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  Supermarket News
Healthy Foods International Exposition and Conference: June 18-19, 2008, Supermarket News and New Hope Natural Media, Dallas Convention Center; 866.458.4935.
Not much remains the same in the food-distribution industry, whether it's the marketing of supermarket departments, the advent of new formats or rapidly changing consumer preferences.
Trends and troubles of the supermarket business are revealed in an examination of two Ohio cities.
www.supermarketnews.com   (410 words)

Businesses, both legitimate and criminal, rule the city come to be known as the Supermarket by its denizens, with the Yakuza and Porno Swede crime organizations.
In the world of Supermarket there’s one place to make it from nothing, and that is the sprawl of the big city, where crime and commerce meet.
Supermarket #1 (of 4) is scheduled for release this February 2006 from IDW Publishing.
www.newsarama.com /IDW/Supermarket/Donaldson_Supermarket.htm   (1188 words)

Supermarkets are often part of a chain that owns or controls (sometimes by franchise) other supermarkets located in the same or other towns; this increases the opportunities for economies of scale.
At present, many supermarket chains are trying to reduce labour costs further by shifting to self-service check-out machines, where a group of four or five machines is supervised by a single assistant.
Carrefour (supermarket chain) This supermarket chain is based in France but also has a large number of stores in several other European countries and other parts of the world.
www.solarnavigator.net /solar_cola/super_markets_stores/supermarket.htm   (1651 words)

  Supermarket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Supermarkets are often part of a chain that owns or controls (sometimes by franchise) other supermarkets located in the same or other towns; this increases the opportunities for economies of scale.
At present, many supermarket chains are trying to reduce labour costs further by shifting to self-service check-out machines, where a group of four or five machines is supervised by a single assistant.
Supermarkets in the USA are now often co-located with department stores in strip malls and are generally regional rather than national.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Supermarket   (904 words)

 Supermarket Humor
THE customer ahead of me at the supermarket checkout counter had written a check for her purchases and was waiting for the clerk to package them.
AT THE supermarket where I worked, I was changing prices when a customer came down the aisle, picked up my price marker and placed it in her shopping cart.
AT THE supermarket where I work, people pay only casual attention to the frequent messages on the PA system that someone's car lights have been left on or that a lost child is at the check-out stand.
www.becquet.com /laughter/79.htm   (1643 words)

 Supermarket e-News - presented by Retail Marketing Partners, LLC   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The supermarkets remain at a cost disadvantage to the discounters and other non-traditional retailers, given their higher cost structures associated with operating a primarily union workforce, Fitch said.
The larger, geographically diversified supermarket companies are expected to continue to lower debt levels and improve balance sheet leverage in order to offset declines in operating margins and stabilize their ratings.
In addition to building three new full-service supermarkets that will open in the Southern California communities of Wildomar, Fontana, and Adelanto next year, Stater Bros. is planning five more new supermarkets in the region, and by the end of 2006 the retailer will run a total of 167 units.
retailmarketingpartners.com /!fyisupermarket-enews.htm   (8579 words)

 SuperMarket Cooperative Retail Store
SuperMarket Participants at the Project Kick-off in Epes, Alabama, April, 1999.
The Rural Coalition's SuperMarket Project is directed by its diverse participating organizations and cooperatives who share a vision of economic success for the family farm operation within a just food system.
To make this vision reality, SuperMarket members are building an online network, erasing borders and distances, using computer technology and the Internet to cooperatively market their products.
www.supermarketcoop.com /smpbrochure.htm   (504 words)

 Scrambling for customers / The supermarket was born 75 years ago. One-stop shopping has come a long way.
Today's supermarkets are much different from the one Cullen built in 1930, when banks were closing their doors and mom-and-pop stores could no longer afford to let their customers shop on credit.
Safeway, San Francisco's first major supermarket chain and the country's third-largest grocer, recently decided to move away from competing on price and instead create a new "lifestyle" concept in its stores, adding new floors and lighting and providing a wider selection of produce and meats.
By the 1970s, supermarkets had to raise their prices in order to make up for the losses that resulted from offering the stamps.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/08/04/BUG7PE2DKH1.DTL   (1208 words)

 UNI Commerce UFCW supermarket strike page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Will the supermarket workers succeed in defending their right to earn a decent living through their work, and to go to a doctor when a child gets ill? For all workers in the United States, and indeed around the world, it is important that the power of corporate greed is stopped now and here.
Negotiations to resolve the supermarket strike and lockout in California are continuing.
U.S. supermarket giant Safeway has decided to add insult to injury as its workers in California are on strike for the fourth month.
www.union-network.org /UNIsite/Sectors/Commerce/index_ufcw_strike.htm   (2853 words)

 Supermarket Online - The online home of Supermarket& Retailer and C-Store
Supermarket and Retailer includes all franchise and buying group supermarkets and wholesalers, in addition to the corporates.
Supermarket and Retailer has more than four times the penetration of its nearest rival.
Supermarket and Retailer has been the first to report and write about future trends in the business for the past 49 years.
www.supermarket.co.za /advantage.html   (339 words)

Not many supermarket companies have a history that can be traced for more than 100 years.
In fact, Ralphs is considered one of the country's first chain store operations and was a pioneer in establishing the "supermarket" as it is known today.
The company's conventional-style Ralphs supermarkets are designed for customers looking for quality, nutrition and price, have limited time, desire a wide selection of items and who prefer shopping at one location.
www.groceteria.com /stores/ralphs.html   (1652 words)

 Stories Tagged 'supermarket' » Netscape.com
Money – UK Supermarket giant Tesco is selling a book online that describes how Tesco is now a 'Tescopoly' as a result of its low, low prices that has far-reaching negative effects on society as a whole.
Money – British supermarket giant Tesco said on Tuesday that net profits soared by a fifth in 2006 to a record 1.892 billion pounds (2.777 billion euros, 3.767 billion dollars).
Shopping – Supermarket staff who posted video clips on the internet are being investigated by their bosses.
www.netscape.com /tag/supermarket   (795 words)

 Campaign Against Prurient Headlines in Supermarket Checkouts
Tell your supermarket's CEO: Please make our supermarket family-friendly We've compiled a list of the names and addresses of the chief executives of some of the nation's leading supermarket chains, arranged by state.
Make a copy of this letter and petition for your local supermarket manager if magazines with sexually explicit headlines are openly displayed at checkouts.
Seventy-three percent of Americans think lurid cover headlines at the checkout counter are 'inappropriate,' and 60 percent say supermarkets should move them away from checkstands or cover them up.
www.moralityinmedia.org /prurientMagazines.htm   (459 words)

 icBirmingham - Supermarket groper jailed
A SHIRLEY man who groped a woman in a supermarket and then pursued her to her car where he ripped off the wing mirror has been jailed for 18 months.
As she walked into the store she felt a pull on the waistband of her trousers, but was too taken aback to say anything when she turned and saw Ladwa.
The young woman made her purchase and was leaving the supermarket when Ladwa reached over and grabbed her left breast and squeezed it.
icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk /mail/news/tm_objectid=16572017%26method=full%26siteid=50002%26headline=supermarket%2dgroper%2djailed-name_page.html   (375 words)

 British supermarket chain cuts 1,600 jobs - Boston.com
British supermarket chain Morrisons said Monday it is closing two distribution depots at a cost of around 1,600 jobs.
LONDON --British supermarket chain Morrisons said Monday it is closing two distribution depots at a cost of around 1,600 jobs.
Morrisons said it was shutting the sites because it was left with too many distribution centers following its 3 billion pound ($5.3 billion) takeover of former rival Safeway UK in March 2004.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/01/09/british_supermarket_chain_cuts_1600_jobs   (177 words)

 Ideal Supermarket Departments
The deli is the fastest-growing section of the supermarket, offering take-out foods, exotic meats and cheeses, healthy salads and, most important, free samples.
Many supermarkets have hired restaurant chefs to both develop the recipes and prepare the foods in-store or at a central kitchen.
For example, if they are cutting pork and you want steak, they have to shut down the equipment, wrap the pork and sterilize the machinery and cutting area, before cutting the steak you want.
www.supermarketguru.com /page.cfm/338   (778 words)

 Welcome to Supermarket Guru with Phil Lempert! Your source for articles and information about smarter shopping, ...
It was almost three years ago that the city's Board of Supervisors considered a 17 cent tax on each petroleum-based plastic grocery bag to force supermarkets and drug stores to use alternative materials that would have less of an impact on the environment and landfills.
In a deal with the California Grocers Association, the Board of Supervisors agreed to not impose the tax if large supermarkets would reduce the amount of bags given to shoppers in 2006 by 10 million bags, just a little over 5 percent of the total.
Two years later the group said they had reduced the amount by 7.6 million, but fell short of giving the city the proof it had asked for.
www.supermarketguru.com   (1744 words)

 Emigre Books - Supermarket
Emigre's editor/designer Rudy VanderLans takes us to the heart of this spectacle, where suburban elements meet vacuous space, where dubious claims of commerce stand fragile against a harsh light, where contemporary dwellers impose incongruous notions of luxury on a magnificent wilderness landscape.
Supermarket captures the folly and beauty of this colorful drama in all its ambiguity with photographic spreads that come at us like film, taken from multiple angles, juxtaposed or duplicated in singularly bold symmetry.
Supermarket takes us on a poetic journey through VanderLans's California, documenting our sometimes successful, sometimes futile attempt to transform an unfriendly environment into a bearable happy land.
www.emigre.com /EB.php?id=111   (490 words)

 Portable Trade Show Displays, Booths, Pop Up Exhibits, by Tradeshow Supermarket
Stimulate your creative thinking, Here you'll see past designs for all types of displays...
Tradeshow Supermarket is a full service trade show exhibit design company that emphasizes personal customer service, quality products and the best pricing in the industry.
With over 25 years of show experience Tradeshow Supermarket can design and produce a portable exhibit or a Custom Modular Display to match any of your Design Ideas.
www.tradeshowsupermarket.com   (206 words)

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