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Topic: Super Mario 64 DS

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Super Mario 64 DS - Encyclopedia Gamia
Super Mario 64 DS was a port of the original Super Mario 64 released with the launch of the Nintendo DS in all teritories, showcasing the 3D graphic capabilities of the system.
Gameplay in Super Mario 64 DS is actually quite different from the original due to the change in input scheme and the special abilities given to the new characters.
Mario still retains most of his abilities from the original, but loses a few (he can no longer become invisible or walk underwater), but he's the only character capable of the wall kick, and is probably the best all around one to use in the game.
egamia.com /wiki/Super_Mario_64_DS   (761 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Review - Portable   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Super Mario 64 DS is, essentially, the same game that was released back in 1996, though a few new twists and turns have been added.
Super Mario 64 is a game that requires a lot of precision movements, and it's unfortunate that none of the available control options are quite up to the task.
Super Mario 64 DS retains the same music and speech samples used in the original game, though some new samples were added for the new characters and a few effects have changed.
www.cnet.com.au /games/portable/0,239029689,240004484,00.htm   (3018 words)

 Super Mario 64 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Super Mario 64 was the first 3D game in the Mario series, and though it was not the first-ever 3D platformer, it helped to define the genre, much as Super Mario Bros. defined the 2D sidescrolling platformer.
Super Mario 64 is often counted as the first among games such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime and Sonic Adventure to have brought a series of 2D games into full 3D while maintaining their signature feel.
Super Mario 64 2 was planned for the Nintendo 64DD, but canceled due to the failure of that peripheral, as well as a lack of progress in development.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Super_Mario_64   (2782 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS (ds: 2004): Reviews
By far the most pleasing aspect of Super Mario 64 DS is the consistent quality of the new mini-games, with the bombs and the catapult game adding something to dip into alongside the lure of the main adventure itself.
Mario 64 DS is a magnificent execution of entirely the wrong content.
While the main game in Super Mario 64 DS does seem a bit dated to be a launch title for the Nintendo DS, it is still a fun action/adventure that will satisfy the handful of people that have always wished they could have Super Mario 64 on a handheld.
www.metacritic.com /games/platforms/ds/supermario64ds   (2275 words)

 Kikizo Games: Nintendo DS Review: Super Mario 64 DS
Super Mario 64 is the game that many will associate with their very first steps into the big, bright new world of 3D gaming.
Super Mario 64 was created for the Nintendo 64, from the control system to the camera to the whole premise - choosing a game so intertwined with its original host platform to port to another was quite a misadvised choice on Nintendo's part.
Mario 64, old or new, is still one of the best games ever made - this is a fact that must not be understated.
games.kikizo.com /reviews/ds/supermario64ds.asp   (1587 words)

 Gamerz-Edge - Super Mario 64 DS Review for Nintendo DS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The general idea of Super Mario 64 DS is to explore Princess Peach’s castle and many different worlds located in the paintings (and other places) throughout in search of Power Stars.
Super Mario 64 was arguably one of the most magical and memorable console games of all time – any update in any form is incredibly enticing to long-time fans.
Super Mario 64 has always been one of my favorite games of all time, and having this title in my hands on my new portable gaming system just makes playing through it again even more fun.
www.gamerz-edge.com /ds/reviews/sm64ds.html   (3019 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Review - GamersMark   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Mario, as you’d expect controls just like he did originally, and is the only one who can triangle jump off walls.
Mario is able to inflate like a balloon and float around (which is actually a new feature), while Luigi is able to turn invisible and intangible, which makes him able to walk through certain obstacles.
Super Mario 64 DS is one fun title, just know the controls will probably create a headache or two.
www.gamersmark.com /reviews/view/502   (2228 words)

 Gamers Europe » Nintendo » Review » Super Mario 64 DS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Super Mario 64 DS There's been an awful lot of moaning about how the new handhelds are going to become simply dumping grounds for ports from their chunkier, TV-toting brothers.
Your control over Mario is a vital element, and whilst Super Mario 64 DS offers the standard D-Pad, the best way to play the game in practice is with the thumb strap and touch screen, which provides true analogue control in emulation of a console thumb stick.
Mario 64 gives you a simple toolkit of moves, and lets you revel in the joy as you discover how to apply them.
www.gamerseurope.com /articles/679   (1125 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Review - Nintendo DS Review - Australia's PAL Gaming Network
Mario of course is typically well rounded and exactly like he was in the original.
Mario can inflate like a balloon as he did in Super Mario World, Yoshi can breathe fire, while Wario and Luigi retain Mario's old abilities from the N64 version of turning into metal and walking through walls.
Due to the DS hardware, the blurriness of the N64 version is now gone in favour of a much harsher, crisper look and due to it being at a much lower resolution, with jaggies at minimum.
palgn.com.au /article.php?id=1998   (2106 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS - DS Reviews - The Armchair Empire
This is the Super Mario 64 that appeared on the N64.
Yoshi has his tongue and stomach of steel, Wario possesses unmatched strength, etc. but the levels are designed in such a way that there are only a few instances of having to be a particular character to accomplish a goal and sometimes it’s a matter of losing that hat and proceeding as the default character.
Super Mario 64 DS may not be as groundbreaking as the original Super Mario 64 but as a launch title and a full-featured game you absolutely get your money’s worth.
www.armchairempire.com /Reviews/ds/super-mario-64-ds.htm   (738 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS (DS) Reviews on Darkstation
When Mario 64 was released, I must admit that although I am not the biggest fan of the game, I still enjoyed it quite a bit.
For the most part if you remember Mario 64, the DS version isn't going to throw any surprises at you, as it is essentially the same game.
But is Super Mario 64 DS a worthwhile purchase and my answer to that is yes.
www.darkstation.com /reviews/article471.html   (919 words)

 Get Into The Game - Super Mario 64 DS for DS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Yoshi's Island 2 in the sequel to Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, which was released in 2002 on the GBA.
Mega Man ZX (DS) Rockman ZX returns to the original 2D side scrolling action, with a new cast of characters and a choice of heroes.
Super Mario 64 DS is a great update of a classic game.
www.getintothegame.com /pages/gamespace/index.php?id=920758   (155 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)
These are the folks who will play Super Mario DS with a smile on their face and post on the message boards that you "suck" if you complain about it.
Bottom line: Super Mario DS is a great place to visit, but only those with the patience of Job will get 150 stars and see the game to the very end.
Nintendo recently announced Super Mario 64X4 for their new Nintendo DS system which will allow 4 players to hunt for stars in locales from the classic N64 game.
www.cheatcc.com /ds/rev/supermario64x4.html   (1588 words)

 Amazon.com: Super Mario 64: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Super Mario 64 was an amazing Nintendo 64 game - which wowed audiences all around the world when it was launched with the Nintendo 64.
When Super Mario 64 came out on the Nintendo 64, the control style was great, with the anolog stick controlling Mario was a snap.
Super Mario 64, the classic 3D platformer for the Nintendo 64, arrives on the Nintendo DS with all-new features that...
www.amazon.com /Nintendo-45496734992-Super-Mario-64/dp/B0006B0O9U   (1772 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Review (Nintendo DS) at Next Level Gaming!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
It was a big surprise when we saw Mario 64 running on the Nintendo DS at E3.
I even once owned the Super mario 64 Soundtrack on CD (where did that thing go?) and it sounds just as good as it did many years ago when I first turned my Nintendo 64 on for the first time.
Super Mario 64 is one of the greatest platform games ever made.  This game was one of Shigeru Miyamoto's true shining moments in gaming history.
www.nlgaming.com /nl/asp/id_1051/nl/reviewDisp.htm   (1097 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Electronic Gaming Monthly - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
As Mario DS stands, it’s 90 percent the same game we played in ancient times, with brief flashes of fresh content, like the occasional new level or the stuff mentioned in the sidebar below.
The DS doesn’t have that stick, so you’ll have little Marios, Yoshis, Luigis, and Warios falling off skinny platforms, jumping to their dooms, and missing crucial ledges all the time.
Also, outside of the occasionally entertaining Wario Ware–style micro minigames, Mario DS doesn’t make good use of the hardware’s unique features (the multiplayer mode is entirely forgettable, though it is cool you need only one cart to play).
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_zdegm/is_200501/ai_n7182307   (746 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Nintendo DS (NDS)
Go to the area where you unlocked Mario (past the character selection, through he door that required eight Stars to unlock, in the portrait of Mario) as Mario.
At the main menu, when Mario's face is looking around, tap his face the first time he turns and faces all the way to the right.
As for Mario, his head is drawn at a different angle, or Luigi's head is drawn instead.
www.cheatcc.com /ds/superm64ds.html   (4990 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Cheats and Codes for Nintendo DS
Super Mario 64 DS We also have the following options for this game...
On the mission "blast to the stone pillar" on jolly roger bay, enter the painting as mario.
Where you save Mario, Collect the red coins and right of where you start the area, where the switch star is, step on the switch and wall jump where the star is on the map.
www.supercheats.com /nintendods/supermario64dscheats.htm   (1259 words)

 Review - Super Mario 64 DS // DS /// Eurogamer
Mario's "Sort or 'Splode", for example, has already passed into legend for being one of those incredibly addictive games that you can't stop playing and get incredibly competitive over high scores on.
Far better are the games which you can play for ages such as Mario's "Trampoline Time" which tasks you with hastily drawing in trampolines that bounce the suicidal Marios to safety, and reminds us of Nintendo's ancient Game and Watch effort "Fire".
Tom's favourite "Mario's Slides", meanwhile is like a bonkers take on Tetris, with descending heads sliding down vertical lines, transferring between parallel lines via lines that you yourself draw in, the idea being to wind up sliding into a star rather than a piranha plant.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=57373   (1720 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS | PopMatters Multimedia Review
I purchased the DS not necessarily because any of the games coming out for it look outstanding, but more because I liked the idea of Nintendo attempting to take games in a new direction.
I believe that a discussion of the merits of Super Mario 64 DS must not only be aware of the pedigree of the source game, but should also mention this new game's status as a launch title for a new console, and a new style of gaming.
Moreover, Super Mario 64 DS gives a cursory, and addictive, illustration of the potential of this new user interface of the DS with it's plentiful minigames.
www.popmatters.com /multimedia/reviews/s/super-mario-64-ds.shtml   (1029 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Super Mario 64 DS is an enhanced remake of the 1996 video game Super Mario 64, produced by Nintendo and released in the United States and Japan in 2004 as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo DS handheld game console.
The goal of Super Mario 64 DS is to collect Power Stars hidden throughout the various worlds within the castle, in order to access Bowser's lair.
Mario, Luigi and Wario all have unique hats that are available in some levels.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Super_Mario_64_DS   (1278 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Preview - Nintendo DS Preview - Australia's PAL Gaming Network
Most people are aware by now that Super Mario 64 DS is a port from the Nintendo 64 classic.
Three Marios are in free fall as they transition from screen to screen.
The object of this mini game is to tap the Marios to keep them floating, however the goal is also to make the Marios hit the Shy Guys.
palgn.com.au /article.php?id=1909   (867 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS - review - play.tm
The DS is a fantastic piece of kit but the more I play it the more one question keeps occurring to me. When the N64 arrived and Mario moved into the third dimension it wasn't just a graphical transformation that occurred.
Mario 64 wasn't designed to be used with a digital d pad, pure and simple.
When out and about with my DS I found the Mario 64 mini games combined with the Wario Ware cartridge sitting in the GBA slot perfectly, proving to be an infallible tool in combating any potentially boring situation.
play.tm /story/4922   (1422 words)

 Super Mario 64 DS Review - GamersHell.com
Super Mario 64 DS is a port of the Nintendo 64 classic but several things have been changed.
Mario, Luigi, Wario and Yoshi take turns in fighting Bowser and each of them has unique moves: Mario can punch, kick and wall-jump, his brother Luigi isn’t as strong but can jump higher.
Thanks to the surprisingly good DS speakers the sound is clear and even the infamous “It’s me, Mario” is there.
www.gamershell.com /ds/super_mario_64_ds/review.html   (654 words)

 IGN: Super Mario 64 DS Review
The end result: Super Mario 64 became a massive commercial, critical, and design success for the Nintendo 64 console, and though future games have built upon and improved on the ideas established by Nintendo's development team, gamers still regard Super Mario 64 as one of the finest examples of 3D platforming ever created.
Super Mario 64 DS successfully demonstrates that the Nintendo DS has the right stuff to recreate an existing "64-bit" game on handheld hardware, and there's no question about the quality of the game's production value.
Though the Nintendo DS developers pull off the game's original control structure extraordinarily well on a system without an analog stick, it still feels like a compromise and begs the question,"if this is your killer app to show off the system, why the heck didn't you include one in the first place?"
ds.ign.com /articles/567/567976p1.html   (818 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS): PC & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Although it does at times seem a little obvious that this was not a game originally designed with the DS in mind, it's still an enormous amount of fun and manages to showcase just about everything the new console is capable of.
Mario, Luigi and Wario are invited to a royal party for Princess Peach.
DS Lite Super Mario Bros Protective Case (Nintendo DS) by Hori
www.amazon.co.uk /Super-Mario-64-DS-Nintendo/dp/B0006B0O9U   (1542 words)

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