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Topic: Support (mathematics)

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In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  Math Forum - Key Questions: Public Support of Mathematics
Mathematics provides us with powerful theoretical and computational techniques to advance our understanding of the modern world and societal problems, and to develop and manage the technology industries that are the backbone of our economy.
When mathematics contributes to the understanding of particular social issues (e.g., statistical modeling to develop more accurate census estimates, formulation and interpretation of economic models (inflation, Social Security scenarios, budget models), epidemiology models, ATM security), we need to encourage the media to include this fact in their reporting.
Ironically, this scenario means that the task of representing the value of mathematics to the general public falls disproportionately to the applications community, regarded by many within the profession as the proverbial fl sheep of the family.
mathforum.org /social/articles/seitelman.html   (1616 words)

 Panel Reports On State Of U.S. Mathematics
Federal support for mathematics -- except for that provided by NSF -- is falling rapidly, according to the panel, so NSF bears a special responsibility for the future of mathematics in the United States.
It is urgent to give more support to mathematics and to utilize that support more effectively, he added.
Mathematics is also crucial to managing and "mining" the massive amounts of data now typically collected in many scientific experiments.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/1998-05/NSF-PROS-130598.php   (453 words)

 UTR #25: Unicode and Mathematics
This report presents a discussion of the mathematics character repertoire of the Unicode Standard [Unicode] as used for mathematics, but it is intended that this discussion apply to mathematical notation in general.
Mathematical Markup Language (MathML™) [MathML], an XML application [XML], is a major beneficiary of the increased repertoire for mathematical symbols.
Mathematical characters are often enhanced via use of combining marks in the ranges U+0300..U+036F and the combining marks for symbols in the range U+20D0..U+20FF.
www.unicode.org /reports/tr25   (8989 words)

As a language of patterns, mathematics is a means for describing the world in which we live.
All students need a deep understanding of mathematics; for this to occur, rigorous mathematical content must be reorganized, taught, and assessed in a problem-solving environment.
For students to develop this deeper level of understanding, their knowledge must be connected to a variety of ideas and skills across topic areas and grade levels in mathematics, to other subjects taught in school, as well as to situations outside the classroom.
www.k12.wa.us /curriculumInstruct/mathematics/default.aspx   (465 words)

 Support (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, the support of a real-valued function f on a set X is sometimes defined as the subset of X on which f is nonzero.
In this case, the support of f is defined as the smallest closed subset of X outside of which f is zero.
The topological support is the closure of the set-theoretic support.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Support_(mathematics)   (711 words)

 "Great Expectations" Mathematics Report, VIII
Because mathematics is the area where students often receive their first learning "set-back", mathematics learning suffers additionally from a variety of attitude obstacles.
Support of mathematics instruction and learning by the essential societal support systems, such as school boards and administrators, parents and guardians, business and industry, elected officials, and the media.
The mathematics curriculum should connect mathematics to the real world and include topics that are relevant to the needs and interests of the student.
www.winthrop.edu /mathsuccess/report_viii.html   (782 words)

 Archived: Action Strategy for Improving Achievement in Math and Science - Section VI
These partnerships will elevate the importance of mathematics achievement and provide clear avenues through which interested members of the mathematics, science, engineering, business and education communities, as well as parents and interested citizens, can contribute to efforts to raise mathematics achievement.
DOE strongly supports the revitalization of educational activities consistent with its energy and defense missions.
Create an easy-to-use mathematics Web site providing information on national standards; standards-based instructional units for teachers; information on the national test, including sample problems and examples of student solutions; and all the other materials developed or identified as part of this action strategy.
www.ed.gov /pubs/12TIMSS/SecVI.html   (1154 words)

 Making Mathematics: Support for Students
Working alongside a Making Mathematics mentor, students experienced and learned the methods that mathematicians use in their work, saw mathematics as a scientific discipline, and saw what mathematicians really do every day.
Mathematics research projects are longer-term problems that are more open-ended and require deeper investigation than the shorter problems most students encounter in mathematics classes.
Translations of mathematical formulas for web display were created by tex4ht.
www2.edc.org /makingmath/student.asp   (248 words)

 Programs & Services : Curriculum & Assessment : Mathematics
Mathematics education in Vermont is currently centered on the Mathematics Grade Expectations (GEs).
Mathematics GEs are organized into five areas: arithmetic, number and operations; geometry and measurement; functions and algebra; and data, statistics and probability; and mathematical problem solving and reasoning.
The Vermont Mathematics Initiative is a comprehensive three-year master’s degree granting program designed to train elementary teachers to serve as mathematics leaders in their schools and districts.
education.vermont.gov /new/html/pgm_curriculum/mathematics.html   (267 words)

Quality mathematics programs are necessary for two-year colleges if these institutions are to continue to serve our constituencies by providing relevant and worthwhile mathematics education which will prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions and for work in an increasingly complex, technology-based world.
Mathematics departments should have policies and procedures for establishing balance for faculty and staff with respect to gender and ethnicity.
Mathematics departments should undergo periodic review where both internal and external mechanisms are used to evaluate the success of the departments’ programs and to plan for necessary changes.
www.amatyc.org /Old/PositionPapers/GMD/index.html   (3827 words)

 Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites
The Hub is an Internetworked resource for mathematics and science education funded by the Eisenhower Regional Consortia and operated by TERC on behalf of the Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education Reform.
Mathematical Mayhem is a non-profit mathematical journal written by and for high school and undergraduate university students.
Mathematics in Context (MiC) is an NSF-funded, comprehensive middle-school mathematics curriculum for grades 5-8 that reflects the philosophy and pedagogy of the NCTM standards.
archives.math.utk.edu /k12.html   (9864 words)

 Making Mathematics: Support for Parents
They tackled mathematics projects in number theory, advanced geometry, combinatorics, calculus, and probability as well as mathematical disciplines not often taught in high school (for a list of projects and student reports, see www2.edc.org/makingmath/mathproj.asp).
Making Mathematics was intended to provide a kind of mathematical learning experience that most children will never encounter in schools.
They learned that mathematics is not so much a body of facts to be memorized as a creative, growing research discipline to which they could contribute.
www2.edc.org /makingmath/parent.asp   (404 words)

 KU Mathematics: Computer Support and Security Guidelines
In most cases, providing support for personally-owned devices can take technical support resources away from normal network operation and support for departmental-owned computer systems.
Support is provided for a pre-selected group of software packages.
Support for alternative or legacy software packages is provided only as time permits.
www.math.ku.edu /computing/support.html   (508 words)

 NSF Noyce $499,987 grant to support mathematics teacher education: [unit], Indiana University at Bloomington
The Noyce scholarships tap undergraduates in the Department of Mathematics who are interested in extending their mathematical training and honing their teaching skills through IUB's undergraduate secondary teacher certification program.
Jim Davis, chairman of the Department of Mathematics, is excited about the Noyce scholarships and other ongoing efforts that involve mathematics and education.
The Noyce Scholars Program project team includes co-principal investigators Kent Orr, who is professor of mathematics in the Department of Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Anderson Norton, an assistant professor of mathematics education in the School of Education.
www.indiana.edu /~soenews/news/news1157632294.html   (748 words)

 Lawrenceville Advising & Counseling Services
To exit a Learning Support area, students must complete the exit level Learning Support course in that area (ENGL 0099, READ 0098, MATH 0098) with a "C" average or better and attain a passing score on the COMPASS exit exam.
The student must request a retake from the Mathematics Department Chair on the campus on which the exit test was taken within 3 business days of the first failed test.
A student who is granted an appeal for a fourth or fifth attempt in mathematics may continue attempting MATH 0098 with grades of W as long as the attempts are sequential.
www.gpc.edu /~lawacs/Learningsupportprogram1.html   (1803 words)

 FCIT Mathematics
Mathematical Challenges for Families provide interesting math challenges that middle-school students can do at home with their families.
Dedicated to the premise that one of the defining characteristics of mathematics education during the early part of the 21st century will be the full integration of programming throughout the high school mathematics curriculum as an accepted and fundamental problem solving technique.
NCTM is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership, and professional development to support teachers in ensuring mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.
etc.usf.edu /math/index.htm   (4376 words)

 RGU: Mathematics Support   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Mathematics is an indispensable part of the sciences and business studies.
A good understanding of basic mathematics is a crucial starting point for the study of these and other subjects.
HELM provides full text of engineering mathematics workbooks, interactive multimedia lessons that support these workbooks, revision questions and a help facility.
www.rgu.ac.uk /censa/studysupport/page.cfm?pge=29133   (215 words)

 Support - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Military combat support (see combat engineers, anti-tank, artillery)
Military service support (see combat medic, military intelligence, military logistics)
Supports in engineering and construction include arch, beam (structure), column, balcony
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Support   (92 words)

This course is an introduction to mathematical modeling using graphical, numerical, symbolic, and verbal techniques to describe and explore realworld data and phenomena.
Prerequisite: Completion of Learning Support mathematics requirements with at least a "C" in MATH 0099 and a score of 12 or higher on the College Algebra Placement Test; or at least a "C" in MATH 1101; or a math SAT score of at least 550.
This course is a study of the development of mathematics from primitive times to the twenty-first century; including numeral systems, arithmetical methods, origins of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, calculus, and selected topics from modern mathematics.
nsm.maconstate.edu /editable_content/disciplines/math.htm   (1720 words)

 TIMSS 1999 Benchmarking Report Chap7_2
As described in Exhibit 7.2, the index is based on schools’ average response to five questions about shortages that affect their general capacity to provide instruction and five questions about shortages that affect mathematics instruction in particular.
For example, in the United States 37 percent of the students were in the high category with an average mathematics achievement of 516, compared with four percent in the low category with an average of 480.
There was substantial variation across countries, but internationally on average, nearly half the students were in schools where mathematics instruction was negatively affected by shortages or in-adequacies in instructional materials, the budget for supplies, school buildings, and instructional space.
timss.bc.edu /timss1999b/mathbench_report/t99bmath_chap_7_2.html   (858 words)

 NCTM: About: Committees: RAC: Task Force on Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Poor Communities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
What approaches for student support have been shown to be effective in communicating and sustaining standards and expectations for student achievement and learning in schools serving poor communities?
What is the evidence of students' mathematics learning and achievement in schools that have been identified as being effective in serving students from poor communities?
Within the strand of mathematics teaching and learning, three major areas of concentration have been identified.
www.nctm.org /about/committees/rac/tfpc/appendixc.htm   (1365 words)

 Mathematics - Teacher Resources
The Mathematics Unit of the Consultant Services Department makes a difference in Macomb County Schools by providing: Leadership, Curriculum Support, Professional Development, Student Services, Community Involvement and a Resource Clearinghouse.
The purpose of the Steering Committee is to guide the activities involving mathematics education in Macomb County.
The Virtual Mathematics Academy provides interactive online support to teachers as they learn about, and work toward, the vision of Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
www.misd.net /Mathematics/Default.htm   (300 words)

 Department of Mathematics Computer Support, Duke University
The Multimedia Classroom in the Duke Mathematics Department is a state of the art facility designed to provide an advanced multimedia setting for teaching and to facilitate the recording, archiving, and internet broadcast of seminars, lectures, and classes.
In addition, Duke Mathematics faculty have been engaging in a distance learning mathematics class in order to "share" highly regarded faculty among a larger quantity of graduate students.
Our hope is that this classroom will become the centerpiece of these activities, allowing guests from anywhere in the world to share in the distribution of knowledge from reknowned speakers visiting (or affilitated with) Duke University.
www.math.duke.edu /computing/classroom.html   (852 words)

 UTA Mathematics - Financial Support
Student has completed all required core courses (Mathematics core or Statistics core) for the Ph.D. Degree in Mathematics.
A student may receive GTA stipend support for no more than two full calendar years at level I and no more than four full calendar years at levels II, III combined.
Graduate Fellowships are being offered for the support of outstanding masters degree and doctoral students at The University of Texas at Arlington.
www.uta.edu /math/pages/main/support.htm   (281 words)

 Cornell Math - Mathematics Support Center
Whether you are studying for a prelim or brushing up on forgotten algebra, the Math Support Center can relieve your math anxiety.
Individual tutoring appointments are made by calling the Math Support Center or signing up on schedules posted outside of 256 Malott Hall.
Both services operate on the premise that you will learn mathematical concepts best by doing problems and practicing regularly.
www.math.cornell.edu /Courses/FSM/msc.html   (168 words)

 Core-Plus Mathematics Parent Support   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The site is also intended for those who want to assist students in their learning of mathematics.
Each course in the CPMP program focuses on important mathematical concepts, methods, and ways of thinking in four areas: algebra and functions, statistics and probability, geometry and trigonometry, and discrete mathematics.
How students encounter mathematical ideas contributes significantly to the quality of their learning and the the depth of their understanding.
www.wmich.edu /cpmp/parentsupport   (142 words)

 QSA Years 1-10 Mathematics: Latest news
Copies of materials to support the implementation of the Years 1 to 10 Mathematics Syllabus were distributed to schools in December 2005.
The distribution rate was on the basis of one per teacher of Mathematics.
Cover inserts for the front cover and the spine of a binder were included in the package, in addition to an A2 size poster, How to think, reason and work mathematically.
www.qsa.qld.edu.au /yrs1to10/kla/mathematics/index.html   (242 words)

 Department of Mathematics Computer Support, Duke University
These pages are intended to provide an introduction to computing within the department for new users as well as a detailed reference and log for experienced users.
We have worked hard to develop a modern and efficient infrastructure to support the computing needs within the Mathematics department.
In addition, the room is well equipped to provide teachers with the resources needed to teach advanced applied mathematics courses as well as present other courses in a more insightful manner.
www.math.duke.edu /computing   (351 words)

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