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Topic: Substrate biochemistry

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  substrate - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Substrate may mean: *Substrate (aquarium), the material used in the bottom of an aquarium.
*Substrate (biochemistry), a molecule which is acted upon by an enzyme *Substrate (biology), the natural...
In biochemistry, a substrate is a molecule upon which an enzyme acts.
encarta.msn.com /substrate.html   (184 words)

 [No title]
Substrate (printing), the base material that images will be printed onto.
Substrate, in plating, a metal which is plated with another metal which has different physical properties
Substrate, in construction, a surface to which a substance is adhered
www.algebra.com /~pavlovd/wiki/Substrate   (181 words)

than their substrates, even when a substrate is the cellulose in a tree or the protein in a piece of steak in our intestine.
When the substrate binds at the active site, a piece of it is cut away and binds to the cofactor.
The blue letters represent substrates that are undergoing chemical conversions by the enzymes.
www.slic2.wsu.edu:82 /hurlbert/micro101/pages/Chap7.html   (5887 words)

 Chem4Kids.com: Biochemistry: Enzymes
An enzyme and a substrate are in the same area.
The substrate is the biological molecule that the enzyme will attack.
The enzyme grabs onto the substrate with a special area called the active site The active site is a specially shaped area of the enzyme that fits around the substrate.
www.chem4kids.com /files/bio_enzymes.html   (320 words)

 Clark University | Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Home > Departments > Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BCMB) Program offers an interdisciplinary major that draws on the faculty and course resources of the departments of Biology and Chemistry.
BCMB major Elysia Alvarez '05 was awarded first place for her poster presentation "Computational Analyses of the Interaction of the Anthrax Lethal Factor Exotoxin with Peptide Substrate and with the Anthrax Protective Antigen" at the New England Science Symposium, Harvard Medical School, in March 2005.
www.clarku.edu /departments/biochemistry   (79 words)

 Department of Biochemistry
We plan to define and kinetically characterize the reaction(s) catalyzed by nikD with its proposed physiological substrate.
Our results currently suggest that nikD may be a novel trifunctional enzyme that catalyzes both oxidation and isomerization reactions.
Khanna, P. and Jorns, M.S. (2003) Tautomeric rearrangement of a dihydroflavin bound to monomeric sarcosine oxidase or N-methyltryptophan oxidase.
www.drexelmed.edu /med/biochemistry/faculty/resume_jorns.htm   (570 words)

 Screening Technologies: Active Kinases & Kits
We offer a wide range of recombinant protein kinases, substrates and phosphorylation-specific antibodies extensively validated for biochemical high throughput screening.
Each assay development reagent is available in bulk for large scale HTS campaigns and in small quantities for profiling studies or assay development purposes.
Phospho-MAPK/CDK Substrates (PXSP or SPXR/K) (34B2) Rabbit mAb #2325
www.cellsignal.com /ddt/kinase.html   (177 words)

 Boston Biochem: Biochemistry Contract Testimonials
We decided to outsource a project on a SUMOylation reaction of a particular substrate, hoping to receive a higher yield.
While they had never undertaken such a task with this type of kinase previously, they were able to customize their system according to my specifications.”
From protein production to enzyme assay, Boston Biochem was a partner in the success of my project.
www.bostonbiochem.com /testimonials.php   (650 words)

 CliffsNotes::Biochemistry I: Substrate Availability and Pyruvate
It's so unsafe that it should be illegal, everywhere.
The TCA cycle is largely controlled by substrate availability and the entry of pyruvate through the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex.
A free energy diagram of the TCA cycle would show a large drop at the three decarboxylation steps.
www.cliffsnotes.com /WileyCDA/CliffsReviewTopic/Substrate-Availability-and-Pyruvate.topicArticleId-24998,articleId-24987.html   (434 words)

 Bke2 Biochemistry Exercises
Some enzymes catalyze reactions at rates close to, or even faster than, that expected of free diffusion (10
Explain why very tight binding of a substrate to an enzyme is not desirable for enzyme catalysis, whereas tight binding of the transition state is.
Explain why an enzyme increases the rate of a reaction in both the forward and reverse directions.
xray.bmc.uu.se /Courses/Bke2/Exercises/GE_enz_struc_funct.html   (246 words)

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