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Topic: Susquehannock

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Susquehannock alliances and trade also extended to the Erie and Neutrals, with the result that the Iroquois were surrounded by hostile tribes.
For the Susquehannock, the worst blow was a smallpox epidemic in 1661 that devastated their population to a point from which it never recovered.
Under the terms of the peace agreed to, the Susquehannock were settled among the Mohawk and Oneida, became members of the Iroquois "covenant chain," and their dominion over the Delaware and other former allies was also surrendered to the League.
members.tripod.com /alina_frank/susquehannock.html   (3814 words)

  Susquehannock: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The english are an ethnic group originating in the lowlands of great britain and are descendent primarily from the anglo-saxons, the celts with minor...
It is unknown what the Susquehannocks called themselves.
The Susquehannocks were Iroquoian Iroquoian languages quick summary:
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/S/Su/Susquehannock.htm   (558 words)

 Making the Grade: The Susquehannock Case
The Susquehannock Case in the Archaeology Gallery at The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA.
The Susquehannock Case in the Archaeology Gallery at The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, is a complex case.
The Susquehannock culture came to an end in 1763 when the Paxton Boys from Harrisburg became outraged by stories of native atrocities against white settlers, destroyed and killed the Native American residents in the settlement, Conestoga Indian Town.
www.ncaonline.org /making-the-grade/susquehannock.shtml   (427 words)

 Susquehannock Indians
The Susquehannock lived in a number of large, fortified villages (perhaps as many as 20).They were allies and trading partners of the Erie in northern Ohio and the Huron of southern Ontario.
Almost completely forgotten today, the Susquehannock were one of the strongest and fiercest tribes of mid-Atlantic region at the time of the the first European settlers.
When he first met the Susquehannock in 1608, Captain John Smith was especially impressed with their size, deep voices, and the variety of their weapons.
www.northallegheny.org /schools/mck/susquehannock_indians.htm   (814 words)

The Susquehannocks were convinced to act as the intermediaries between the Huron and the Five Nations.
A treaty was negotiated circa 1652 between the English settlers of the Maryland Colony and the Susquehannocks.
After a single victory by the Susquehannocks in the summer of 1644, the war fizzled out and was practically forgotten as the attention of just about everyone in the region was focused on the Beaver Wars (as the French/Huron Iroquois War was known).
www.motherbedford.com /Indian6.htm   (2888 words)

 "Wild Horse". Native American Art & History. Native people tribe. Susquehannock
Susquehannock location was Susquehanna River and its branches from the north end of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland across Pennsylvania into southern New York.
Almost completely forgotten today, the Susquehannock were one of the most formidable tribes of mid-Atlantic region at the time of European contact and dominated the large region between the Potomac River in northern Virginia to southern New York.
Driven from Pennsylvania, the survivors settled on the upper Potomac River at the invitation of the Maryland's governor.
www.american-native-art.com /publication/susquehannock/susquehannock.html   (1838 words)

 Information on the Susquehannock Indians
The Susquehannock Indian nation were located along the Susquehannock River, from the north end of Chesapeake Bay in modern day Maryland across Pennsylvania and into New York.
The Susquehannock people spoke a derivation of the Iroquois language, which is very similar to that spoken by the Huron tribe.
The Susquehannock, who had obtained armaments in abundance from the European trading partners, were to cause havoc among their enemies.
ar.essortment.com /susquehannockin_rjon.htm   (733 words)

 Susquehannocks History
After an outbreak in 1677 the Susquehannocks were faced with the renewed vigor and strength of their enemies, the Iroquois, who had made peace with the French and native tribes, joined together now against the Susquehannocks.
The story of the Susquehannock, or the scraps that remain of what must have been a brilliant tale, is little remembered today by but a few so-called “old timers” and a handful of anthropologists or arm chair historians.
According to local legend the Susquehannocks were very good at negotiations for firearms and at one point acquired a cannon for defense of one of their palisaded towns, which would make this tribe the only one in America to have been so armed.
www.portdeposit.com /History/Susquehannocks.htm   (3269 words)

 Indian5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Susquehannock tribe may or may not have evolved from the Adena culture which inhabited this general region during the Transitional Period.
The exact date when the Susquehannock Indians arose as a distinct tribe is not known, but they were established as the dominant tribe in this region when the Europeans first made contact with them in the early years of the 1600s.
The name Susquehannock does not appear in current Indian usage and was apparently picked up by Captain Smith from his interpreter, who is believed to have been a member of the Powhatan tribe.
www.motherbedford.com /Indian5.htm   (3756 words)

 Spanish Hill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
By the early 1600's, the Susquehannocks had left the village of Carantouan as they began to lose significant numbers of their population due to constant Indian wars with neighboring tribes.
It would seem that the the Susquehannocks and their Carantouan village would have only have been in existence for less than 40 years during the time the Europeans began writing about their experiences with the natives in the new world.
In 1763, the last remaining 20 Susquehannocks were living in peace in Conestoga, PA, only to be slaughtered by the Paxton Boys in revenge for Indian raids that these specific people had nothing to do with.
www.spanishhill.com /Susquehannocks/who.htm   (906 words)

 Stay With Us - Susquehannock Campground - Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania
Welcome to Susquehannock Campground, named in honor of the last Native American Tribes believed to have camped at the nearby Sheep Rock Shelter.
Situated on 25 acres on the western shore of the lake, on a true peninsula near mile marker 7, the area is enveloped by a predominately hardwood forest.
Susquehannock has been closed for the winter and will open back up for the 2007 season.
raystown.nab.usace.army.mil /Camping/susquehannock.htm   (1297 words)

 Wildernet - Susquehannock State Park
Description - Susquehannock State Park's primary attractions are the river overlooks which afford a panoramic view of the Susquehanna River.
Attractions - Susquehannock State Park's primary attractions are the river overlooks which afford a panoramic view of the Susquehanna River.
Location - Susquehannock State Park is located in southeastern Pennsylvania on a wooded plateau overlooking the Susquehanna River in southern Lancaster County.
areas.wildernet.com /pages/statepark.cfm?areaID=PASPSQ   (583 words)

 Wildernet.com - Susquehannock State Forest, Pennsylvania
This thirty-five mile loop trail is for the use of all terrain vehicles and during the winter, snowmobiles.
In the forested hills and valleys of the Susquehannock State Forest is the 89-mile Susquehannock Hiking Trail system.
Location - Susquehannock State Forest is located in the north central region of Pennsylvania approximately 20 miles south of the New York state line in Potter County.
www.wildernet.com /pages/area.cfm?areaID=PASFSS&CU_ID=1   (1198 words)

 The Susquehannock Camps
The Susquehannock Camps overlook the beautiful spring-fed Tripp Lake in the Endless Mountains of northeastern PA. Mild temperatures, low humidity, and a scenic forested setting characterize every summer.
Susquehannock features multiple fields for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, and softball among the many field sports.
The Susquehannock Camps are proud to be ACA-accredited, and undergo a rigorous inspection every three years verifying that we meet the high standards of the American Camping Association.
www.campchannel.com /camps/1878.html   (470 words)

 Where are the Susquehannock?
The true nature of their society, whether comprised of a single tribe in a single village, or a confederacy of smaller tribes occupying scattered villages, will probably never be known, since Europeans seldom visited this inland region during the early colonial period.
During the 1600's, the Susquehannocks, like many eastern tribes, were constantly forming alliances and waging wars with their neighbors, both native and European, for control and profit.
For the Susquehannock, although the tribe ceased to exist, their legacy remains with the descendants who can still trace their lineage to the once-powerful confederacy, and with the name that will never be forgotten.
native.brokenclaw.net /articles/susquehannock.html   (1673 words)

 York Dispatch - Susquehannock graduates 241
Kayla Winters was eager to leave Susquehannock High School's Robert Lau Memorial Field as an alumna last night.
Final words: The district recruited Randy Edsall, a Glen Rock native who graduated from Susquehannock in 1976 and is now the head football coach at the University of Connecticut, to deliver the alumni address.
After presenting the diplomas, Susquehannock principal Brian Cashman posed a blunt but succinct ultimatum to the graduates.
www.yorkdispatch.com /grads/ci_3909221   (586 words)

 Evening Sun - Susquehannock
Susquehannock will go for a three-peat in Division II, where it hasn't lost a game in two seasons.
Susquehannock will rely on Chaz Powell to spark the offense after losing many of last year's stars to graduation.
andmiddot; E-mail photo
andmiddot; Order photo reprint
Susquehannock also starts the season thin at a few positions, so players will need to stay healthy while the newbies gain experience.
www.eveningsun.com /football/ci_4257406   (701 words)

 Camp Susquehannock - Peace Camp Initiative
We at Susquehannock have, for more than 100 years, created great summers for kids from all over the country and all over the world.
All candidates for this program will be selected based both on their ability to get the most out of camp, their ability to teach, and learn from, the rest of the campers, and their ability to then do the most for their friends, their classmates, their parents, and their communities when they return.
While Camp Susquehannock is, for its part, offering discounts across the board, there are still significant travel and tuition expenses the program needs to cover.
www.susquehannock.com /peacecamp.htm   (620 words)

 Susquehannock Trail
This rolling, long-distance hiking trail swings an impressive oval through Susquehannock State Forest, visiting Ole Bull and Patterson state parks, Hammersly Wild Area, and Cherry Springs Fire Tower.
On this Allegheny Mountain tour, explore a terrain of moderate relief, with long, even-height ridges cut by sparkling runs that host native brook trout.
In cooperation with DCNR, sections of this trail are maintained, in part, by volunteers from the Susquehannock Trail Club.
www.dcnr.state.pa.us /forestry/hiking/susquehannock.aspx   (190 words)

 GORP - U.S. Circuit Hiking - Susquehannock Trail
One minute, you're on a highway, a mere ribbon of asphalt away from towns, gas stations, hamburgers, and telephones; the next minute you are out there, with porcupines and deer and red-tailed hawks for company.
The Susquehannock Trail (also referred to as the Susquehannock Trail System) offers 85 miles of peace and quiet and a surprisingly remote and secluded hiking experience in one of the East's most densely populated states.
Maps: Both the Susquehannock and Black Forest trails are well marked and adequately described in locally-produced guidebooks with accompanying maps.
gorp.away.com /gorp/activity/hiking/features/loops11.htm   (412 words)

 Susquehannock Language and the Susquehannock Indian Tribe (Susquehanna, Conestoga, Minqua, Andaste)
Susquehannock Language and the Susquehannock Indian Tribe (Susquehanna, Conestoga, Minqua, Andaste)
Susquehannock was an Iroquoian language of the Northeast Woodlands.
The language is extinct and tragically so are the Susquehannock as a people; the tribe was devastated by smallpox, and a lynch mob massacred the survivors in 1763.
www.native-languages.org /susquehannock.htm   (139 words)

 Susquehannock Indians of the Eastern Shore
Friendly relations with the Susquehannock were particularily valuable to the French, not only for purposes of trade, but because they trapped the Iroquois between two powerful enemies.
Mahican confederacy in order to trade with the Dutch, and it took four-years of war (1624-28) before the Mohawk emerged as the pre-eminent trading partner of the Dutch in the Hudson Valley.
This information was taken from www.dickshovel.com and a lot more information can be found there...
www.easternshore.com /esguide/hist_susquehannock.html   (3734 words)

 Camp Susquehannock 2006 Photo and Video Gallery
If you'd like to order prints (or posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.) of any image(s), please contact the Susquehannock Webmaster (webmaster@susquehannock.com).
If you've got any great photos of you or your camp friends - send them in using this link for possible use here in the Susquehannock Gallery.
all photos on these gallery pages are ©2006 Camp Susquehannock Inc. High resolution images are available - contact the webmaster for details.
www.susquehannock.com /gallery.htm   (252 words)

 Penn State Field School Explores Susquehannock Site
The Susquehannock did trade with the British, Swedes, French and Dutch, and the finding of European beads, gun parts, pipes and pottery will eventually allow more precise dating.
The other Susquehannock sites are all by the Susquehanna river.
In their work, the students cleared blocks of ground to expose the postmolds that indicate the long-houses where the Susquehannock lived.
www.psu.edu /ur/NEWS/news/fieldschool.html   (796 words)

 Susquehannock Trail ProRally 2002 Press Notes, Rally Racing News
While Susquehannock Trail is geologically different in every way from last months Rim of the World, with its fast, smooth and well-groomed roads, the event does, none-the-less, also have a history of high attrition because of the narrow roads closely lined with big trees.
In the 2001 season, Burke, in his TAD Motorsports Mitsubishi Lancer, kept the works teams on their toes all season long.
David Higgins' fourth straight overall victory puts him at a commanding 87 driver's points, with Mark Lovell in second at 59, Mark Higgins at 55, Mark Nelson at 37, and Rhys Millen in fifth at 33.
www.rallyracingnews.com /scca/stpr02.html   (2479 words)

 Susquehannock Words
All the nouns are singular and all the verbs are 3rd person singular ("he or she sings") because many Native American languages don't have a separate infinitive ("to sing") the way English and French do.
If you need to know a Susquehannock word that is not currently on our page, you can take part in our Indian translations fundraiser, buy a Susquehannock dictionary, or visit our main Susquehannock language site for more free resources.
The Susquehannock language has not been spoken in centuries, so these vocabulary words come from 17th-century sources and their pronunciation is uncertain.
www.native-languages.org /susquehannock_words.htm   (155 words)

 York Dispatch - New baseball coach is old friend to Susquehannock Warriors
The Warriors are counting on the leadership of Mason Heyne, left, Josh Heyne and Andy Rosenzweig.
Kevin Krebs is the new head baseball coach at Susquehannock High School.
But no introductions were needed when the Warriors gathered with Krebs yesterday, the first official day of practice for spring sports.
www.yorkdispatch.com /sports/ci_5365700   (686 words)

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