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Topic: Sweet Valley High

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In the News (Tue 17 Jul 18)

  The Sweet Valley High Series
SVH was very important to me at that time, and I have fond memories of reading the books.
The Wakefield twins of Sweet Valley are the most popular girls in school, are described as the most beautiful teenage girls imaginable, have their own car, have handsome boyfriends, and everything else a girl could possibly want.
While ethnic characters are absent from the early Sweet Valley books, people who are different from the Wakefields and their closest friends are often ridiculed and shown to be inferior to the Wakefields.
www.series-books.com /svh/svh.html   (1376 words)

  Sweet Valley High - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sweet Valley High is a young adult book series created by Francine Pascal and written by several ghostwriters, revolving around the lives of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, beautiful blond twins who live in fictitious Sweet Valley, California.
The premise holds that the Sweet Valley school area is rezoned, and Jessica and Elizabeth must attend a new school.
The Sweet Valley series has often been criticized for its unrealistic portrayal of teenagers (although this was somewhat rectified in the Senior Year series), and its outlandish plots, especially within the original Sweet Valley High series.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sweet_Valley_High   (912 words)

 Amazon.com: Dear Sister (Sweet Valley High #7): Francine Pascal: Books
Sweet Valley is stunned by the news: Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma, on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident.
Throughout the Sweet Valley High series, readers are never allowed to forget how special Elizabeth and Jessica are - not just to their family and friends, but predominantly to each other.
Bruce Patman, always the villain incarnate in the Sweet Valley High series, is justifiably malevolent in Dear Sister, though it must be owned that his status as `villain' is mostly due to his infamous relationship with Jessica - as opposed to a more complex or deeper study of the nature of his exploitative traits.
www.amazon.com /Dear-Sister-Sweet-Valley-High/dp/0553276727   (1364 words)

 DVD Review: Sweet Valley High Season 1
They were sweet and innocent, and the only worries they had were who was trying to steal their boyfriend.
The rest of Sweet Valley is populated with the typical clichéd teenage personalities.
Sweet Valley High does offer some fleeting entertainment, but $50 for 22 episodes of a mediocre show on a DVD with no bonus features is a lot to spend.
dvd.monstersandcritics.com /reviews/printer_5163.php   (870 words)

 MovieFreak.com - "Sweet Valley High - Season 1" DVD Review
Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins who live in the suburb of Sweet Valley in Southern California.
Sweet Valley High is seemingly a “poor man’s” Beverly Hills 90210.
Unless you are an avid reader of the book series or are fans of the Daniel twins, the complete first season of Sweet Valley High probably won’t entertain you at all.
www.moviefreak.com /dvd/s/sweetvalleyhigh_s1.htm   (348 words)

 Kidzworld :: Sweet Valley High | University | Jr. High | Read | Teen Book Series | Review | Francine Pascal
One of the great things about the Sweet Valley High books is that you don't have to start from the first book and work your way up - no matter what order you read them in, they'll make sense.
You're looking at the same style book as you'll find in the Sweet Valley High series, but the girls are a bit older and their a bit more adventurous.
High is another series set in Sweet Valley but this time you get to see it through the eyes of Jessica and Elizabeth's fellow classmates.
www.kidzworld.com /article/4483-book-review-sweet-valley-series   (478 words)

 The Sweet Valley High Gang Goes to College
Not all of Sweet Valley University is mindless.
Sweet Valley Universit does not fare well when it is compared to either of these two series.
Sweet Valley High deals with quite a few contemporary social issues including anorexia, date rape, disability, the sexism of beauty contests, racism, and a female quarterback.
scholar.lib.vt.edu /ejournals/ALAN/fall96/f96-06-Litton.html   (2994 words)

 "Sweet Valley High" (1994)
The show was a hit in syndication on FOX, but it moved to UPN for its 4th season, after which it was cancelled due to poor ratings.
Sometimes (I know it's sad) the SVH gang were my closest friends, they were always there.
However I must say the Sweet Valley I attended in my heart was the one of the books, not the TV show.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0108949   (448 words)

 Sweet Valley High DVD Reviewed on AudioVideoRevolution.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Based on Francine Pascal's bestselling books, "Sweet Valley High: The Complete First Season" gathers the episodes that brought the stories of the Wakefield twins to television.
The rumor that a big director is coming to SVH in "Critical Mess" sets the rumor mill into full motion.
A foreign exchange student comes to Sweet Valley High in "Love on the Line." Enid works on a counseling helpline and ends up talking to Mike, who flirts with her and asks her out.
www.avrev.com /dvd/revs/sweetvalleyhigh.html   (2348 words)

 "Sweet Valley High" The Complete First Season DVD Review
"Sweet Valley High" is produced by Haim Saban, the man who gave us such syndicated hits as "Power Rangers" and "VR Troopers." The "Saban" name calls to mind a certain set of production values, and this show delivers those, even if thematically, it's a far cry from his usually action-oriented children's series.
Sweet Valley High's newspaper The Oracle is setting up a news program and both Jessica and Elizabeth want to be the anchor for different motives (Jessica wants the visibility, whereas Liz has a genuine journalistic calling).
Like the overwhelming majority of TV shows and all from this time period, "Sweet Valley High" is presented in 1.33:1, the ratio it was shot and aired in.
www.ultimatedisney.com /sweetvalleyhigh-season1.html   (3514 words)

 Fresh Approaches: New Editions and Reissues - 5/12/2008 12:40:00 PM - School Library Journal
SVH quickly became a hot seller, generating more than 150 titles published through the years, spawning several spin-off print series, inspiring a television show in the 1990s, and garnering a cadre of loyal fans.
According to Loggia, “The Web site will be an immersive jaunt through the halls of Sweet Valley High, offer links to join fan clubs on their favorite community sites and will offer content for fans to take away, such as blog graphics, wallpaper, and IM icons.
Today, of course, thanks to Sweet Valley, we know that series fiction thrives with tween and teen readers—and that there’s a lot more competing both on the bookshelf and in our readers’ lives for their attention.
www.schoollibraryjournal.com /article/CA6560181.html   (613 words)

 Sweet valley high   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ancient kingdom high in the Indian Himalayas, to the west of Tibet.
valley, and will be very different in spirit and detail from its British
as those of the monasteries overlooking this mountain valley.
www.tibet.ca /en/wtnarchive/2002/1/29_5.html   (819 words)

 DVD Review: Sweet Valley High Season 1 - DVD
They were sweet and innocent, and the only worries they had were who was trying to steal their boyfriend.
Sweet Valley High does offer some fleeting entertainment, but $50 for 22 episodes of a mediocre show on a DVD with no bonus features is a lot to spend.
The show may bring up feelings of nostalgia for the original readers of the series since many of the episodes are loosely based on the plots in the book or for original viewers of the show ten years ago, but the core audience for this remains to be 8-14 year old girls.
www.monstersandcritics.com /dvd/reviews/article_5163.php   (1007 words)

 Sweet Valley High
Sweet Valley High, The Ghost of Tricia Martin
Sweet Valley Twins, The Curse of the Golden Heart
Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper, The Case of the Christmas Thief
www.aussiebooks.com.au /category13_1.htm   (438 words)

 eBay - high sweet valley, Children's Books, Fiction Books items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jealous Lies Francine Pascal Sweet Valley High #30
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=high+sweet+valley&...   (475 words)

 "Sweet Valley High" (1994) - IMDb user comments
For all the people who watch Sweet Valley High expecting something deep and meaningful, you've come to the wrong place.
I considered not watching Sweet Valley High for awhile after that but there *are* several other good actors in it (such as the Daniel twins).
Sweet Valley High was a wonderful tv show and it is a pity they ended after so few seasons.
us.imdb.com /title/tt0108949/usercomments   (1252 words)

 Sweet Valley High - Press Release for 1st Season
BURBANK, Calif., December 6, 2004 - For the first time ever, the complete first season of the hit television show "Sweet Valley High" is available on DVD in a three disc set, SWEET VALLEY HIGH: SEASON 1, available on March 8, 2005 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.
Catch up with the whole Sweet Valley High gang, including beautiful twins Liz and Jess Wakefield, who are identical in looks but different in almost every other way!
In SWEET VALLEY HIGH, Elizabeth Wakefield (Cynthia Daniel) and Jessica Wakefield (Brittany Daniel) are identical twins who live in the suburb of Sweet Valley in Southern California.
www.tvshowsondvd.com /newsitem.cfm?NewsID=2567   (246 words)

 JR.com: Sweet Valley High - Season One in Movies: Comedies:
Based on the wildly popular series of young adult books, SWEET VALLEY HIGH is about the exploits of twin blonde teens Liz and Jessica.
While the two look exactly the same, they couldn't be more different; Liz is friendly and sweet while her sister Jessica schemes and manipulates.
SWEET VALLEY HIGH never aims to be more than escapist entertainment, using handy teen archetypes and situations to create a high school melodrama akin to other popular shows from when it aired such as BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and SAVED BY THE BELL.
www.jr.com /xs-sweet-valley-high-season-one-in-movies-comedies--pi!4019250.html   (235 words)

 The Sweet Valley High Series Summaries and Quotes #1-10
Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins at Sweet Valley High.
Beautiful and ruthless, Jessica Wakefield is determined to be chosen queen of the fall dance at Sweet Valley High.
The surf's up in Sweet Valley, and gorgeous Jessica Wakefield is making a big splash with Bill Chase, the hottest surfer in town.
www.series-books.com /svh/sweetvalley1-10.html   (2019 words)

 Elizabeth and Jessica are better than you.
I remember buying a Sweet Valley High book (I don't remember exactly which one) at my local Crown Books bookstore when I was much younger.
The clerk in the bookstore told me that Sweet Valley was loosely based on my very own Southern California hometown of Simi Valley, CA.
A week or so ago, someone commented on Sweet Valley as a comic, and last night, as I couldn't fall asleep, I decided to try it.
community.livejournal.com /1bruce1   (1877 words)

 Double Love (Sweet Valley High Ser., No. 1) - Francine Pascal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the first title in the extremely popular series "Sweet Valley High" about identical twins, Elizabeth and Jessica.
"Life at Sweet Valley High" is filled with excitement, romance and conflict, centering around the twins, their family, and their many friends.
Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are identical twins at Sweet Valley High.
www.biblio.com /books/4443027.html   (364 words)

 Sweet Valley High Quizzes and Sweet Valley High Trivia -- FunTrivia
This is a quiz for all SVH fans and for those who know it is still the best book series for teens of all time!
I love reading the Sweet Valley High books by Francine Pascal; even though they were out 6 years before my time I still think they're great!This quiz is fairly simple I hope you enjoy it!
I've been reading "Sweet Valley Senior Year" for a while now, so I decided to make this quiz.
www.funtrivia.com /quizzes/literature/pascal,_francine/sweet_valley_high.html   (626 words)

 Sweet Valley High:Kidnapped : Video   (Site not responding. Last check: )
2) VHS Tape Video Sweet Valley High:Kidnapped by Wea Corp. Sweet Valley High was one of the sharpest, most clever, and terribly underrated teen shows out there that unjustly got cancelled after four delightful seasons, and has not yet been released on DVD.
While I wish the series would have concentrated more on serious issues, the tone of the series was light, fluffy, and fun with some seriousness thrown into the mix.
The first episode is like any other of Sweet Valley High; cute and harmless.
www.pagenation.com /an/6304124961.html   (405 words)

 Sweet Valley High index page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Sweet Valley series of books began back in 1983 with the publication of Double Love, the first in the Sweet Valley High series.
The series became extremely popular, leading to a variety of other Sweet Valley series, resulting in a total of over 300 different titles.
The Kids series deals with Elizabeth and Jessica in Second grade; The Twins series deals with them in Sixth Grade; the High series of course dealswith their high school adventures, and the University series takes place with them in college.
www.bookmice.net /darkchilde/yadult/sweet.html   (230 words)

 UPN: Sweet Valley High
"Sweet Valley High" gets a pinch of spice when it premieres on UPN with a whole new look and attitude.
The cast of "Sweet Valley High" lines up in style to launch UPN's new teen line-up premiering this Fall.
UPN kicks "Sweet Valley High" into high gear for the fourth season as the cast cruises along the unpredictable highways of teenage life.
www.vidiot.com /UPN/SVH   (339 words)

 theHiddenBookcase . com - Sweet Valley High - The TV Cast
Sweet Valley High was Ryan's first major acting job, as before he was concentrating on modelling, appearing in high-profile magazines, like Vogue.
Before starrring in Sweet Valley High, he did some modelling work, along with starring in several plays for the Young Playwrights Festival, (where he says he played a character similar to Todd; a high-school jock who is a jokestar.
Bridget was born on March 24th in Iowa, where she attended High School and University, all the time with a love of acting.
www.thehiddenbookcase.com /sweet_valley_high_cast.html   (1105 words)

 Sweet Valley High - The Sugar Quill
For everyone who ever read the Sweet Valley High books as kids, y'all need to read this essay: http://www.dwanollah.com/blather/030102/index.html It's hilarious and completly true.
I dabbled in SVH a little, but I reaaally liked the "Couples" series of high school romance novels.
I used to read BSC and Sweet Valley a long, long time ago.
www.sugarquill.net /forum/index.php?showtopic=251   (627 words)

 eBay - DVD: Sweet Valley High - Season One (UPC: 786936264340)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sweet Valley High The Complete 1st Season DVD Set
Sweet Valley High - Season One DVD 1 1st first
Sweet Valley High DVD Season 1 factory sealed TV Show
product.ebay.com /Sweet-Valley-High-Season-One_UPC_786936264340_W0QQfvcsZ1177QQsoprZ44157892   (602 words)

 Sweet Valley High Book Summaries
No one would have ever guessed that Roger Barrett, the poorest boy in Sweet Valley, was really one of the Patmans, the wealthiest family in town.
Then she announces her plans to stay in Sweet Valley and live with her father.
Led astray by the promise of hidden treasure, the Sweet Valley gang is in serious danger.
www.geocities.com /sun_shine_girl123/svhbooks.html   (2790 words)

 Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists! » Sweet Valley High Series, 2008 by Francine Pascal
When I was in 7th grade, my best friend Amy H. had the whole series sitting pretty on her white painted bookshelf in her huge canopied bed-bedroom, and to exorcise my adolescent envy of that unbroken line of perfect paperbacks (Amy was VERY neat), I was determined to hunt down my own set.
Well, from just a casual perusal, SVH appears to be just as cheesy and squeaky clean as I remember.
I also read most of the SVH books, and the SVH Twins (was that when they were younger?), my mom’s Bobbsey Twins books, and the Babysitter’s Club.
www.readingrants.org /2008/03/28/sweet-valley-high-series-2008-by-francine-pascal   (1066 words)

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