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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Electric Power eTool: Illustrated Glossary: Substations
Substation Types: Although, there are generally four types of substations there are substations that are a combination of two or more types.
A step-up transmission substation receives electric power from a nearby generating facility and uses a large power transformer to increase the voltage for transmission to distant locations.
A substation can have circuit breakers that are used to switch generation and transmission circuits in and out of service as needed or for emergencies requiring shut-down of power to a circuit or redirection of power.
www.osha.gov /SLTC/etools/electric_power/illustrated_glossary/substation.html   (624 words)

Substations have to be relocated from time to time as the pit expands.
All other substations that he is familiar with are wired so that the electricity flows through the circuit breakers before entering the knife blade switches.
He did not know that the substation was wired differently and the fact that Hancock testified that it was "bad electrical practice" to rely on the circuit breakers to de-energize the circuit is "not sufficient to sustain a finding of unwarrantable failure conduct." (P. Br.
www.fmshrc.gov /decisions/alj/ws2001201.html   (5471 words)

The reason that such a layout is known as a 1 1/2 circuit breaker is due to the fact that in the design, there are 9 circuit breakers that are used to protect the 6 feeders.
Substation layout consists essentially in arranging a number of switchgear components in an ordered pattern governed by their function and rules of spatial separation.
The choice is influenced by the height of towers and the proximity to the substation.
www.eng.uwi.tt /depts/elec/staff/alvin/ee35t/notes/Substation-Design.html   (2053 words)

 Home Page
Substation consisted of two 2,500 kW silicon diode rectifiers, rectifier transformers, and associated 12.5 kV ac and 600 V dc switchgear and appurtenances.
The new substations consisted of thirteen new buildings and two rehabilitated buildings and included a total of four 2,000 kW and thirtyone 3,000 kW silicon diode rectifiers, rectifier transformers, and associated 13.8 kV ac and 650 V dc switchgear and appurtenances.
The substations and tie station located within the Greenbelt Yard and Shop area were interconnected to the yard control tower via a series of fiber optic links for complete remote control and monitoring of the traction power system up to the interconnection to the mainline.
www.ldpgroup.com /projects.htm   (6106 words)

 Cultural Affairs - Ivy Substation and Media Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Ivy Substation was one of the power substations in which electric current was received as AC to be transformed and distributed as DC.
One of the largest electric substations along the "Balloon Route" rail line from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean, construction of the Ivy Park Substation was one of a number of improvements made possible by the acquisition of a 51% interest in the company by Southern Pacific in early 1906.
The Substation is believed to be the only remaining major structure built by the Los Angeles Pacific Company to survive with a substantially unaltered exterior, and one of the least-altered electric railway substation buildings to survive in Southern California.
www.culvercity.org /citygov/community/ivysubstation.html   (550 words)

 Read about Electrical substation at WorldVillage Encyclopedia. Research Electrical substation and learn about ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
generating plant substation where the voltage is increased for transmission purposes and is then progressively reduced to the voltage required for household use.
high voltages; the function of the substation is to reduce the voltage from transmission level to values suitable for local distribution.
capacitors and voltage regulators may also be located at a substation.
encyclopedia.worldvillage.com /s/b/Electrical_substation   (335 words)

 T opens police substation at Dudley - The Boston Globe
The substation will allow officers to remain there 20 hours a day, seven days a week, one of the few stations in the system with a dedicated police presence, he said.
With the substation in place, she expects to see more police at night, but she said she wasn't sure for how long.
She hoped the substation would allow today's children to have similar memories without the fear of violence.
www.boston.com /news/local/massachusetts/articles/2004/05/11/t_opens_police_substation_at_dudley   (774 words)

 Placer County Sheriff - South Placer Substation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Substation is to immediate north of I-80 in business complex.
The South Placer Substation is located in Loomis and covers the area from Newcastle to Sacramento County line.
The substation and the entire staff for the south county area are housed in Loomis.
www.placer.ca.gov /sheriff/stations/spssub.htm   (516 words)

 TXU - Substation
Substations are fenced-in yards containing switches, transformers and other electrical equipment.
The main purpose of distribution substations is to lower transmission voltage to feed the distribution system.
Within the substation, rigid tubular or rectangular bars, called busbars, or buses, feed power to two or more circuits.
www.txucorp.com /responsibility/education/delivery/substation.aspx   (127 words)

 Substation Test Co
Substation Test Co. has a team of professionals which includes engineers, managers, and NETA certified technicians specifically trained and experienced in power distribution systems.
Substation's clients include Amoco Oil, the Capital Hilton, Cutler-Hammer Engineering, Catholic University, Galudet University, Mirant-MidAtlantic and other major institutions, commercial complexes, as well as military and governemental agencies in the greater Washington, DC area.
Substation Test Co. is located in Forestville, Maryland and is conveniently positioned to provide a rapid response to the greater Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas.
www.wdcneca.org /member_sites/substation.html   (228 words)

 Substation Switches Overview
Typical applications for SEECO substation switches include high side disconnects, isolating and by-passing breakers, bus sectionalizing, and isolating arrestors, metering equipment, and other apparatus.
The design of the jaw (female) contacts is very forgiving, allowing a substantial amount of structure movement and deflection without diminishing contact pressure or effectiveness of current transfer.
Substation switches can also be supplied with other complementary SEECO products, including motor operators, pre-assembled trusses, vacuum interrupters, ground switches, and externally mounted auxiliary contacts.
www.seecoswitch.com /substation_overview.htm   (424 words)

 Substation and Transmission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Mobile substations - to 230 KV and to 50+ MVA.
MVA Power Inc. - Specialised in detail design, manufacturing and supply of substation, tansmission lines and distributions lines for medium and high voltage.
Serveron - Turnkey substation transformer monitoring for reliability of transmission and distribution equipment.
www.supercrawler.com /Business/Electronics_and_Electrical/Substation_and_Transmission   (4020 words)

 New Substation Improves Service for 20,000 in Babil - DefendAmerica News Article
The substation, completed in early October, replaces an existing facility.
Local Iraqis performed the labor that included design and construction of a 33/11 kilovolt switch-gear building, a guard house and installation of two transformers and new switch gear equipment.
The majority of the 352 remaining Electricity Sector projects are scheduled for completion by December 2006.
www.defendamerica.mil /articles/oct2005/a102105pj3.html   (283 words)

 Power distribution substation patent invention
A unit substation is a power distribution substation, which generally receives electrical power at a higher voltage, and distributes power to a network at a lower voltage, such as, for example, in a network used in a hospital or other facility.
A unit substation typically consists of three physically and electrically connected components, comprising a primary protective or isolation device, a substation transformer, and secondary distribution equipment.
For example, in the traditional distribution substation, the primary protective device is physically separated from the secondary distribution equipment by the substation transformer.
www.freshpatents.com /Power-distribution-substation-dt20060420ptan20060085097.php   (1251 words)

 The ABB Group: substation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In that time we have supplied some 5,500 air insulated and gas insulated substations for all voltage levels and all climates, from the densest downtown locations to the harshest environments on earth.
In those days, substations were equipped with oil boiler circuit breakers rated at 8 kV, to be able to switch 8 kV in 1891 was a major sensation.
There are two types of substation: transmission substations with voltage ratings from 170 kV to 800 kV, and distribution substations which step down the voltage from 170 kV to the medium voltage level required by the customer.
www.abb.com /cawp/gad02181/f70b284be189d368c1256e2000579f7d.aspx?v=10ea&e=us   (597 words)

 Rutgers Physics SRS, Substation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In our lecture hall the substations are mounted on the ceiling of the storage room under the seats of the lecture hall.
The substation controlled by the signal distributor, to which it is connected by two cables of differentially driven pairs.
The other cable individually connects each substation to the distributor and carries five signals, four row outputs and one LE latch input.
www.physics.rutgers.edu /srs/design/hardware/substation.html   (209 words)

 EnergyPulse Article
To size the data warehouse, the utility must determine who the users of the substation automation system data are, the nature of their application, the type of data needed, how often the data is needed, and the frequency of update required for each user.
In existing substations, there are several alternative approaches, depending on whether or not the substation has a conventional RTU installed.
This approach is applied most frequently to substation transformers and high voltage electric supply circuit breakers to minimize the maintenance costs of these devices, as well as to improve their availability and extend their useful life.
www.energypulse.net /centers/article/article_print.cfm?a_id=408   (5766 words)

 EPRI Portfolio 2006 - P061.003 Measuring and Managing Substation EMC
Substations represent an intricate interconnected collection of devices that serve as electromagnetic wave emitters and receptors.
Because outside contractors/consultants execute most audits, substation asset owners need to be very clear as to what needs to be measured, where measurements will take place, and how the results will be analyzed.
The audit program will be presented in technical report form, and through a suite of technical transfer courses designed to provide substation designers and substation maintenance engineers the tools for ensuring reliable application of the technologies of the future to new and existing substations.
www.epri.com /portfolio/product.aspx?id=1484   (760 words)

 Placer County Sheriff - Colfax Substation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The Placer County Sheriff Department's Colfax Substation is staffed primarily by volunteers from the community who are interested in assisting the Sheriff's department in a variety of areas.
The Colfax Substation is manned by a Sergeant, 4 City dedicated deputies and 2 resident deputies, who handle the area between Colfax and Donner summit.
The entire staff of the Colfax Substation requested this duty station and is very dedicated to providing excellent law enforcement services to the community.
www.placer.ca.gov /sheriff/stations/colfaxsub.htm   (220 words)

 IRT Substation #21
This is a 1908 substation with seven rotary converters.
Substation #21 is being converted to solid state now and a new local control panel was in place but not in-service when I was there in October of 1996.
As of this writing in March 1999, all of the rotary converters at IRT Substation #21 are permanently out-of-service.
www.nycsubway.org /tech/power   (453 words)

 Appeal on Substation Denied - Science - RedOrbit
The property owners argued the presence of the substation would ruin the quality of life and cause their property values to plummet.
Her husband, William Pratt, argued before the County Commission that traditionally substations have not been built within a mile of residential areas in rural Utah and that there are better locations available.
He argued that the 12-foot drop in the substation was unnecessary, and if the county required it, the excavation work would add to the cost that the county should have to pay.
www.redorbit.com /news/science/705551/appeal_on_substation_denied/index.html?source=r_science   (512 words)

 Mini Me Substation
Substation Grounding during the classroom portion of the training.
All the materials needed to create the Mini Me substation were available through Home Depot and Kragen Auto supply.
All protective grounds and equipment in Mini Me Substation tie to a common grid ceating an EPZ environment.
electricsubstationsafety.com /photo4.html   (353 words)

 PECO Substation
The substation is a big, concrete box, 75 feet wide by 225 feet long, with 21 foot ceilings and 18-inch thick walls.
The substation became necessary when construction of the Federal Court and Office Buildings at 6th and Market Streets meant the demolition of PECOĆ­s three-story Franklin Substation.
The idea is to insure that one of the two sections continues to operate in the event of a major malfunction in the other.
www.whyy.org /tv12/secrets/peco.html   (263 words)

 ActonBridge.Org Substation Index Page
The Substation Action Group has now taken the initiative, and held our own public meetings so that residents can learn the truth about National Grid and Network Rail's plans, and discuss them with people who have their interests at heart.
There's no doubt that the substation and its associated pylons, cables and switchyard will be a very significant blot on the landscape, in designated Green Belt, at a visually sensitive place right by the principal road over the boundary of the two villages.
Many of the visitors to the PIE were told that National Grid might offer to make the remaining area of the field, to the west and south of their substation complex, available for public access and amenities for the village, perhaps in the form of a children's play area or picnic site.
www.pardoes.com /abo/substation.htm   (3268 words)

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