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Topic: Structural design

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Structural Design - Methods
The goal of structural design is to determine the number, material composition and thickness of the different layers within a pavement structure required to accommodate a given loading regime.
Structural design is mainly concerned with determining appropriate layer thickness and composition.
In pavement design, the phenomena are the stresses, strains and deflections within a pavement structure, and the physical causes are the loads and material properties of the pavement structure.
www.hawaiiasphalt.com /HAPI/modules/08_structural_design/08_methods.htm   (986 words)

  Structural engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Structural engineering is the field of civil engineering particularly concerned with the design of load-bearing structures.
Structural engineers need to design structures so that while serving their useful function, they do not reach collapse (structural failure or ultimate limit), and do not bend, twist, sag or vibrate in undesirable ways (serviceability limit).
The sum of the forces acting on the structure are equal to the sum of the supporting reactions - the forces acting on the structure are in equilibrium.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Structural_engineering   (553 words)

 Aircraft Structural Design
Although the major focus of structural design in the early development of aircraft was on strength, now structural designers also deal with fail-safety, fatigue, corrosion, maintenance and inspectability, and producability.
Modern aircraft structures are designed using a semi-monocoque concept- a basic load-carrying shell reinforced by frames and longerons in the bodies, and a skin-stringer construction supported by spars and ribs in the surfaces.
For the best current methods of design, a scatter factor of 2 is typically used, so that the expected crack-free structural life is 60,000 hrs, and the probability of attaining a crack-free structural life of 60,000 hrs is 94 percent as shown in the following figure and table.
adg.stanford.edu /aa241/structures/structuraldesign.html   (1066 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
In civil engineering Structural design is a reiterative process of applying engineering mechanics and past experience to create a functional, economic and, most importantly, safe structure for the public to enjoy.
Using structural analysis techniques and comforming to design specifications the design engineer works to create a solution that is to everyone's benefit.
Sadly, structural design is also a process that has evolved to its modern refinement through hard lessons.
www.informationgenius.com /encyclopedia/s/st/structural_design.html   (70 words)

 Design Considerations for Fire Resistance of Structural Strengthening System
Compared with normal temperature design, the behavior and rating of the structural member (existing or upgraded) at the time of fire is different because the applied loads are smaller, material strengths may be reduced, smaller load factors can be used, and serviceability requirements are not important.
As a result, the strength design of a structure for fire safety is different than that for ultimate capacity and may incorporatelower material strengths and load factors and no strength reduction.
The additional concrete may be "structural" concrete reinforced with steel bars or wire mesh and designed to be a load-carrying element, or "protective" concrete used to increase durability, fireproofing, or to encase post-tensioning or bonded steel elements to protect them from mechanical and environmental damage.
www.structural.net /News/Media_coverage/media_SE_fire_resistance.html   (2746 words)

 PB Network | Issue 36 | Tips for Slurry Wall Structural Design
Design of a slurry wall is greatly dependent on the method of analysis used and requires close communication between structural and geotechnical engineers.
The slurry wall was designed for soil, groundwater and surcharge pressures in all three stages, and for seismic pressures in the long-term stage.
As structural engineers, we must acknowledge that the ultimate performance of the slurry wall is more significantly affected by construction techniques and site-specific subsurface conditions than it is by the structural details and code interpretations.
www.pbworld.com /news_events/publications/network/Issue_36/36_13_BecharaC_TipsForSlurryWalls.asp   (1601 words)

 Structural Design Concepts, Inc.
Located in west Little Rock, in the heart of Pulaski County, Structural Design Concepts, Inc. is a structural engineering design and drafting firm providing value engineering services to the industrial, commercial, residential industries.
The Company was founded in 1999 to assist the building designer, and contractor satisfy the more stringent code requirements introduced by the new seismic design provisions.
Structural Design Concepts, Inc. has a proven record of producing agency approved design solutions in all over the nation.
www.ezdesign.org   (202 words)

 Structural Design Patterns
Design Pattern is a type of design pattern that is used for converting the interface of a class into an interface that its clients expect to see.
Design Pattern is used when additional functionality needs to be added to objects dynamically.This pattern provides an alternative to subclassing for extending an object's functionality.
Design Pattern is used is used when it is required to use another object as a substitute to control access to this object.
my.execpc.com /~gopalan/design/structural.html   (260 words)

 PB Network | Issue 46 | Structural Design for a DBOM Project
The design calculations are a valuable part of the initial preliminary design because the resultant drawings are used to solicit bids from prospective design/build contractors.
For the structural aspects of the project, the engineering and associated contract plan preparation were to be advanced to a 30 percent level of completion.
Designs of the standard passenger station canopy and the station beacon were advanced to a 100 percent level of completion.
www.pbworld.com /news_events/publications/network/Issue_46/46_16_FedunP_StructuralDesign.asp   (1292 words)

 GoStructural.com - Blast-resistant design for buildings
Structural engineers who may not have experience in blast-resistant design need to recognize how these complex requirements interface with typical structural design, and coordinate them with architectural requirements.
Design models must account for this condition, and solutions include increasing the beam depth, decreasing the column spacing, requiring more bottom reinforcing to be continuous over the columns with laps staggered, and increasing the quantity and length of top bars.
Finally, the structural engineer not only must account for these blast effects, but also he or she must coordinate these issues proactively with the design architect and other engineering disciplines that may be affected by changes in the building structural elements.
www.gostructural.com /article.asp?id=279   (1849 words)

 Residential Structural Design Guide: 2000 Edition
Structural Design Guide is a unique and comprehensive tool for design professionals, particularly structural engineers, seeking to provide value-added services to the producers and consumers of American housing.
Chapter 7 addresses the design of various types of connections in a wood-framed home that are important to the overall function of the numerous component parts.
The design recommendations in the guide are based on the best information available to the authors for the safe and efficient design of homes.
www.toolbase.org /Design-Construction-Guides/Roofs/residential-structural-design-guide   (819 words)

 Structural Steel Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Design of members and frames of structural steel and their connections.
Develop basic understanding of the design of structural steel members using the AISC LRFD specification, and apply acquired knowledge to the design and detailing of a steel structure.
Design aids and typical sections and details as used in engineering practice will be introduced regularly, and a field trip to a construction site is planned.
www.rit.edu /~aoaite/0608_497.htm   (347 words)

 Package design, food package design, package design shipper layout   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
The Tucson facility is responsible for the design and manufacture of all of the...
A fundamental aspect of the graph package design is that we want a graph model to be shared among multiple views, each of which might contain a different...
Design is a collection of about 180 functions that assist and streamline modeling, especially for biostatistical and...
www.cigarettedeposit.com /package-design.html   (975 words)

 TDL - General Design - Structural Design Data
Design values and other design information for softwood glulam timbers and their fastenings.
Design values and other design information for hardwood glulam timbers and their fastenings.
Describes the derivation of design values for dimension lumber, timbers and industrial and structural grades of Southern Pine.
www.mcvicker.com /twd/gwdi97/page003.htm   (934 words)

 Structural Design of Buildings and Industrial Facilities Training
Numerical examples are solved throughout the course, and at the end the complete structural design of a steel and concrete building, from roof to foundation, is presented.
Structural engineers and engineering supervisors who are responsible for analyzing, designing or qualifying structures subjected to bomb blasts or accidental chemical explosions, as well as engineering supervisors and managers responsible for auditing, reviewing or approving such tasks will benefit from this course.
Results of load computation, structural response analysis and material behavior are combined to present design of structural members (columns, beams, slabs, walls, foundations) subjected to bomb blasts or accidental chemical explosions.
training.bossintl.com /html/design_blast_loads.html   (1048 words)

 Structural Design
We have designed many varied structures in steel, reinforced concrete, and timber for a number of clients.
We were engaged by Swift Structures Ltd. to design parts of the permanent floor slabs which they were supplying under a design and build contract.
Their metal decking subcontractor provided designs for the slabs on metal decks and we designed all the slabs constructed on soffit formwork.
www.ellisdesign.co.uk /struct.htm   (256 words)

 Visual Vs. Structural - Accessites.org
Structural designers start with the content, making sure that everything is marked up semantically and that there is a logical order to it.
Visual designs that rely heavily on background images tend to have a fixed width where the dimensions of the various areas on the page are specified in pixels.
A page created by a visual designer may also have a logical source order, but with a complex graphic design it is not uncommon for the content to be split into less than logical parts when it is coerced into a structure emanating from the visual design.
accessites.org /site/2006/08/visual-vs-structural   (1297 words)

 The Art of Structural Design - A Swiss Legacy | Smith College Museum of Art
The models are accompanied by photographs of the built structures in their environment, original notebooks containing designs, and an interactive CD-ROM presentation that elucidates the building process of the scale models.
One major objective of education in engineering should be to encourage students to see, accept, and begin to use that elemental sense of aesthetics.” The Art of Structural Design is a testament to the contributions of Professor Billington to the engineering curriculum in his 45 years at Princeton University.
Presentation of The Art of Structural Design at SCMA was made possible through the commitment of Smith’s Picker Engineering Program to increase the understanding of engineering and the possibilities that exist at the intersection of multiple disciplines.
www.smith.edu /artmuseum/exhibitions/structuraldesign.htm   (466 words)

 NISA/CIVIL: Structural Steel Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Structural drawings are automatically generated at the end of design session.
Steel design is carried out in accordance with allowable stress and limit state/LRFD methods for various sections like I, Channel, angles, Tees, pipes and square/ rectangular hollow sections for various combinations of forces like axial compression, axial tension, biaxial bending, Torsional moments, etc.
Stresses are computed at critical points of the cross section in allowable stress design method while load carrying capacities and moment capacities are computed in limit state/LRFD methods of design for various combinations of forces.
www.emrc.com /webpages/civilbroc/steeldesign.htm   (360 words)

 CE162 - Structural Concrete Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Design of beams, slabs, compression members, foundations, building frames, and retaining walls.
analyze and design the longitudinal reinforcement for a concrete beam.
analyze and design the shear reinforcement for a concrete beam.
www.engr.sjsu.edu /mcmullin/courses/ce162   (171 words)

 Structural Engineering Program
Structural Engineering deals with the planning, structural design, and construction of buildings, bridges, and other large structures, along with their maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation.
Today's structural engineer can choose from many materials, including timber, steel, masonry, concrete, and composites to provide economical and serviceable structures that are strong enough to resist gravity loads as well as dynamic forces from wind and earthquakes.
Current research in the area of structural engineering places a heavy emphasis on the design and behavior of structures subject to loading from natural hazards such as high winds, hurricanes, and earthquakes.
www.engr.colostate.edu /ce/students/grad/structural.shtml   (1317 words)

 Industrial Structural Design Training
He is responsible for the structural design of numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities in the United States and overseas.
His experience also includes: evaluation of structural deficiencies and damage assessment; failure analysis of equipment foundations and superstructure; evaluation of construction defects, structure stability and safety; reconstruction of construction accidents and failures.
The central theme of this course is to develop structural design of industrial facilities in a systematic manner with the structural systems and essential subsystems including crane runways, mill buildings, combined columns, and industrial floors.
training.bossintl.com /html/structural-design-industrial.html   (873 words)

 Optimum Structural Design
Structures designed in this way are safer, more reliable and less expensive than the traditional designs.
Nowadays, structural optimization is not only a consolidated research field, but it also has many practical applications in mechanical, automobile, aerospace and construction industries.
Professor Hernandez is the author or co-author of five books, editor of ten books on optimum structural design and has written more than sixty papers on that topic.
www.wessex.ac.uk /programmes/optimum04.html   (734 words)

 4E. Structural
For renovation projects, the live loads of adjacent existing areas should be noted on the structural plans to aid the contractor in determining construction live loads in staging areas or areas to be accessed during construction or demolition.
Designs should incorporate the specification of parking garage wearing-surface systems, reinforcing materials, and concrete additives to decrease permeability and help the prevention of deterioration of the structure from de-icing salts.
In addition to concrete additives designed to decrease permeability through the concrete, epoxy-coated reinforcing in the loading dock and apron concrete for protection against deterioration due to de-icing salts should be provided.
orf.od.nih.gov /PoliciesAndGuidelines/DesignPolicy/HTMLVer/Voume4/Structural.htm   (1633 words)

 HMA Design Tool
To determine the load effect on pavement during a particular design period, the designer must determine the weight distribution of various axle configurations over the design period.
Under ideal conditions, the designer will perform field traffic counts to determine the AADT, but if this is not an option, the designer should work with Mn/DOT’s Office of State Aid to develop reasonable AADT numbers.
In addition to the design method information provided on this website, the user is directed to section 5.3 of the LRRB Report 2002-17REV for more information.
www.dot.state.mn.us /stateaid/hma_tool/structuraldesign.html   (1551 words)

 FBI Laboratory: Structural Design Unit
The Structural Design Unit is responsible for the planning, design, and development of demonstrative evidence to support expert testimony during trial.
Three-dimensional scale models, exhibits, and displays are created to reconstruct crime scenes and clarify to the jury the location and spatial relationships of evidence, witnesses, victims, perpetrators, and building structures.
Building structures and terrain where crimes were committed are developed from onsite measurements, aerial photography, maps, photographs, witness interviews, CAD (computer-aided design) files, and blueprints.
www.fbi.gov /hq/lab/org/sdu.htm   (283 words)

 Swales Aerospace - Engineering Competencies - Mechanical & Structural Design
Structural and thermal aspects of the design are evaluated by transporting the 3D geometry directly to NASTRAN and SINDA / TRASYS thereby gaining valuable engineering feedback early in the design phase.
Follow-through is key to ensuring that all hardware meets or exceeds the requirements and that designs are implemented correctly and efficiently.
Our Design Engineers work closely with manufacturing to coordinate special environmental concerns for cleaning, assembly, and integration of spaceflight items including use of Swales' cleanroom facilities, Class 100 laminar flow benches, special lubricant, or coating facilities.
www.swales.com /engineering/mech_struct.html   (405 words)

 AU Solar Decathlon - Structural Design
Design of the structural components of the house and the attached exterior decks was based on current industry and model building code requirements.
Although all primary calculations were based on an initial house location in Washington D.C., additional checks were conducted realizing that the structure will likely be relocated to the Auburn, AL area.
Seismic considerations were not emphasized during design since the structure is not firmly anchored to the site and since most wind resistant design features provide sufficient resistance to seismic lateral loads.
www.eng.auburn.edu /organizations/solar_decathlon/designloads.html   (154 words)

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