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Topic: Street racing

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  Faze Articles - Street Racing
Two cars were racing on a busy street when one of the cars, a fl Acura carrying four teens, lost control and smashed into a light standard.
Sanctioned racing on closed roads as a means to getting the racers off the streets may be a stretch, but police do recognize that a problem exists.
Realizing that the young people are using city streets to race, Police forces across North America are coming up with ideas to get the cars off the roads and onto legal racetracks.
www.fazeteen.com /spring2002/streetracing.htm   (1670 words)

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 Street Racing in New York City
At one point in 1968, street racing was so prevalent — and the money so big — that semi-"organizers" actually set up major "meets" and advertised them via flyers passed out at drive-ins and stuck to telephone poles throughout the NYC area.
The proof of that was the continuing, growing, street racing movement that was an integral part of the whole muscle car era and, in fact, continues today with the import tuner guys.
In addition to holding the record for most street drag races in one night, the Connecting Highway also held the record for the place where the most tickets in any one night were given out and also the record for most arrests of street racers in any one place.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Features/articleId=120680   (2110 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Crime
Street racing is not a joke and not a fun little hobby.
The race isn't confined to a certain road and they're often racing for long distances, such as from city to city, Taylor said.
Taylor said street racing may never be eliminated, but he hopes one day it will be frowned upon as severely as drunk driving is now.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/crime/street-racing.html   (1687 words)

 Street racing videos
A victim of street racing urges these a couple of teens to stop street racing because his sister was victim of street racing.
A street race featuring a Porsche 911 and a Tuned VW Golf in March 2007 Germany/Konstanz turns tragic when the Porsche cuts off the VW to avoid the car in front and the VW looses control at high speeds.
Street racing with supra vs 3000gt vs 300zx vs trans am vs evo vs wrx sti vs bikes vs corvette z06.
www.dpccars.com /street-racing/street-racing.htm   (5274 words)

 Street Racing Videos - Metacafe
This is the report on street racing that took place in September 2004.
Street racing in Dobrich on 14.01.07 For Varna: Seat Ibiza 1.6 SR MPI - 115bhp For Dobrich: Opel Calibra 2.0 16v - 165bhp Winner: Varna - Seat Ibiza
I had to do an english presentation on how street racing is bad for the community, etc etc. This is just a video from it, i had a powerpoint along...
www.metacafe.com /tags/street_racing   (217 words)

 Illegal racing's deadly statistics
In San Diego, where the street racing problem has been termed "epidemic," 16 deaths and 31 injuries were directly related to illegal street racing in 2001.
The city's attorney's office prosecuted 147 illegal street racing cases in 1999, 161 in 2000, and 290 in 2001.
If convicted of street racing or aiding and abetting a street race, you can be imprisoned for up to three months and fined up to $1,000.
www.nhra.com /streetlegal/stats.html   (337 words)

 NHRA Street Legal
Stakes on the illegal street races were raised as high as $5,000 to $10,000.
Illegal street racing most recently made headlines nationwide when eight spectators were killed on a highway in Accokeek, Md. on Feb. 16.
It’s impossible to predict who will race on the street – men and women of all ages put themselves and others in danger by choosing to pursue their desire for speed on public roadways instead of at the track.
www.nhra.com /streetlegal   (1144 words)

 Street Racing
Street race crash hurts student, 16, Police say she was ejected when the car hit a tree at high speed.
Street racing -- often dangerous, sometimes deadly, always illegal -- continues despite efforts by police to apply the brakes.
At one time I felt the vast majority of the street racers I knew (1/10 of one percent of everyone in the United States at most that street raced) were safe.
www.sshep.com /street_racing.htm   (3872 words)

 Street Racing Deaths
He is president of the Safe Racing Association, which sponsors occasional drag-racing events at Carlsbad Raceway and is trying to build a permanent motor-sports facility in the county.
Many of the store's customers are racing novices who simply want their cars to have the look of speed, not necessarily the massive, expensive horsepower.
The street was roped off between 35th and 40th streets and cars rolled up in pairs to a makeshift starting line.
www.jekylhyderacing.com /sr021006.htm   (2029 words)

 Street Racing Gallery - Street Racing Videos, Street Racing Pictures, Street Racing Cars!
The Street Racing Gallery neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, quality or availability of any Content, goods or services available on any site linked to or from the Street Racing Gallery, which are the sole responsibility of such independent third parties, and your use thereof is solely at your own risk.
The Street Racing Gallery may revise this Agreement or any other policy at any time and from time to time, and such revision shall be effective two (2) days upon posting notice of such revision prominently on the Street Racing Gallery.
This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state or province of domicile of the Street Racing Gallery, excluding its conflict of laws rules, and you and the Street Racing Gallery each submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state or province.
www.streetracinggallery.com   (2417 words)

 Evo Street Racers: Largest Anti-Street Racing Association
Street Scene Revolution's Evo Street Racers is a national not-for-profit motorsports association that focuses on curtailing illegal street racing by assisting in the evolution of street racers into motorsports racers.
With regard to member demand, Evo Street Racing will be contacting motorsports tracks across the entire country to define which tracks currently offer racing programs that create a viable alternative to street racing.
Via our Evo Street Ambassador program we are inviting all police agencies, media outlets, businesses, motorsports associations, and communities to stand together against the illegal activity of street racing.
www.evostreetracers.com /index.html   (1281 words)

 Street racing - Hot Cars - Fast Cars - Street Racing - Car Crashes - Car Videos
Street racing between a heavily modified Ford Lightning and the super fast Audi S4 7915 views 03.11.07(by dcadmin)
Street racing between a Bentley and an Impreza.
A corvette and a hot hatch race down a public street.
www.dreamcar.co.uk /videos/Street_racing   (189 words)

 Street Racing Videos - Drag Racing Videos - 1320Video.com
Three of the races include cars pulling their wheels on the street including the clip from the other video you saw earlier this month.
This is the short cut of the STL racing event pulled from the full 13 minute video, this is the 5 minutes of racing, prep, etc if you don't care to see all of the other pre and post racing stuff.
This is the first of two street racing videos from after the cruise is over at Americruise.
www.1320video.com /videos.php   (2075 words)

 Street Racing - Jalopnik
Underground Garbage truck street racing is apparently the latest threat to civil society in Canada, because cops in Goderich, Ontario have busted a driver for 112 KPH in a 60 KPH zone.
This is an attempt by authorities to concentrate street racing in one area to reduce the widespread racing throughout the city.
Their canned report on the dangers of street racing is topped with headers like "How they roll", "Law, schmaw" and "It's a fever thing".
jalopnik.com /cars/street-racing   (1467 words)

 Street racing - Los Angeles Times
The second a person chooses to street race, while driving on public streets, their car becomes a Weapon.
The State shoul make the street racing an aggravated feloni whit a mandatory years sentence plues a fine, and shoul offer a cash reward for any citizen whom alert police when and where thise race is going to take place
Regardless of whether one is "street racing", or simply behaving recklessly, people need to be more aware of how they might be affecting others.
www.latimes.com /news/local/la-me-crash-gb,1,5818896.graffitiboard?slice=1&limit=10   (777 words)

 Street Racing
Beyond the squeal of tires, other racing enthusiasts show off their most recent modifications and offer tips for better performance.
Street racing has developed a dark subculture among participants.
The "forbidden fruit" appeal lures racers into the streets in the early morning hours when the threat of getting caught by the police is lowest.
www.english.iup.edu /eaware/Streetracing/index.htm   (325 words)

 abc7.com: Six Impounded Street Racing Cars Crushed 6/20/07
They were impounded by a street racing enforcement team, fronted by Ontario police and supported by a number of area agencies.
Twenty-year-old Charles Hoang of Cupertino was cited for street racing.
Officials say there are some legal drag strips open to the motorist who want to test their cars against other cars, and they suggest that they use them.
abclocal.go.com /kabc/story?section=news/local&id=5401920   (411 words)

 Street Racing Gallery - Street Racing Videos, Street Racing Pictures, Street Racing Cars!
Through an amazing cinematic presentation, cars, people and race sounds are set to electronic beats and soundscapes, originally composed and produced in superb surround sound by legendary electronica producers from Front 242.
The DVD starts off with a race car spinning, it goes faster and faster and faster until it appears to be moving slowly.
It's a contradiction that is echoed throughout the journey of the film, as speeding cars and glowing lights special effects are intercut with stormy clouds and sheets of rain.
streetracinggallery.com /street_racing/street_racing_gallery/speed_tribe_racing_dvd.html   (968 words)

 Alternatives to Street Racing
In addition to educating young people on the dangers of street racing, RASR spreads the word of sanctioned, organized alternatives-with a list of nearly 300 racetracks and/or organizations that sponsor recreational sport compact racing.
While this is a painless way to step into a safe racing environment, sport compact street racing represents a different culture.
The San Diego County legal community was one key to RaceLegal.com's success, providing a serious deterrent to illegal racing activities with stepped-up enforcement of existing laws and stiff fines, vehicle impounds and license revocation.
www.valvoline.com /carcare/articleviewer.asp?pg=dsm20031001sr&cccid=3&scccid=1   (923 words)

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