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Topic: Sub-prefecture-level city

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 County-level city - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A sub-prefecture-level city is a county-level city with powers approaching those of prefecture-level cities.
A county-level city (县级市 Pinyin : xiànjí shì) is a county-level administrative division of mainland China.
To distinguish a "county-level city" from its actual urban area (the traditional meaning of the word " city "), the term 市区 shìqū, or "urban area", is used. /wiki/County-level_city

 Encyclopedia: Political divisions of China
However, they were replaced for the most part by prefecture-level cities in the 1990s.
Prefectures (地区 dìqū) are another level of government found at the prefecture-level.
These are analogous to autonomous regions (at the province-level) and autonomous prefectures (at the prefecture-level). /encyclopedia/Political-divisions-of-China

 Sub-provincial city - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The mayor of a sub-provincial city is equal in status to a vice-governor of a province.
prefecture-level cities, which are completely ruled by their provinces.
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps also has the powers of a sub-provincial city. /wiki/Sub-provincial_cities

 Wikipedia free encyclopedia
At first, the nomenclature of these autonomous entities were somewhat confused, with autonomous regions appearing at the province, prefecture, county, and township levels.
prefecture), and third ( county) levels of local government.
Outside these official numbers, there are also county-level cities and county-level districts that, upon their creation, were specified to enjoy the same rights as regular autonomous entities. /encyclopedia.php?title=Autonomous_region_of_China

In Imperial China, the county was a significant administrative unit because it marked the lowest level of the imperial bureaucratic structure — in other words, it was the lowest level that the government reached.
In the Republic of China, counties (縣) are found in the second level, though the streamlining of Taiwan Province has effectively made the county the first-level governmental level below the Republic of China central government.
In the People's Republic of China, counties (县 xiàn) are found in the third level of the administrative hierarchy, a level that is known as "county-level" and also contains autonomous counties, county-level cities, bannerss, autonomous banners, and districtss. /english/co/county_of_china.html

 Municipality of China - Pictures
Direct-controlled Municipalities are the highest-level cities in China, with status equal to that of the provinces.
Some cities of lower levels may also refer to themselves as municipalities in the English language.
Three levels of cities in the People's Republic of China on Mainland China : /Municipality_of_China

Hellas was a city of Phthiotis in Thessaly.
From this time they steadily advanced, taking city after city, ravaging and plundering what they could not keep.
The Slavs invaded their lands, destroyed many of their cities, so that Greek dioceses disappear because there are no more Greeks left in great tracts of what they still affect to call Greece; but the remnants that maintain themselves still look to Constantinople for orders and still keep the Byzantine Rite in Greek. /cathen/06735a.htm

 Articles - Henan
The two cities of Luoyang and Kaifeng each served as the capital city of a long list of dynasties.
Their last capital, Yin, was located at the modern city of Anyang, Henan.
1975 in southern Henan, following extraordinarily high levels of rainfall caused by a /articles/Henan_Province

 Hubei - Art History Online Reference and Guide
The 13 prefecture-level divisions and 4 directly administered county-level divisions of Hubei are subdivided into 102 county-level divisions (38 districts, 24 county-level cities, 37 counties, 2 autonomous counties, 1 forestry area; the directly administered county-level divisions are included here).
The 3 directly administered county-level cities are more accurately described as sub-prefecture-level cities :
Hubei is divided into 13 prefecture-level divisions (of which there are 12 prefecture-level cities and 1 autonomous prefecture), as well as 3 directly administered county-level cities and 1 directly administered county-level forestry area. /art_history/Hubei

 Province of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
autonomous regions, provinces make up the first level (known as the province level) of administrative division in Mainland China.
The People's Republic of China currently administers 22 provinces, out of a total of 33 province level divisions, and claims a 23rd province,
Theoretically, provinces are also the first level division of the /wiki/Chinese_provinces

 Articles - Luoyang
Guanlin is a series of temples that have been built in honor of a hero of the Three Kingdoms period, Guan Yu, close to the grottoes to the south of the city.
The end of Jin Dynasty, however, brought total destruction to the capital city.
The original city was constructed by Zhougong (周公) in the /articles/Loyang

 Javea private villa rent and sales
The city has been subject to numerous devastating floods, hoped to be controlled by the ambitious
Hubei province, and is the most populated city in central China.
The city has long been renowned as a center for the arts (especially poetry) and for intellectual studies. /javeabrowse.php?title=Wuhan

 FTR/UN 2001
To that end, the judiciary in Algeria is composed as follows: (a) the daira (sub-prefecture level) courts, the wilaya (departmental level) courts and the Supreme Court at the national level.
To coordinate health programmes at the regional level, regional health boards, composed of representatives of various sectors (education, environment, welfare, employment and social services) have been created to act as intermediaries and arbitrators in the preparation and implementation of health programmes.
It also stated that, at the international level, the Algerian authorities had sought to speed up the process of accession to the various international human rights instruments. /fortherecord2001/documentation/tbodies/e-1990-6-add26.htm

 PRC divisions levels - Result for PRC divisions levels - Meaning of PRC divisions levels - Definition of PRC divisions levels - Dictionary of Meaning -
There you find a list of all editors and the possibility to edit the original text of the article PRC divisions levels.
Political divisions of China - !style="background:#ffdead; font-size:90%; border-bottom:1px solid; border-top:1px solid"Township level - align=center
Political divisions of China - !style="background:#ffdead; font-size:90%; border-bottom:1px solid; border-top:1px solid"County level - align=center /PRC_divisions_levels.html

 The Social Affordances of the Internet for Networked Individualism
To be sure, when attention is gained, computer-mediated communication can facilitate mobilized citizenship as happened on the national level where short text messages via mobile phones were used to organize political demonstrations in the Philippines and on the local level where agitated members of a wired suburb organized against further construction of homes (Hampton, 2001).
This change is not only occurring at the interpersonal level but at the organizational, interorganizational and even the world-systems levels.
A late 2002 drop-off survey of 1,320 adult residents of Yamanshi prefecture (the site of Mount Fuji, and not far from Tokyo) shows that both personal computers (PCs) and mobile phones are used separately and together to send messages and find information. /jcmc/vol8/issue3/wellman.html

 Special Administrative Region
MAGAZINES Crop Science 5/1/2005 Piepho, H.P. Mohring, J. definition of the target region and sub region s.
subdivision mainly follows administrative boundaries, the sub region s...
Best linear unbiased prediction of cultivar effects for subdivided target region s. /Special_Administrative_Region

 TRT6 abstracts / 27-29 October, 2000
At community level, individuals can create awareness among other individuals and communities by educating them in the field of environment and particularly the extent to which the natural resources could be harnessed so that they can meet the needs of the coming generations.
The participatory approach should be effected by stimulation of persons at all levels in recipient countries, and this is based on the foundation of autonomy and justice.
Such a level of volume demands Information technology to play its role in Bio-ethics awareness. /~macer/trt6abs.html

 Henan-province software downloads
The database includes postal code, city name, province name, area code, timezone, elevation, population, latitude, longitude and street name in Canada with over 760,000 precise records.
The database includes Postal code, city name, province name, province abbreviation and phone area code in Canada.
The database includes Postal code, city name, province name, phone area code, timezone, latitude and longitude in Canada. /henan-province.html

 The Ultimate Template:PRC divisions levels - American History Information Guide and Reference
The Ultimate Template:PRC divisions levels - American History Information Guide and Reference /american_history/Template:PRC_divisions_levels

 Template:PRC divisions levels - Art History Online Reference and Guide
Template:PRC divisions levels - Your Art History Reference Guide!
Template:PRC divisions levels - Art History Online Reference and Guide /art_history/Template:PRC_divisions_levels

 Publications, National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA), Index
Positive Revitalization in Innoshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture--Consideration of an Industrial Complex System (May. 1985)
Tentative City Planning for Prevention of Flood Damage in the Middle and Lower Basin of the Naka River, Kanto Plain (Jul. 1985)
New Prospects for City Management in the Chugoku Region and Study on the Network (Jul. 1994) /publ/output

 Changsha, China
Pingjiang county, Miluo city, Xiangyin County of Yueyang; Heshan District, Taojiang county, Anhua County of Yiyang; Lianyuan city of Loudi; Zhuzhou county, Liling City of Zhuzhou; Xiangtan county, Xiangxiang city of Xiangtan.
Jiangxi province, cities and counties of Hunan, such as Tonggu county, Wanzai county, Yichun city, Pingxiang city of Jiangxi province.
By 202 BC it was already a fortified city. /c2725-n40-changsha-china.html   (582 words)
These prefecture-level cities are in turn divided into 100 county-level divisions (17 county-level cities, 19 counties, 8 autonomous counties, and 56 districts), which are then further subdivided into 1511 township-level divisions (613 towns, 301 townships, 77 ethnic townships, and 520 subdistricts).
The city of Anshan, for example, is home to one of the largest iron and steel complexes in China.
Though not as large as its counterpart (the Forbidden City) in Beijing, the Shenyang palace is significant for its representation of palace architecture at the time, and has recently been grouped together with the Beijing palace by UNESCO as a combined World Heritage Site. /browse/wiki/Liaoning   (1272 words)

 Dandong - China Tour - Travel to China
Dandong (zh-stps=丹东t=丹東p=Dāndōng) is a city in the ChinaChinese province of Liaoning.
The size of the administrative city is 14,910 square kilometers; the urban city is 563 square kilometers in size and has around 700,000 people.
The city is across the river from SinuijuSinŭiju, North Korea. /virtual/Dandong   (327 words)

 Middle East Open Encyclopedia: Nanping
The prefecture-level city city of Ningde administers 1 district, 4 county-level cities and 5 counties.
Nanping (Simplified Chinese: 南平; Hanyu Pinyin: Nánpíng) is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Fujian province, People's Republic of China.
It borders Ningde City to the east, Sanming City to the south, and the provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangxi to the north and west respectively. /ref?title=Nanping   (223 words)

 Industrial Parks and Zones: Weihai in Shangdong
Presently, we are focusing our attention on industrial relocation, economic development and environmental protection, accelerating the connection between Wendeng city proper and Weihai urban district, small towns and sub central cities so as to realize the integrative growth of industrial layout, infrastructures, eco-environment and management.
Being a coastal open city, Rongcheng is endowed with the right by the state to sign contracts with other countries and regions for economic and technological cooperation.
Over the past 18 years since the establishment of the city, the GDP of the whole city has surged 18 per cent year-on-year. /weihai_meyor_interview2.html   (2310 words)

 Political divisions of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These cities are known as sub-prefecture-level cities (副地级市 fùdìjíshì), meaning that they are given a level of power higher than a county, but still lower than a prefecture.
County-level cities (县级市 xiànjíshì) are, like prefecture-level cities, not " cities " in the traditional sense of the word, since they are actually large administrative regions that cover both urban and rural areas.
Prefectures (地区 dìqū) are another level of government found at the prefecture-level. /wiki/Political_divisions_of_China   (2310 words)

 Wikipedia: Jiangxi
Near the small city of Yingtan (鹰潭) is the resort area Longhushan (龙虎山) which purports to be the birthplace of Taoism (道教) and hence has great symbolic value to Taoists.
Six prefectures and four army districts (軍 jun) replaced the previous prefectures (with 55 districts (縣)) during the period of Five Dynasties, when Jiangxi first belonged to Wu (吳) Kingdom, then Southern Tang (唐) Kingdom.
Near the northern port city of Jiujiang (九江) is the resort area Lushan (卢山). /wikipedia/en/j/ji/jiangxi.html   (560 words)

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