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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Addition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus, the sum of 1, 2, and 4 is 1 + 2 + 4 = 7.
Thus, the sum of all the natural numbers from 1 to 100 is 1 + 2 + … + 99 + 100 = 5050.
The sum of such a series is defined as the limit of the sum of the first n terms, as n grows without bound.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sum   (1239 words)

 SUM - Definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The principal points or thoughts when viewed together; the amount; the substance; compendium; as, this is the sum of all the evidence in the case; this is the sum and substance of his objections.
A sum in arithmetic wherein a flaw discovered at a particular point is ipso facto fatal to the whole.
{Algebraic sum}, as distinguished from arithmetical sum, the aggregate of two or more numbers or quantities taken with regard to their signs, as + or -, according to the rules of addition in algebra; thus, the algebraic sum of -2, 8, and -1 is 5.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/sum   (691 words)

 What's Special About This Number?
is the smallest number n for which the sum of the proper divisors of n divides phi(n).
is the sum of the primes between its smallest and largest prime factor.
is not the sum of 4 non-zero squares.
www.stetson.edu /~efriedma/numbers.html   (7257 words)

 Hong Kong: Dim Sum Restaurants
Otherwise the conversational bustle (amplified by uncarpeted flooring in old-style restaurants), the rush for vacant seats, the clatter of dim sum servers pushing their trolleys among the crowded tables, and the hustle of shouting, gesticulating waiters can be an overwhelming introduction to Hong Kong residents' love of food, gregariousness and cheerful noise-making.
Many of the finer dim sum selections, however, may not be available during the quiet spells, when the harassed dim sum cooks take a break from their literally steaming kitchens.
Then, you should not be shy of summoning all the dim sum trolley ladies as they wheel their fare around the room.
www.globalgourmet.com /destinations/hongkong/hkdimsum.html   (547 words)

 Maximum Sum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The sum of a rectangle is the sum of all the elements in that rectangle.
In this problem the sub-rectangle with the largest sum is referred to as the maximal sub-rectangle.
The output is the sum of the maximal sub-rectangle.
acm.uva.es /p/v1/108.html   (215 words)

 CuisineNet Digest: Dim Sum
Dim sum, literally translated from the Cantonese, means "dot-hearts," small treats that touch the heart.
The portions are bite-sized, and they are served in small quantities, usually three or four to a plate, so that the diners can enjoy a variety of foods, whether they eat very little or indulge in a huge feast.
Variety is one of the keys to dim sum.
www.cuisinenet.com /digest/region/china/dimsum_intro.shtml   (482 words)

If there is even one strategy set for which the sum differs from zero, then the game is not zero sum.
Von Neumann was a mathematician, and he had used the mathematician's approach: take a simple example, solve it, and then try to extend the solution to the more complex cases.
The serious interactions are instances of "nonconstant sum games," since the winnings and losses may add up differently depending on the strategies the participants choose.
william-king.www.drexel.edu /top/eco/game/zerosum.html   (1643 words)

The sum of 6 and 8 is 14.
the limit of the sequence of partial sums of a given infinite series.
to ascertain the sum of, as by addition.
www.infoplease.com /dictionary/sum   (168 words)

 S U M - A T M . c o m   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
SUM DON' T. ATM cards give you the power to get cash almost anywhere, with complete security and at the simple touch of a few buttons.
SUM is a selective surcharge program designed to help consumers minimize the costs associated with using their ATM cards to make withdrawals.
Finding a SUM ATM is easy – just look for the SUM logo on participating ATMs or click here for a list of SUM ATM locations.
www.sum-atm.com   (244 words)

 MTV.com - Sum 41
Avril Lavigne Engaged To Sum 41's Deryck Whibley
Sum 41 live at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, CA 10.30.2004
Sum 41 hit worldwide radar in 1996 after tiny Ajax, Ontario, proved unable to fully contain the foursome's blathering mixture of punk-pop riffing, hip-hop poses, and toilet-bowl humor.
www.mtv.com /bands/az/sum_41/artist.jhtml   (188 words)

 sum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
`sum' is provided for compatibility; `cksum' is preferable in new applications.
`sum' prints the checksum for each FILE followed by the number of blocks in the file (rounded up).
By default, GNU `sum' computes checksums using an algorithm compatible with BSD `sum' and prints file sizes in units of 1024-byte blocks.
www.ss64.com /bash/sum.html   (140 words)

 PHP: array_sum - Manual
returns the sum of values in an array as an integer or float.
PHP versions prior to 4.2.1 modified the passed array itself and converted strings to numbers (which most of the time converted them to zero, depending on their value).
Known Bugs: It will always return the first value if no mode are found, and the first mode found if more are found of same or lesser count.
us3.php.net /array_sum   (271 words)

 Sum 41 | Sum Pieces : #1 Sum 41 Fansite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sum Pieces is the #1 fansite for Sum 41, an amazing rock band from Canada.
We aren't Sum 41, we do not have connections with Sum 41, their management, or Island Records.
Sumpieces.com is independently run by fans of their music.
www.sumpieces.com   (74 words)

Sum[f, {i, imax}] evaluates the sum of the expressions f as evaluated for each i from 1 to imax.
The singular term in this sum is ignored.
You can get correct results for both sums using an integer as the upper limit of summation.
support.wolfram.com /mathematica/kernel/Symbols/System/Sum.html   (578 words)

 Sine wave Applet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This applet maniputlates two sine waves and their sum.
The individual sine waves are red and blue, the sum is purple.
The "Sum" checkbox turns the display of the sum wave on and off.
www.udel.edu /idsardi/sinewave/sinewave.html   (130 words)

 R: Sum of Vector Elements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
returns the sum of all the values present in its arguments.
are of type integer, then so is the sum, and in that case the result will be
NB: the sum of an empty set is zero, by definition.
pbil.univ-lyon1.fr /library/base/html/sum.html   (77 words)

 sum -- compute checksum and block count for file
sum -- compute checksum and block count for file
Data communications network protocols often use a cyclic redundancy check to ensure proper transmission.
This algorithm is more likely to produce a different sum for inputs which differ only in byte order.
www.mkssoftware.com /docs/man1/sum.1.asp   (234 words)

 Home Page
he Chinese call the little delicacies served at tea lunch dim sum, which translates as "touching your heart." And that indeed is what these small morsels do.
There are steamed shrimp and pork dumplings, deep-fried egg rolls and taro-root dumplings, green peppers with shrimp filling, and on and on.
im sum is based on Cantonese dim sum, it is all good at color, fragrance, taste and shape, its characteristic is that the ingredients used are of best quality and plentiful, variety is numerous, style is novel, tastes are various, it suits the needs of every eater and four seasons.
members.fortunecity.com /8dimsum   (146 words)

This package provides a Tcl-only implementation of the sum(1) command which calculates a 16 bit checksum value from the input data.
The BSD sum algorithm is used by default but the SysV algorithm is also available.
The byte values are summed and any overflow is discarded.
tcllib.sourceforge.net /doc/sum.html   (227 words)

 Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM)
The Centre for Development and the Environment, Senter for utvikling og miljø (SUM), is primarily a research institution.
It was established by the University of Oslo in 1990 in response to the report of the Brundtland Commission: Our Common Future.
and has worked at SUM since it was founded in 1990.
www.sum.uio.no   (193 words)

 Sho Sum Clothing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sho Sum is not for those who simply want to join the pack, followers, and the hangers on.
Instead, Sho Sum is for those who are not afraid to be themselves while respecting similar choices in others.
The Sho Sum concept is represented by the simple yet powerful Sho Sum logo depicting two ellipses.
www.shosum.com   (256 words)

 Amazon.com: Music: All Killer No Filler [ENHANCED]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
All She's got sounds like all Sum 41 has, more fast punk pop (sounds like Blink 182), there are no notable lyrics either.
Pain For Pleasure is not a long song (1:45) and has a metal sound along the lines of Judaist Priest, in fact the singer from Judaist Priest accompanies Sum 41 in singing.
This is a very good cd and i would reccomend it over any other of the Sum 41 albums, so if your gunna by a Sum 41 cd buy this one.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00005BJMW?v=glance   (1151 words)

 Welcome to Sum Software - makers of Becasso   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sum Software brings you the premier commercial paint/imaging application for the
For more information about Becasso, there is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Other Sum Software products include Summon, the invaluable Tracker add-on to open a Terminal in the selected directory;
www.sumware.demon.nl   (337 words)

 XML Path Language (XPath)
In addition, the number function cannot be used unless the language-neutral format used by the element is consistent with the XPath syntax for a Number.
The sum function returns the sum, for each node in the argument node-set, of the result of converting the string-values of the node to a number.
The floor function returns the largest (closest to positive infinity) number that is not greater than the argument and that is an integer.
www.w3.org /TR/xpath   (8473 words)

 SUM Function
The SUM function returns the total sum of a column in a given selection.
This example returns the sum of all ages in the "person" table:
This example returns the sum of ages for persons that are more than 20 years old:
www.w3schools.com /sql/func_sum.asp   (355 words)

 Sum 41
There are 10 comments for Sum 41, you can see it below.
Sum 41 - We're All To Blame (R&C)
i think sum 41 is like so toatally cool i just got there new cd chuck,and it is really good,i like every song on it especialey no soulution.i think stevo is so cute,so is cone and dave and deryck.i love sum 41 sooooooo much1!!!!!*********
www.deejaylink.com /info/artist.asp?info=636   (519 words)

 Sum Technical Office Furniture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Call us today to dicuss your ideal 24 hour, multiple shift, workstation.
Sum is a UK registered trade mark of Sigma Enclosures Limited.
Sum LAN rack, Sum Workstation, Control Room Furniture, Technical Office Furniture, 247 Chair, Ergonomic Chair, Back Care Chair, Monitor Arm, Vesa Mount, Height Adjustable Desk, Sit - Stand Desk, DDA furniture solutions, bespoke desking solutions
www.sum.co.uk   (168 words)

 Sum Function   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Probably the most popular function in any spreadsheet is the SUM function.
The Sum function takes all of the values in each of the specified cells and totals their values.
This has NO numeric value and can not be included in a total.
www.usd.edu /trio/tut/excel/15.html   (125 words)

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