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Topic: Supergroup (bands)

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

Both Supergroups make and release albums and they share in the profits of their albums.
A women supergroup consisting of Sheryl Crow on bass guitar, Bonnie Raitt on lead guitar, the drummer from The Corr’s, Sarah McLaughlin on piano, Melissa Etheridge on rhythm guitar.
It definitely has to be that Supergroup concept where you take musicians that have made it on their own – but when join together into a Supergroup – magic can happen – or disaster – either way we’re there to catch it on film.
supergroup.netfirms.com /blogger.html   (711 words)

  Supergroup (bands) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
With the success of Cream (only two of the band's three members had previously achieved significant fame), the term also came to include groups that sold huge numbers of albums and headlined massive concerts, regardless of the previous fame of the individual members.
Supergroups tend to be short-lived (often lasting only for an album or two), perhaps because of the natural conflict of egos between established stars.
Bruderschaft - European futurepop supergroup consisting of DJ Rexx Arkana, Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil, Stephan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk and Joakim Montelius of Covenant.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Supergroup_(bands)   (2559 words)

 Supergroup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, a supergroup (a rarely used term) of a group G is a group of which G is a subgroup.
In geology, a supergroup is a sequence of vertically related rock groups and formations.
Examples of supergroups in published comics are the Fantastic Four, Justice League, and Teen Titans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Supergroup   (150 words)

 KISSONLINE.COM | Tribute Bands
In 1999 the band plays during a Kiss tribute night organized by Kiss Army International in Milan to celebrate the return of Kiss to Italy.
The band formed in mid ’93, when two of the members met by chance at a rock party and, figured out the common passion for the hottest band in the world, decided to conceive KISSKONFUSION.
Parasite were the official band of the 2002 New York/New Jersey Kiss expo, with the ability to deliver an arena quality performance to any venue.
www.kissonline.com /tributebands   (3572 words)

 GEPR Webzine Issue #2
By 1970 the band were joined by a new vocalist Danny Shushan which changed their direction into hard-rock, they went to London by 1971 and recorded an album under a new name Jericho Jones, this album "Junkies, Monkeys and Donkeys" had combined hard rock with more serene and progressive moments.
They called themselves Acharit Ha'Yamim (Apocalypse), although not a prog band they were rather important and influential and their sole album (now considered a milestone of Israeli Rock) comprised psychedelic hard rock with strong Blues and soul influences and some progressive overtones, this album also failed commercially and the band broke-up.
This was the supposedly "neo-prog" band of the festival, Under the Sun, with a fair dash of prog-metal.
gepr.net /zine2.html   (15854 words)

 Why is ABBA always referred to as a "Supergroup"?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Andersson was part of the Swedish supergroup in the 1970s and 1980s, and has since written several musicals together with fellow ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus.
'Supergroup' is used to define bands that were formed of members of other successful bands.
Benny, Bjorn were already famous in Sweden in their individual bands before the united to form Abba.
bbs.fuckedcompany.com /index.cgi?okay=get_topic&topic_id=2151512   (370 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Features -- What can you do when you're branded?
Supergroups are supposed to come out of bands that are popular," he said.
Bands like Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie and the Flaming Lips have used a constantly evolving sound to build fan bases, and to go from indie mainstays to the mainstream.
Newman had finished an album the year before with his pop band Zumpano and was working with another Vancouver band, but he was talking to friends with similar musical interests about starting another project.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/features/20050929-9999-lz1w29pornog.html   (1602 words)

 2000 Guitars Database: Supergroup - UK vs USA
Supergroup TV Pilot Concept: It's America vs. England - the two countries that have contributed the most to Rock/Pop music.
This is a Reality based TV show featuring famous talented musicians forming a fantasy rock dream team in a music studio for a week or more to see what kind of album they can produce.
A women supergroup consisting of Sheryl Crow on bass guitar, Bonnie Raitt on lead guitar, the drummer from The Corr's, Sarah McLachlan on piano, Melissa Etheridge on rhythm guitar.
www.guitarsite.com /database/Bands-Artists/rec/7677   (636 words)

 Vells: Flight From Echo Falls Aversion.com Review
A majority of the members of the bands you listen to that are still bands were once in other bands.
For simplicity’s sake, The Vells are an indie supergroup.
Supergroup or not, The Vells create music that is different from its members’ other and former bands.
www.aversion.com /bands/reviews.cfm?f_id=1772   (437 words)

 Pitchforkmedia.com: Interview: The New Pornographers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Though this, the band's first ever tour, has presented its share of challenges, including throat damage, broken down buses, and $90 cab rides, the band seems to be having a pretty good time on the road.
Anxious friends were not the only frustrations presenting themselves to the band during the recording of Mass Romantic; for a band that utilizes such a densely layered sound, mixing the record became a challenge in and of itself.
Between that, the band's name, and the album art of two people going at it, there seems to be a sexual theme running through the band's various titles and imagery that seems virtually nonexistent in their music.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /interviews/n/new-pornographers-01/index.shtml   (1410 words)

 Willamette Week| Music
Portland even has a few great supergroups of its own, including the Cavemannish Boys (made up of Chris Slusarenko from Svelt and Sprinkler, John Moen and Jim Talstra from the Dharma Bums and the Maroons) and the indie-pop Magic Fingers (ex-members of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Dandy Warhols and Swoon 23).
Unlike in most similar collaborations, each of the members still considers his original band to be his primary focus (though one could argue that almost all of said bands have run their courses anyway).
Unlike some supergroups, Golden Smog probably won't greatly impact modern music, but it won't be the butt of jokes, either.
www.wweek.com /html/musica011399.html   (1112 words)

 Variety.com - Heavy metal mania
Cabler has greenlit "SuperGroup," a seven-episode reality show that casts Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld and Jason Bonham as members of a new band aimed at bringing metal back to the forefront of the music scene.
While band members participating in "SuperGroup" have not committed to sticking together beyond the two-week period, Hirschorn said plans to record a single are being mulled.
"SuperGroup" is the first of several music-centric series on tap for later this year, Hirschorn said.
www.variety.com /index.asp?layout=print_story&articleid=VR1117938770&categoryid=16   (341 words)

 New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock BA-BH
This is album is extremely in the Genesis style (like Marillion) yet avoids the commerciality that this band eventually dived headfirst into.) Syn-Phonic also released two bootleg quality live albums from their heyday which show them in a rather muddy light.
A band consisting of two Germans and two Cambodians, their music is very symphonic in style and heavily influenced by all sorts of South-East Asian forms.
The band is led by Dirt Condominium (Guitars,Bass and Chroma) and Burma Diode (Keyboards), who also share responsibility for most of these compositions; The Dark Bongo plays saxes, Gordon Spiwak handles the drums, percussion and piano, and Michael Garrison on electric guitar and bass.
www.gepr.net /ba.html   (14480 words)

 Bandlink Music Forums - 80's Metal vs 90's Grunge
All however were influentail in their time and their famous because they wer ethe best in their era, if you take the best from each era and see who's the best it woeuld be impossible to tell because all of them are popular in their time frame for differant reasons.
You can't class a band by the year they started alone, it has to reflect when they were biggest, when their sound was 'quintissential' (sp?).
Between the US and the UK the number of bands that came up in the 90's was huge.
www.bandlink.net /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=33191   (1199 words)

 NME.COM - News - BRIXTON SUPERGROUP SHOCK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Franz Ferdinand, Rapture and Von Bondies formed an on-stage supergroup at their NME AWARDS TOUR stop last night in LONDON.
The bands jumped about the stage and provided backing vocals on the song.
The gig was headlined by Funeral For A Friend, whose singer Matt Davies is still battling the flu which meant the band had to pull out of two shows earlier in the tour, in Sheffield and Liverpool.
www.nme.com /news/107458.htm   (248 words)

 Rolling Stone : Rock's Mega-Merger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Soundgarden and Rage were both multiplatinum rock bands in the Nineties, but Soundgarden were heavy psychedelic grunge, while Rage were rock-rap innovators, known for their left-wing politics as much as for their science-fiction guitar sounds.
The main reason Cornell quit Audioslave was that the band's business issues were still in turmoil, primarily because he and the former Ragers had each kept their own management companies, who hated each other.
Their debut album is drawn from a nineteen-day jam session during which the band wrote twenty-one songs.
www.rollingstone.com /news/story/5936935/rocks_megamerger   (1296 words)

 HM Magazine
If a person in a band is called by God to be an evangelist, that’s a whole different subject; but that’s exactly why you can’t generalize all these bands and say, ‘Hey, MxPx doesn’t do altar calls.
At other times, this band’s ministry might be something “as little as showing up on time for a gig and having a good attitude when things go wrong, and being professional,” says Jeff.
Besides the “Supergroup” title and the “compromising by working with that producer” accusation, the only other criticism the band wanted to address was the notion that the beginning of Stavesacre had something to do with the ending of Focused or The Blamed.
www.hmmagazine.com /oe/archives/000239.php?page=all   (4461 words)

 mtv.com - News - The Newest Supergroup: STP's DeLeo Brothers Join Filter Singer In Army Of Anyone
Band's debut LP is slated for release early next year.
And while the band might not have come together exactly as Dean says, it is sort of true that Patrick had no choice.
The song, titled "A Better Place" and set to be released on the band's debut album (which is slated to come out on Columbia in early 2006), kick-started a jam session that lasted some 12 hours.
www.mtv.com /news/articles/1510644/20050929/filter.jhtml?headlines=true   (1313 words)

 Transatlantic - The Official Site
From the 30-minute opener "All Of The Above" to the closing "Other Bands Medley" where the band played a medley of songs from their respective bands, the show was an absolute marathon with each song being an event.
After the show ended, me and my friends waited later in the back of the club to wait for the band to come out so to get their autographs and compliment the guys on a job well done.
The bassist, whose name I forget, was playing his first gig with the band and he did an admirable job.
www.transatlanticweb.com /information.php?p=gig0623   (1149 words)

 Celtic MP3s Music Magazine: ALTAN MUSIC - traditional irish music
As with many bands, some of the musicians have changed throughout the years, most notably with the unfortunate loss of Frankie Kennedy to cancer in the early 1990s.
It was a historic move, as it was a large label for a smaller, traditional Irish band.
The 10th album from this soulful Irish music supergroup, the album features a mix of traditional and original songs all with the heart-warming heritage they bring from their Irish homeland.
www.celticmp3s.com /bands/altan   (358 words)

 FleetwoodMash.com - Mash Up links, articles, home of "Fleetwood Mash"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
I used to call Fleetwood Mash a Mash-up band, but with the advent of Smash Up Derby, I realized that I needed a definition that was more appropriate.
I am mashing the performances of four famous artists, that have never been in a band together, into a virtual band as if their were writing, jamming & recording together - but with me as a producer/compiler.
The idea of the virtual band is in such an infant state it really needs to be expanded on.
www.ezsite.bz /mashup   (1281 words)

 Supergroup rises from Nirvana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The members of Eyes Adrift are aware of the attention and expectations their histories bestow upon them, but Kirkwood, despite his band's success, claims he is the odd man out.
The difference this time, however, is that the legal battle that had kept the Nirvana song from the public might shed light on Kirkwood's new band, as Novoselic talks about the dispute and answers questions about his latest work.
So the band produced its self-titled album on SpinART, hired a company to market its first single, "Alaska," to radio and let their supergroup status work for them.
www.novoselic.com /adrift/articles/omaha.html   (911 words)

 Golden Smog Clearly a 'Supergroup,' Blending Members of Several Important Bands
The Midwestern roots-rock "supergroup'' started roughly six years ago as a sort of pickup game for local musicians; their first two recordings were done on the fly under daft pseudonyms - complete with a Spinal Tap-like mythology about the band's supposedly legendary 35-year history.
Maggie (Macpherson, the band's manager) got in touch with him, and he was thrilled.
He said, I want to be in the band, I want to be central, I want to tour.
www.the-wallflowers.net /article101398.htm   (949 words)

 Welcome to the Tucson Citizen
Then there are the luckiest of all - the celebrity musician bands.
The process of waiting for Weiland go through rehab after joining the band likely sucked as well, but he was a Supersinger worth waiting for.
The fivesome is set to enter the studio in September to begin recording its follow-up to "Contraband," an album that, as with many debuts, saw a band still forming its sound.
www.tucsoncitizen.com /index.php?page=calendar&story_id=081105ca_dt_velvet_revolve   (585 words)

The band is a rock and roll supergroup of sorts, bringing together four musicians from all over the country from bands like Denison Marrs, Starflyer 59, the Young and the Useless and Ghoti Hook.
We’ll already be there with our other bands.” Then we tried touring to see how that goes and that was really fun, kids were showing up and having a good time.
So the band is becoming more and more… I don’t know that we have any long term goals, we just want to play and tour and have a good time.
www.decapolis.com /cgi-bin/music/viewnews.cgi?newsid1060613017,92590,   (1224 words)

 [ T ] titles at Aquarius Records
The band is a four piece: with not one, but two bassists, a drummer, and a guitarist/keyboardist, and a couple of samplers amongst them.
But, unlike so many 'post-rock' bands who think you have to badly rip-off Tortoise to be artful, Tarentel's admission of their their influences is anything but detrimental.
But, unlike so many 'post-rock' bands who think you have to badly rip-off Tortoise to be artful, Tarentel's worship of their influences is anything but detrimental.
www.aquariusrecords.org /cat/t2.html   (7225 words)

 Jambands.com | Features | Organ and Drums: A Conversation with Marco Benevento and Joe Russo | 2005-06-07
The Benevento-Russo Duo is perhaps the world's smallest supergroup.
JR: I guess the full, pretending we are a real band, thing happened when Marco got us a gig at the High Sierra Music Festival later that summer [2002].
We were all already influenced by the greatest rock band of all time.
www.jambands.com /Features/content_2005_06_07.09.phtml   (1911 words)

 Music | Pete and the gang   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sure, Eldemur Krimm’s Fred Dodge might be the tallest individual, but the Supergroup, when Kilpatrick was surrounded by guitarist Jesse Remignanti, bassist Hutch Heelan, and drummer Ethan Wright, looked like they might be the USM basketball team, missing a point guard.
But, "I never realized how hard it was to keep a band together," Kilpatrick tells me, sitting on the couch in my office.
Heelan’s gone, too, and the Supergroup was sort of bassless for a while until they found Bernie Nye, a music major at USM (and who himself has been stolen by Vague Valentine to play some shows).
www.portlandphoenix.com /music/beat_report/documents/04538513.asp   (1222 words)

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