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  Surname Guide
Surname Search Guide provides a single source for finding your family tree and researching your family names, meaning of surnames origin and family descent.
These trees are a compilation from manuscripts, both published and unpublished, as well as user submitted.
We often take a liberal attitude to correcting, editing, and adding to the "base manuscript." While we provide the reader the name of the original manuscript (based on), it is important for the reader to realize that the manuscript is not in the original form.
www.surnameguide.com   (767 words)

  Surname Origin & Last Name Meanings. Free Family Name Dictionary with Family History & Genealogy Resources by Ancestor ...
A surname, also known as a last name or family name, is a fixed name shared in common with the members of a family and is passed down from generation to generation.
The use of a surname is relatively new in history and was adopted in order to legally distinguish two individuals with the same first name.
Surname spelling has evolved over centuries and until the 20th century, the spelling of a surname was not fixed.
www.searchforancestors.com /surnames/origin   (607 words)

  Yuan (surname) - Free English Encyclopedia from Turkcebilgi   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Traditional sources trace the surname to Yuan Taotu, a 7th century BC [Chen nobleman, who was part of a collateral branch of the family of the marquis ruling that state.
Prior to the [unification of China in 221 BC, the concentration of the surname was in the historical domain of Chen.
During the early 17th century, during the [Qing (Manchu) dynasty, the surname is also known to have been adopted by members of the Eight Banners, including by a number of Manchu bannermen in Shenyang.
www.turkcebilgi.com /ansiklopedi/english/Yuan_(surname)   (3986 words)

 DivorceNet - Change of a Child's Surname   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The court held that the right of the mother to have her child bear her name must be recognized as equal to that of the father.
The Supreme Court established some clear law with regard to name change applications for a child’s surname, holding that when the primary caretaker seeks to change the surname of a child, there is a presumption in favor of the primary caretaker that the name selected is in the best interest of the child.
It was error for the court to place the burden of proof upon the mother, the primary caretaker, to demonstrate that the name change she was proposing was in the best interests of the child.
www.divorcenet.com /states/new_jersey/child_surname_change   (1234 words)

 SURNAME in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE (Bible History Online)
Indeed, the spelling "surname" in the King James Version 1 Macc 1:10; 2:2; 6:43 may be due to a confusion with "sire's name." But the custom of family names was entirely unknown among the Hebrews.
The Hebrew word means "to give flattering or honorary titles." In the former passage foreigners are so envious of the prosperity of the Jews that they are anxious to be surnamed by the name of Israel, i.e.
In the New Testament the word is used in the case of Peter--Simon whose surname is Peter (Acts 10:5,32; 11:13); of Mark--John whose surname was Mark (Acts 12:12,25; 15:37); of Judas--surnamed Iscariot (Lk 22:3); of Barsabbas--who was surnamed Justus (Acts 1:23); and of Judas--surnamed Barsabbas (Acts 15:22).
www.bible-history.com /isbe/S/SURNAME   (335 words)

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