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Topic: Supreme being

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  Cult of the Supreme Being
The Cult of the Supreme Being is exactly the kind of religion you might expect a committee of government bureaucrats to produce -- generic, efficient and completely uninspired.
The Supreme Being had few distinguishing characteristics relative to the colorful gods of yesteryear, such as Zeus, Jesus Christ or Shiva.
The festival of the Supreme Being was set on June 8, 1794, or whatever the fuck that translates as in metric.
www.rotten.com /library/religion/cult_of_the_supreme_being   (1530 words)

 FindLaw: US Supreme Court Center
FindLaw columnist and Hofstra law professor Joanna Grossman discusses an upcoming Supreme Court case that will determine what procedures a plaintiff must follow in order to successfully invoke his or her rights under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).
He predicts that, as in many cases before the Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy may well be the swing vote -- but suggests Kennedy may be torn between his strong moral sense and his disinclination to open the gates to numerous other challenges to the death penalty and its methods.
Amar puts the case in the context of a spate of other recent decisions in which the Court has also opted to confront the jurisdiction/merits divide, but is skeptical as to whether, given the particularities of each such decision, the Court will ever be able to set forth a general theory as to jurisdictional questions.
supreme.lp.findlaw.com   (762 words)

  Maximilien Robespierre Speech on the Festival of the Supreme Being
Maximilien Robespierre Speech on the Festival of the Supreme Being
Robespierre then introduced the Reign of Virtue and the Festival of the Supreme Being, from which the speech below is taken.
Being of Beings, Author of Nature, the brutalized slave, the vile instrument of despotism, the perfidious and cruel aristocrat, outrages Thee by his very invocation of Thy name.
www.historyplace.com /speeches/robespierre.htm   (1343 words)

  Heidegger, Wilderness and Leisure
Being is, therefore, nothing more than a life-course of interaction with the world, jointly defined.
As Guignon (1993, p63) describes, `Being comes to be thought of as a temporal event, a `movement into presence` inseparable from the understanding of being embodied in Dasein`s forms of life.
The care of one individual being is caring for the sum total of Being, simply for the sake of caring for the whole.
www.forestry.umt.edu /personnel/faculty/borrie/papers/heid   (3365 words)

Being finaliters, there would seem to be but one course to pursue after having attained the Ultimate, and that would be to begin the quest of the Absolute.
The concept of the Supreme is essential to the co-ordination of the divine and unchanging overworld with the finite and ever-changing underworld.
God the Supreme is the personalization of all universe experience, the focalization of all finite evolution, the maximation of all creature reality, the consummation of cosmic wisdom, the embodiment of the harmonious beauties of the galaxies of time, the truth of cosmic mind meanings, and the goodness of supreme spirit values.
www.urantia.org /papers/paper118.html   (6477 words)

Supreme reality, which is total finite reality, is in process of dynamic growth between the unqualified potentials of outer space and the unqualified actuals at the center of all things.
The Supreme Being embraces possibilities for cosmic ministry that are not apparently manifested in the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, or the nonpersonal realities of the Isle of Paradise.
By the process of summating evolutionary experience the Supreme connects the finite with the absonite, even as the mind of the Conjoint Actor integrates the divine spirituality of the personal Son with the immutable energies of the Paradise pattern, and as the presence of the Universal Absolute unifies Deity activation with the Unqualified reactivity.
www.urantia.org /papers/paper115.html   (3471 words)

 Supreme Being vs. Supreme Court. - By Dahlia Lithwick - Slate Magazine
Michael Newdow—the atheist challenging the constitutionality of the words "under God" in the pledge—shatters every one of the inviolate rules of Supreme Court advocacy: The doctor-slash-lawyer represents himself in a performance both passionate and personal.
Michael Newdow gets up, and stuffy reporters like me, who cringe at zealots who insist on being their own oral advocates and wince at the brashness of a man who actually asked for (and got) a Scalia recusal, are rocked back on our heels.
He cites to the Supreme Court decision in the 1992 case Lee v.
www.slate.com /id/2097737   (1656 words)

 The Telegraph - Calcutta : At Leisure
Soon after the mother’s death, the Supreme Court of India had ruled that the father, being the natural guardian of the children, should be given custody of the children.
The case was to be heard by the Supreme Court on April 25, and the jury demanded that the brothers be present in the court during the hearing.
Being American citizens by birth, the children had been pronounced wards of the family court by an American jury, reveals lawyer A. Raghunath, who is representing the father at the Supreme Court.
www.telegraphindia.com /1050525/asp/atleisure/story_4780459.asp   (855 words)

 Supreme Beings of Leisure
Supreme Beings followed through with their sophomore effort, Divine Operating System, in 2002, two members lighter, and awash in critical acclaim.
However, the Supreme Beings have also evolved their style the second time around.
In the future, the Supreme Beings plan to pursue the same musical style, while tinkering with their editing and programming techniques.
www.macdirectory.com /music/SupremeBeings/index.html   (861 words)

 God the Supreme - TruthBook
In the Supreme, creatorship and creaturehood are at one; they are forever united by that experience which was born of the vicissitudes attendant upon the solution of the manifold problems which beset all finite creation as it pursues the eternal path in quest of perfection and liberation from the fetters of incompleteness.
The Supreme is the divine channel through which flows the creative infinity of the triodities that crystallizes into the galactic panorama of space, against which takes place the magnificent personality drama of time: the spirit conquest of energy-matter through the mediation of mind.
Deity is unity, existential in the Trinity, experiential in the Supreme, and, in mortals, creature-realized in Adjuster fusion.
www.truthbook.com /1326.cfm   (7551 words)

 Nigeriaworld -- To Erediuawa - Tsunami: Where was the Supreme Being?
It is the highest form of tragedy that it is in the name of this Supreme Being some of these adherents have made this world a hell for the rest of us as they are engaged in the battle for supremacy.
The Supreme Being has stood aside and is still standing aside to amuse him/herself with this fight for supremacy.
Yet, one of the most politically correct positions to be taken in public across the world nowadays is to show faith and belief in a Supreme Being, regardless of his/her powerlessness.
nigeriaworld.com /columnist/oyeyemi/022805.html   (878 words)

 The Supreme Being - TruthBook
And the evolutionary Supreme is the culminating and personally volitional focus of the transmutation—the transformation—of potentials to actuals in and on the finite level of existence.
While the growth of the Supreme is a matter of triodity relationship, the spirit personality of God the Supreme is dependent upon, and is derived from, the Paradise Trinity, which ever remains as the absolute center-source of perfect and infinite stability around which the evolutionary growth of the Supreme progressively unfolds.
Human beings have learned that the motion of the invisible may sometimes be discerned by observing its effects on the visible; and we in the universes have long since learned to detect the movements and trends of Supremacy by observing the repercussions of such evolutions in the personalities and patterns of the grand universe.
www.truthbook.com /1823.cfm   (3472 words)

 The Entry of the Soul Into the Supreme Being
It is very clear to every finite human being that God is unreachable for all practical purposes, because of the transcendentalness which is implied in His existence.
The supreme stage is reached by that individual or soul who is enabled to entertain the thought of the Supreme Being.
There is only one timeless existence, the supreme Absolute, and whoever finds it difficult to reach this state of timeless eternity, which is God-Being, finds himself in the process of time.
www.swami-krishnananda.org /maha/maha_12.html   (2012 words)

 The Practice of Being Alone
But the aloneness of the Supreme Being is due not to isolation, but to all-inclusiveness.
The Supreme Being, which is the Universal Alone, will be reflected in us in a measure, calling for a sense of aloneness in our life, bereft of all the false relationships of society which we have been mistaking for truth and the real sense of values.
The purpose of sitting alone, being alone, is to learn the art of concentration of mind, channelisation of thought in a given direction, and thus energising the mind for the purpose of the higher practice.
www.swami-krishnananda.org /patanjali/raja_05.html   (3522 words)

 Supreme Being
In humans being is conditioned because it is mixed with non-being insofar as it is not completely actual, it has potential being not yet realized.
In human beings there is an inherent possibility that in the transition from essence to existence, the nature of their being may contradict or lose itself.
If God were not supreme being, or being-itself, that is, if his being was conditioned, his being would not be the greatest possible being and therefore would not be ultimate.
pages.sbcglobal.net /ric700/public_html/supreme_being.htm   (399 words)

 Goddess Durga: the Female Form as the Supreme Being
Madhu and Kaitabha were supposed to be companions of Brahma but being demons they indulged in naughty acts, which disturbed Lord Vishnu's slumber and he ordered them to limit their fun and frolic in the depths of the ocean so that his cosmic slumber wouldn't be disturbed.
Durga came to be seen as the supreme deity by her devotees and in many aspects was supposed to have a similar role to the highest held male deities.
The emergence of Mahadevi is evidence of the acceptance by a large section of the population of the highest manifestation of the divine being feminine.
www.artandcraftsofindia.com /durga.htm   (4309 words)

 Urantia Book, Paper Foreword: Section VII -- The Supreme Being
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit are eternal -- are existential beings -- while God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and God the Absolute are actualizing Deity personalities of the post-Havona epochs in the time-space and the time-space-transcended spheres of master universe evolutionary expansion.
The Supreme Being is not a direct creator, except that he is the father of Majeston, but he is a synthetic co-ordinator of all creature-Creator universe activities.
The Supreme Being, now actualizing in the evolutionary universes, is the Deity correlator and synthesizer of time-space divinity, of triune Paradise Deity in experiential association with the Supreme Creators of time and space.
www.theoquest.com /ubcenter/ubook/0-7.cfm   (444 words)

 A Supreme Being
Many philosophers and historians theorize that a belief in a supreme being fulfills a basic need of man. They see early man as insecure, weak and afraid, unable to control his environment and in most cases, his own life.
Once the 'supreme being' is accepted as the first cause of everything that happens in the mortal world, nothing is left to chance or change.
Sigmund Freud believed in basic needs and held the theory that religion (and the belief in a supreme being) "arises from the oldest, strongest and most insistent demands of mankind-the desire for security, for peace, for welfare." He also felt that the secret of religion's strength is the strength of man's passionate desire for safety.
home.att.net /~angry_old_man/ES4.htm   (2010 words)

 This Far by Faith . 1526-1775: from AFRICA to AMERICA | PBS
As a whole, African religious traditions combine belief in a Supreme Being with the worship of other gods and ancestors.
They share a belief in a community of deities, the idea that ancestors serve as a way to communicate with these deities, and the belief that society as a whole is organized around values and traditions drawn from a common origin, which was created by one Supreme Being.
Despite the universality of belief in a Supreme Being in Africa, formal, church-like worship of God was not widely practiced.
www.pbs.org /thisfarbyfaith/journey_1/p_1.html   (397 words)

 Supreme Being vs. Supreme Court. - By Dahlia Lithwick - Slate Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Michael Newdow—the atheist challenging the constitutionality of the words "under God" in the pledge—shatters every one of the inviolate rules of Supreme Court advocacy: The doctor-slash-lawyer represents himself in a performance both passionate and personal.
Michael Newdow gets up, and stuffy reporters like me, who cringe at zealots who insist on being their own oral advocates and wince at the brashness of a man who actually asked for (and got) a Scalia recusal, are rocked back on our heels.
He cites to the Supreme Court decision in the 1992 case Lee v.
slate.msn.com /id/2097737   (1621 words)

 Eye Weekly - Supreme Being Unit - 02.11.99
To intentionally exclude oneself from the Hilfiger masquerade is to choose outsider status.
Mindbender coined the name Supreme Being Unit, but he doesn't intend the term to be limited to himself and his partner in rhyme.
Tomorrow's CD release party at the Comfort Zone is happening in spite of the fact that the group is on hiatus due to geographical limitations; Mindbender is mixing his wordology with the rhythms of various local collaborators.
www.eye.net /eye/issue/issue_02.11.99/music/supreme.html   (738 words)

 Supreme Being
My understanding of the Supreme Being starts with the idea that the Supreme is experiential deity.
The Supreme grows as the universe grows, and increases in experience as beings that are a part of the universe increase in experience.
Even the little things of my life that I have not even thought much about may be like a single drop of rain that adds to the million drops that fill a river flowing towards an eternal destiny.
home.att.net /~wildwizzy/preview_039.htm   (573 words)

 Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population, 1st Ed., Chapters XVIII-XIX: Library of Economics and Liberty
It keeps the inhabitants of the earth always fully up to the level of the means of subsistence; and is constantly acting upon man as a powerful stimulus, urging him to the further cultivation of the earth, and to enable it, consequently, to support a more extended population.
An ardent love and admiration of virtue seems to imply the existence of something opposite to it; and it seems highly probable, that the same beauty of form and substance, the same perfection of character, could not be generated without the impressions of disapprobation which arise from the spectacle of moral evil.
The Supreme Being might, undoubtedly, have accompanied his revelations to man by such a succession of miracles, and of such a nature, as would have produced universal overpowering conviction, and have put an end at once to all hesitation and discussion.
www.econlib.org /LIBRARY/Malthus/malPop7.html   (3378 words)

 Supreme Alphabet   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Supreme mathematics is an alleged system of understanding numbers alongside concepts that are used along with the supreme alphabet as tools to unlocking the keys to reality and/or the universe.
is wise-words being spoken, or to speak Knowledge(wise-dome meaning a wise-mind), and act according to it.
The Supreme being, Black man who is the Original, is god, Allah, lord of all the worlds, supreme ruler of the universe which is everything, sun, moon, and stars(god is the sun in the solar system, woman is moon, child is star).
www.blackapologetics.com /mathdetail.html   (345 words)

 Dr Alex Guerrero's Supreme Greens With MSM
Supreme Greens with MSM is a powerful Mega-Food formulation of organically grown grasses and vegetables, sprouted grains, blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs, and antioxidants.
Supreme Greens with MSM helps you overcome this deficiency by providing you with the nutritional equivalent of 2 lbs.
• Coral Calcium "Marine Plus" is identical to the "Coral Calcium Supreme" Bob Barefoot used to sell on the Shop America TV Infomercial, but serving size has been upgraded from 1,000 to 1,500 mg.
www.supreme-greens.info   (905 words)

 US Supreme Court Cases & Opinions from Justia & US Court Forms & Oyez
Planned Parenthood constitutionality of law requiring notification to a parent or guardian and a 48 hour waiting period before a minor got an abortion, where there is no explicit exception for a non-lethal health emergency.
From the Supreme Court and Appellate Practice Group of Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw.
Supreme Court Times United States Supreme Court cases, plain-English descriptions and plain-talk commentary.
supreme.justia.com   (642 words)

 Supreme Being Dot Com MP3 Download RealAudio rock jazz occult Music
Supreme Being Dot Com MP3 Download RealAudio rock jazz occult Music
You can listen to all my new releases in their entirety
www.supremebeing.com   (31 words)

 Urban Dictionary: Supreme being
Supreme being god juice jesus juice passion of christ
Loves to wear Supreme and is normally a Bape-hater.
Originally a Kazaa user with lots of lots of shared files but once Kazaa cheats got around, everybody was a Supreme Being.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Supreme+being   (154 words)

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