been put through Julius Caesar as a high-school sophomore and been forced to commit some of its speeches to memory.
This is not the first time that such unprofessional conduct has been in evidence at the Festival, and I wish it would be the last.
Brutus' young page Lucius is the only character Shakespeare did not find in Plutarch, and he was invented chiefly to illustrate Brutus' considerateness of others.
www.thecrimson.com /article.aspx?ref=248002   (1153 words)

 Carew Travel Consultants : Travel programs and cultural guided tours.
The Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario are easily two of the finest repertory theatres on the North American continent, and this summer the superb quality of Canadian theatre is on display in two productions at the Shaw Festival and three productions at the Stratford Festival.
Stratford offers a number of fine restaurants, and there are Festival performances you may choose to attend.
Stratford is a delight to explore, and for those who still want more theatre, there is a matinee performance of Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie at the Avon Theatre.
www.carewtravel.com /tdf.canada.html   (1093 words)

 All the world’s a stage again in Stratford - CCM Municipal Innovation News May 18, 2005
The Shakespeare Festival Theater, dark since 1989, has been returned to the town by the state Department of Environmental Protection.
The happy ending for the theater is the result of a compromise with the state.
Stratford likely will have to absorb about $100,000 to $200,000 in liens — considerably less than the $300,000 previously estimated, say officials.
www.ccm-ct.org /news/innovations/051805stratford.html   (176 words)

 Travel for Kids: Stratford, Ontario
Stratford is home to the Stratford Festival, and the heart of the festival is the plays of The Bard.
Stratford Festival – The Stratford Festival has been going strong since 1953, growing until today it runs for 6 months of the year.
The heart of the festival are the plays of Shakespeare (well, the town is named after his birthplace) but there's lots of variety here on the festival stages, including musicals like The Sound of Music.
www.travelforkids.com /Funtodo/Ontario/stratford.htm   (766 words)

 Enjoy 6 Days at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario Canada with Journeys for Hungry Souls
That Stratford playbill examined the tension between the nobler and baser impulses in the human soul—great discussion topics for all 25 of us.
We also started taking our children up to the Shakespeare Festival when they were ten years of age and last year, our ten-year-old grandson sat through all 6 plays and was an eager participant.
Stratford is wonderful, but it is the people (and our grand conversations), who really make the journey special.
www.hungry-souls.com /ontario.html   (587 words)

 The Harvard Crimson :: News :: The Stratford Shakespeare Festival
In the past few years the American Shakespeare Festival has presented the first, second, and fourth play in the tetralogy.
The drive to the picturesque Stratford grounds by the Housatonic takes under three hours via the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Route 91 bypass and either Exit 53 from the Merritt Parkway or Exit 32 from the Connecticut Turnpike.
Watson's gestures often clarify the bawdy puns; and, after striding a barrel as though it were a horse, he engages in a duel so vigorously that he discovers at the end that his groin flap has fallen down.
www.thecrimson.com /printerfriendly.aspx?ref=253086   (1592 words)

 Stratford Festival
You drive through the town of Shakespeare on your way to the town of Stratford which is pleasantly situated on the banks of a dammed up section of the River Avon, and turn right at Romeo Street.
The Festival Theater is the flagship of the operation -- a 1,826-seat wooden paneled gem with a modified thrust stage surrounded by a semi-circle of patrons on the orchestra floor and large balcony.
Colm Feore, a headliner here for many years (this being his 15th season) strides across the Festival Theatre's stage and emotes with great personal energy as the Roman warrior brought down not by military might but by political powers when it turns out that his social skills are no match for his martial arts.
www.potomacstages.com /OutofTown/StratfordFestival.htm   (1046 words)

 Tug of war over Stratford mission | csmonitor.com
Whoever replaces Stratford's artistic director Richard Monette, who steps down in 2007, will have to answer critics' cries that the festival is a mere "tourist attraction" that fails to employ its considerable resources to stage groundbreaking new works or promote Canadian playwrights (three of the 14 plays this season were written or adapted by Canadians).
Such purists urge the festival not to "put on shows for tourists," but rather "be the representative of the absolute best that theater has to offer," says Martin Kohn, the Detroit Free Press theater critic, who has covered the festival for the past seven years.
Shakespeare's "As You Like It" is set in 1969 and features folk-rock music evocative of that era written (though not performed) by the Canadian rock group the Barenaked Ladies.
www.csmonitor.com /2005/0701/p12s02-almp.html   (1187 words)

 In June
Stratford Festival actors Jacklyn Francis and Jonathan Goad (seated) join class members, standing, from left, Marian Lupo, Columbus State; Cathy Emmons, Hilliard City Schools, Dorothy Lupo, Integral Yoga, and Nancy Kephart, Columbus State.
No, it's the first week of class for Shakespeare As You Like Him, a two-week intensive study of the poetry and performance of Shakespeare's plays, featuring a trip to attend the Stratford Festival of Canada in Stratford, Ontario, and the students are practicing their epithets.
The second week of the course was spent in Stratford, Ontario, attending the Shakespeare Festival's performances of these plays, speaking with the actors after the shows, and touring the theater facilities.
www.cscc.edu /DOCS/CPE/stratford.htm   (507 words)

 Amazon.com: As You Like It (1932): Video: Shakespeare Perform   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The performance is first-rate and the reproduction good enough (I wasn't even aware the tape was recorded in EP mode) to capture both the letter and spirit of the play as well as the response of an "informed," appreciative audience.
The presentation brings to life Shakespeare's language in a manner that encourages the spectator to complete the meanings through the work of the imagination, as opposed to the "pre-formed" meanings of a lavish Branagh cinematic event, in which language necessarily takes the role of mere accompanist.
The twin benefits I see is this Stratford Festival production are that (1) it is much easier to understand all of the words, because stage players have to speak all lines to the guy in the back row.
www.amazon.com /As-You-Like-Shakespeare-Perform/dp/630442499X   (1258 words)

 Oregon Shakespeare Festival
When the Festival stages Timon of Athens next year, they will have worked their way through the complete canon three times since the Festival was founded in 1935 (something the New York Shakespeare Festival still hasn't done after 40 years).
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, then, is blessed with the greatest natural resource that any theater company can ever wish for: an audience that is ripe to join them on their artistic journey.
A Shakespeare festival like the one in Allentown, an easy commute from Philadelphia, will attract daytrippers if the play sounds undaunting and the reviews are good.
www.english.upenn.edu /~cmazer/ashland.html   (932 words)

 Films for the Humanities and Sciences - The Comedy of Errors
This romantic comedy from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival tells of the complications which follow when the merchant Aegeon, played masterfully in this production by Nicholas Pennell, enters the enemy state of Ephesus in hopes of reuniting his family years after a shipwreck separates him from his twin sons, their twin slaves, and his wife.
From the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, this production of Shakespeare's rollicking classic battle of the sexes stars Len Cariou as Petruchio, the strutting male chauvinist suitor who sets out to undermine the spirit of young Katharina.
Shakespeare's fanciful play, embued with a fairy-tale quality, stresses, in the words of Ben Jonson, "words above action, matter above words." Filmed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival before a live audience, this production features Roberta Maxwe...
www.films.com /id/8366   (338 words)

 Festivals - Arts - Canada - North America: dauphin manitoba, shaw festival, stratford shakespeare, ukrainian festival, ...
Canadians and visitors enjoy summer festivals, such as the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario; the Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario; and Cultures Canada, a series of multicultural events in Ottawa.
Montreal is known for its jazz festival, and Toronto and Winnipeg for their folk music festivals.
In the fall, “Fringe Festivals” in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria showcase new theatrical performances.
www.countriesquest.com /north_america/canada/arts/festivals.htm   (146 words)

 Summer Shakespeare Stratford Festival of Canada - History
That Stratford, Ontario, is the home of the largest classical repertory theatre in North America is ultimately attributable to the dream of one man, Stratford-born journalist Tom Patterson.
In the years since its first season the Stratford Festival of Canada has set benchmarks for the production not only of Shakespeare, Molière, the ancient Greeks and other great dramatists of the past but also of such 20th-century masters as Samuel Beckett, Bertolt Brecht, Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen, Eugene O'Neill and Tennessee Williams.
The Festival is currently building a $50-million Endowment Foundation to ensure that its founders dream remains a reality for all time.
www.theculturedtraveler.com /Archives/MAY2005/Stratford_Festival.htm   (413 words)

 Bibliography: Shakespeare in Performance- University Libraries of Notre Dame
One way to approach the plays of Shakespeare is through a study of the performances of his texts.
Sets (if there are any), costumes and makeup; the director's placement of the characters on stage and their spatial relationship to one another are elements that help to see the nature of the dramatist's work.
This is especially true of Shakespeare whose plays can be set in different time periods -- or no period at all -- and still convey the author's illumination of human nature.
www.nd.edu /~colldev/subjects/theatre/biblio.htm   (665 words)

 Shakespeare Launches First Stratford Theatre Festival
The Summer Festival, started by an informal consortium of local theatre companies, will include more than forty theatre events from performances and staged readings to educational opportunities and playwright workshops to productions of new works by local playwrights.
Fast Forward Theatre Festival (Square One Theatre Company and SquareWrights, Playwright Center) the second annual event in Stratford in which plays are written, rehearsed, and fully produced off-book in twenty-four hours.
Shakespeare enthusiast and author Bob Smith guides participants through a lively exploration of Shakespeare's plays.
www.jacneed.com /Archives/061905Stratford.htm   (513 words)

 Touring a Professional Theatre Company Costume Warehouse
The Stratford Festival, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, is one that welcomes the public - doing several tours a day during the season.
Stratford has three stages: the Tom Patterson, using an extended thrust stage (it comes right down the middle of the theatre, with the audience on three sides), the Avon, with a traditional proscenium, and the Festival Theatre, with a smaller, multilevel, octagonal thrust stage and the audience in the round on all but one side.
A Stratford set designer needs to know which stage to design for; it would be a disaster to build for the flat stage of the Patterson if the play is actually produced at the Avon, where the stage floor slopes upward from the front to the rear.
www.frugalfun.com /costumewhouse.html   (1137 words)

 Shakespeare and the Players | The Plays | Julius Caesar
The London Shakespeare Festival presented by Herbert Beerbohm Tree's ensemble, began June 21 at His Majesty's Theatre, London.
Frank Benson presented The Taming of the Shrew, Tree revived his Henry VIII, and the Festival closed with Benson's Richard III and on July 3, the final night, the Merry Wives of Windsor (Loney, I, 158).
The annual Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare Festival opened this year on April 22 with The Merchant of Venice; Frank Benson's company also performed Henry V, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Coriolanus, The Taming of the Shrew, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night, and Richard III (Loney, I, 63).
shakespeare.emory.edu /playdisplay.cfm?playid=12   (736 words)

 Stratford Festival of Canada 2003
The greatness of the annual Stratford Festival in Ontario is known and appreciated not just in Canada but throughout the world.
A week prior to the festival, NIU offers "The Dress Rehearsal," a seminar at the Holmes Student Center to acquaint you with the historical, literary, and theatrical aspects of the plays you will be seeing.
She has taken NIU groups to Stratford several times as well as to the American Players Theater in Spring Green, Wisconsin and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in Chicago in addition to London.
www3.niu.edu /ext_prog/stratford2002b.html   (1475 words)

 The Stratford Festival Story — www.greenwood.com
The Stratford Festival Story is an important addition to the growing literature on the Stratford Festival and Canadian theatre.
Description: This reference book records the activities of the Stratford, Ontario (Shakespeare) Festival, which is considered the premiere professional festival in North America.
Somerset introduces the indexes by sketching the Festival's history and guiding readers to the Festival Archives and to his own database, which can be used by the public.
www.greenwood.com /catalog/SZB/.aspx   (466 words)

 Stratford Ontario Hotel - Festival Inn
After the war of 1812, it had become clear to the British that the area along the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie were too unpopulated and posed a threat to the security of the province.
However it wasn't until Tom Patterson, a Stratford native and writer for MacLean’s Magazine, approached the town council with the idea of establishing a Shakespeare festival, that the Stratford really because The Festival City.
In the end, it was Stratford's residents who footed most of the bill, through donations and drives.
www.festivalinnstratford.com /stratford_history.asp   (430 words)

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