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Topic: Structural failure

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In the News (Sat 21 Apr 18)

  Structural failure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Structural failure refers to loss of the load-carying capacity of a component or member within the structure or of the structure itself.
Structural failure is initiated when the material is stressed to its strength limit, thus causing fracture or excessive deformations.
Ultimate failure strength is one of the limit states that must be accounted for in civil engineering.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Structural_failure   (174 words)

 A BUILDING FIRE AND STRUCTURAL FAILURE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
This article will discuss the structural failure, signs to look for that may indicate structural failure, why lightweight steel fails and what happens when lightweight steel fails.
Failure of trusses may also pull walls into the interior of the building.
A very effective tactic to stop the failure of steel under these circumstances is to apply a solid stream directly onto the steel ahead of and in the direction if fire travel.
www.mutualbox.com /a_building_fire_and_structural_f.htm   (1620 words)

 Structural failure detection method - Patent 4179940   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A method as described in claim 7 wherein the structural member is part of an offshore platform and wherein the strain gauge is attached to a weld joint connecting one member to another member on the offshore platform structure.
Structural elements subjected to alternating cycles of tensile stress greater than the endurance limit for short period exhibit a lowering of the fatigue life (called overstressing).
In structural elements subjected to a large number of cycles of stress slightly under the fatigue limit, the resultant fatigue limit is raised (known as understressing or coaxing).
www.freepatentsonline.com /4179940.html   (3697 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Structural failure to residential buildings, site-built buildings (single- and multi-family housing), manufactured housing, and commercial buildings (wood frame, concrete and masonry, steel frame and pre- engineered metal) was observed.
Structural framing systems must be designed to transfer all gravity, uplift, and lateral wind loads to the foundation, as shown in Figure 4-4.
Proper structural framing requires a dedicated effort from the designer, to the building official, to the contractor, to ensure that all connections are installed in an approved manner.
www.fema.gov /fima/mat/txt/fema488/fema488_ch4.txt   (3775 words)

 Failure Analysis
Structural failure of a ladder is not at all an uncommon event.
Fatigue is a failure mode which occurs in structural materials and is driven by repeat loading, which when you think about it is a necessary requirement of a ladder, a drive shaft on an automobile, and the wing on an airplane.
In the failure analysis of devices, it is often necessary to remove over-layers, such as the passivation (glass-like) layer that is used to protect the device from moisture andbad actor, mobile-ion species.
www.engr.sjsu.edu /WofMatE/FailureAnaly.htm   (2133 words)

 [No title]
Failure of the roof systems occurred when nails were extruded and the dead weight of the roofs was overcome by aerodynamic uplift.
Failure wind speeds were calculated using the pullout strengths of the toenailed connections and weight of the roof structures.
Failure wind speed was determined using tensile strength of the wire.
www.stormtrack.org /library/damage/alicia.htm   (3509 words)

 seminar programme
Failure of constructed facilities, which may carry a considerable price tag for structural replacement / rehabilitation, loss of business or life, almost invariably triggers a litigation process which draws together a mixed forum of engineering, legal and insurance professionals.
Structural failure investigation, a key component of structural forensic engineering which often calls for an unlikely marriage of skills from disparate fields, is considered to be both an art and a science.
He performed structural investigations for forensic engineering, safety analyses, and rehabilitation applications in a variety of engineering projects, such as steel and reinforced concrete structures in hydraulic, thermal and nuclear generating stations, piping and pressure vessels, concrete dams, high-rise buildings, and off-shore platforms.
www.structural-forensic.com /programme-old.html   (3626 words)

 Coal Mine Fatal Accident Investigation Report, Haulage (Structural Failure), November 28, 1995
It is believed that the reason the structure did not collapse when the chord under the No. 3 chute fractured was because the superstructure was still symmetrically balanced over Towers 2 and 3, which minimized any overturning effects of these towers.
At the time of failure, men were on the structure shoveling off excess coal to restart the No. 17 belt that had stopped possibly from an overload.
The failure of the No. 17 stacker belt was most likely the result of a sequence of buckling and fracture of truss chords within the suspended gallery section, which supported chute No. 4.
www.msha.gov /FATALS/1995/FTL95C41.HTM   (3362 words)

 Zlin wing Structural Failure Report - Neil Williams
It was just as well that I left thewheels up, because the failure was not the wing bolt after all, but in the centre section inboard of the undercarriage leg.
The aircraft was a complete write-off, but on reaching into the cockpit and checking the, seat, it was as solid as a rock, all the straps were intact, and on moving the control column, both ailerons worked in the correct sense.
True, there was a failure, but it is a tribute to the Czech designers and engineers that the aircraft could be flown at all.
www.aerobatics.org.uk /repeats/zlin_wing_failure.htm   (1803 words)

 Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It was the worst structural failure in the history of the United States (Levy and Salvadori, 1992).
Because of lack of redundancy, this failure caused the collapse of both of the walkways.
Also, the high number of fatalities resulting from the walkway's collapse raises the questions of whether the factor of safety required for a building should be proportional to the possible consequences of it collapse (Kaminetzky, 1991).
www.eng.uab.edu /cee/reu_nsf99/hyatt.htm   (1122 words)

 On the Risk of Structural failure on Norwegian Offshore Installations
Major incidents related to structural failure in Norway has been the loss of Frigg DP1 jacket during installation 12.10.1974, the capsize of the flotel Alexander Kielland 27.3.1980 causing the death of 123 men, the capsize of the jackup West Gamma 21.8.1989 and the loss of the concrete gravity structure Sleipner A-1 23.8.1991.
  The accidents connected to installation of fixed steel structures are the tilting of a jacket, possibly due to a mudslide, a toppled jacket during installation, due to problems with the mud mats, one having pile foundation error, one with tilting of the drill tower and one lost a module during lifting.
Using the calculated failure probabilities and the reduction obtained by quality control activities, a failure rate similar to the experienced failure rates are obtained.
home.c2i.net /kvitrud/Arne/risk.htm   (4583 words)

 DAST ECN-31306-fr43-9: DAST in Flight just after Structural Failure of Right Wing
This was done because stiffness requires structural weight but ensures freedom from flutter-an uncontrolled, divergent oscillation of the structure, driven by aerodynamic forces and resulting in structural failure.
Flight research with this concept was extremely hazardous because an error in either the flutter prediction or control system implementation would result in wing structural failure and the loss of the vehicle.
In case of failure in any of the ground systems, the DAST vehicle could also be flown to a recovery site using a backup control system in the F-104.
www.dfrc.nasa.gov /gallery/photo/DAST/HTML/ECN-31306-fr43-9.html   (943 words)

 Thielsch Engineering  - PED Failure Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Failure analysis of structures is the investigative procedure used to determine the cause and effects of a failure of a mechanical system.
Whether the mode of failure is a complete catastrophic structural failure or simply a failure to meet specified design goals, the investigation requires an orderly method to ascertain the operational loads and/or procedures, design and as-built specifications and observed failures to meet design goals.
Our materials engineers and failure analysts provide independent expert opinions regarding materials failure analysis related to consumer product design and industrial equipment with a special focus on turbines, piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves, piping, general machinery, frame and structural components, compressors, pumps and boilers.
www.thielsch.com /pedfa.htm   (143 words)

 Fundamentals of Structural Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Failure occurs when maximum shear stress is equal to one-half the yield stress in tension.
Failure is expected for an arbitrary stress condition if the largest of the three dashed Mohr circles for the situation touches the envelope.
When a structural member is excited with a dynamic load that acts with a frequency near one of its’ natural frequencies, the resultant deflections (and stresses) can be very large.
feaservices.com /fund_struct/fund_struct.html   (5676 words)

 Properties of Materials
For example, if the test article is loaded in tension to some specific value (e.g., 6000 psi) and then unloaded back to zero in each cycle, its N will be different from the case when the test article is loaded in tension to 3000 psi and then compressed to -3000 psi in each cycle.
Up to that time all structural components that underwent cyclic loading were designed to the static strength of the material with some factor of safety.
Fatigue and associated structural failure came to light in the early 1950's with the mysterious in air explosion of first transsonic airliner, the DeHavilland Comet shown in the figure below.
www.ae.msstate.edu /vlsm/materials/fatigue/fatigue.htm   (672 words)

 Structural failure and risk analysis
Reading about past structural disasters, I noticed that many had been associated with innovation and inability to appreciate the significance of new failure modes.
After each failure, revisions were made to engineering methods to prevent repetition and the techniques that had been innovatory became conventional.
For these platforms, explicit consideration was given to providing structural redundancy so that no joint would be critical to overall integrity of the platform.
www.riskassessor.com /april00.html   (1161 words)

 Amazon.com: Structural Reliability Analysis and Prediction (Civil Engineering S.): Books: Robert E. Melchers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Structural reliability has become a discipline of international interest, addressing issues such as the safety of buildings, bridges, towers and other structures.
Structural systems are also described, as is the effect of time on reliability estimation, and on the development of design code rules on the basis of limit state principles as under-pinned by probability theory.
The probabilistic reliability assessment of existing structures, the latest subject covered by the book is useful in pointing out the necessity of appropriate repairs actions on such structures, how to estimate deterioration and which actions have to be carried out in order to reduce risk levels.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0471987719?v=glance   (1315 words)

 Structural Failure Analysis with Interface Elements Using an Elasto-Plastic Damage Approach   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
To reduce the computational time for an efficient analysis, an approach concentrating nonlinearities into possible failure sections while keeping other portions of the simulation model elastic is proposed.
The current effort using the interface element is to partially offset expensive experimental efforts to obtain the phenomenological hysteretic behavior for a frame structure.
The constitutive model for the interface element is calibrated by considering energy equivalence during member failure.
www.pubs.asce.org /WWWdisplay.cgi?0102177   (152 words)

 NIST Building and Fire Structural Failure Investigations
The NIST laboratories are well-equipped to conduct investigations.
Other labs include a tri-directional test facility for testing structural components and connections under the types of loads occurring during an earthquake, and a large fire laboratory with the capability of conducting well-controlled experiments in fires releasing heat up to 10 megawatts (typical of a multiroom fire).
By understanding the technical causes leading to structural failures and then making that information public, NIST engineers and researchers strive to prevent similar failures in the future.
www.nist.gov /public_affairs/factsheet/bfrlinvestigations.htm   (993 words)

 Structural Failure Analysis Expert Witness, Products Liability Expert Witnesses
Failure analysis of mechancial and structural components in support of product liability litigation cases.
Civil and structural engineer specializing in corrosion of reinforcing and prestressing steel in concrete contaminated with chloride.
Structural and architectural consulting engineering firm specializing in investigation and repair of existing structures, and field and laboratory testing.
www.expertlaw.com /experts/Failure/Structural.html   (675 words)

 GENOA modeling software closely predicts composite structural failure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Model accuracy is often determined in a structural validation test: the modeled part is built and tested, the test data is compared to the FE prediction, and the FEM is then updated to better match the test results.
Under asymmetrical loading, the GENOA model predicted a failure location on the fuselage bottom surface, near the actual crack observed in the test, and a failure load within 2.1 percent of the test failure load -- 9,616 kg/21,200 lb (test) vs. 9,752 kg/21,500 lb (predicted).
The progressive failure analysis ran the load cases in sequence, monitoring the start and propagation of damage and updating the local material properties as needed.
www.compositesworld.com /hpc/issues/2004/July/508/3   (1290 words)

 JS Online: Structural failure blamed in Quad collapse
Lomira - Dodge County authorities said Thursday a structural failure was the only logical cause of a collapse of a 10-story-high storage facility that led to a massive fire at the Quad/Graphics Inc. printing plant two weeks ago.
The structure, which had opened in April, and its contents of millions of pages of unbound magazines and catalogs were destroyed in the inferno.
And, without knowing for certain whether Quad officials knew of any structural defects in the tower that collapsed and crushed his son, he said he's perhaps more uncertain than ever.
www.jsonline.com /news/ozwash/jul02/61738.asp?format=print   (585 words)

 Soil-Shrinkage Induced Structural Failure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
This paper describes an investigation into the causes of structural damage to a retirement home and the subsequent rehabilitation project.
The investigation revealed that the damage was caused by shrinkage of the soils beneath the structure’s foundation as a result of dry weather, shrinkage-prone characteristics of the soils, deviation from the original design, and poor construction techniques.
The structure was subsequently underpinned to rock using the inclined drilled pier method.
www.pubs.asce.org /WWWdisplay.cgi?8704028   (116 words)

 Structural failure investigations
Whether collapse or unsatisfactory performance, structural failure may be initiated by fracture, buckling, plastic deformations, instability, corrosion, creep, or wear.
With the possible exception of accidental or severe environmental loads, the causes of failure may be found in deficiencies of design, detailing, material, workmanship, or inspection.
Successful failure investigation, considered to be both an art and a science, often requires state-of-the art analytical and experimental expertise.
www.structural-forensic.com /Failure.html   (147 words)

 AirDisaster.Com News: Structural failure blamed for 2002 China Air 747 crash.
"A continuous crack of at least 71 inches (180 cm) in length, a crack length considered long enough to cause structural separation of the fuselage, was present before the inflight break-up of the aircraft," said the ASC in the report.
The ASC said the crack on the back half of the fuselage was caused in a tail strike incident in 1980, and China Airlines had failed to repair the crack in accordance with Boeing Co.'s maintainence procedures.
Since 1997, the aging plane had had a total of 29 delayed or overdue inspections, which were supposed to prevent corrosion or deterioration of parts, the report said.
www.airdisaster.com /news/0205/28/news.shtml   (584 words)

 Occupational Hazards - Government Investigates Structural Failure of WTC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The federal government wants to know why three of the buildings at the World Trade Center suffered complete structural collapse on Sept. 11 and is willing to spend time and money to find out.
The WTC Towers and WTC 7 are the only known cases of total structural collapse in high-rise buildings where fires played a significant role.
The mechanical and metallurgical behavior of different grades of structural steel in these buildings (using steel recovered from the WTC site that is being stored at NIST).
www.occupationalhazards.com /articles/5044   (741 words)

 Ship Structure Committee: Case Study II: DERBYSHIRE
Before the possible structural defects are discussed, the general arrangement for the region around frame 65 must be described.
He claims the new structure is able to resist a pressure head of 7.0 meters, which is significantly better than the original design pressure head of 5.31 meters.
The discovery of these failure modes confirms, or at least increases the likelihood, that the sinking was caused by hatch cover collapse.
www.shipstructure.org /derby.shtml   (3963 words)

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