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Topic: Surface current collection

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  Kyocera | Solar Energy Products | Solar | Solar Glossary
For example, a surface that directly faces the sun has a solar angle of incidence of zero, but if the surface is parallel to the sun (for example, sunrise striking a horizontal rooftop), the angle of incidence is 90°.
This current increases with increasing voltage and temperature.
Minority Carrier — A current carrier, either an electron or a hole, that is in the minority in a specific layer of a semiconductor material; the diffusion of minority carriers under the action of the cell junction voltage is the current in a photovoltaic device.
www.kyocerasolar.com /solar/glossary.html   (10230 words)

 Current Collection
In Britain overhead wires were required to be 20 feet from the road surface (by special agreement with the inspectorate the wire could be lower, for example when going under low bridges).
The Lineff surface contact system was tested by London's West Metropolitan Tramways in 1890 in Chiswick depot, and consisted of a closed conduit containing a power cable, which was electrically connected to a sectionalized third rail when the tram carrying an electromagnet passed over it.
The unit was connected to the trolleybus by means of a hollow shaft containing the power supply cable and which was pivoted at both ends to allow the vehicle a reasonable amount of sideways movement to either side of the tram rails, without becoming disconnected.
www.tramways.freeserve.co.uk /Models/Howto/Current.htm   (1971 words)

 Current Art Pics
One is obvious versions of famous paintings, two is the use of blurring or a soft focus in parts of a picture and the third is the inclusion of current print sources, much less esteemed, usually identified as low or pop culture.
Cragg emerged in the 70s, in the wake of Minimalism and his first works of note collect sundry lengths of timber into strict rectangular stacks, then small items of refuse into varied formats either on wall or floor.
Collected elements or material are variously sorted by colour, size and shape into an overall format, yet the spacing of elements as much prompts construction, or the overall shape, as construction determines elements, especially in works such as Britain Seen from the North (1981).
www.currentartpics.com   (2330 words)

  The Artefact Collection
The current collection of plaques is quite diverse, the main groups being nameplates, deck plates, honours boards, and commemorative plaques.
The collection covers the development of submarine weaponry from the 1890s to the present day, including torpedoes (and associated equipment such as torpedo safety forks, torpedo spreading slide rules and torpedo calculators), mines and firearms.
This part of the collection includes the literal meaning of the object - sports and efficiency trophies, as well as mascots held by submarines, most often representing their name, such as the totem pole from HMS Totem and the narwhal tusk from HMS Narwhal.
www.rnsubmus.co.uk /collection/whatwehave.htm   (496 words)

 Surface Preparation
Anodizing is a specialized electrolytic surface finish for aluminum that imparts hardness and corrosion resistance, increases paint adhesion, provides electrical insulation, imparts decorative characteristics, and aids in the detection of surface flaws on the aluminum.
If the technical assistance provider suspects that the company's surface preparation system is causing a problem, they should suggest that the company clean test parts with clean rags dipped in a solvent, instead of running the parts through their normal cleaning process.
As the dry ice pellets strike the surface, they induce an extreme difference in temperature (thermal shock) between the coating or contaminant and the underlying substrate, weakening the chemical and physical bonds between the surface materials and the substrate.
www.p2pays.org /ref/01/00777/surface.htm   (13823 words)

 Background information on South Florida Data collection, Explanation of Surface-Water Quality Records
For periods when no samples were collected, daily discharges of suspended sediment were estimated on the basis of water discharge, sediment concentrations observed immediately before and after the periods, and suspended-sediment loads for other periods of similar discharge.
Although data collected periodically may represent conditions only at the time of observation, such data are useful in establishing seasonal relations between quality and streamflow and in predicting long-term sediment-discharge characteristics of the stream.
Replicate samples are collected and analyzed to establish the amount of variability in the data contributed by some part of the collection and analytical process.
www.sflorida.er.usgs.gov /edl_data/text/sw_qw_recs.html   (2580 words)

 The Chip Collection - Chip Talk - Current - Smithsonian Institution
A solid-state device in which current is controlled between source and drain terminals by voltage applied to a gate terminal, which is insulated from the semiconductor substrate.
A solid-state device in which current is controlled between source and drain regions by voltage applied to a conducting or junction gate terminal.
Existing essentially in a single plane; a process in which all PN junctions intersect the top surface of the semiconductor material, such that these intersections are permanently protected by the masking oxide, and all contacts to the device can be made to the top surface.
smithsonianchips.si.edu /chiptalk/icevocab.htm   (8603 words)

In simple terms, surface tension, respectively, surface energy, is to be understood as being a physically measurable tensile stress which can be determined by the molecules in the boundary layer of the substrate and the adhesion strength of these molecules.
An increase in the surface tension, or a 'molecular roughening', of the material surfaces is currently achieved with industrial pre-treatment methods using solvents, primer, plasma, UV radiation, flame-treatment, ozone gassing and corona.
As already stated in the introductory part, it is known according to the invention that two by 90° displaced optical substrate transmissions and their beam displacement along the optical x-axis generate scattering and diffraction effects on both sides of the boundary layer area which are material-specifically dependent on the used wavelength.
www.microperforation.com /page03.htm   (6075 words)

 Third rail - Enpsychlopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
One method for reducing current losses is to attach strips of aluminum (which is a better conductor than steel of electricity) to the steel third rail.
These inherent limitations of third-rail systems have largely restricted their use to relatively low-speed, lightweight, trains of the type used in mass transit systems, although 750 V DC third rail is used on many hundreds of main line railway route miles across south and south-east England.
This is not usually a problem as most third-rail rolling stock has multiple current collection shoes along the length of the train, but under certain circumstances it is possible for a train to become "gapped" - stalled with none of its shoes in contact with the live rail.
www.grohol.com /wiki/Third_rail   (1219 words)

 Monsoon Current --  Encyclopædia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Unlike the Atlantic and Pacific, both of which have strong currents circulating clockwise north of the Equator, the northern Indian Ocean has surface currents that change with the seasonal monsoon.
surface current of the western Indian Ocean, caused during the northern summer months by the blowing of the southwest monsoon along the coast of East Africa, moving coastal waters northeastward along with it for about 950 miles (1,500 km), with surface velocities reaching up to 9 miles (14 km) per hour.
In the monsoon zone, surface circulation reverses every half year and features two opposing gyres (i.e., semi-closed current systems exhibiting spiral motion) that are separated by the Indian subcontinent.
www.britannica.com /eb/article?tocId=9053446&query=null&ct=null   (896 words)

It is concerned with processes occurring on and close to the earth's surface, some of which are purely physical, others of which are largely social or economic.
The Libraries' collection in Geography also supports interdisciplinary research units within the University, such as the Institute for Social Research, Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Centre for Refugee Studies.
Because geography is so interdisciplinary, there is also a significant amount of overlapping with other collection areas, such as environmental studies, earth and atmospheric sciences, biology, economics, history, anthropology and sociology.
info.library.yorku.ca /policies/colldev/geog.htm   (549 words)

 Tram - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Modern trams generally use overhead electric cables, from which they draw current through a pantograph, a bow collector (less commonly) or a trolley pole (the first is most common and used on most new tram designs).
The first operational electric street railway was started in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but the first large-scale electric street railway system was built in Richmond, Virginia in January, 1888.
There also have been street compatible third rail current collection systems, known as surface current collection, more recently as ground level power supply.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /tram.htm   (2558 words)

 Map Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The collection supports and enhances the research and scholarship of the School curriculums by providing visual and geographic coordination of data.
Although consisting of mostly current material, some older resources are retained for historical research, focusing primarily on military history and NSA studies.
This collection from the Perry-Castenada Library at the University of Texas includes mostly political and shaded relief maps presented in jpeg files and are available by country or region.
library.nps.navy.mil /home/mapcollection.htm   (4260 words)

Variations with time in the magnetic field at the surface of the Moon are influenced greatly by the electrical properties of the interior of the Moon.
The drive tubes (figure 39) are used to collect core material from the surface to depths of 1 to 4 1/2 feet.
Future design of spacecraft, surface vehicles, and shelters for use on the Moon will be based, in part at least, on the data collected in the soil mechanics experiment of this mission.
history.nasa.gov /EP-95/surface.htm   (10428 words)

 [ Reubens Gallery ]
In recent years a vase of flowers re-awakened a fascination with paint and colour and continues to give this artist pleasure and inspiration in exploring abstract composition and formal engagement which at all times remain figurative in the broadest understanding of that term.
Her visual poems not only have exuberant colour, surface subtlety, but embody the warm feelings of joy, fun, enchantment and affection, that belong to childhood and adolescent years in Tuscany.
These paintings have a strong vibrancy, enhanced by the use of a rich and varied palette of colours which is bold yet harmonious, and the works convey a strong sense of warmth and life.
www.reubensgallery.co.uk /latestcollection11/ournewcollection.html   (799 words)

 DVD Review: Firemen's Ball: Criterion Collection
Decorations fall from the ceiling (leaving one of their own about to fall from the ceiling), the prizes that were supposed to be awarded go missing (turning each other into suspects) and a beauty pageant goes South when the contestants all hide in the ladies' room.
Although the film is a rather light comedy on the surface, the government of the time in the country didn't take too lightly to the satire and the film was originally banned in its home country.
While Forman has achieved success with more serious themes in films like "Amadeus", "People Vs. Larry Flynt" and others, it would be enjoyable to see the director return to this style of comedy, somewhat similar to that of Jaques Tati ("Mon Oncle", "M. Hulot's Holiday").
www.currentfilm.com /dvdreviews4/firemansballdvd.html   (635 words)

 University of Alaska - Marine Technology Projects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
We have found a complete lack of data collection of surface currents in Alaska.
With sufficient funding resources, our partnership will be able to build and operate a real-time surface current data collection systems in Alaska for our agency and industry partners in one year.
We plan to create a full-time faculty position to implement this program and teach the students in Alaska how to develop technology that can be applied to problems in operations and research for both.
www.jun.alaska.edu /career_ed/mtc/projects.html   (262 words)

 Lanczos Collection
This Collection provides documentation (a) that Lanczos was indeed one of the twentieth century's most versatile and innovative scientific minds, and (b) that many of Lanczos's ideas are still of interest to present-day research in physics and applied mathematics.
The first three sets of this Collection were distributed to the Library of Congress, the Swiss National Library in Bern, and the Albert Einstein Archives in the The Jewish National and University Library at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
This Collection also provides documentation (a) that Lanczos was one of the twentieth century's most versatile and innovative scientific minds and (b) that many of Lanczos's ideas are still of interest to present-day research in physics and applied mathematics.
www.physics.ncsu.edu /lanczos   (2982 words)

 Yucatan Current --  Encyclopædia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
oceanic surface current, the western limb of a clockwise gyre in the eastern Gulf of Mexico flowing from northern Honduras, through the Yucatán Channel, to the central eastern portion of the Gulf.
The warm Caribbean Current, derived from the junction of the North Equatorial Current and the Guiana Current, flows at an average rate in the range of 38 to 43 cm (15 to 17 inches) per...
The north and south equatorial currents enter the channel from the southeast and form the beginnings of the Gulf Stream in the Gulf of Mexico.
www.britannica.com /eb/article?tocId=9078118   (977 words)

 Current Exhibitions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
This exhibition is a reinstallation of the National Museum of African Art's collection from the royal court of the capital of the kingdom of Benin as it existed before British colonial rule.
The selections from the museum's growing contemporary collection draw attention not only to the rich history and continuing vitality of modernist artistic practice in Africa but also to the history of the museum's collection and its future commitments to contemporary arts.
Drawing from its collection, the museum pays tribute to both the creative genius of their makers and the status and prestige of those who wear them.
www.nmafa.si.edu /exhibits/currexhb.htm   (2963 words)

 Grenada: Beneath the Surface   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Turtles, lobster and a variety of soft corals provide a backdrop for a large collection of encrusted anchors from many ships that have called at St. George's over the years.
This is a dive for the experienced diver because there is sometimes a strong surface current which can reach down to 50-60 feet.
Because strong currents are often present, this is a dive for experienced divers only.
www.turq.com /grenada/grendive.html   (1149 words)

 Various Schematics and Diagrams
This may be the case when running equipment from batteries as well as from a wall adapter that outputs a DC voltage or the enhanced adapter described in the section: Converting an AC output wall adapter to DC.
Another disadvantage of this configuration is that if the currents drawn from the outputs aren't equal, net DC flows through the transformer secondary (with a voltage doubler having no output connection to the common point, this isn't possible).
This adds a gain stage to improve regulation compared to the circuit in the section: Higher Current Operation and is shown using an adjustable regulator though a fixed regulator could also be used.
repairfaq.ece.drexel.edu /sam/samschem.htm   (16415 words)

 Glossary List P page 60
Term used by surveyors to denote the end of a curve, which extends from the point of curve to the point of tangent.
A high efficiency silicon photovoltaic concentrator cell that employs light trapping techniques and point-diffused contacts on the rear surface for current collection.
Direct current has two poles, one positive, one negative, flowing from negative to positive.
www.bobvila.com /GlossaryTerms/List/Word-P-Page-060.html   (288 words)

 Chemical Properties of Material Surfaces
Chemical Properties of Material Surfaces provides the most comprehensive and current collection of pristine PZC of different materials.
It discusses adsorption of inorganic ions on silica, specific salts, metal oxides, and hydroxides; surface charging in inert electrolytes; ternary surface complexes and multiple surface species; surface heterogeneity; and more.
Target Audience: Colloid, surface, physical, polymer, chemical, and environmental chemists; chemical engineers; material scientists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.
www.polysurfacesbookstore.com /pages/3542.html   (185 words)

 GAF - News - New details surface on Mega Man X Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Capcom's upcoming Mega Man X Collection, which contains Mega Man X through Mega Man X6 as well as the never-before-released-in-the-US Mega Man Battle & Chase all in one collection, was curiously absent at E3...
Currently under consideration is an English dub for the story-heavy Mega Man X5 (the extent of which seems to just be voices for X, Zero, and Dynamo for now; this is rather unclear at the moment), and that indeed would be a treat were it to actually happen.
Lastly, also remember that what will and will not be in the collection is anything but final and all of this info is subject to change at any time (except for the dubbing/redubbing being done for X4 and X6; that's confirmed).
www.gamesarefun.com /news.php?newsid=5099   (1321 words)

 SURFACE Gesellschaft für Gestaltung mbH
Surface gründete im Jahr 2000 das Audiokunst-Label Whatness.Since 1997 Surface has designed texts and images for different types of media and products.
The online presentation for fashion-designer Kostas Murkudis shows the current collection as well as various collaborations of the designer using a severe layout and at the same time serves as an archive for upcoming collections.
This catalogue collects together of some of their best work from the last five years and documents their particularly cerebral approach to design.
www.surface.de   (1603 words)

The overlapping, layered oval shapes are built over time as the artist applies and removes paint from the surface, resulting in shapes that reveal one another in their transparency.
The Special Collections Library will display historic Pyle images, documents and memorabilia organized by the Albuquerque Museum, with additional materials from the Library's collections on Pyle's time in Albuquerque, the establishment of the Ernie Pyle Memorial Branch Library and the popular response to the memorial.
Then feast your eyes on the internationally renowned jewelry collection, exceptional creations of metal furniture by artist Frank Seckler (whose work is completely handcrafted) plus the work of talented visionaries in the areas of sculpture, glass, and pottery.
www.artscrawlabq.org /Current/current.html   (2366 words)

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