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Topic: Strike action

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In the News (Fri 16 Aug 19)

  Strike action - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strike action, often simply called a strike is the mass refusal by employees to perform work due to certain grievances.
Strikes that involve all workers, or a number of large and important groups of workers, in a particular community or region are known as general strikes.
A sympathy strike is, in a way, a small scale version of a general strike in which one group of workers refuses to cross a picket line established by another as a means of supporting the striking workers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Strike_action   (1904 words)

 UK miners' strike (1984-1985) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A strike nearly happened in 1981, when the government had a similar plan to close 23 pits, but the threat of a strike was then enough to force the government to back down[1].
On March 12, 1984 Arthur Scargill, President of the NUM declared that the strikes in the various coal fields were to be a national strike and called for strike action from NUM members in all coal fields.
This confrontation between striking miners and police, dubbed by some 'The Battle of Orgreave', was the subject of a TV re-enactment in 2001, conceived and organized by artist Jeremy Deller and recorded by Mike Figgis for Channel 4.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UK_miners'_strike_(1984-1985)   (3735 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Strike action
A sitdown strike is a form of civil disobedience in which an organized group of workers, usually employed at a factory or other centralized location, take possession of the workplace by sitting down at their stations, effectively preventing their employers from replacing them with scab labor or, in some cases...
Jurisdictional strike is a concept in United States labor law that refers to a concerted refusal to work undertaken by a union to assert its members’ right to particular job assignments and to protest the assignment of disputed work to members of another union or to unorganized workers.
A jurisdictional strike Jurisdictional strike is a concept in United States labor law that refers to a concerted refusal to work undertaken by a union to assert its members’ right to particular job assignments and to protest the assignment of disputed work to members of another union or to unorganized workers.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Strike-action   (4204 words)

 Position Statements 1999 [Strike Policy]
Strike action is considered the measure of last resort; to be taken only after all other possible means to conclude an agreement have been explored and utilised.
ICN defines a strike as employees’ cessation of work or a refusal to work or to continue to work for the purpose of compelling an employer to agree to conditions of work that could not be achieved through negotiation.
Strike action maintaining essential services has been used successfully by professional trade unions in the past to initiate social dialogue, improve the quality of care provided as well as the working conditions of nurses/health workers.
www.icn.ch /psstrike.htm   (932 words)

 BBC braces for strike action
Union officials said the strikes by members of the NUJ, BECTU and Amicus, were opening shots in a campaign to persuade the director-general, Mark Thompson, to hold fresh negotiations over his plans to axe 4,000 jobs and make savings of £355 million.
With the vote, BBC staffs are expected to stage three days of strike action, fling out television and radio programmes for 24 hours on 23 May, and for 48 hours on 31 May and 1 June.
A fourth stoppage and future strike dates are still to be announced, but are likely to target high-profile events such as Wimbledon and the G8 summit at Gleneagles in July, after union leaders vowed to create "maximum disruption" for the BBC.
www.tamileelamnews.com /news/publish/tns_4312.shtml   (233 words)

 AUT - Overwhelming vote for strike action   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Academic and academic-related staff are set to take strike action after AUT members voted overwhelmingly to reject proposals to overhaul the higher education pay framework.
Action short of a strike, by the AUT's 47,000 members, would include a boycott of assessment activity and call-out cover.
The final decision on whether to begin strike action during the same week as the NUS campaign against variable top-up fees will be taken by the AUT's executive committee tomorrow.
www.aut.org.uk /index.cfm?articleid=724   (603 words)

 Information About CHAOS™
Striking is a form of self-help, and the RLA gives strikers options that aren't available to workers in other industries, such as intermittent strikes (CHAOS) and secondary picketing.
By selectively striking only on layovers, at certain cities or on certain days when staffing is at a minimum and there is a lack of available Flight Attendants, even a single striking crewmember could shut down a flight.
AFA will not instruct Flight Attendants to begin strike actions until we are satisfied that the legal justification for a strike has been met.
www.unitedafa.org /res/chaos/info/what_is_chaos.asp   (816 words)

 Indymedia Scotland, UK | UNISON heading for pensions strike action   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Massive strike action is on the cards because of government plans to downgrade public sector pensions schemes.
An overwhelming majority of UNISON members voted in favour of strike action during consultation in January 2005, and members across the country are planning activities for the TUC day of action on pensions on February 18.
With potentially a million public-sector workers on strike, union members will be in a position to force Blair’s government into retreat on pensions in the runup to this year's general election.
www.indymedia.org.uk /en/regions/scotland/2005/01/304406.html   (646 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Civil servants to strike over pay
The strike will be the civil service's biggest for a decade and will be followed by other forms of action.
"Strike action is the absolute last resort but we have tried for the past six months to end appalling low pay rates in the civil service and the time has come for something to be done."
Earlier, the Department of Work and Pensions said striking would be inappropriate but plans were in place in minimise disruption to job centres, the Child Support Agency and pensions department.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/3415177.stm   (548 words)

 Strike Action Cartoons
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www.cartoonstock.com /directory/s/strike_action.asp   (516 words)

 SocietyGuardian.co.uk | Society | Civil servants to vote over strike action on pensions
Britain's largest civil service union said it would be balloting up to 290,000 public sector members on strike action over government plans to compulsorily change the public sector retirement age from 60 to 65.
The changes, which even the EO admits are difficult to explain, boil down to a raising of the early retirement age from 50 to 55, and an increase in the age at which staff can receive a full pension scheme.
Unison members were consulted on both the imminent and the proposed changes, and backed the move to ballot for strike action.
society.guardian.co.uk /industrialaction/story/0,12672,1406040,00.html   (715 words)

 SocietyGuardian.co.uk | Society | Firefighters vote for strike action
The scheduled action, the first by firefighters for 25 years, comes after an 88% vote in favour of strike action by members of the Fire Brigades Union.
On the strike days, patchy emergency cover will be provided by less than a thousand army operated vintage green goddesses.
The eight-day strikes are scheduled for November 6 to 14 and 22 to 30, and December 4 to 12 and 16 to 24.
society.guardian.co.uk /localgovfinance/story/0,1205,814882,00.html   (393 words)

 Action Vault - Fair Strike Interview
Fair Strike is the only helicopter simulation game that will give the player an opportunity to pilot this Russian concept helicopter.
Action Vault: In designing these helicopters and the flight model, what balance are you aiming for between the game's simulation and action elements?
Wingmen AI will keep track of its weapons, and if you choose to have two wingmen, one of which is armed with air to air missiles, and the other with air to ground missiles, they will use their weapons correspondingly - one will attack air targets and the other one ground targets.
actionvault.ign.com /features/interviews/fairstrike.shtml   (1168 words)

 UE-GE Locals Prepare For National Strike Action
UE members who are General Electric workers are preparing to defend their medical insurance program with the union´s first national strike action against that company in more than 30 years.
UE strikes will be a response to GE´s plans to implement co-payment increases to its Health Care Preferred (HCP) managed care plan effective Jan. 1, and announced intention to engage in further cost-shifting in national contract negotiations in June.
We urge all locals to undertake necessary strike preparations, and further urge those locals which have not yet done so, to secure strike authorization from their members as soon as possible.
www.ranknfile-ue.org /newsupdates/news.php?topicid=97&pageID=uenews&pagetype=article   (690 words)

 Tube workers win 35-hour week through strike action | The Socialist 29 January 2005
While the tabloids have exaggerated the concession given by management, nevertheless, this deal represents a victory for RMT members and a vindication of last June's strike action.
Overall the deal is a big step forward for station staff on LU but there are also regrets that more was not achieved, especially when strike action was first planned in May in the run-up to the London mayoral elections but the union's executive called the action off.
Nevertheless, successful strike action occurred in June but despite the agreed position of a mass meeting for more strike dates the campaign was then called off for more talks.
www.socialistparty.org.uk /2005/378/np11.htm   (545 words)

 UNI : Brink's workers vote for strike action   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In a ballot held by our affiliate SIPTU yesterday, members voted overwhelmingly (Wednesday August 11) to take strike action against the company, Brink's Allied - which is 50%-owned by the US-based Brink's Inc. SIPTU has reported that 60 workers voted in favour of strike action, while 9 voted against.
This means that strike action can begin on Thursday, August 19, and all work could cease as a result.
A quick survey of UNI affiliates in a number of European countries has shown that in many countries, such as Denmark, Sweden and the UK (where crews are unarmed), there are no such procedures in place as the company is proposing to introduce in Ireland.
www.union-network.org /uniproperty.nsf/All+Documents/FC09A004E29DA097C1256EEE0020A97E?OpenDocument   (333 words)

 BECTU News - BBC unions plan four days of strikes
BBC management will now be given the statutory seven days' notice of strike action, while union officials and activists across the UK begin to prepare for a full turnout of their members on May 23.
Your actions are purely selfish as you have absolutely no regard for viewers and listeners who will be upset that they cannot listen to and watch their favourite programmes.
I'm sure many freelance workers support the action being taken at the BBC but we need to be informed of the union's recommendation regarding acceptance of new bookings for strike days and action to be taken if bookings have already been accepted.
www.bectu.org.uk /news/bbc/nb0256.html   (3927 words)

 AUT - the higher education union
Industrial action – both strike action and action short of a strike is a breach of contract.
In addition to withdrawing labour and supporting local picket lines, members should be advised to support the local joint action by AUT and NUS during the week of action.
All these members are called to take action short of a strike beginning on and continuing from 1 March 2004.
www.aut.org.uk /media/html/adviceonstrikeaction.html   (876 words)

 PAT - Professional Association of Teachers - teacher, teaching, teachers, lecturers, head teachers, nursery nurses, ...
We do not undertake industrial action because we recognise its negativity and the inevitable damage caused to the interests of those for whom we are responsible.
If Association members are faced with any difficulties because of industrial action, they should contact the Association through their local PAT Council Member, Federation or Branch Secretary, Field Officer, or head office staff in Derby or our Edinburgh, as appropriate.
As industrial action is planned in further education colleges this week by NATFHE, the Further and Higher Education Section of the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) has issued a statement setting out its policy on pay and conditions in FHE colleges.
www.pat.org.uk /index.cfm?param=policy/viewpolicy.cfm&id=18   (2654 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Q&A: the postal strike
The Royal Mail said that postal workers were ending their unofficial action in a number of areas hit by strikes.
The action began on October 17 with the suspension of 16 delivery drivers in Southall, west London, after they had refused to volunteer to take special delivery items to destination addresses rather than depots.
The CWU also blamed "heavy-handed" managers for an "aggressive bullying attitude" when staff returned after a second one-day strike in London on October 16, a stoppage that was called after a legal ballot.
www.guardian.co.uk /post/story/0,11489,1075314,00.html   (687 words)

 Scotsman.com News - UK - Unions set dates for strike action at BBC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
BBC staff are to stage three days of strike action, fling out television and radio programmes for 24 hours on 23 May, and for 48 hours on 31 May and 1 June.
All strikes will be held on weekdays and will affect live programmes including news, the National Lottery, and coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show, although the FA Cup Final on 21 May will not be affected.
Union officials said the strikes by members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), BECTU and Amicus, were opening shots in a campaign to persuade the director-general, Mark Thompson, to hold fresh negotiations over his plans to axe 4,000 jobs and make savings of £355 million.
news.scotsman.com /uk.cfm?id=518602005   (597 words)

 BECTU News - Dates set for BBC strike action
BECTU's BBC members have voted for industrial action in two ballots which were announced on May 17, and the union is planning to start its campaign of action with two stoppages in early June.
The decision came after ballot results which exceeded the predictions of observers, and, in the view of union negotiators, dashed BBC claims that the management were in touch with the views of the workforce.
BECTU is now planning the strike action, which may take the form of a series of one-day stoppages.
www.bectu.org.uk /news/bbc/nb0032.html   (846 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Unions announce BBC strike dates
BBC staff are to strike for 24 hours on 23 May and 48 hours on 31 May and 1 June in a row over job cuts.
All of the strikes will be held on weekdays and will not affect coverage of the FA Cup Final, which is on 21 May, as had been feared.
Mr Morrissey said unions had decided to stage strikes on days when most staff would normally be in work so they could show their anger.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4538929.stm   (640 words)

 Sheffield AUT - strike action
As a result of the overwhelming vote for strike action in the recent national AUT ballot staff in the Sheffield AUT, along with colleagues in other institutions, went on strike on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th February 2004.
There is a national campaign of strike action throughout the week.
This two day strike will be followed up by a campaign of action short of a strike commencing 1 March 2004.
www.shef.ac.uk /aut/strike.html   (454 words)

 Swansea strike action called off - Law & Policy - Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com
The one-day strikes and overtime ban were due to begin this Thursday after the union balloted 5,000 members at Swansea over what it perceives to be a privatisation agenda at the council.
A 41 per cent turnout saw almost 1,300 vote in favour of strike action and action was also planned for 4 and 11 November.
That strike was suspended earlier this month to allow for more talks between the two parties.
management.silicon.com /government/0,39024677,39125279,00.htm   (470 words)

 RTE Business - Brinks staff vote for all out strike action
Staff at the Brinks Allied security firm have voted in favour of taking formal strike action in their dispute with management over new security measures.
He said the union will be looking for sanctions, and if these are approved, strike notice will be served on Brinks to take effect from next Thursday.
Strike notice is expected to be served tomorrow which would allow for all-out action the following Thursday, August 19.
www.rte.ie /business/2004/0811/atm.html   (177 words)

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