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Topic: Stylistic device

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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Authoring Challenges for Device Independence
Stylistic design is also heavily influenced by the capabilities of the target device and preferences expressed by the user.
Authoring techniques that support DI should support delivery of applications that exploit new capabilities in devices and networks without compromising the ability of the application to be used on devices that lack those capabilities.
Authoring techniques that support DI should allow support for functional presentation, on devices not considered during development of an application, to be provided without the need for additional authoring effort wherever possible.
www.w3.org /TR/2002/WD-acdi-20021018   (13959 words)

 [No title]
Stylistics, however, observes not only the nature of an expressive means, but also its potential capacity of becoming a stylistic device.
Stylistic devices carry a greater amount of information because if they are at all predictable they are less predictable than expressive means.
Thus the stylistic device based on the first principle is metaphor, on the second, metonymy and on the third, irony A metaphor is a relation between the dictionary and contextual logical meanings based on the affinity or similarity of certain properties or features of the two corresponding concepts.
www.durov.com /study/STYLISTICS-175.doc   (10588 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Alliteration is a phonetic stylistic device which aims at imparting a melodic effect to the utterance.
In the stylistic device of irony it is always possible to indicate the exact word whose contextual meaning diametrically opposes its dictionary meaning.
A metaphor becomes a stylistic device when two different phenomena (things, events, ideas, actions) are simultaneously brought to mind by the imposition of some or all of the inherent properties of one object on the other which by nature is deprived of these properties.
pages.ykt.ru /miracle/sd.html   (7632 words)

 Pen Computing Magazine: Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 review
Long live the Stylistic!" The original line of Stylistics, dating back to the original Stylistic 500, then extending to its Stylistic 1000, 1200, and finally 2300 successors which pretty much shared the original design, is dead.
From a ruggedness angle, the new Stylistic continues along the line of its predecessors: it is a durable device but not one designed for harsh environments.
Bottomline: the consolidation of the former Stylistic and Point lines (both remain available for a while) into the new Stylistic 3400 comes perhaps a bit as a surprise, but there is no doubt that the new design is superior in almost every respect.
www.pencomputing.com /frames/fujitsu_stylistic_3400.html   (2122 words)

 Rhetorical Criticism of the Hebrew Bible
Stylistic critics today are not necessarily neglecting the message, of course, but sometimes they neglect the way that style helps conveys the message.
The stylistics are seen not just for their artistry, but also for their purpose—and the interest in persuasion requires that the interpreter takes the historical and sociological setting seriously.
The fourth step is similar: identifying the stylistic devices, with particular attention given to their function in persuading the audience of a view.
www.angelfire.com /md/mdmorrison/ot/rhetoric.htm   (7744 words)

 Rhetorical Criticism
Stylistic critics today may be neglecting the message in a different way--overlooking the purpose of the message.
The stylistics are seen not just for their artistry, but also for their purpose, and the interest in persuasion requires that the interpreter study the historical and sociological setting carefully.
Analyze the rhetorical devices and style, asking "the function of particular devices of style in their interactive context, what attitudes they should evoke in the audience, how do they contribute to the interaction desired by the author."136 These techniques then help us see the author's view of the situation.
www.angelfire.com /md/mdmorrison/nt/rhetorical.htm   (7576 words)

 Fujitsu's Pen Tablets - the Stylistic 3500 creates a Mobile Computing Solution for mainstream enterprise integration. : ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Incorporating industry-standard processor and operating system technologies, the Stylistic 3500 can easily be transformed into a desktop replacement and used as the primary computing device for both vertical and professional users.
The Stylistic 3500 is available with four optional docking alternatives, which include a mini-dock, high-usage dock, wall mount cradle and portable port replicator.
Stylistic 3500 incorporates several Microsoft® Windows® operating system choices, including Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000 Professional or Windows NT 4.0 Workstation.
www.fujitsu.com /hk/news/2001/pen_tablet3500_eng.html   (525 words)

 philjohn.com - poems: reflections on my poems: 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The possibilities within a larger poem are also greater to achieve certain effects by specific stylistic devices such as repetitions, parallelisms and climaxes as well as anti-climaxes.
Stylistic devices are something which are better observed as occurring than as having been applied.
Poesis is the reflection on the linguistic devices the writer has, it makes use of language in a way mostly different from day-to-day language.
www.philjohn.com /poems/pjkp_r1.html   (6906 words)

 Fujitsu Computer Systems About Us
In addition to the new outdoor display, the Stylistic 3500 is available with an SVGA indoor/outdoor or an XGA indoor-only display, creating one of the most versatile and complete collection of display options available in the pen tablet market.
The Stylistic 3500 is available with four optional docking alternatives, which further enhance the functionality and in some cases transform the pen tablet into a desktop replacement.
Stylistic is a trademark and First Cabin is a servicemark of Fujitsu PC Corporation.
www.fujitsu-pc.com /www/about.shtml?aboutus/pressreleases/pr_041601   (1139 words)

 Intertextuality and Media
In contemporary media scholarship, the concept of intertextuality is used to describe both an interpretive practice of audiences and a stylistic device consciously employed by producers of media.
Turning to the view of intertextuality as stylistic device, the essay identifies parodic allusion, creative appropriation, and self-reflexive reference as three distinct intertextual strategies.
Far from being a consequence of the death of the author (as the first version would suggest), intertextuality is an identifiable stylistic device consciously employed by the author, or in the case of media texts by the producer, to invite a particular audience response.
lamar.colostate.edu /~bott/intertext.htm   (958 words)

 Pen Computing Magazine: Fujitsu Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC review
Essentially replacing the older Stylistic 3500 for most applications, the ST-4000 was well received by Fujitsu's traditional customers, most of whom do business in vertical markets and do not have to be convinced of the merits of the slate form factor and the pen interface.
The new Stylistic, however, is much more than just a ST4000 with a larger screen.
Those who use their Stylistic in the office will probably get the very functional, albeit a bit bulky, office dock.
www.pencomputing.com /frames/tpc_stylistic_st5000.html   (1576 words)

When you choose stylistic devices for your speeches, you should have similar rationales.
The speaker who incorporates style into her speech is like a homebuilder who adds the fine trim and decorations to a home, is like a gardener who manicures green lawns, is like the artist painting aesthetic beauty, is like, well, you get the idea.
Wording a given portion of a speech just right, delivering a portion of a speech, organizing the speech, each could literally take forever since there are an infinite number of ways in which to do each of the parts of speech.
www.wcdebate.com /3ie/39style.htm   (470 words)

 Fujitsu Expands Mobile Offerings with Suite of Security Features - find BIOMETRICS
The LifeBook S7000 notebook and the Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC include the Fujitsu Security Panel, which provides the user with a means of selecting one of approximately 800,000 code combinations to lock/unlock the system.
The Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC and the LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC have a dedicated Smart Card slot, and the LifeBook S7000 notebook is Smart Card ready, requiring a PCMCIA Smart Card holder to access the reader.
Stylistic is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation.
www.findbiometrics.com /viewnews.php?id=1834   (1061 words)

 Stylistic device - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Figure of speech.
In literature and writing, a stylistic device is the use of any of a variety of techniques to give an auxiliary meaning, idea, or feeling to the literal or written.
The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stylistic_device   (539 words)

 NewsFactor Network | Fujitsu Anticipates 3G with New Pen Tablet PC
The new model, known as the Stylistic LT P-600, is intended to be a jump forward, with significantly greater memory, a better battery and superior graphics technology.
The lightweight, keyboardless device is aimed at enterprise applications, such as field and sales force automation, government agencies, merchandising, pharmaceutical and healthcare, according to Fujitsu.
The new device's battery delivers 4.5 to 6.5 hours of uninterrupted computing, the company reported, based on tests of the device in its most battery-efficient operational mode.
www.newsfactor.com /perl/story/13460.html   (992 words)

 P.O.V. - Big Enough . Behind the Lens. Production Journal | PBS
One stylistic consistency is that I always introduce the original character in the footage from 20 years ago and then segue into a sequence that features them today.
Another important stylistic device is the recurrent use of LPA convention footage (from Little People) that is presented in slow-motion, devoid of sync sound, and accompanied by original music.
I use the scenes as transitional devices between the introductions of the four sets of characters in the first 15 minutes of the film.
www.pbs.org /pov/pov2005/bigenough/behind_journal.html   (780 words)

 Balancing Passion and Reason in Tennyson's "Tithonus" and Jane Eyre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Similarly, both authors convey that a proper balance of passion and reason leads to one's proper station in the universe: for Jane, a happy life with Rochester, and for Tithonus, death.
The stylistic device of first-person narrative lends itself well to the exploration of this theme in both works.
This device, coupled with the narrator recounting events of the past, offers a sense of objective subjectivity -- an accurate, insightful knowledge of their subjective pasts -- which gives the narrator the appearance of authority.
www.victorianweb.org /authors/tennyson/tithonus1.html   (433 words)

 Foundation For Endangered Languages. Home
Although I’m suggesting that the stylistic economy with which Breitbach achieves his effect could not be matched by English, it would be unwise to argue that no English translation of Breitbach’s novel, however inspired, could ever render the deliberately distancing formality of this report-as-novel.
As a grammatical device consonant mutations are much less common in the world’s languages than suffixes, and consequently they have the allure of the unusual.
At the same time, it’s well within my capacity both as linguist and as learner to recognize and relish certain stylistic effects from the speakers’ deployments of the suffixes, and to celebrate the liveliness and coherence of tone that the emphatic-deictic suffix brings to their Gaelic discourse.
www.ogmios.org /121.htm   (5855 words)

 Rhetoric and Stylistics: Some Basic Issues in the Analysis of Discourse by Leon James
The other view is that linguistic expressions are merely indexical devices for conjuring up in the mind of the recipient some cognitive process that might correspond to the thought that the sender has and wishes to convey.
Words, phrases, sentences, linguistic expressions generally, are indexical devices which a speaker uses to conjure up in the mind of the listener an idea or thiough that he has and wishes to convey.
Mechanical sequences are generated by an algorithm, which is a computational device that specifies the order and nature of the steps to be followed in the generation of a sequence.
www.soc.hawaii.edu /leonj/499s99/yamauchi/rhetoric.htm   (6728 words)

 [No title]
Compare and contrast it with the device used in the English language.
Throughout the whole class they are analyzing an authentic text, which provides not only a good illustration of the stylistic device but also a specific context with a host of issues like the peculiarities of the writer’s style, his attitude to the audience and so forth (case-based approach).
On the other hand, I may say that my students simulate the job of a writer when they prepare their own short stories using some of the principles and stylistic devices we study.
www.public.iastate.edu /~pavant/academia/503/lesson.doc   (999 words)

 Yeats Leda and the Swan Essays - William Butler Yeats poem, Leda and the Swan and Fred Chappel’s Narcissus and Echo
Poets use many different stylistic devices to capture the attention of the reader.
Fred Chappel, in "Narcissus and Echo," and William Butler Yeats poem, "Leda and the Swan." use different, yet effective stylistic devices to capture the attention of the reader and hold on to them throughout the entire poem.
The purpose behind this particular stylistic device is to give the reader the feeling that she is seeing this moment directly from the eyes of each character without the poem being a narrative.
www.123helpme.com /view.asp?id=20369   (1077 words)

 gizmag Article: Alfa Romeo's 159 - the car to replace the 156
The line of the entire car springs from here, combining a light stylistic 'aggressiveness' with strikingly elegant forms: an impression that is underlined by the light clusters, which are delightful design features.
This pillar has a double stylistic function: it links to the curve of the rear window, above the rear axle (another clear stylistic expression of strength, robustness and dynamism), and embraces the passenger compartment thanks to the stylistic device of the classic Alfa Romeo 'elbow'.
For example the 'muscular' wing which, next to the generous wheels, marks the widest point of the car, unequivocally conveys the ideal of a car that is firmly 'anchored to the ground'.
www.gizmag.com /go/3764   (864 words)

 Articles & white papers about Windows based embedded applications ...
The Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Tablet PC is available in two versions.
The configurable design allows the integration of up to three radios in a single device, and the unit provides a broad range of scanning options along with a long-lasting battery.
The device records MP3 files using the on board microphone for voice and live recording or directly from any audio source, such as a CD player, through it's line-in connector.
www.windowsfordevices.com /articles/20021011AT7016387796.html   (1403 words)

[8] I propose that we view these words from the mouth of the Sailor as a clever literary device in which confused syntax is utilized to portray the confusion that characterized the moment.
In all the cases, I propose that we view the confused language as a deliberate literary device invoked to portray confusion, excitement, or bewilderment.
However, if we consider the peculiar circumstances of the episode, it becomes clear that the confused speech created here by the biblical writer is an attempt to reproduce the effect of the girls all talking at once in their excitement at meeting Saul.
www.arts.ualberta.ca /JHS/Articles/article_12.htm   (6465 words)

It is difficult to determine whether or not this is a deliberate stylistic device, but it does give the overall impression of repression and understatement.
To be honest, it seems that the artist has tried to use the colouring as an artistic/plot device and hasn’t quite pulled it off.
Admittedly, this does work well in the occasional frame, such as during the dream sequence page, where there is a red wash, however, it seems to me that the device is overused and gives a very strange end result.
www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com /real/108877967428251.htm   (600 words)

 Alfa 159 and Brera launched at Geneva
To underline the functional continuity between the facia and the console, the designers aimed to achieve stylistic continuity between them: the console, which is raised as if stretching towards the facia, has a sporty gearlever with short, precise movements, and a comfortable armrest that incorporates a large insulated storage compartment.
The engineers and stylists only had one goal: to combine sportiness with roominess and the quality of life on board.
The Alfa Romeo Brera is fitted with the most advanced electronic devices to control the car's dynamic behaviour: the sophisticated VDC system with sporty, non-intrusive calibration, complete with MSR and ASR (the former adjusts braking torque when changing down, while the latter limits wheel slip when accelerating).
www.italiancar.net /pilot/art188.htm   (2603 words)

 HARDWARE Fujitsu Stylistic ST5010 Manual - Gentoo Linux Wiki
This guide is about how to install Linux on the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5010.
You must enable SWCursor with: 'Option "SWCursor" "on"' to get pointing devices to work properly (otherwise they align for 768x1024 going the wrong direction on the display -- try it without, you'll see).
PCMCIA Memory Device Issues Mailing List: Yes, SmartMedia cards are IDE devices.
gentoo-wiki.com /Gentoo_Fujitsu_Stylistic_ST5010_Manual   (1139 words)

Students will predict which poetry components, like word and stylistic device definitions, will need explanation and definition and will provide those aids to understanding.
In Hyper Students: Hyper Poetry, AP students do what they have been doing all year; they identify and highlight, either for presentation and discussion or for preparation for writing the various stylistic devices and how they function within a poem to create and support its author's attitude, but in an engaging, higher-tech way.
To engage and offer students a study medium more suited to their interest and preference, demonstration of poetry analysis is accomplished through the creation of a Web page containing links to relevant enrichment information as well as to student generated commentary on student-highlighted passages.
www.successlink.org /gti/gti_lesson.asp?lid=2407   (2793 words)

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