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Topic: Super strength

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

 The Seeker's Spider-Man 2099 Page
The genetic altering Spider-Man 2099 underwent gives him super human strength that is yet undetermined, yet I assume it is around class 10 super human strength, he also posses super human agility, reflexes, and accelerated sight (night vision, and somewhat telescopic).
Strength Level: I guess it is around class 10 super human strength
He also climbs walls via talons or claws as you might call them located on all his fingers and toes that are capable of hooking into concrete, and other dense materials, and have been seen to chop through a broad sword. /Area51/7589/spi2099.html   (660 words)

There site is a bit of a pain to navigate and their products are a bit over priced but, a good resource for strength sports equipment and grip aids.
Randall J Strossen's IRONMIND website, the first website to have constant updates on strongman competitions such as Worlds Strongest Man. Aswell as quality pictures and information on various elements of strength sports they're also the creators of the Captains Of Crush grippers, premier grip strength equipment and suppliers of top notch strongman equipment.
Excellent strongman forum owned and run by Lance Peterson of Brute Strength Equipment. /ukstrength/ukslinks.html   (660 words)

 Super-Charge Your Ego-Strength
Strengthening our ego enables us to sit our “ego” aside and to engage the world as we explore what is out there and what opportunities it offers.
If ego is the self in contact with reality, then ego-strength refers to the strength of our sense of self or person to look face in the face without caving in or being overwhelmed.
A fifth thing that increases the strength of our ego to face reality is the ability and attitude of interpreting things in such a way that we put a positive spin on things. /Articles/Ego_Strength.htm   (660 words)

 4.1.5 Hanging Transmission Chain Selection
To avoid chain plastic deformation, the minimum tensile strength must be more than twice these loads (see Basics Section 2.1.1), therefore, you should select SUPER 100 chain and SUPER 160 chain.
But the minimum tensile strength of SUPER 120 chain is only 124.6 kN, which is not enough to meet this requirement.
Determine if you can use SUPER120 for hanging and SUPER100 for the drive chain. /basics/4-1-5-hanging-transmission-chain-selection.html   (950 words)

 Machine Tools,Threading Machine,Threading Tools,Pipe Fittings
Growing from strength to strength the STI image has reached the zenith of status backed by a dynamic and dedicated team of skilled employees and expert engineers, STI is using the advanced international techniques working on its motto of Quality by choice not by chance.
Established in 1987 to manufacture pipe and pie threading machines, fanco type die head, tangential chasers, tap, milling cutters, tool bits, pipe and pipe sockets. /imo/company_home_details.asp?company_id=45259&file=2   (950 words)

 Whoclix - Marvel Clobberin' Time P-Z
Paibok the Power Skrull was bionically engineered to grant him super powers similar to certain members of the X-Men, including icy and electrical blasts and super-human strength.
There she encountered Dr. Doom who gave her super strength in exchange for aiding him during the "Secret Wars." Naming herself Titania, Mary fought against Earth's heroes, eventually falling in love with the Absorbing Man. After returning to Earth, the two eventually married to continue their criminal careers to this day.
A decorated warrior of the Skrull Empire, K'lrt was genetically altered to possess all of the powers of the Fantastic Four. /thefightingfury/whoclix/cloberpz.htm   (2219 words)

 WizKids - Marvel HeroClix
One click down he gains Plasticity and Super Strength, which he can use in combination to keep a foe close and clobber them into next week.
Later in the dial he loses Invulnerability and gains Toughness; then he loses Super Strength and gains Incapacitate.
Depending on where he is on his dial, the way you play him will change slightly, but in general he’s one tough character. /heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?unitid=2764   (180 words)

 Super C&P-Max™
Super CandP-Max is a state of the art, double-strength, micronutrient suspension of silver in deionized water.
This product is guaranteed to be the highest quality and one of the most effective double strength silver micronutrient products available.
Contact a doctor or medical professional who is trained in the use of natural nutritional supplements before adding any new protocol or when starting any health or exercise program. /super_c_p_max_.htm   (180 words)

 Options for Risus
So, if Superguy rolls all evens on his Super Strength (4d12), and the GM says it is OK for him to go up a die size, he goes to Super Strength (2d20).
If Superguy was already at 6d12, he goes to 3d20 (once you have reached 6 dice, there is no way to go but up a die size).
A Follower can be a pet or familiar, a sidekick, a sentient computer, the faceless minions of a master villain, a horde of undead warriors, or whatever. /RPGs/RisusOptions/Index.htm   (180 words)

 Articles - Distance
The p-norm is rarely used for values of p other than 1, 2, and infinity, but see super ellipse.
Also, if you measure the strength of each of the n links in a chain (where larger numbers mean weaker links), then because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the strength of the chain will be the infinity-norm distance from the list of measurements to the origin.
In physical space the Euclidean distance is in a way the most natural one, because in this case the length of a rigid body does not change with rotation. /articles/Distance   (546 words)

 Review: Manic Miner
Snapping the ring pull off a can of super-strength lager, thereby rendering the deliciously toxic beverage forever out of your grasp, is one of life's major frustrations.
Review : Snapping the ring pull off a can of super-strength lager, thereby rendering the deliciously toxic beverage forever out of your grasp, is one of life's major frustrations.
It's a GBA port of one of the world's first ever platform games and has been faithfully converted from the Spectrum classic, right down to the punishing difficulty and man-eating toilets. /stories/gba/cvg_review/manic_miner.html   (546 words)

Considering the strength and duration of the Paka's surface winds, it is not surprising that the wind records for areas that experienced passage of the primary wall cloud were fragmentary.
Relative to the lowest pressure which occurred at the CPA of Paka, the strength and duration of the highest winds on either side were compared.
Paka formed in the Central Pacific southwest of Hawaii on 28 November 1997. /jtwc/atcr/1997atcr/ch3/05cw.htm   (2064 words)

 Welcome to Apex Fitness Group
With that foundation they'll bring super speed and super strength to any sport.
Haugen calls his approach to training "functional strength training." In his view, athletes should combine their training so they'll be functionally strong and fast.
Tied for 6th in the 2002 IFSA World STRONGMAN Super Series Championship /html/invisible/champions/odd   (2064 words)

For Marvel Super hero types, people with Super strength appear to have a lb/cu foot of 50-90.
Marvel Universe For Greek Gods 105 lb/cu'or multiply figured weight by 2.23 Greek Demi-Gods 66 1.4 Norse Gods 132 2.8 Trolls 165 3.5 Celtic Gods 132 2.8 Egyptian Gods 80 1.7 The Rolemaster games give flesh densities which can be multiplied by 47 to determine their lbs per cu'.
If you want to build your giant from something else, you'll have to convert it your self, or else look at the table in the specific Dragon Article "How Big Was My Giant?" Note (2): 47 Pounds per cu foot seems ok for basic human types. /~jservey/TimeLords/conv1.txt   (2064 words)

 Saiyan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This ability of recovery, along with the legend of the Super Saiyan, was what prompted the planet-conquering warlord Emperor Freeza to destroy their planet and entire race, despite the fact that the Saiyans were subservient to him.
Saiyans are outwardly very similar to humans, except for their increased strength and their monkey-like tails.
The Saiyans, or Saiya-jin (サイヤ人) are a fictional race in the Japanese anime and manga Dragon Ball and its sequels. /wiki/Saiyan   (1319 words)

Examples of the first class include super-attributes (super strength, agility, etc.), attack and defense-oriented powers (armor, force fields, weapons, etc.), and movement powers (running, flight, etc.).
This power level is very useful for a campaign where the supers have to hide their powers, or one set in a world much like our own, but with a few "wild talents" existing.
Supers built with 100 points will be of a medium to high power level; normals are no longer a serious threat, except in large numbers. /~efindel/continuum/SUPERS.txt   (922 words)

 SUPREME SAIYANZ - Dragonball Z Pictures, Full Episodes, Information, Wallpapers, Movies
A Super Saiyan that trains to become their maximum strength and surpasses the boundaries of Super Saiyan without becoming Super Saiyan II is an Ultra Saiyan.
A Super Saiyan is a being that supposedly comes around every 1000 years (according to the legend in the Frieza saga), and Kakarotto, a.k.a.
A Saiyan's power and fighting skill increase as he fights (Brolli is suppose to be the first Super Saiyan by legend). /~supremesz/v10.php?id=ssl   (1500 words)

 [No title]
It is accepted that some villains must be restrained by temporary nullification of their powers, or by the reduction of intelligence and strength, but these changes must be reversible when the prisoner is released.
Most such games have backgrounds in which super heroes are publicly accepted or tolerated, and they include security and intelligence agencies equipped to handle normal criminal organizations and weak super villains, to obtain super-hero help when needed, and to run special prisons for super villains.
Talent spotters gather data on super heroes and villains, from the press and other sources, and maintain a computer database cross-referenced by powers, names, nations, etc. This arm also records potential uses for superpowers and does most of the work of matching powers to problems. /genesisproject/superjobs.html   (1500 words)

Trunks and Goten are at super saiyan level 2 (as Gotenks level 3) Gohan has reached super saiyan level 3, Krillin is now at the strength of a super saiyan.
He then turned super saiyan and fought back Vegeta once again joined in and once again Brolli was beginning to lose.
Janemba collected the dragonballs and flew of to his master to report the dragonballs. /vegeta0561/ssgoku3.html   (1500 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on otdr/Other at
The Super 38 cartridge is simply the older 38 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge of 1900 loaded to higher velocity, due to the additional strength available in the Colt Government Model pistol over the earlier Colt 38 Automatics.
While not technically a "magnum", the Colt Super 38 was the first large caliber automatic pistol cartridge that gave velocity in what was to become the magnum arena, boasting a 130 grain bullet at 1,300 feet per second.
The Super 38 cartridge boasted the appellation "most powerful automatic pistol cartridge" for years, until the advent of the 10mm Automatic cartridge in the 1980s. /otdr-review-E04-3A0C7138-3A51FF9C-prod5   (743 words)

 KMC Forums - super skrull vs super man
Superman already beat Super Skrull because Superman is stronger then him he is more durable and has more strength that is all I can say I saw that comic the Skrull kept landing punches that could not damage Superman the Skrull is just not strong Enough Superman beats him with out a problem.
The Super-Skrull was created, by edict of Emperor Dorrek of the Skrull Empire, for the purpose of avenging the defeat that the Skrulls' recent invasion of Earth had met at the hands of the Fantastic four.
The Skrull monarch invested a substantial portion of the royal treasury toward the development of a superhumanoid Skrull warrior. /forums/f77/t323513.html   (1977 words)

A cop suddenly discovers he has amazing powers (super strength, super vision)--until he sees the color red, and uses his newfound gifts to nab some counterfeiters.
He is in many ways a super cop, but his powers fail him when he sees the colour red.
He can see round corners, move a driver-less truck, race up 20 flights of stairs in 20 seconds, and fall from a window high up in a skyscraper and land on his feet, unhurt. /SuperFuzz.html   (1977 words)

 Malt liquor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These beers, like most American beer, are broadly based on the Pilsner style of lager, but the malt liquors often have sugar, corn or other adjuncts added to the malt to boost their alcoholic strength.
In the UK, similar beers are called super lager.
Malt liquor is an American term referring to a type of beer that has a high alcohol content and is therefore considered too alcoholic to be called "beer". /wiki/Super_lager   (1977 words)

 Saiyan Info
While in oozaru form, the Saiyan loses all of its fighting skills and is left with only energy blasts from the mouth and their monstrous strength (approximately ten times the power of when he was a normal Saiyan).
A Super-Saiyan level Saiyan has golden hair and green eyes.
A normal level Saiyan usually has black hair, but occasionally they have brown hair (Trunks and a female saiyan in Bardock's force is an exception because he is half human) and black eyes. /SaiyanInfo/saiyaninfo.htm   (2012 words)

 The legend of the Super Saiyan
The level which is superior than that of Super Saiya-jin in terms of strength and speed.
It is similar in definition to the Super Saiya-jin in which rage and anger triggers the transformation.
Quite different than the other levels, Super Saiya-jin 3 can only be achieved through training. /anime/dragonball/information/super_saiyan   (443 words)

 Super Android 17
17 tells her that married life has made her soft and blast her too, with the last ounce of her strength she crawls towards her late husband happily grabs his hand, says that she loves him, and dies on the street.
Myuu is afraid that 17 has been destroyed, but the android had used a barrier to protect himself, Super #17 prepares another Jigoku Dama, the boy comments that Super#17 is strong.
Super Android 17-is taller, leaner, more muscular, and has longer black hair that keeps getting in his face. /users/fnmofo/dbgts17.html   (1483 words)

 The Video Game & Emulation Emporium (Super Nintendo / Main Page)
But perphaps the Super NES' greatest strength was the masterful sequels and remakes of the NES' greatest hits.
The original incarnation of this controller has the Super Nintendo logo painted in gray at the top center of the pad, while newer ones released separately in 1997 and with the SNES II have the ovular Nintendo logo etched in its place.
Although the Super Nintendo's version of MK was graphically superior to the Genesis version, Nintendo decided that the game was too gory for the home, so Acclaim was forced to change the blood to sweat. /vgee/snes   (1483 words)

 CBUB Fights: Justice Friends vs. Super Best Friends
Most of their powers are of too similiar a nature, using strength and fighting, unlike the Super Best Friends, with a wide variety of different attacks, such as ice and fire, in case one doesn't work.
All the super best friends have doen was stop a giant abe lincoln....the justice friends have, collectively or idividually, faced down dozens of foes.
The Justice Friends have the speedster and the brick. /fights/issue_148.htm   (3434 words)

 Challenge Of The Super Friends: United They Stand DVD Review
It has the Super Friends being imprisoned on the planet Saturn while the Legion literally splits the Earth’s moon in half to steal rare minerals that would give them enhanced size and strength so they could take over the world.
For “Trial Of The Super Friends” Scott’s introduction (: 54) actually focuses on his prior experience within the world of comics before working on the series and how he wanted to show that the super heroes’ utilities were tools and not the sole basis of their heroism.
The Super Friends must fight off monsters in the depths of the Earth and discover the secret to the monolith’s power in order to stop the Legion from controlling the universe. /Challenge_Super_Friends_United_DVD.html   (807 words)

 Dragon Ball Z:Fusion - Ambush A setup of things to come
when Buu obsorbs the two, he transforms into super Buu, its trouble for Gohan because he has to deal with the mind of Piccolo, the strength and tricks of Gotenks, and the indestructable body of Buu!
Super Buu comes up with a plan to absorb Gotenks and Piccolo and challenges them to a fight.
He kicks the crap out of Buu and when Buu is nearly dead, the ugly Majin self destructs and goes into hiding. /info/xbffffjjraa   (807 words)

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