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Topic: Studsail

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In the News (Tue 24 Apr 18)

Studsails may be carried on either side of any or all of the square rigged sails.
Each mast has three parts, the lower mast, top mast and top gallant mast (three yards in which to hang sails.) The bowsprit is the spar jutting from the front of this ship in which sails and is also used to support the mast with stays, or support lines.
Outboard of the square sails might be set studdingsails [studding sail, studsail, stun's'l) -- a sail on a special spar, extended outboard of a square sail or sails, for added sail area in moderate winds.
www.solentwaters.co.uk /Vessel%20Types/Vessel%20Types%204/page4.html   (1678 words)

 Boy's Manual Of Seamanship And Gunnery
Reeve the end out through the sheave-hole in the gangway, through the tack-block at the swinging boom-end, and bend it to the clew of the sail with a sheet-bend, or a running-eye and cross toggle, the long and short sheets are formed out of one piece of rope.
Take the end up abaft the foreyard, and reeve it through a block under the top, or secured to the foremast-shroud of fore-rigging, through a block on the inner yard-arm of the lower studsail-yard, through a thimble in the after-part of the sail, and bend it to the tack with a sheet-bend.
The hauling part is rove through the inner sheave of double block, secured by a tail to the foremost shroud of the main rigging, the boom-brace being rove through the outer sheave of the same block, or through two sheaves in the ship's side, just before the gangway.
www.pbenyon.plus.com /B_S_M/Fourth_Instruction_II.html   (5595 words)

 Ocean Challenge Live! Captain's Log
At 6 PM, set lower studsail, wind hauled aft some.
Midnight, stud sails out both sides, ugly sea and weather.
Ends with strong breezes from NE by N. Set Royal studsails.
www.sitesalive.com /ocl/nie/private/ilogocl3.html   (419 words)

 Bvi Yacht Charter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Norfolk Schools Sailing Association - Norfolk Schools Sailing Association, was integral in the formation of the Royal Yachting Associatons (RYA) dinghy sailing scheme and the production of the Bittern Class sail training dinghy.
Studding sail - A studding sail or studsail is a sail used to increase the sail area of a square rigged vessel in light winds.
Cruising Yacht - Cruising Yacht Travel Agents We list thousands of U.S. travel agents and firms.
luxury.vvvvvv3.com /bviyachtcharter.html   (597 words)

 The Loss of HMS Orpheus - 7 February 1863
Steam was got up in two boilers; we had been condensing.
The ship proceeded at 12 30, under all plain sail, with starboard foretopmast studsail set, towards Manukau, steering east till 1 o'clock, then N.E.E., being the courses laid down - so the master told me - in Captain Drury's sailing directions, keeping the Ninepin on with the end of Paratutai.
The hands were on deck, the ropes manned for shortening sail, the commodore, commander, and master on the bridge; leadsmen in both chains; spare tiller shipped, with relieving tackles hooked, and six men stationed; gratings and hatchway covers were placed ready for battening down.
www.pdavis.nl /Orpheus.php   (6145 words)

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