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Topic: Suit (cards)

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  Suit (cards) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In playing cards, a suit is one of several categories into which the cards of a deck are divided.
The Spanish-style suits are the original suits, the suits found on the divinatory Tarot deck, and the suits found in the oldest surviving European decks.
The Discordian deck is a parody of the Tarot deck, its five suits corresponding to the five Discordian elements.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Suit_(cards)   (1600 words)

 Allgood software
Cards are taken from the stock one by one, and placed on one of four tableau piles, or directly to a foundation.
Cards or blocks of cards maybe be moved between piles to form sequences going down in value, with no regard to suit (though it is advisable to build them in suit wherever possible).
Cards in the tableau may be built down in value without regard to suit, but only groups of cards built down in suit may be moved as a sequence.
www.allgoodsw.com /solitaire/rules.html   (6984 words)

 Andy's Playing Cards - Introduction & History
It was composed of four suits, each of which had fourteen cards (ten suit cards and four courts), for a total of 56 subjects.
German cards such as the aforesaid ones and hunting decks were probably used up to the 17th century, when they died out, while the popularity of the classic tarot kept growing.
The German suit of Acorns, also adopted in Switzerland, was probably influenced by the latter interpretation, as the tip of the fruit recalls the cudgel's shaft, while the acorn's cup is consistent with the projecting branches.
a_pollett.tripod.com /cards.htm   (2521 words)

A minion may only take a suit action if the minion is occupying a card which displays the appropriate suit, or if the appropriate suit card is played from the player's hand and then discarded.
The minion using the Hermit card uses it as a rods card, ignoring the population limit of the invaded territory, and ignoring initial orientation.
The minion using the Gate card moves to any territory on the board which is of the same suit as the territory that the minion currently occupies.
www.wunderland.com /WTS/Ginohn/games/Arcana/rules.html   (6506 words)

 Traditional Card Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Earthquake is a strategy card game for 2 to 4 players in which players attempt to position themselves for the final leap to the finish.
The cards in each suit have different illustrations, but all cards of a suit are of equal value.
Cards played by other players remain on the table until the beginning of their respective turns.
www.wizards.com /vault/main.asp?x=traditional/earthquake   (1184 words)

 Rules of card games: Tarocchi Bolognesi: Ottocento
He is the lowest trump, and is valuable as a counting card, as one of the tarocchi, and for his role in sequences.
Remember that many cards have some potential value, either in themselves or in combinations: usually a pip card from a suit is chosen to give in exchange, or a low numbered trump can be given once the trump sequence is known to be stopped (see Sequences).
With 10 cards between 4 players it is most common for the first round of a side suit not to be trumped (except possibly by dealer, who made a discard), and for the second round of a suit to be trumped by at most one player, but neither of these is certain!
www.pagat.com /tarot/ottocen.html   (4267 words)

 Gambling Guide > Cards > Card Games > Boure
With four players, everyone is guaranteed fresh cards if they draw replacements; with more, it may be necessary to use previously-discarded ones, so five or six players is considered the practical limit of single-decked Bouré.
They flip their own fifth card--the last dealt--and the suit of that card is considered trumps.
The nearest leftmost player to the dealer starts by playing any card from their hand (with few exceptions); rules of play are as follows, and a lower-numbered rule overrides any higher-numbered one.
www.gambling.freegames.eu.com /cardgames/boure.html   (897 words)

 Spades - The Game
Once 2 cards have been led in a suit, avoid at all costs leading a card lower than the highest card remaining in a suit that your partner may still have.
Leading a medium-low card (6, 7, 8) with the Nil to your left is most effective, since it generally forces the Nil player to go lower, usually leaving him with higher cards in his hand.
The goal is to play your high cards and trump suit in such a way that will not let the person who bid Nil to play under them, and also to force the opponent opposite the Nil to play his higher cards unecessarily.
members.aol.com /loflyer/spades   (5612 words)

 Andy's Playing Cards - The Tarot And Other Early Cards - page V - the Mamlûk cards
What appears to be a crucial detail for the relation with southern European cards is not only the similarity of their signs, but the way the pips of the long suits (Swords and Sticks) are arranged, crossing each other, with the intersecting points highlighted by means of colour changes and additional details.
At the top of the court cards, in a blue rectangle very similar to the bottom one, is a saying or aphorism (a different one is found in each card).
Furthermore, these cards are particularly ornate, comparable to the Italian princely decks of the same age, and their use was almost certainly restricted to high officers, or to members of the nobility, people who would have never played for money.
l-pollett.tripod.com /cards64.htm   (1852 words)

 Euchre rules
Besides the six cards in the trump suit (9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace), there is another card that is considered part of the trump suit: the other Jack of the same color.
The cards in the trump suit are ranked as follows (from highest to lowest) :Jack (right bower), Jack of same color (left bower), Ace, King, Queen, 10, 9.
Also, make sure you have a lot of cards in the trump suit before calling trump- not just one or two (unless maybe those two are the cards that will be the two bowers) You should expect your partner to have some trump suit cards-but it’s not a sure bet.
www.geocities.com /alangilfoy/personalinfo/euchrerules.html   (1800 words)

 Games played with Italian Suited Tarot Cards
Since normal Italian cards include a king, horseman and jack, it is the queen that was added as the "extra" court card.
The trumps and fool are collectively known to occultists as the "major arcana" and the suit cards as the "minor arcana".
The suit of batons is sometimes called wands, and the coins are sometimes known as pentacles and redrawn as star shapes.
www.pagat.com /class/itarot.html   (1100 words)

 Game Report: Bryncir
Trick is taken by highest card; Brusten was unclear about whether one had to follow suit to take the trick, but we assumed so.
The best strategy, unsurprisingly, seemed to be to hold onto valuable cards for as long as you could stand, and maintain as much suit breadth as possible.
The result was that I still had "power cards" late in the game, in a variety of suits, so I wound up losing few points, taking most tricks, and earning massive points from other players who could not follow suit.
jducoeur.org /game-hist/game-recon-bryncir.html   (1042 words)

 Trumps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
When a Court card is used to cancel another card, it is turned face-down; a Court card that is face-down may not be used to cancel cards.
Court cards being used to cancel must be of the same suit as the card being cancelled, unless that ca rd is a Trump, in which case the Court card must be of the suit being played by the player wishing to cancel the Trump.
The Suit Stack with the highest card on the top of it is the winnin g suit, with all players that played that suit declared the winner.
www.upl.cs.wisc.edu /~porthos/trumps.html   (996 words)

 sloperama.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
To shuffle hwa-tu cards, hold the deck in the left hand, face-down, cupped between the fingers and thumb (face of bottom card resting on palm).
Distributed unevenly among the suit cards are depictions of animals, objects, Chinese characters, and ribbons of two colors.
The suit of November (Willow or Rain) is the only one that has one of each of the four card types.
home.comcast.net /~t.sloper/gostop/cards.html   (1002 words)

 Red suit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The red suits are hearts and diamonds, because most Anglo-American playing cards print these suit symbols in red.
There is nothing special about these two suits as a combination in contract bridge, but it is often convenient to be able to talk about suit combinations in this way.
Other games, such as Canasta, give special functions to fl cards or red cards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Red_suit   (122 words)

 EN World - Morrus' D&D / d20 News & Reviews Site - Suit Cards
In general, I tried to set up the suit cards so that for the most part, the number of cards you have determines "crunchy" things and the cards themselves are more RP things.
Reasoning: crunchy stuff affects game balance and it is easier to control that through of cards a player has since if you have a lot of one suit you cannot have a lot of any other suit.
Cards themselves will provide portfolio benefits, such as having 3 allies and one foe insteaed of 2 and 2, or changing the alignment of one portfolio character, or reduced XP penalty for playing both your prime and backup PC, etc.
www.enworld.org /showthread.php?t=85939   (1533 words)

 Antimail : Puzzle: what is the next card?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In fact, after receiving a card from Dianne, the guardian might send to John another (almost identical) card of the same type, to make sure that she didn't use the card to send additional clues to John.
By choosing which 4 cards to send you communicate either P or not P. That tells you whether the "extra bit" is a 0 (not P) or a 1 (P).
So now that we've established that the two cards are at MOST 6 apart (allowing a wrap around from K-A-2), we just need to make sure we have a standard method for John and Dianne to number their permutations, so they get the same count.
blogs.msdn.com /adioltean/archive/2005/06/13/428710.aspx   (1361 words)

 Bridge School - Lesson 4 - Three Important Questions  - Fifth Chair Foundation
Partner will also be using bids to tell us about the number of points she holds (and something about what suits she likes and dislikes.) Thus, we’ll KNOW how many points WE hold, and will have a fairly good idea of how many points partner holds after some bidding.
Because major suit games and no trump games require fewer tricks, they can usually be made with only 26 points total between the hands.
Usually, no trump contracts require that we can control all the suits (since we can’t trump a suit that opponents lead.) Playing the hand in trumps suits can be a little easier, if we have enough trumps between our two hands.
www.fifthchair.org /school/lesson4.htm   (997 words)

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