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Topic: Strike out

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Strike Out - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strike Out was born in 1969 at Castleton Farm in Lexington, Kentucky a chestnut standardbred colt by Bret Hanover out of the mare Golden Miss.
As a two-year-old pacer, Strike Out earned more money than any horse in his age group and was named by Harness Tracks of America (HTA) and the United States Trotting Association (USTA) as the top harness horse of his age in North America.
Strike Out died on July 4, 1998 and was buried in the horse cemetery at Castleton Farms.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Strike_Out   (393 words)

 Counter-Strike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, with the gravity server variable set to low, a ragdoll propelled by a shotgun could be bounced off two walls, wrap several times around a pole, hit the ground, hit the skybox ceiling, and fall back to the ground.
In the United States, the players were more spread out, so the formation of online leagues was difficult, although Texas was a Counter-Strike hotspot.
Although this would register as a loss for SK (as they were the offensive side), it monetarily punished the defensive side (counter-terrorists) who were not given a chance to even defuse the bomb and thus had no chance of getting the large payoff.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Counter-Strike   (5189 words)

 Strike Out
Strike Out thumped older horses in his first purse start on May 4, took a brief break, and then returned June 1 to do it again.
Cope said that Strike Out was "very simple" to shoe, and wore the same basic equipment from the beginning to end of his career.
Strike Out was the light of his life."The family gently told Hayes about Strike Out's passing--and within a number of days, said his son, "he regressed to the point that he could no longer live at home.
www.ustrotting.com /hoofbeats/strike-ja.htm   (3359 words)

 Genentech: Strike Out Cancer Launches 2005 Program
The Strike Out Cancer™ program is a partnership between The Wellness Community® (TWC), a non-profit dedicated to providing free support, education and hope for all people affected by cancer, and Genentech, a leading developer of targeted cancer therapies.
This education and awareness program is designed to help you and your loved ones seek out information and support when facing cancer and encourage you to learn about new treatments, support networks and educational resources.
Strike Out Cancer will visit 11 cities across the U.S. and baseball Hall of Famer Paul Molitor and former All-Star Eric Davis will serve as national spokespeople for the program.
www.gene.com /gene/features/strikeoutcancer.jsp   (193 words)

 Strike Out: Reading Unedited Text
Striking out the messages thus eliminated more than 90% of the text you'd otherwise have read in these messages.
Figuring that striking out a message reduces the amount of it you read by about 90%, one can estimate that adopting the strikeout rule cuts the amount of bad text you read in unedited venues by about half, which is not bad for a simple mental trick.
Well, it turns out that far fewer of these E-mail messages strike out than do messages on Slashdot, which to me says there is a correlation between content and good writing.
www.fourmilab.ch /documents/strikeout   (3250 words)

 Strike Out!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I was locking the throttle friction to keep from accidentally moving my power setting when we broke out of the clouds and into VMC conditions.
A closer inspection also showed a series of smaller strikes along the starboard side, starting near the nose and ending just beneath the front cockpit.
Until you shut down and climb out, the emergency still is in progress.
www.safetycenter.navy.mil /media/approach/issues/julaug04/StrikeOut.htm   (1504 words)

 Supreme Court Should Strike Out Three Strikes
Andrade would limp or be wheeled out of prison at 87.
Some politicians indeed defend three strikes by claiming that it is a powerful weapon to fight crime.
For a fraction of the cost of preserving three strikes, most of these men could be helped by more drug treatment and job-training programs.
www.laprensa-sandiego.org /archieve/november08-02/strikes.htm   (672 words)

 strike, struck, striking, strikes- WordWeb dictionary definition
"the strike lasted more than a month before it was settled"
"the strike was scheduled to begin at dawn"
"The pianist strikes a middle C"; "strike 'z' on the keyboard"; "her comments struck a sour note"
www.wordwebonline.com /en/STRIKE   (355 words)

 Like Gwynn, Simon tough to strike out
CLEVELAND -- The Tigers had made eight straight outs on strikeouts Tuesday night against the Indians until Randall Simon pinch-hit in the eighth and grounded out.
Simon is the hardest player in the American League to strike out.
By striking out the side in the sixth and seventh, Finley tied the Indians' record of striking out six consecutive hitters.
www.freep.com /sports/tigers/tcorn30_20020530.htm   (530 words)

 This Mighty Casey Didn't Strike Out....
The final lap times of the two were nearly equal, but the damage was done -- Wotherspoon won back the world record in 1:07.72, the first human to break 68 seconds on a one-kilometer race.
What had happened until then turned out to be just the appetizer; the main course was still to come.
Sannes was 10th, Sundstrom 13th and Driscoll's 31st to round out the rest of the American contingent.
www.buzzle.com /editorials/12-3-2001-6413.asp?viewPage=3   (628 words)

 The official Counter-Strike web site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
CS is a realistic mod for Half-Life, where two teams (the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists) battle it out and perform map specific objectives.
CS will probably not include bots "out of the box." However, there are a couple well done bots available from third party developers.
Yes, the CS linux server is put out with each release, usually on the same day and a few hours before the windows release.
www.counter-strike.net /faq.html   (1790 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Strike Out)
They will be protesting the high price of fuel nationwide, and intend to bring the Nation to her knees, as they did in the early seventies.
With truckers unions and drivers claiming unreal fuel expenses the unrest and shift is beginning to give birth to a National Truckers Strike.
There have been some severe strikes in years past and the talk is complete shut down.
www.snopes.com /politics/gasoline/strike.asp   (962 words)

 The Sleep of Reason Brings Forth Monsters
Success might lie before him, he hoped, but his future would not be played out in the provinces.
In 1775, at the age of twenty-nine, he set out for Madrid, where his brother-in-law already was established as a court artist.
Nowhere is his rebellion more striking than in his portrayal of war.
www.worldandi.com /newhome/public/2004/february/bkpub1.asp   (1998 words)

 Dan Patrick:Memo to MLB: Don't strike out
As we approach the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, we also approach the idea that Major League Baseball could go on strike again in the next several weeks.
Just the fact that the players have been considering a strike date is depressing to me. And while I know recent signs have been encouraging, this is Major League Baseball -- you can't assume things will get fixed in time to save the season.
Finding common ground and settling these issues is obviously in the best interests of all parties, including the fans.
espn.go.com /talent/danpatrick/s/2002/0813/1417393.html   (581 words)

 Strike Out
When skeptics of strikes do talk about Iranian retaliation, it's of a limited sort: moves to deepen the instability in Iraq, further repression of reformists at home.
One reason to believe that Tehran might respond violently, it turns out, is that they have said as much--again and again, in fairly unambiguous terms.
To be sure, lashing out carries major risks for Iran: It would place the physical security of the country and regime in danger.
www.veteransforcommonsense.org /index.cfm?page=article&id=4412   (2394 words)

 Strike Out Cancer
Strike Out Cancer (SOC) organizes fundraisers called Strike Out Cancer Days at baseball parks across the United States to support families facing cancer.
SOC was created to help people living with cancer and their families face this disease, raise awareness and create events where people can enjoy a day of fun with family and friends at the ballpark.
The vision of SOC is to bring Strike Out Cancer Days to communities across the United States.
www.strikeoutcancer.org   (143 words)

 CNN.com - Will ballplayers, owners strike out this time? - August 19, 2002
Every time a strike deadline has been set, there's been a strike.
And I'm speaking as a fan, who out of his own after-tax dollars, pays for expensive season tickets with the Baltimore Orioles.
And more people need to make that clear because we have got to find some motivation to get the owners to work at this thing and not just try and single-handedly impose new rules on the players.
archives.cnn.com /2002/ALLPOLITICS/08/19/cf.crossfire   (407 words)

 Nine: Even umpires sometimes strike out.@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Nine: Even umpires sometimes strike out.@ HighBeam Research
The Homestead Strike of 1892 and the Pullman Strike of 1894 resulted in crushing defeats to fledgling unions in the steel and railroad industries.
11,400 people were fired by President Ronald Reagan for engaging in an illegal strike.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:84395590&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (181 words)

 Fool.com: Will Albertsons Strike Out? [Motley Fool Take] December 9, 2003
Once the strike is over, there's no guarantee that customers will instantly turn around and walk back through Albertsons' doors.
Over the past year, management has changed its earnings forecast several times, before finally withdrawing any guidance last month and declining to give investors any earnings outlook last Friday, saying the strike's impact can't be estimated.
The strike is only the latest knock to a company that has been succumbing to competitive pressures for some time.
www.fool.com /news/mft/2003/mft03120909.htm?source=eptyholnk303100&logvisit=y&npu=y&bounce=y&bounce2=y   (378 words)

 csart v2 - [ mmmm......the colors.... ]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Threeboy sent me word this morning of a new desktop he made for gaminglink.info, it's an amusing little thing and on the site he also chronicles the process that went into making the wallpaper look like it does.
Yea yea I know the new week should be out really soon.
As for the buttons, check out this thread and vote on the best one, and remember people, only pick one.
art.counter-strike.net   (317 words)

 Glosiversity :: View Term : Strike Out   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A batter is declared as out, when he receives three strikes.
When a batter swings and misses three pitchers, receives three pitches within the strike zone without swinging, or a combination of the two.
Foul balls are counted as strikes, except for the third strike, which either must be a swing-and-a-miss or looking.
www.glosiversity.com /subjects/view_term.php?term_id=35   (97 words)

 Counter-Map, The Official Counter-Strike Mapping Resource   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A friend of mine over at valve emailed me a tip on how you figure out how well a map is running, and where problem areas are.
The VERC Collective has updated the official HL2 mod faq with more information, some of which was delivered in a irc chat held a bit ago.
CSCentral just released their second pack, and I must say, there are a lot of great maps in it, from a lot of tallented designers.
countermap.counter-strike.net   (1314 words)

 strike out
The pitcher is the player who leads the defensive action by pitching in such a way so as to try to retire the hitter standing in the batting box.
Called strike pitches must be delivered in the strike zone, i.e.
Each pitch, also those out of strike zone which are swung at by the batter without being hit is considered a strike
www.baseball.ch /2003/AS/HE/htpp5.htm   (133 words)

 CSGN Version 3!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Choke unfortunately don't think they can field a team out of their 12 signed up players and will probably be defaulting.
So far this season we've done quite well and most teams have been able to put out a team for their games but we've come to a point in the season where some clans have been removed and/or asked to be replaced for one reason or another.
Their one redeeming factor is they have probably the best logo in the division (out of 3 clans who actually do have a logo, so not saying much really) but when you have Obsidian in your clan you shouldn't expect anything less.
www.csgn.co.uk   (6651 words)

 Strike The Root - a journal of liberty
Strike The Root - a journal of liberty
This gave the powers that be a major insight both into how to rule and what knowledge must be suppressed at all costs.
At times, Thoreau thundered at his readers like a Calvinist preacher, rhapsodized like an Indian prophet, stung like a gadfly or chided their sensibilities as a droll friend.
www.strike-the-root.com   (1233 words)

 Counter-Strike Source Hands-On Impressions - Pre-Beta Testing - PC News at GameSpot
This feature, along with Counter-Strike's distinctive pacing, which attempts to strike a balance between fast-paced fun and highly realistic weapon-firing characteristics, has helped the game sustain its remarkable popularity over the years.
Beta testing is planned to initially run in Internet cafes that have signed on with Valve; it will then be opened to fans who purchased the single-player Counter-Strike: Condition Zero game, which was released earlier this year.
Despite the fact that it's a sequel, Battlefield 2 is a thrilling action game that immerses you in the chaos of combat like never before.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/counterstrikesource/preview_6103815.html   (1177 words)

 The Stranger - News - City - Strike Out
They've camped at the capitol in Olympia in sleeping bags in order to convince lawmakers to give them an extension on their unemployment benefits, which recently ran out.
We gave an unconditional surrender [from our strike], and said we'd be willing to go back under the old contract and do the job that we've always done.
I talked to one who was claiming an injury and wanted some union help, but I said, "It's awful hard for me to help you when you're in there taking my members' jobs." I think it's been an education process for those people.
www.thestranger.com /seattle/Content?oid=3559   (392 words)

 Major league baseball may strike out   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The pitcher who throws strikes gets paid more, the batter who gets less strikes out gets paid more and of course the players who go on strike get paid more money.
The currently threatened strike is no different than any other; it boils down to money.
Only 43 out of the 857 major league players make the $200,000 minimum salary, while nearly 50 percent of the players make more than $1 million and 142 make more than $5 million.
www.dcmilitary.com /army/pentagram/7_27/commentary/18118-1.html   (363 words)

 The Allies Strike Out
When dawn broke on the 22nd however it was found that the Russians had pushed their position out by some 1000 yards and had created an extra position close to the coast.
Kersch was left to bask temporarily in relative silence under the baking midday sun until mindless violence suddenly broke out, providing a welcome sensation for the world press so far frustrated by the lack of military action.
The Tartars predictably picked out those who they had grudges against - matters quickly got out of hand and degenerated into atrocity; some women were raped and children slaughtered.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/crimean_war/94517   (3070 words)

 Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
The 5-foot, 7-inch Crutchfield honed his skills in Ardmore and nearby Moberly before striking out for the Negro Leagues in 1930, a time when fls were banned from Major League Baseball.
To his amazement, he was informed by the cemetery that another Negro Leagues player was buried at Burr Oak in an unmarked grave: John Donaldson, one of the best left-handed pitchers in Negro Leagues history.
Donaldson, who had played in the early years of fl baseball, is credited with once throwing three consecutive no-hitters, according to "The Biographical Encyclopedia of The Negro Baseball Leagues." The southpaw who could seemingly strike out batters at will had died in 1970 in Chicago and was buried at Burr Oak.
www.nlbm.com /ns/NewsDetail.cfm?NewsID=70   (1051 words)

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