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Topic: Sunspot

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Sunspot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apparent references to sunspots were made by Chinese astronomers in 28 BC, who probably could see the largest spot groups when the sun's glare was filtered by wind-borne dust from the various central Asian deserts.
Sunspot research was dormant for much of the 17th and early 18th centuries because of the Maunder Minimum, during which no sunspots were visible for some years; but after the resumption of sunspot activity, Heinrich Schwabe in 1843 reported a periodic change in the number of sunspots.
Sunspots are self-perpetuating storms, similar in some ways to terrestrial hurricanes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sunspot   (1616 words)

 Solar variation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Study was hampered during the 1600s and 1700s due to the low number of sunspots during what is now recognized as an extended period of low solar activity, this event named the Maunder Minimum.
Sunspots are relatively dark areas on the surface of the Sun and are thus cooler than its average surface.
An increase in solar activity (more sunspots) is accompanied by an increase in the "solar wind," which is an outflow of ionized particles, mostly protons and electrons, from the sun.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Solar_variation   (4340 words)

 Sunspot cycle - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Sunspot cycle
Dark patch on the surface of the Sun, actually an area of cooler gas, thought to be caused by strong magnetic fields that block the outward flow of heat to the Sun's surface.
Sunspots are more common during active periods in the Sun's magnetic cycle, when they are sometimes accompanied by nearby flares.
There was a lull in sunspot activity, known as the Maunder minimum, 1645–1715, that coincided with a cold spell in Europe.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Sunspot+cycle   (200 words)

Sunspots are dark, planet-sized regions that appear on the "surface" of the Sun.
If you could cut an average sunspot out of the Sun and place it in the night sky, it would be about as bright as a full moon.
Sunspots are caused by the Sun's magnetic field welling up to the photosphere, the Sun's visible "surface".
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/sun/atmosphere/sunspots.html   (397 words)

 Sunspots   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sunspots are regions on the solar surface that appear dark because they are cooler than the surrounding photosphere, typically by about 1500 K (thus, they are still at a temperature of about 4500 K, but this is cool compared to the rest of the photosphere).
Sunspots often come in groups with as many as 100 in a group, though sunspot groups with more than about 10 are relatively rare.
Sunspots develop and persist for periods ranging from hours to months, and are carried around the surface of the Sun by its rotation (a fact known to Galileo).
csep10.phys.utk.edu /astr162/lect/sun/sunspots.html   (309 words)

 The Sunspot Cycle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
One striking feature that emerges from the long-term data is that the number of sunspots observed in a given year varies in a dramatic and highly predictable way.
If one plots the total number of sunspots observed in a year as a function of the year the plot shown to the right is obtained.
There is a striking variation in the number of sunspots that is cyclic, with a period of approximately 11 years.
csep10.phys.utk.edu /astr162/lect/sun/sscycle.html   (205 words)

 Mt. Wilson 150-Foot Tower Sunspot Drawing
Prior to this date, sunspot sketches were often made by the observers, but it was not until a parallel-plate micrometer was built to visually measure sunspot field strengths that solar drawings became part of the regular observing routine.
The sunspot drawing is done in pencil, on a 25.5 by 50 cm pad of white acid-free paper.
Sunspot positions, the limb and its fiducial marks, and all other labeling are done using a No. 5 pencil.
www.astro.ucla.edu /~obs/150_draw.html   (1410 words)

 SPACE.com -- Largest Sunspot in Nine Years Found On Sun
The largest sunspot in nine years, an active region known as AR 9169, is providing them with a spectacular show as it slowly rotates toward the center of the suns near side.
And although AR 9169 is by no means the largest sunspot ever recorded (in fact it is a group of sunspots located extremely close together) it covers a particularly large area about 2 percent of the solar disk and more than 12 times the area of one side of Earth.
Sunspots are measured by scientists in terms of millionths of the suns visible area.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/solarsystem/large_sunspot_000921.html   (527 words)

 BBC News | SCI/TECH | First glimpse inside a sunspot
To map the interior of a sunspot, the Stanford team used data obtained from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (Soho) satellite positioned about 1.6 million km (a million miles) from Earth.
The Stanford team analysed a single large sunspot that was visible on 18 June, 1998.
Analysis of the giant sunspot revealed that sound waves travel about 10% slower at the surface where temperatures are lower, and maintain this relatively slow pace as they begin moving toward the interior of the Sun.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1641000/1641599.stm   (711 words)

 NGDC/STP - Sunspot Numbers
Wolf chose to compute his sunspot number by adding 10 times the number of groups to the total count of individual spots, because neither quantity alone completely captured the level of activity.
Wolf, who became director of the Zurich Observatory, discovered independently the coincidence of the sunspot cycle with disturbances in the earth's magnetic field.
Sunspot counts are available on-line via ftp or via a Webpage interface.
www.ngdc.noaa.gov /stp/SOLAR/SSN/ssn.html   (420 words)

 BBC News | SCI/TECH | Giant sunspot comes into view
Sunspots are believed to be caused when magnetic fields, shaped into huge coils, emerge on to the solar surface from below.
Although the latest sunspot - in solar active region 9169 - is exceptionally large, it is not a record-breaker, according to Dr David Hathaway, of Nasa's Marshall Space Flight Center in the US.
The largest known sunspot was seen in 1947, and was three times larger than this latest feature.
news.bbc.co.uk /hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_936000/936606.stm   (412 words)

 Graphing Sunspot Cycles
The student will be able to use these relationships to determine the approximate number of sunspots for a year in the near future.
Sunspot number table, courtesy of the National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder (USA).
Sunspots have been known and recorded since the eighteenth century.
www.windows.ucar.edu /cgi-bin/tour.cgi?link=/teacher_resources/suncycle.html&sw=false&sn=881297&d=/teacher_resources&edu=high&br=graphic&cd=false&fr=f&tour=   (561 words)

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www.sunspotmusic.com   (557 words)

 History of Sunspot Revel
Sunspot Revel was an outstanding Appaloosa whose life I have had the fortunate opportunity to share through one of his own sons.
Sunspot Revel F-1904 was born in a puddle of water after a snow storm on Lookout Mountain, Colorado on May 16, 1957, sired by Revel Junior F-1728 and out of Rocking Chair Sun Dance F-587.
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www.obryantranch.com /revel.htm   (1134 words)

 Sunspots - Enchanted Learning Software
Sunspots are relatively cool, dark patches on the sun's surface.
A pore is a small sunspot that doesn't have a penumbra.
Sunspots occur where the sun's magnetic field loops up out of the solar surface and cool it slightly, making that section less bright.
www.allaboutspace.com /subjects/astronomy/sun/sunspots.shtml   (386 words)

 Sunspot-Apache Point in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico
Sunspot residents can now use that telescope to look at the night sky.
Over the years that the Grain Bin Dome was not in use, the trees around the Dome have grown, limiting the amount of observable sky.
Sunspots are associated with strong magnetic field on the Sun.
www.mountaintimes.net /Sunspot.htm   (1195 words)

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Keeping in mind that the purchase of a puppy is a 12 to 15 year commitment, every effort is made to create the perfect match based on the buyer's lifestyle and interests and the personality of the puppy.
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 Solar Observing: Sunspot Area   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The units of sunspot area is millionths of the Sun's visible hemisphere.
For comparison, the largest sunspot group on record had an area of 6100 millionths on 8th April 1947.
The only inputs are the date/time, the position of the sunspot (x and y coordinates with respect to the centre of the disk) and number of grid squares covering the sunspot as the following Helio v3 screenshot shows.
www.meadows3.demon.co.uk /html/area.html   (438 words)

 Sunspot Graphing Activity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Scientists monitor sunspot activity using an index called the "sunspot number." It may seem surprising, but the sunspot number is not exactly equal to the number of sunspots on the sun.
Sunspots tend to come in bunches called "sunspot groups." To an observer with a small telescope, a sunspot group might look like a single sunspot.
In this activity students are given a table of sunspot numbers and asked to plot them in the form of a bar chart.
www.thursdaysclassroom.com /14oct99/teach6.html   (517 words)

 Sunspot Index Data Center (SIDC)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The sunspots radiate less energy than the undisturbed photosphere of the Sun and are therefore visible as dark spots on the surface of the Sun.Sunspots are observed with some regularity since 1700 and on a strict daily basis since 1849; the
Otherwise, the definitive value is adopted, unless the daily histogram of the sunspot numbers shows an anomalous distribution, in which case a new value is calculated after elimination of the too discrodant stations.
The principle of the method is that the last smoothed sunspot number known defines by interpolation a specific curve in a family of Waldmeier's standard curves.
www.kms.dk /fags/ps11sidc.htm   (1572 words)

 Solar Observing: Sunspot Trends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The trends in sunspot measurements can be found by smoothing data over a 12 month period.
The two plots below shows the monthly averaged sunspot numbers and sunspot area (the diamonds) together with the smoothed data shown in the form of a curve.
It will be interesting to follow the sunspot number and area trends over the next couple of years as the sunspot area is known to peak around two years after the sunspot number.
www.meadows3.demon.co.uk /html/trends.html   (104 words)

 Sunspot Cycle Predictions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
She separates the geomagnetic aa index into two components: one in phase with and proportional to the sunspot number, the other component is then the remaining signal.
The maximum in this signal occurs at sunspot minimum and is proportional to the sunspot number during the following maximum.
He found a relationship between the number of days during a sunspot cycle in which the geomagnetic field was "disturbed" and the amplitude of the next sunspot maximum.
physics.ship.edu /~mrc/astro/NASA_Solar_Physics/science.nasa.gov/ssl/pad/solar/predict.htm   (894 words)

 The Sunspot Cycle
The sunspot number is calculated by first counting the number of sunspot groups and then the number of individual sunspots.
The "sunspot number" is then given by the sum of the number of individual sunspots and ten times the number of groups.
Since most sunspot groups have, on average, about ten spots, this formula for counting sunspots gives reliable numbers even when the observing conditions are less than ideal and small spots are hard to see.
spacescience.spaceref.com /ssl/pad/solar/sunspots.htm   (633 words)

 NGDC/WDC STP, Boulder-Sunspot Number Data via FTP from NGDC
His method, which is still used today, counts the total number of spots visible on the face of the sun and the number of groups into which they cluster, because neither quantity alone satisfactorily measures sunpsot activity.
An observer computes a daily sunspot number by multiplying the number of groups he sees by ten and then adding this product to his total count of individual spots.
Today, much more sophisticated measurements of solar activity are made routinely, but none has the link with the past that sunspot numbers have.
www.ngdc.noaa.gov /stp/SOLAR/ftpsunspotnumber.html   (1103 words)

 USATODAY.com - Sunspot grows to 20 times size of Earth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A sunspot group aimed squarely at Earth has grown to 20 times the size of our planet and has the potential to unleash a major solar storm.
Sunspots are areas of intense magnetic energy, cooler and darker than the surrounding surface of the thermonuclear furnace.
The sunspot is clearly visible from Earth without a telescope.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/2004-07-25-see-spot-storm_x.htm?csp=15   (417 words)

 The Sunspot Natural Foods - Home Page
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 Sunspot Numbers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Counting sunspots is not as straightforward as it sounds.
The Boulder number (reported daily on SpaceWeather.com) is usually about 25% higher than the second official index, the "International Sunspot Number," published daily by the Sunspot Index Data Center in Belgium.
As a rule of thumb, if you divide either of the official sunspot numbers by 15, you'll get the approximate number of individual sunspots visible on the solar disk if you look at the Sun by projecting its image on a paper plate with a small telescope.
www.spaceweather.com /glossary/sunspotnumber.html   (286 words)

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