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 Straubing-Bogen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The district was created in 1972 by merging the previous districts Straubing and Bogen and parts of the district Mallersdorf.
The coat of arms is based on the coat of arms of the former district Straubing.
The district-free city Straubing is completely surrounded by the district. /wiki/Straubing-Bogen   (249 words)

 Straubing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Straubing also has many industrial areas and a port at the river danube with access to the "Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal" (Rhine-main-danube-canal), a connection from the North Sea to the Black sea.
This Part of Straubing is nowadays called the "Altstadt" (Old Town), but this is historical not correct.
This new City is nowadays the Centre of Straubing with many Shops, Offices, Restaurants and a pedestrian area. /wiki/Straubing   (276 words)

 Straubing-Bogen County (Niederbayern District, Bavaria, Germany)
This symbolises the important Maria pilgrimage to the Bogenberg in the district, and was taken from the arms of the former Bogen county.
The lozengy of white and blue was originally the arms of the counts of Bogen and later assumed by the Wittelsbachs, the long-time rulers of Bavaria.
The arms are mainly based on the old arms of Straubing, but in the upper part a figurine of the Holy Madonna is added. /fotw/flags/de-by-sr.html   (224 words)

 Bogen County until 1972 (Niederbayern District, Bavaria, Germany)
The county was integrated into Straubing-Bogen county which adopted the same design (with new arms).
The county was permitted to use this design to honour the origin of Bavaria's symbols: the lozengy was originally the arms of the counts of Bogen who died out in 1235 and whose possessions (and arms) were inherited by the Wittelsbachs, Bavaria's long-ruling family.
The upper part shows the arms of Bayern, derived from the Wittelsbach family, who, in turn, took the arms in the 13th century from the Counts of Bogen. /fotw/flags/de-by_bo.html   (220 words)

 Media Welcome Services & Excursions - Operated by BAVARIA TOURISM
STRAUBING − The Gäuboden Museum in the historical city centre of Straubing, the "Heart of Historical Bavaria” that has one of the most beautiful city squares in Germany, gives an excellent insight into the city’s, and Bavaria’s, past.
The "Roman Treasure Trove of Straubing”, with its military masks for soldiers and horses, its pieces of armour and bronze statuettes is world famous.
It shows emphatically that one of the first cradles of civilization in Bavaria was really here, in the Straubing region. /en/7aeb94cd-f025-9b5e-e44e-e93d4f31ab6e.html   (474 words)

 Straubing County until 1972 (Niederbayern District, Bavaria, Germany)
The county absorbed Bogen county and parts of Mallersdorf county during the 1972 municipal reform.
Straubing County until 1972 (Niederbayern District, Bavaria, Germany)
The lower part shows the arms of the Wittelsbach family, who originated in the area and later became Dukes and Kings of Bavaria (see also the arms of Bavaria). /world-flags/allflags/de-by_sr.html   (125 words) - Excellent locations
Straubing is only a 60 minute car ride from Munich airport.
Straubing believes in taking professional and business-friendly care of its investors.
Together with the nearby local airport of Straubing-Wallmühle, Straubing offers large air connection possibilities. /?id=35450   (903 words)

 Thomas's Glassware Tour --- Bogen (D)
Bogen is situated at an altitude of 320 m near the left bank of the river Danube in Lower Bavaria at the foothills of the Bayrischer Wald mountains.
Since around 1100, the coat of arms of the counts of Bogen included the white and blue rhombuses that became part of the Wittelsbach and Bavarian coat of arms in 1242 when the last count of Bogen died without an heir.
Thomas's Glassware Tour --- Bogen (D) If you came to this page directly and do not see a navigation frame on top, please go to the home page. /glass/gl-1085.htm   (199 words)

 Niederbayern District (Bavaria, Germany)
The district Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria) comprises areas to the south and east of the Danube in south-eastern Bavaria, including the cities of Landshut, Passau and Straubing. /flags/de-by-nb.html   (282 words)

 Bogen Tripods
15: '''Straubing-Bogen ''' is a ''Kreis'' (district) in the eastern part 21: by merging the previous districts Straubing and Bogen and parts of the district Mallersdorf.
1) " Bogen" -- In re: Bogen Tripods
2) " Tripods" -- In re: Bogen Tripods /File/48022-Bogen.Tripods.Html   (576 words)

 Europe 2002 -- Trip Notes
Bogen suffered some damage from the floods and we saw a few sections of road that had been washed out and were under repair.
Well, when we were in the St Peter and St Paul church near Bogen on Sunday, I felt a little movement in the camera as I was holding it.
As in Mitterfels, most stores in Straubing were closed, but there were walkers everywhere. /roesnertravels/tripnotes.html   (3783 words)

 Landratsamt Straubing Bogen
is part of landratsamt straubing bogen the new range of studio pedestals designed landratsamt straubing.
Film QuotesI always say the next landratsamt straubing bogen one is my favorite.
new range of landratsamt straubing bogen studio pedestals designed for the latest full-facility digital cameras. /landratsamt-straubing-bogen.html   (800 words)

A city independent from a district administration, Straubing has a population of 45,000, the /englisch/strau-s/content.cfm?id=91   (100 words)

 Airport Straubing -Homepage-
Supervisory board members by the county of Straubing-Bogen:
Flying in Straubing has a long tradition, which is well cultivated.
The Airport Straubing offers together with the resident companies 97 persons a safe job. /indexen.htm   (466 words)

City of Straubing and administrative district of Straubing-Bogen
Straubing has made itself a name as a place for fairs, exhibitions and congresses.
Straubing ahs its own airport - international airport of Munich at just one hour’s /englisch/strau-s/content.cfm?id=87   (137 words)

 Straubing: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic
Straubing is an independent city in Niederbayern (Lower bavaria (german niederbayern) is one of the seven administrative regions of bavaria, germany, located...)
License plate (A plate mounted on the front and back of car and bearing the car's registration number) /ref/straubing   (661 words)

 Sankt Englmar Hôtels - Hôtel Logement à Sankt Englmar Bayern Allemagne
Voisines: Viechtach (6 milles) Straubing (14 milles) Grafenau (28 milles) Regensburg (33 milles)
(Hotel is 2.2 miles from Sankt Englmar - in the town of Straubing) (4 Étoile)
For 13 generations this property is a spot for hospitality and always was in the hands of the Schmaus family. /fr/de/sankt-englmar   (218 words)

 Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen Kreiswappen) - BOGEN
The colours are those of the Counts of Bogen and their successors, the Dukes of Bayern.
The star is most likely an older village symbol. /int/dld/b/bogen.htm   (148 words)

 Vacation-House Bergschloesschen, Bavarian Forest, Pilgramsberg, Bavaria, Germany
Sightseeing trips are Straubing, Bogen, Regensburg, Landshut, Arber the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest, Bodenmais with glas factorys, Viechtach, Kötzting, Munich and many more city nearby.
The mountain village Pilgramsberg is about 20 km away from Straubing.
The Bergschlösschen has a pool, winter garden with fireplace, wellness area with sauna, solarium and jaccuzzi, there is table tennis and breakfast service. /start_engl/country_engl/germany/bavaria/landstorfer_e/landstorfer_e.htm   (138 words) Main_Page
Encyclopedia : S : ST : STR : Straubing
Annually in August the Gäubodenvolksfest, the second largest folk celebration in Bavaria, is held. /index.php?title=Straubing   (76 words)

 Straubing - Bogen Region, Eastern Bavaria, tourism, travel
Welcome to the Straubing - Bogen Region, Eastern Bavaria
Straubing - Bogen Region, Eastern Bavaria, tourism, travel
Many thanks for pictures to the Tourist Board of Bavaria and involved communities /tour_germany/straubing_region.htm   (170 words)

 C.A.R.M.E.N - Topical/nawaros
From August 9th to 17th, 2003, the Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft (ZAW-SR) ('waste management union of the city and the region of Straubing') and C.A.R.M.E.N. shared a common stand at the East Bavarian Exhibition in Straubing.
Further information: C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., Karl Hanglberger, Schulgasse 18, 94315 Straubing, Germany, Tel.: +49-9421-960-300, e-mail:, or on the internet under
The visitors to the exhibition could get information there on the pilot project "Compostable Biowaste Bags on the Basis of Starch" (see also nawaros® 08/2003). /en/aktuelles/nawaros/nawaros2003/nawa0903.html   (2137 words)

 Holiday rental / vacation rental Simondlhof in Rattiszell at
It is an ideal starting point for day trips in Bavarian forest and historic cities like Regensburg, Passau, Straubing etc. The borders of Czech Republic (40 km) and Austria (100 km) are also close by. /index.cfm/fa/home.print_property/pro_no/23651.cfm   (422 words)

 Vacation rental County Straubing-Bogen, Vacation House County Straubing-Bogen, Straubing (Bavarian Forest) - Vacation House "Bergschlösschen"
Vacation rental County Straubing-Bogen, Vacation House County Straubing-Bogen, Straubing (Bavarian Forest) - Vacation House "Bergschlösschen"
Homepage > Europe > Germany > Bavaria > Eastern Bavaria > Bavarian Forest > Straubing > Pilgramsberg >
The "Bergschlösschen" is located on the outskirts with a marvelous view. /635.htm   (243 words)

 Sankt Englmar Resources Listings and Attractions in Sankt Englmar, Germany
Nearby towns: Viechtach (6 miles) Straubing (14 miles) Grafenau (28 miles) Regensburg (33 miles)
This section will contain details of other resouces of interest to the traveller visiting Sankt Englmar. /en/de/sankt-englmar/information.html   (109 words)

 Division into constituencies for the 1998 elections to the German Bundestag @ Constituency 217 Straubing
Division into constituencies for the 1998 elections to the German Bundestag @ Constituency 217 Straubing /info98/e/t/wkr98217.htm   (37 words)

 Holiday rental / vacation rental Degenberger Hof in Schwarzach at
Nearest train station: Straubing (25 km), Bus (25 kilometres)
Carnival 378 EUR Starting at 32 EUR/ day and vacation Fee reduction by lower occupancy for 6 people Additional costs: Cleaning costs 26 EUR electricity, spa taxes, bed linen can be ordered 8 EUR /Germany/Bavarian-Forest/ski--Schwarzach/p20352.htm?tgqfe=1   (406 words)

 Truckconcepts by Tschann - commercial vehicles - used trucks
The service and sales location Bogen-Furth in the centre of Lower Bavaria is easily accessible via A3 exit Straubing or Bogen and also via B20.
Our experienced service team look after all your requests and take care that your trucks are back on the road as quickly as possible. /english/unternehmen_seiten/bayern.html   (200 words)

 Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria) - GenWiki
1810: the second Unterdonaukreis (administrative capital: Passau), enlarged with territory from the Regenkreis (LG ä.O.: Mitterfels, Viechtach, Straubing and city of Straubing, with territory from the Salzachkreis (LG ä.O.: Eggenfelden) and with former Austrian territories (LG ä.O.: Schärding) and with parts from Hausruckviertel and Obernburg
Landshut (City) | Passau (City) | Straubing (City) /wiki/Niederbayern_(Lower_Bavaria)   (983 words) > Alumni > Robert Sagstetter > Homepage
1995 High college maturity at three-stage professional upper school Straubing /alumni/2000/sagstetter/index-en.htm   (129 words)

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