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Topic: Suspension bridge

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  John A. Roebling Cincinnati Suspension Bridge
The bridge will close in October of 2006 for a year of repairs and repainting, however the bridge is expected to carry vehicular traffic for several more decades.
In the 1920's a pair of ramps were constructed from the north end of the Suspension Bridge to Dixie Terminal, an ornate ten floor office building and street car terminal located at the southwest corner of 4th and Walnut St.
The bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and because of its still important central location remains the busiest of Cincinnati's four non-expressway automobile bridges.
www.cincinnati-transit.net /suspension.html   (2068 words)

  Suspension bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Simple suspension bridges, for use by pedestrians and livestock, are still constructed, based upon the ancient Inca rope bridge.
The main forces in a suspension bridge are tension in the main cables and compression in the pillars.
However in a rope bridge the deck itself is suspended from the anchored piers and the guardrails are non-structural.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Suspension_bridge   (2495 words)

 Clifton Suspension Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An Act of Parliament was passed to allow a wrought-iron suspension bridge to be built instead, and tolls levied to recoup the cost.
In 1860 Brunel's Hungerford suspension bridge over the Thames in London was demolished to make way for a new railway bridge to Charing Cross railway station and its chains were purchased for use at Clifton.
The bridge is usually illuminated at night, with an modernised, LED-based array switched on for the first time on 8 April 2006, to an accompaniment of fireworks and festivities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Clifton_Suspension_Bridge   (752 words)

 Suspension Bridge Projects
When completed, it will be the longest bridge of its type in the world, surpassing the Humber Bridge in the U.K. which has a center span of 1410 meters.
When the Humber Bridge was completed in 1981, it surpassed the Verazzano Narrows Bridge for the claim of the longest suspension bridge in the world.
The 1,600-foot-long main suspension span for the Williamsburg Bridge exceeded the previous record-holder, the Brooklyn Bridge, by four and one-half feet.
www.bridgepros.com /projects/suspension_bridge_projects.htm   (964 words)

 Waco Suspension Bridge, Waco, Texas.
At one time this bridge was the longest (475 feet) single-span suspension bridge in the world and the first over the Brazos River.
The bridge was hauled in sections by wagons from Galveston.
The bridge survived floods in 1885, 1907, and 1913.
www.texasescapes.com /TexasBridges/WacoSuspensionBridge.htm   (348 words)

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is World famous and one of the essential things to see in the West Country.
Before the bridge was completed a wrought iron bar was placed across the gap to the right of the bridge and brave Victorians would PAY to be pulled across in a basket.
Suspension bridges hang on their chains and flex with different loads and winds.
www.farvis.com /bridge,htm.htm   (2032 words)

 Kenmare Ireland - The Official website of the Tidiest town in Ireland 2000
Godfrey, bareheaded, christened and prayed standing upon one rock, whilst I handled the trowel and pronounced an elegant discourse of three sentences on the utility of bridges from another, all of which excited such admiration that even Irish voices were silent and nothing heard but the sound of the waves till all was over.
In March 1932 the demolition of the bridge began with the removal of road metal and railings.
Ireland's first suspension bridge was disappearing and had only one last function to perform ironically that of a working platform for the construction of its replacement
www.kenmare.com /history/SUSBR.html   (1336 words)

 NOVA Online | Super Bridge | Suspension Bridges
Most of the weight of the bridge is carried by the cables to the anchorages, which are imbedded in either solid rock or massive concrete blocks.
As for the Tacoma Narrows bridge, reconstruction began in 1949.
The new bridge is wider, has deep stiffening trusses under the roadway and even sports a slender gap down the middle—all to dampen the effect of the wind.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/bridge/meetsusp.html   (746 words)

 Bridges Over Niagara Falls
The bridge had a span of 825 feet (251.4m), and was supported by four wire cables of ten-inch diameter each and had two decks: the lower deck was devoted to vehicles and the upper deck was devoted to the railway traffic.
Built by Samuel Keeffer, this bridge was of the suspension type with a timber deck and with stiffening truss and timber towers supporting the cables at each end of the bridge.
In 1900, the superstructure of the bridge was redesigned.
www.iaw.com /~falls/bridges.html   (10127 words)

 World’s Longest Suspension Bridge Opens in Japan, Public Roads: 80 Years Old, But the Best Is Yet to Come - ...
The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is also 580 meters longer than the Humber Bridge in England, constructed in 1981; 692 meters longer than the longest suspension bridge in the United States, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York, built in 1964; and 710 meters longer than the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, constructed in 1937.
A second major bridge on this route, the Ohnaruto suspension bridge, was completed in 1995 and connects Shikoku Island with the southern end of Awaji Island.
The Nojima fault zone passes between the towers of the bridge, and the earthquake caused a permanent lateral and vertical offset of the Awaji tower and anchorage.
www.tfhrc.gov /pubrds/julaug98/worlds.htm   (1988 words)

It was the first suspension bridge to use an aerodynamically shaped deck to avoid the weight and complexity of a truss.
The forces of a suspension bridge are carried to the tops of high towers, which have to be resistant to buckling, flexure and oscillation.
The cable of a suspension bridge follows a curve called a funicular, which is essentially the path of the forces in it.
www.brantacan.co.uk /suspension.htm   (3586 words)

 Clifton Suspension Bridge - Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Great Buildings Online
It was characteristic of the period that Brunel sought to match the grandeur of the setting with a noble design, and the pylons (which were to have had sphinxes and hieroglyphic decoration) were of Egyptian inspiration.
The bridge was delayed for lack of funds and was completed after Brunel's death using chains from another of his works, the Hungerford Suspension Bridge, London (1841-5)."
elevation drawing of bridge as it was built, f2, p49.
www.greatbuildings.com /buildings/Clifton_Suspension_Bridge.html   (206 words)

 BBC - North West Wales Traffic Cams - Menai Suspension Bridge
Before the bridge's completion the island had no connection to the mainland and all movement to and from Anglesey was by ferry (or, with difficulty, on foot at low tide).
The bridge was opened to much fanfare on January 30, 1826, and succeeded in reducing the 36 hour journey time from London to Holyhead by 9 hours.
The bridge was not the first suspension bridge, but was so hugely greater than anything previously built that it is considered the world's first modern suspension bridge.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/northwest/sites/trafficcams/pages/menai_bridge_mainland.shtml   (2028 words)

 Strait of Messina Bridge Project
Earthquakes will have to be huge as the bridge will be able to face without damage a seismic action corresponding to 7.1 magnitude in Richter scale (severer than the earthquake that destroyed in Messina on 1908).
The bridge will be 60 m (196 feet wide) and will have 12 lanes for traffic and two lanes in the middle for trains.
It was decided that the longest suspension bridge ever to be built would be the most practical idea.
bridgepros.com /projects/Strait_of_Messina_Bridge   (1030 words)

 About Bristol - Landmarks - Clifton Suspension Bridge
Brunel's famous Clifton Suspension Bridge is such a well-known Bristol landmark nowadays that it is difficult to imagine the Avon Gorge without it.
When the competition to build a bridge to span the 250 foot high gorge was judged in 1829 by Thomas Telford, he would only put forward his own elaborate design to the committee.
The bridge is three foot lower on the Somerset side to counteract an optical illusion that would otherwise make it appear out of true.
www.about-bristol.co.uk /lnd-00.asp   (220 words)

 Suspension Bridge Technical Data
On small bridges this proved to be an expensive procedure and consequently placed the suspension­type bridge at an economic disadvantage for the shorter span crossings.
The suspension bridge is inherently a flexible structure and in the majority of cases some form of stiffening must he incorporated in the design.
An important item to be determined by the computer of suspension bridge calculations is the free cable sag-the elevation at which the cables must be set when hanging under their own weight only, to make certain that the fully­loaded bridge will come k~ rest at the right elevation.
www.inventionfactory.com /history/RHAbridg/sbtd/index.html   (1630 words)

 Mark Ketchum's Bridge Engineering Page
OPAC performed a seismic susceptibility assessment of this historic 1930 suspension bridge that spans the Wilamette River in Portland, Oregon, in 1995, for the Oregon Department of Transportation.
This 135 meter span pedestrian suspension bridge with a post tensioned precast segmental deck will replace an existing suspension bridge that was built by the Japanese during their occupation.
A proposed 3,000 meter span suspension bridge to span the famed Strait.
www.ketchum.org /bridges.html   (962 words)

 Waco Suspension Bridge & Riverwalk, Waco, Texas
Waco's Historic Suspension Bridge was the longest single-span suspension bridge west of the Mississippi when it was completed in 1870.
The bridge was built with cable supplied by the John Roebling Co., who built the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.
Crucial to traders and travelers for well over a century, the bridge stands as an icon of Waco history and is the centerpiece of many community festivals and events including the 4th on the Brazos celebration and Brazos Nights concerts.
www.wacocvb.com /waco-suspension-bridge.html   (198 words)

 Marlow Suspension Bridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the Marlow Bridge Act of 1829 the responsibility for the upkeep of the bridge was transferred from the Office of Bridgewarden to the Counties of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire in the ratio of 4:1.
In the 1950s it was proposed to replace the Suspension Bridge with a ferro-concrete span, and The Marlow Bridge Preservation Committee (from which The Marlow Society arose) was formed to oppose this plan.
In 1965 the Suspension Bridge was faithfully reconstructed by Buckinghamshire County Council.
www.marlowtown.co.uk /bridge.html   (395 words)

 The Clifton Suspension Bridge
The Clifton Suspension Bridge, spanning the beautiful Avon Gorge, is the symbol of the city of Bristol.
The foundation stone was laid in 1831 but the project was dogged with political and financial difficulties and by 1843, with only the towers completed, the project was abandoned.
Brunel died prematurely aged 53 yrs in 1859 but the Bridge was completed as his memorial and finally opened in 1864.
www.clifton-suspension-bridge.org.uk   (201 words)

 World's longest suspension bridge gets go-ahead - 07 June 2002 - New Scientist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The bridge was first proposed more than 30 years ago, but technical and economic concerns have delayed a final decision.
Italian engineers considered building a floating or bored tunnel, but in the end decided a suspension bridge was the most practical option.
The current longest suspension bridge is the Akashi bridge in Japan, which is slightly longer overall but has only 2.0 kilometres suspended between towers.
www.newscientist.com /article.ns?id=dn2380   (508 words)

 Brooklyn Bridge
The second, the Niagara Suspension Bridge (1855), served rail and carriage traffic until it was replaced with a stronger steel-arch bridge in 1891.
And as the mass of the anchorages had to be sufficient to offset the pull of the cables, where they were secured on land, so the mass of the towers, whatever their height, had to be sufficient to withstand the colossal downward pressure of the cables as they passed over the tops of the towers.
By 1910, the penny toll on the Brooklyn Bridge was removed after the City of New York passed a law prohibiting the use of tolls to finance construction and maintenance of its bridges.
www.nycroads.com /crossings/brooklyn   (4351 words)

 Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge
Built in 1921 to complete New York's first north-south automobile highway along the Hudson River's West Shore, the Kingston-Port Ewen suspension bridge is an important engineering accomplishment associated with the development of early motoring.
Hampered by local political and financial difficulties, construction on the bridge was put off until 1916, when the material demands of World War I deferred construction again until 1920.
The construction of the bridge took about 1 year, during which the contractors employed a woman as a welder--commonplace during World War II, but unheard of in 1920.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/kingston/k22.htm   (270 words)

 Things to Do in Vancouver - capilano suspension bridge, north vancouver, british columbia
The Treetops Adventure is a bunch of mini suspension bridges held together by gigantic trees.
You don’t have to be a certain age to cross the suspension bridge.
Dad says he thinks it's thrilling to walk across the suspension bridge and the surrounding scenery is breath taking.
www.findfamilyfun.com /capsuspbridge.htm   (724 words)

 Suspension bridge
Suspension bridge: construction that allows automobiles to travel between two points separated by an obstacle.
Side pylon: tower-like vertical construction situated at the side, usually supporting the cables of a suspension bridge or a cable-stayed bridge.
Pylon: tower-like vertical support that usually supports the cables of a suspension bridge or a cable-stayed bridge.
www.infovisual.info /05/028_en.html   (98 words)

 Information on types of bridges - The Suspension Bridge.The Barking & Dagenham Bridges Project.
A suspension bridge works by hanging (suspending) the deck of the bridge from flexible chains or ropes.
The large bridge shown here is the Clifton suspension bridge.
The bridge crosses the River Avon in Bristol.
www.bardaglea.org.uk /bridges/bridge-types/bridge-types-suspension.html   (140 words)

 Capilano Suspension Bridge
Another wire bridge, with cable ends firmly encased in concrete, was built in 1914.
In 1956 the present suspension bridge was built.
Capilano Suspension Bridge is conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver through Stanley Park over Lions Gate Bridge and north 1 mile on Capilano Road.
www.discovervancouver.com /articles/capilano-suspension-bridge.asp   (420 words)

 Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Capilano Suspension Bridge, open every day except Christmas, is Vancouver's oldest and most famous attraction, drawing over 800,000 visitors and 450 tour operators annually.
The central house post for the Big House is an honour pole, recognizing carvers past, present and future at Capilano Suspension Bridge and commemorating the Next Generation.
Capilano Suspension Bridge is the perfect venue for truly spectacular West Coast events.
www.bcadventure.com /capbridge   (444 words)

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