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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Sonoma County Subregion Issues and Policies - Natural Resources
The Subregion is blessed with an abundance of natural resources.
Protect the Subregion's agricultural economy, with the attendant visual and other quality of life benefits enjoyed by residents throughout the Subregion.
The Jurisdictions should prepare and implement a Subregional Water Conservation and Reclamation Plan for the purpose of conserving water and avoiding the need for costly storage and distribution facilities to serve the Subregion.
www.abag.ca.gov /planning/subregional/scsip/scsip5.html   (885 words)

Specifies whether subregions on subsequent plots are on (active) or off (inactive).
Subregions are motivated by the desire to denote "engineering limits" on a plot.
In this case, plot the border of the subregion and leave the interior blank.
www.itl.nist.gov /div898/software/dataplot/refman1/auxillar/subregio.htm   (490 words)

  Well-Being in Klamath: The Klamath Region   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Klamath Falls is the primary urban area within the subregion, although it does not serve as the primary urban center for all the communities in the subregion.
The eastern portion of the subregion is heavily influenced by the economic effects of Interstate 5, which links the area to southern Oregon to the north, Redding and the rest of northern California to the south, and to Mount Shasta, which acts as a central draw for recreational activities.
The Siskiyou Corridor subregion is sparsely populated relative to the rest of the region dominated by Interstate 5.
www.inforain.org /indicators/klamath/pg10.htm   (1998 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Subregion
West Indian mammal subregion An Island subregion which, according to the analysis by Charles H. Smith, is distinct from both the Holarctic and Latin American regions by reason of its high insular endemism.
Australian faunal subregion A region that is distinguished by a unique marsupial (Marsupialia) fauna, including herbivores, carnivores, and insectivores.
Defining subregions and estimating benefits for a specific-adaptation strategy by breeding programs: a case study.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Subregion   (676 words)

 Aroostook Business
Each of the three subregions is essentially self-contained; their communities with urban roles provide the necessary services and infrastructure for the residents and businesses of these economic centers and the extended communities that surround them.
The central subregion is comprised of the Caribou-Presque Isle Labor Market Area, and includes the lower half of the Northwest Aroostook Unorganized Territory and twelve of the nineteen unorganized townships in Piscataquis County that are a part of the Northern Maine Economic Development District.
The Town of Houlton is Aroostook's shire town and the subregion's economic center, with a population of 6,613.
www.aroostook.net /subregional_highlights.html   (678 words)

 UNODC - Bulletin on Narcotics - 1989 Issue 1 - 007
In the subregion as a whole, the amount produced is expected to increase by 27.l per cent during the period from 1985 to 1989 [ 4].
It is estimated that in 1985, 29.0 per cent of the coca leaves produced in the Andean subregion came from Bolivia, 10.7 per cent from Colombia, 2.3 per cent from Ecuador and 58.0 per cent from Peru.
The projected figures for 1989 indicate that, of the estimated total of 208,600 tonnes of coca leaves produced in the subregion, 32.7 per cent is expected to be produced in Bolivia, 9.6 per cent in Colombia, 0.l per cent in Ecuador and 57.6 per cent in Peru [ 4].
www.unodc.org /unodc/bulletin/bulletin_1989-01-01_1_page008.html   (1070 words)

  Potential Supply and Cost of Biomass: Results
Half of the subregions have one or two soil categories that have significantly higher yields than their other soil categories, and half of the subregions have one or two soil categories that produce significantly lower yields than their other soil categories.
Thus, although the proportion of cropland or pastureland acreage in a particular soil category is uniform for all counties in that subregion, the actual acreage of that soil category is unique to a county as are the total cropland and pastureland acreages.
The potential supplies of switchgrass in counties in the Northwest and Smokies subregions are due to a single uncommon soil category (4e in the Northwest subregion and 3-4s in the Smokies subregion) with a low projected land rent and moderate switchgrass yield.
bioenergy.ornl.gov /reports/tvareg/supply3.html   (2841 words)

 IFAD strategy for rural poverty reduction
For the subregion as a whole, imports of cereals as a proportion of total annual consumption expanded from 15% in the 1970s to 30% in the 1980s.
In many countries of the NENA subregion, the agricultural sector is in a state of transition from one that was heavily controlled by the state to being largely influenced by market forces.
The NENA subregion is characterized by political instability, poor governance, and urban bias in economic and social policies.
www.ifad.org /operations/regional/2002/pn/pn.htm   (7215 words)

 Ecological Subregions of the United States   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The basis for the map and this document is the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units (ECOMAP 1993).
Because this document presents information on a wide range of environmental, biological, and cultural characteristics of ecosystems at the subregion scale, many compilers were involved in its development.
The Forest Service is committed to management based on ecological principles and intends to update the subregion map and this text as required.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Subregion&bdcr=1&bdcu=http://www.fs.fed.us/land/pubs/ecoregions/&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-D2AFBD93-5CC0-FA5F-5D1E-B02FFF286367-ym   (324 words)

Subregion I is approximately 39.74 square miles and consists of four planning areas—60, 61, 62 and 64—located in the northeastern area of the county.
The remainder of the subregion is in the Rural Tier and the majority of these properties are publicly owned and include large federal research facilities such as the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center and the Patuxent Research Refuge.
The overall goals of the master planning effort are to enhance the quality and character of the communities in Subregion I, encourage quality economic development, preserve and protect environmentally sensitive and scenic land, and make efficient use of existing and proposed county infrastructure and investment in the subregion.
www.mncppc.org /cpd/sub1background.htm   (1497 words)

 ARC | Research Reports
To place the subregions in context, the Northern and Southern subregions' economies are of roughly the same size (as measured by the number of establishments and employment) but the Central subregion's economy is much smaller.
Ignoring the decline in the Southern subregion's birth rate from 1987 to 1992 (which mirrors that of the U.S. economy), the difference in the birth rates is relatively stable over the three periods, even as all three subregions experience a decline in the rates.
Ignoring the up tick in the Southern subregion's death rates from 1982 to 1992 (which mirrors that of the U.S. as a whole), the death rates for the Northern and Southern subregions are relatively similar and are lower than those for the Central subregion.
www.arc.gov /index.do?nodeId=2081   (1832 words)

 Morales Letter Opinion No. 97-022
The executive committee of an authority that consists of one subregion is the board for the subregion.
(2) the remaining members shall be apportioned to the municipalities confirmed as all or part of the subregion according to the ratio that the population of each unit of election bears to the total population of the area confirmed as the subregion.
"Subregion" is defined as "a principal municipality, the county of the principal municipality, and any municipality or unit of election included in the boundaries of a subregion by the creating entity of that subregion and confirmed at an election." Id.
www.oag.state.tx.us /opinions/lo48morales/lo97-022.htm   (668 words)

The mission determined that a holistic approach was needed to address the linkage between conflict and poverty, involving all actors concerned with the region, he said.  The Secretary-General agreed with the assessment as a whole, and requested a thorough review of all programmes of the Organization in terms of their effectiveness.
It was the Africans themselves who had to define themselves, he said.  Their subregional efforts should be transparent and pragmatic.  Better use should be made of multinational and bilateral potential before considering a United Nations office and international efforts, though additional assistance should be provided where appropriate.  He supported the appointment of a special envoy.
He said that the holding of a forthcoming forum would be important for transparent cooperation between countries of the subregion.  He also agreed that the private sector should be involved in developing the appropriate exploitation of natural resources in the area.
www.un.org /News/Press/docs/2003/sc7935.doc.htm   (1412 words)

The publication confirms that the countries of the East african subregion recognized the importance of the food processing sector and were focusing their efforts on the promotion of processing technologies.
The magazine indicates that the countries of the East African subregion were convinced that without the tangible integration of women in national socio-economic activities, it would be difficult to attain balanced and sustainable development.
The report informs that the objective of the symposium was to provide a beginning of a process for subregional gender facilitators and implementors to forge operational partnerships in planning, implementation and monitoring of gender programmes in the Eastern Africa Subregion.
www.uneca.org /sros/ea/publications.htm   (1683 words)

 An Error-Controlled Octree Data Structure for Large-Scale Visualization
However, if the subregion is near the center, the node whose bounding box contains the whole subregion might be the root making it necessary to re-process all points to build the sub-tree.
When both trees have the same depth (four), the RMS error of the representation of the small subregion is greater than the error of the representation of the main region.
In the subregion, we do not have such constant-colored spots, and the RMS error is high.
www.acm.org /crossroads/xrds6-3/lsv_oct.html   (3141 words)

 The Globally Adaptive Algorithm
In the original algorithm, the subregion set was an ordered list with the subregions ordered according to the corresponding error estimates, and the algorithm proceeded from one stage to the next by always choosing the subregion with largest estimated error for subdivision.
This subregion was divided in half along one coordinate axis to produce two new subregions, and then the algorithm continued with steps iii) and iv) above.
The error assigned to each subregion for the purpose of determining the position of the subregion in the subregion heap is the maximum of the estimated errors from the integration rule results from that subregion for the different components of the vector integrand.
www.sci.wsu.edu /math/faculty/genz/papers/cuhre/node2.html   (914 words)

 ANHIC: Foothills Fescue Subregion, Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture
The Foothills Fescue Subregion occurs largely on morainal, glaciolacustrine and outwash deposits along the lower flanks of the Foothills Geologic Belt, the Porcupine Hills and onto the adjacent plains area.
The climate of the Foothills Fescue Subregion differs from that of the Northern Fescue Subregion in having a greater frequency of chinooks and thus, a milder winter climate.
Wildlife in the forests and shrublands of the southwestern rivers is similar to that of the Milk River in the Mixedgrass Subregion.
www.cd.gov.ab.ca /preserving/parks/anhic/foothillsfescue.asp   (628 words)

 SOUTHWEST PLANNING SUBREGION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Southwest subregion is geographically the largest subregion with approximately 804,330 acres.
In the northern half of the subregion, there is a planned Regional Activity Centers (REAC) at the corner of Ajo Highway and Kinney Road, with a few small Community Activity Centers (CAC) located throughout the northeast portion of the subregion.
Highway 286 bisects the subregion, on a north-south axis, from its intersection with Ajo Highway south to the Pima County line (U.S.-Mexico border).
www.pimaxpress.com /CPupdate/subs/swcps.html   (413 words)

I. The Meeting of Experts of the Andean Subregion was held in Quito, Ecuador on June 21 and 22, 2001, attended by delegates from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela.
The two groups began their work in the afternoon: the delegates of the guest countries and the 11 representatives of Ecuador met in the Simón Bolívar Room; and the representatives of governmental sectors and civil society of Ecuador met in the Cayambe Room.
The principal obstacle is the lack of genuine commitment to application of the Convention on the part of the governments of the majority of the countries.
www.oas.org /CIM/english/Viol.subregional.ECUA.htm   (2623 words)

 Subregional Outlook: Eastern Africa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The aggravated poverty situation in the subregion has been exacerbated by some of the side effects of the ongoing structural adjustment programmes and capacity bottlenecks in the subregion.
The average for the subregion is 3.0 % : it ranges from the smallest growth rate of 1.7 % for Seychelles to 3.8 % for Tanzania (as compared with Sub-Saharan Africa’s average of 2.9 %).
The striking feature of the demographic in the subregion is that an average of 52% of the total population is under 18 years of age.
www.uneca.org /eca_resources/Major_ECA_Websites/summit/easrdc.htm   (2008 words)

 Example 58.1: Simulation
Suppose that, for a subregion of the measured area, the cost of mining is higher than the remaining areas due to the geology of the overburden.
By simulating the SRF on a sufficiently fine grid in the subregion, you can determine the proportion of grid points in which the mean value over realizations exceeds the 39.7 feet cutoff and compare it with the 60 percent value needed for profitability.
The subregion to be considered is the southeast corner of the field, which is a square region with length 40 distance units (in thousands of feet).
www.uni.edu /sasdoc/stat/chap58/sect16.htm   (1117 words)

 Image subregion querying using color correlograms - Patent 6430312
This task, called image subregion querying, is made challenging by the wide variety of effects, such as different viewing positions, camera noise and variation, and object occlusion, that cause the same object to have a different appearance in different images.
The general theme behind the extensions are the improvement of storage efficiency of the correlogram without compromising the image discrimination capability of the correlogram and the use of additional information (such as an edge) to further refine the correlogram which improves image retrieval performance.
The image subregion querying problem may be defined as follows: given as an input a subregion query Q of an image I and an image set S, retrieve from S those images Q' in which the query Q appears according.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6430312.html   (4888 words)

 The Mixedgrass Subregion
The Mixedgrass Subregion typically includes gently undulating to rolling morainal and glacial lake deposits, with minor areas of steeper terrain along the lower and middle slopes of Milk River Ridge the Cypress hills and the Sweetgrass Hills in Montana.
Slightly cooler and moister conditions prevail in this subregion relative to the Dry Mixedgrass subregion, and soils are primarily Dark Brown Chernozems.
Native grasslands in the Mixedgrass Subregion are dominated by needle grasses and wheat grasses, with many of the same forbs and dwarf shrubs that occur in grasslands of the Dry Mixedgrass Subregion.
www.abheritage.ca /abnature/grasslands/mixed.htm   (223 words)

 ANHIC: Lower Foothills Subregion, Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture
Although this subregion is somewhat cooler in summer than the adjacent, lower elevation Boreal Forest subregions, it is warmer in winter because it is often not influenced by cold Arctic air masses.
The upper boundary to the Upper Foothills Subregion is marked by the absence of mixed deciduous-coniferous forests (absence of aspen, balsam poplar and birch) and the occurrence of a nearly pure coniferous forest cover.
Many of the animal species of the Lower Foothills Subregion that inhabit coniferous forests are wide-ranging species that are common to spruce and pine forests of the Boreal Forest, Foothills, and Rocky Mountain Natural Regions.
www.cd.gov.ab.ca /preserving/parks/anhic/lowerfoothills.asp   (765 words)

 TNTsdk: SUBREGION2D Class Reference
Translate the subregion using a coordinate operation (SPATREF::COORDOP) transformation with densification If the subregion is the extents only, this will convert it to a proper sub-region before doing the transformation.
Generate a point inside of the subregion This does deal with the islands of the subregion, the point will not be in an island.
Reverse the orientation of the polygons and islands in the subregion.
www.microimages.com /tntsdk73/classSUBREGION2D.html   (1142 words)

 The Subregion Correspondence Model of Binocular Simple Cells -- Erwin and Miller 19 (16): 7212 -- Journal of ...
Because the subregion correspondence model is based on the developmental model of Erwin and Miller (1998)
for subregion correspondence and 0.0019 for unconstrained hybrid).
The simulations in a-c are based on a single set of data from 100 cells in which subregion correspondence was imposed by Equation 8.
www.jneurosci.org /cgi/content/full/19/16/7212   (8779 words)

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