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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  The Nature Conservancy in New York - Eastern: Great Swamp
For the 40,000+ residents who live near the swamp and the more than one million people who depend on it for drinking water, the Great Swamp is a vital natural resource.
Thus, conservation of the Great Swamp and enhancement of the local quality of life depend on development and economic growth that are compatible with the environment and consistent with community goals.
While red hardwood maple swamp is the most dominant community within the Great Swamp, there is a wide occurrence of floodplain forest and shrub swamp communities, as well as rare inland Atlantic white cedar swamp several very rare, high quality fen communities.
www.nature.org /wherewework/northamerica/states/newyork/preserves/art13513.html   (746 words)

  EPA > Wetlands > Wetland Types > Swamps
Swamps are characterized by saturated soils during the growing season, and standing water during certain times of the year.
Swamps may be divided into two major classes, depending on the type of vegetation present: shrub swamps, and forested swamps.
Bottomland hardwood swamp is a name commonly given to forested swamps in the south central United States.
www.epa.gov /owow/wetlands/types/swamp.html   (601 words)

A swamp is a wetland that features permanent inundation of large areas of land by shallow bodies of water, generally with a substantial number of hummocks, or dry-land protrusions.
In the USA, swamps are usually regarded as including a large amount of woody vegetation, but elsewhere this may not necessarily apply, such as in African swamps dominated by papyrus.
Swamps are features of areas with very low topographic relief, although they may be surrounded by mountains.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Swamp   (409 words)

  Swamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A swamp is a wetland that features permanent inundation of large areas of land by shallow bodies of water, generally with a substantial number of hummocks, or dry-land protrusions.
Swamps are generally characterized by very slow-moving waters, often rich in tannins from decaying vegetation.
Swamps are features of areas with very low topographic relief, although they may be surrounded by mountains.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Swamp   (346 words)

 The Cypress-Tupelo Swamp
The word "swamp" shares a common origin with the word "sump", which is a hole or pit where you dump nasty things you don't want to deal with, like a cesspool.
The basis of the invertebrate food chain in the swamp is the detritus, or leaf litter that covers the floor of the swamp.
Periodic floods in drier swamps wash away the leaf litter, and prevents the accumulation of a thick blanket of fuel.
www.tulane.edu /~bfleury/envirobio/swamp.html   (2495 words)

 Swamp Darter Fact Sheet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The swamp darter has a short snout, shorter than the eye, with a groove (called a frenum) separating the tip of the upper lip from the snout.
The typical habitat of the swamp darter is quiet or slow moving water with a sand, detritus or muck bottom and with an abundance of aquatic vegetation.
The swamp darter is a hardy species able to tolerate a variety of water conditions, and their management includes the protection of the wetlands in eastern Long Island.
www.dec.state.ny.us /website/dfwmr/wildlife/endspec/swampdart.html   (336 words)

 swamp. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Swamps develop in moist climates, generally in such places as low-lying coastal plains, floodplains of rivers, and old lake basins or in areas where normal drainage has been disrupted by glacial deposits.
The most extensive swamps are found along the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains, notable examples being the Everglades of S Florida, Dismal Swamp of Virginia, and Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia and N Florida.
Swamps that are drained make excellent agricultural land because of the high organic content of the bottom sediments.
www.bartleby.com /65/sw/swamp.html   (475 words)

 Nature Works - Swamps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Swamps are often classified by the types of trees that grow in them.
It is a mixture of waterways, swamps and marshes.
Not all of the Okefenokee is a swamp, part of it is a bog.
www.nhptv.org /natureworks/nwep7i.htm   (564 words)

 Water Boards: Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program
The Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) was proposed in a Report to the Legislature to integrate existing water quality monitoring activities of the State Water Resources Control Board and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and to coordinate with other monitoring programs.
SWAMP is a statewide monitoring effort designed to assess the conditions of surface waters throughout the state of California.
SWAMP does not conduct effluent or discharge monitoring, which is covered under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits and Waste Discharge Requirements.
www.swrcb.ca.gov /swamp   (424 words)

 Sherpa Guides | Georgia | Coast | Southern Coast | The Okefenokee Swamp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Because of the size of the swamp, visiting the full complement of parks requires some driving because one must travel around the perimeter of the wetland, which is larger than the interior of Interstate 285 or all the barrier islands of Georgia combined.
Approximately 20 percent of the swamp is prairie, consisting of grasses and sedges, moss, ferns, and rushes.
And roughly 33 percent of the swamp is scrub-shrub, with evergreen, leathery leafed shrubs such as dahoon holly and fetterbush dominating the landscape.
www.sherpaguides.com /georgia/coast/southern_coast/okefenokee_swamp.html   (3576 words)

 Swamp - The Five Pillars
In the dark swamps a mage is plotting his take over of the world.
Some of the creatures of the swamp are even known to convert their opponents into one of them.
Most of the spells the swamp mage studies are meant only to hurt people.
thefivepillars.org /wiki/index.php/Swamp   (122 words)

 Swamp Sunflower
Swamp sunflowers are native to GA ditches and other wet areas.
Swamp sunflowers look like big fl eye susans, up to 12 ft high (when happy) and some 6ft wide.
I plant swamp sunflower in a new location by placing the entire plant stalk on top of the ground [after the seeds have had sufficient time to ripen] and allowing the seeds to fall at their leisure.
www.stonethegardener.com /sun/sunflowers.html   (145 words)

 Okefenokee Swamp Education and Information Center
The north end of the swamp is bordered by pine forests and thick tangles of vegetation.
From the open, wet "prairies" of the east side to the forested cypress swamps in the west, Okefenokee is a mosaic of habitats, plants, and wildlife.
Swamp conditions may dictate closing certain trails, as has happened in spring of both '98 and '99.
www.innatfolkston.com /nec/index.html   (1481 words)

 Was Washington Built on a Swamp?
It is true that some visitors and residents of the city circa 1800 described parts of the city as a swamp, and that some memoirs of the city recalled a swamp especially along Pennsylvania Avenue.
Actually, defining swamp and marsh as geographical features, the latter being reeds in shallow water bordering a river and the former being standing water in forests and fields, one would have to say that Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore are far better described as being built on a swamp than Washington.
Their swamps and marshes were transformed as the need for that land arose.
www.geocities.com /bobarnebeck/swamp.html   (1133 words)

 Wired News: Having a Gas in Okefenokee Swamp
Most of the predatory light stories are attributed to sightings of swamp gas, a totally non-paranormal event also known as "foxfire" and "wetland flatulence," according to Steve Knight, owner of Okefenokee Pastimes.
Swamp gas is formed by decaying organic matter that has been naturally transformed into a luminescent gaseous form, Knight explained.
The swamp is also swimming with tales about weredeers, werebears and werepanthers that roam the swamp's islands at night and can only be killed by silver bullets.
www.wired.com /news/roadtrip/0,2640,61284,00.html   (1291 words)

 GORP - Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia
Logging of the swamp proved to be a successful commercial activity, with regular logging operations continuing as late as 1976.
These roads severely disrupted the swamp's natural hydrology, as the ditches which were dug to provide soil for the road beds drained water from the swamp.
A drier swamp and the suppression of wildfires, which once cleared the land for seed germination, created environmental conditions that were less favorable to the survival of cypress and cedar stands.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_nwr/va_great.htm   (1329 words)

 An Unknown Preservationist: The Chickasawhatchee Swamp :: Turner South   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Chickasawhatchee Swamp is an area of drainages in its watershed of approximately 335 square miles.
Wetlands such as the Chickasawhatchee Swamp are known for improving the quality of water by removing manmade chemicals and nutrient pollution through the process of biofiltration.
The natural value of the Chickasawhatchee Swamp is multiplied because both surface water and groundwater quality are dependent on the system (or on the system’s ability to function naturally).
www.turnersouth.com /sports-and-outdoors/great-outdoors/article/1,,1844,00.html   (480 words)

 ESPN.com: Outdoors : Out There: Giant rabbits with webbed feet
People who have not hunted swamp rabbits may not appreciate my enthusiasm that day, for there are subtle complexities to the game the uninitiated may not see.
Swamp rabbits closely resemble Eastern cottontails, but the two species are easily distinguished by size and habitat.
It's a sport demanding the strategy of a war general, the shooting skill of a woodcock hunter, the intuition of a riverboat gambler, the lungs and legs of a marathon runner, the dog-handling talents of a professional trainer and the patience of Job.
sports.espn.go.com /outdoors/tv/columns/story?columnist=sutton_keith&page=g_col_sutton_swamp_rabbits   (1266 words)

 Okefenokee Swamp Exhibit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Okefenokee Swamp, located on the southeastern border of Georgia, is a vast bog inside a huge, saucer-shaped depression that was once part of the ocean floor.
The Okefenokee Swamp formed thousands of years ago, and for many of those years it was a natural, untouched habitat for a variety of plants and animals.
Initially the swamp was settled and used by early Native Americans but the encroachment of European settlers and industry began to threaten the swamp’s existence.
www.libs.uga.edu /russell/online-exhibits/okefenokee-exhibit/main.html   (744 words)

 VIA Online: Kauai's Alakai Swamp
To enjoy and explore the swamp's sights and sounds, all were obliged to hack their way through dense underbrush and to wade in and, hopefully, out of its waist-deep bogs.
The Alakai Swamp's fragile ecosystem is the focal point of a gallant rescue effort by environmentalists and scientists, much of the activity centered in the Civilian Conservation Corps camp, a relic from FDR's administration.
Among the swamp's visitors, Petteys too often finds himself the man on the spot, juggling as best he can the interests of the greens, the pig hunters, and, more recently, the entrepreneurs who would, if they could, convert the Alakai into a tourist trap.
www.viamagazine.com /top_stories/articles/alakai01.asp   (2051 words)

The wildlife seen in the great swamp are in their natural surroundings.
 Of the 27 species of snakes in the swamp, the water moccasin is one of the largest and one of the few venomous ones.
The  majority of snakes lay eggs, but the moccasin is one of the few species that give birth to living young.  It has large hollow fangs which are connected to sacs of poison in its cheeks.
www.okeswamp.com /ts_Animals/plants_animals.html   (1438 words)

 Swamp Sparrows
The Swamp Sparrow is a bird of freshwater marshes, bogs and margins along streams and ponds, and in some areas may also be found in salt marshes.
Banding studies show that Swamp Sparrows are short distance migrants, and may live up to 6 years in the wild.
Swamp Sparrows were once abundant in suitable habitat, but the whole scale regional drainage of wetlands have eliminated much of their favored habitat and severely impacted their populations.
www.wbu.com /chipperwoods/photos/swampsp.htm   (460 words)

 Swamp Tours
Swamp creatures, seeing our boats daily, recognize them as part of their normal environment.
Unafraid and responsive to their boat captain's call, they peak out from underbrush and between moss-draped trees and shrubs, frequently coming directly to the boat.
As your boat drifts through the waterways, you will learn about the Louisiana Wetlands, the inhabitants of the swamp, particularly the life and habits of the American alligator, as well as the unique history of the Cajun town of Frenier located at this property.
www.cajunpridetours.com /swamp_tours.htm   (218 words)

 New Orleans swamp tour--Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana
With the swamp tales of pirates and sightings of Big Foot in the back of your mind, you may be just a little bit nervous at first, but after your first boat ride you'll want to go back again and again!
You'll be overcome by the primitive beauty of the cypress trees rising from the water...the sweet smell of wild azaleas in the air....
Honey Island swamp is unique because it's one of the least-altered river swamps in the country.
www.honeyislandswamp.com   (491 words)

 Swamp Pop - South Louisiana's Rock 'n' Roll- History, Music Samples and CDs
Swamp pop's classic period was 1958 to 1964, when nearly two dozen swamp pop recordings reached the national charts.
The initial swamp pop record to receive attention outside Louisiana was Bobby Charles' feverish "(See You) Later Alligator." Charles' thunder would be stolen by Bill Haley's cover version, but Charles would become a prolific songwriter and influential swamp pop artist for over a decade.
Other important swamp pop records from the mid-1950s include Roy Perkins's "You're On My Mind," Cookie and the Boogie Ramblers's "Cindy Lou," Guitar Gable and King Karl's "Irene," and Guitar Jr.s' "Family Rules"; their popularity however was confined primarily to South Louisiana.
www.tabasco.com /music_stage/louisiana_music/index.cfm   (818 words)

 Sherpa Guides | Georgia | The Okefenokee Swamp | The State of the Swamp: The Suwanee River Sill and DuPont's Mining ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The swamp is the headwaters for the Suwannee and the St. Mary's rivers, which depend on its health for their own.
In 1932, a year when the swamp was unusually dry, a fire burned many of the swamp's bay trees, about 40 to 50 million board feet of its fl gums, and several million feet of slash pines.
Most swamp blazes begin with a bolt striking a tree in the uplands, spread from the pinelands to the fringes of the swamp, and probe into the interior, finally reaching the peat.
www.sherpaguides.com /georgia/okefenokee_swamp/suwannee_river_sill/index.html   (6225 words)

 JS Online: Swamp summer
A fringe of trees and shrubs hides the swamp from the view of local residents or passers-by on Port Washington Road and Highway C. It is just south of where the massive Port Vincent housing development is planned.
A partnership of local landowners and county and state agencies hired the researchers to complete a plant inventory in the swamp as part of a restoration project for the Ulao Creek watershed in eastern Ozaukee County.
Trees throughout the swamp are dead or dying, however, Hewitt says, pointing to the lifeless main trunk of a silver maple.
www.jsonline.com /news/OzWash/jul01/swamp08070701a.asp   (1326 words)

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