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Topic: Sunday Night at the London Palladium

  London Palladium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The London Palladium is one of the most famous of London's West End theatres.
The annual Royal Variety Performance, the most prestigious Variety event of all, is staged at the Palladium.
In the 1950s and 60s it was the setting for the top-rated ITV variety show Sunday Night at the London Palladium which was broadcast live every week and hosted first by Tommy Trinder, then by Bruce Forsyth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/London_Palladium   (376 words)

 Sunday Night At  The London Palladium - Nostalgia Central   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Sunday Night At The London Palladium - Nostalgia Central
Regular ingredients of the show were the high-kicking Tiller Girls at the start, the game Beat The Clock in the middle, and the famous ending where all the stars of the evenings show would wave frantically and grin inanely from a revolve in the centre of the stage.
The Palladium's Sunday night curtain was brought down for the final time in 1967 although it didn't stay down for good.
www.nostalgiacentral.com /tv/variety/palladium.htm   (570 words)

 Telegraph | News | Norman Vaughan
Norman Vaughan, who has died aged 75, was a former host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium, the popular television variety show of the 1960s.
Vaughan was a little known comedian when he took over from Bruce Forsyth as the compere at the Palladium in 1962.
After three years on Sunday Night at the London Palladium, Vaughan handed the show over to Jimmy Tarbuck.
www.opinion.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?&xml=/news/2002/05/20/db2002.xml   (543 words)

 The London Palladium - Things to do in London - All in London
The London Palladium was built in 1910 on the site of the former Henglers Circus which occupied the site from the 1880s.
During the early years the London Palladium was a premier venue for variety performances.
During the 1950s ‘Sunday night at the London Palladium’ aired a weekly variety television show with great success.
www.allinlondon.co.uk /the-london-palladium.php   (311 words)

 BFCH: The London Palladium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
They will be the first ever Lincolnshire band to have their own night at this beautiful theatre which has a long and interesting history of its own.
In subsequent years the Palladium became famous as the 'Ace Variety Theatre of the World' and was a venue to which all performers aspired.
The London Palladium is situated on Argyll Street W1 a two minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station – a direct route from King's Cross mainline railway station – and only a short walk (honest) from Covent Garden's wealth of restaurants and bars.
www.squarepixel.co.uk /bfch/palladium.html   (555 words)

 Bruce Forsyth and Anthea Redfern   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
His gets his big break when, after being spotted on TV with comedian Dickie Henderson, he is booked to compere 'Sunday Night At The London Palladium', initially for two weeks only.
His shows in the West End and on Broadway are slated, as is his ITV show, 'Big Night', despite regular audience ratings of 14 million.
Continuing to work throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Forsyth steadily rebuilds a critical acclaim to match his unwavering public popularity, culminating in a triumphant return as host of a re-born 'Sunday Night At The London Palladium' for the year 2000.
www.phespirit.info /derekandclive/bruce_forsyth.htm   (321 words)

 London's West End London Palladium - Ticket Booking, Seating Plan, Theatre Information and History
It was originally named The Palladium before changing to the now familiar name The London Palladium in 1934.
The London Palladium is part of The Really Useful Group.
This website is owned by London Theatre Direct Ltd, an official agent of The Really Useful Group and other London theatre venues.
www.london-palladium.co.uk /theatre-history.htm   (295 words)

 Television Heaven   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
South London born Tommy had been a regular at the Palladium since 1941 with the review Gangway, and was without doubt one of the top comics of the day.
Forsyth left the Palladium in 1962 to be followed by Norman Vaughan a Liverpool born entertainer who was still comparatively unknown, in spite of having made his TV debut in 1954.
Although the Palladium was the venue for the top acts, the sixties gave rise to many other variety shows as programme makers tapped in to the wealth of new talent that was around at the time.
www.televisionheaven.co.uk /le2.htm   (2191 words)

 ATV London
When Independent Television began in the UK, the fledgling regulator, the Independent Television Authority, decided that the London region was too populous to be handled by one commercial TV company alone, and decided to split it between two contractors: one (Associated-Rediffusion) broadcasting on weekdays and the other at weekends.
One of ATV London's Sunday religious shows, The Tree House Family, was a variant of ATV Midlands' Tingha and Tucker Club children's programme, screened Monday to Fridays at 4.45.
Sunday was a key night for TV entertainment, and ATV London provided ITV's longest-lasting variety shows, usually produced by Val Parnell and Bernard Delfont.
www.transdiffusion.org /tvh/atvlondon.htm   (1669 words)

 Conor Academy of Irish Dancing
Representing the Irish Dancing community of the UK, the Conor Academy of Irish Dancing, who are based in Croydon and Streatham, South London, were at the centre of the latest production of "Sunday Night Live at the London Palladium" last Sunday, 20th July 2003.
Hosted by "Star EFX", the Conor Academy and other stage and drama schools from around the UK, were given the opportunity of a lifetime, to perform at, arguably, the most prestigious stage in the world.
The team were part of a professionally produced 'West End' variety show and will feature a cast of 60 quality vocalist, at least three world-class speciality acts and up to six troupes from across the UK, to create a unique Star EFX variety spectacular.
www.btinternet.com /~irish.dance/pallad2.htm   (190 words)

 The London Palladium
The London Palladium was built in 1910 on the site which was previously home to Hengler's Circus.
The London Palladium became familiar to millions worldwide in the mid 1950's with the weekly television variety show 'Sunday Night at The London Palladium' which was revived years later in the late 1980's with a new name, 'Live From The Palladium'.
The London Palladium was also party to a pre-war collaboration of a group of comedians who formed what was then known as the 'Crazy Gang'.
www.hotels-london-breaks.co.uk /london-palladium.htm   (505 words)

Children were kept amused with games in nurseries and play groups, and at night well-known performers filled the specially-built theatres.
The flagship programme of newly-launched ITV, SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM first appeared on September 25, 1955.
At first only the 190,000 viewers who had bothered to have their sets converted watched, but soon it became essential Sunday viewing, seen by more than 20 million at the height of its popularity.
www.yourmemories.co.uk /memories/county/memorable/1950.asp   (1850 words)

 Flash Winstone
The Top Ten most watched shows that year were all on commercial television: "The Royal Variety Show" topped the listings, the game show "Take Your Pick" was at number three and the detective series "No Hiding Place" was the fourth most watched show.
Sensing an opportunity to produce programmes for the fledgling ITV companies, American brothers Edward and Harry Danziger took over a former wartime aero-engine factory In Elstree and converted it into a state of the art production centre with six sound stages and enough land to cater for all manner of exterior filming.
The story behind the music written for the series is another of those "in the right place at the right time" or even "it's not what you know, but who you know" scenarĀ­ios.
www.jazzprofessional.com /memorial/Crombie_Interpol.htm   (1488 words)

 Jimmy Tarbuck - Speakers Biography - Celebrity Speakers Limited   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
He made several guest appearances on Sunday Night at the London Palladium with Val Parnell until he became its resident compere in September 1965.
Apart from appearing on Sunday Night at the London Palladium, his other hit series were The Jimmy Tarbuck Show for ATV, It's Tarbuck for ATV, and Tarbuck's Luck for the BBC.
The 80's found Jimmy signing a five year contract with London Weekend Television to present Live From Her Majesty's, followed by Live from the Piccadilly in 1986 and culminating with Live From the London Palladium in 1987/88.
www.speakers.co.uk /speaker/JIMTAR   (423 words)

 London Northwest.com Ltd > The Beatles at the London Palladium 12th January 1964
London Northwest.com Ltd > The Beatles at the London Palladium 12th January 1964
The Beatles onstage during the live TV Show Val Parnell’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium
At the end of the show The Beatles appeared on a carousel with the other artists to wave goodbye to the audience.
www.beatles-photos.co.uk /product.php?xProd=7&xSec=10   (186 words)

 Sunday Night at the London Palladium
However his stint only lasted a year as Forsyth returned in Sept. 1961 and Arrol moved on to compere the Black and White Minstrel Show and Candid Camera amongst others.
He was 34 when he took over at the Palladium and he had first appeared on TV in 1954.
The Theme is called STARTIME and was composed by Eric Rogers who was musical director at the London Palladium.
www.whirligig-tv.co.uk /tv/adults/other/snatlp.htm   (572 words)

 Telegraph | News
A geography teacher who "snogged" a 15-year-old pupil has been told that she was immature and totally unsuitable for the profession.
A man arrested in south-east London on Wednesday has been charged with offences under the Terrorism Act, Scotland Yard said last night.
Children's films are fuelling the boom at the box office as more Britons than ever before flock to the cinema.
opinion.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?&xml=/news/2002/.../db2002.xml   (699 words)

 Alexander Brothers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
They had their own TV series for many years and appeared on the legendary 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium'.
Songwriter Tony Hatch heard them and took them down to London to record their first Album "HIGHLAND FLING", on the PYE Label which was a massive seller.
They co-starred with Shirley Bassey in 1967 on the famous 'LONDON PALLADIUM SHOW' and hosted their own show on STV which topped the ratings for many years.
www.burnsfestival.com /site2003/program/artistinfo.asp?id=47   (385 words)

 The official site of the legendary Jet Harris
Here's one member of this site who was at the most fantastic Sunday Night at The London Palladium.
Bruce Welch and Mike Read were both there and were introduced/acknowledged by Jet from the stage.
Jet hadn't played the famous London venue since he was there with Cliff and The Shads back in 1961.
www.jet-harris.com /palladium_2003.html   (496 words)

 DORIS STOKES, Celebrated Medium and Clairaudient, fondly remembered...
When tickets for her 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' meeting went on sale, every seat was snapped up within hours!
Doris served the people in the spirit realms diligently for approximately 17 years before she lapsed into a coma in a London hospital in 1987 during brain surgery, in which doctors removed a cancerous tumour.
She knew what it was to suffer; but being a qualified nurse, she showed compassion to all those she helped.
website.lineone.net /~enlightenment/doris_stokes.htm   (301 words)

 Sunday Herald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Once, at the height of their fame, when Nobody's Child was riding high in the charts Ð in Scotland they were outselling The Beatles' Ticket To Ride Ð they were appearing on TV's Sunday Night At The London Palladium.
Finding their dressing room, one used by Sid James and Cliff Richard during the week, had been cleared and all contents padlocked and chained inside cupboards and boxes, Jack (the redhead and younger of the two) decided to write a note.
The years of Sunday Night and big starry entertainment line-ups are over, and even the RoyalÊVarietyÊShowÊseemsÊlikeÊa dustyÊrelicÊofÊaÊdifferentÊage.
www.sundayherald.com /print30218   (1310 words)

 Judy Garland Database: Ask John Fricke
Of course, the first 3 nights at the Palace in 1967 were recorded and intermingled for the ABC/Paramount album.
Her rendition -- even in the brief 16 bars or so in the Palace medley -- is a heart-stopper (and by her own admission at the 10/16/51 opening night party her own personal favorite of the four signature tunes she performs in the arrangement).
Side One was drawn from opening night; Judy's solos on Side Two came from one of the other performances and I'm not sure from WHICH night the kids' songs chosen!).
www.jgdb.com /jfpage.htm   (8173 words)

 Bruce Forsyth OBE - Speakers Biography - Celebrity Speakers Limited   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Bruce Forsyth is an entertainer and showman who achieved celebrity on the show Saturday Night at the London Palladium, and has since presented game shows such as The Price is Right, Play Your Cards Right, The Generation Game and You Bet.
It is a career that began very young when, in the middle of World War Two, he left school and aged 14 began performing professionally billed as Boy Bruce The Mighty Atom.
Sixteen years later in 1958, he became an 'overnight' star when he was chosen to host Sunday Night At The London Palladium and he has remained one of the most influential and popular performers on British television ever since.
www.speakers.co.uk /speaker/BRUFOR   (246 words)

 Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV Show - Sunday Night at the London Palladium Television Show - TV.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV Show - Sunday Night at the London Palladium Television Show - TV.com
Tell the world what you think of Sunday Night at the London Palladium.
Sunday Night at the London Palladium TV Show
tv.com /sunday-night-at-the-london-palladium/show/11193/summary.html   (110 words)

 The TV Cream Guide to Television Presenters
At some point in the late 1970s he also grew a horrible beard, but he was clean-shaven by 1983 when he fronted LIVE AT THE PICADILLY, the first in a decade-spanning series of Sunday night variety spectaculars.
He also fronted the Saturday night chatfest TARBY AND FRIENDS, which was basically just Des O'Connor Tonight with a different chortling host.
A ropey Saturday night show with her sister - YOUR KIDS ARE IN CHARGE - was another flop, and she then went back to her roots on little-watched satellite channels by doing a show on Taste CFN, which closed down.
tv.cream.org /specialassignments/presenters/t.htm   (1798 words)

 Comedian: Otiz Cannelloni
Usually billed, somewhat misleadingly, as a magician, Cannelloni is really a good old-fashioned end-of-the pier variety act who wouldn't look out of place on Sunday Night At The London Palladium.
The magic, such as it is, is just one of any number of props and gimmicks he uses to jolly his act along.
But thanks to Cannelloni's zippy, self-deprecating patter and knowing, absurd humour, it turns out to be a full-on pantomime of unadulterated, if unsophisticated, fun from an instantly likeable performer.
www.chortle.co.uk /comics/ocannelloni.html   (378 words)

 The Songs Of Shirley Bassey : Collection
Her dynamic vocal style, her theatrical stage performances, her successful and regular television appearances and the excellence of her recorded work has established her as an international star.
She also has been an extremely successful small screen attraction hosting a number of her own series of shows and guesting on such shows as Sunday Night at the London Palladium, The Danny Kaye Show, the Morecambe and Wise Show and This is Tom Jones.
By the time she returned to England, in April 1957 she had scored her first hit and landed an appearance on ATV's Sunday Night at the London Palladium which she followed with a nationwide tour.
www.songsofshirleybassey.co.uk /info/trklc88.html   (754 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Forsyth honoured with bronze bust
Veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth was back at London's Palladium theatre to see a bronze bust of himself unveiled.
Forsyth, presenter of Strictly Come Dancing, became a household name after hosting TV show Sunday Night at the London Palladium from 1958.
The original Sunday Night at the London Palladium show attracted more than 20 million viewers each week at its peak, and was revived in 2000 with Forsyth back at the helm.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4520421.stm   (226 words)

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