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Topic: Switched fabric

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Flagship Ventures
The switch is scalable from 64 to 128 nodes, allowing users to grow their cluster incrementally as their computing needs increase, and is designed to accept next-generation 24-port silicon chips slated for release early next year.
The switch deploys one contained piece of hardware in place of a number of smaller switches, reducing cable interconnects, and therefore takes the widely acknowledged cost benefits of fabric cluster computing to a new order of magnitude.
Fabric Networks, Inc. is the leading provider of switched fabric networking solutions for enterprise data center high availability computing and High Performance Computing server clusters.
www.flagshipventures.com /news/06302003p.html   (553 words)

 Fibre Channel Topologies
A Fibre Channel fabric is a switched network, providing a set of generic, low-level services onto which host channel architectures and network architectures can be mapped.
In a switched topology, aggregate bandwidth of 100 Mbytes/second times the fabric port count is possible.
A second management benefit of switched fabrics over hubs is a fabric-based service called the Name Server, which maintains a table of all logged-in devices.
www.oracle.com /ecostructure/blueprint_acc/design_configuration_options_fiber_channel_topologies.htm   (654 words)

 Fibre Channel and Related Standards
The performance of the fabric is of utmost concern in a large Fibre Channel configuration, as it may dominate the overall performance of the system.
The ATM switching layer permits cell loss due to congestion; however, AAL5 provides detection of errors, including the consequences of cell loss, by means of a 32-bit CRC over the higher-level protocol data unit which it segments into cells for transport over the ATM network.
Switching can potentially be introduced in any multiple-access LAN by dividing the stations into segments and attaching each segment to a distinct port of the switch, using the same adapter, software, and cabling used with the shared medium.
www.comsoc.org /ci1/private/1996/aug/sachs.html   (8990 words)

 TechOnLine - Drop Multidrop and Switch to Switched-Fabric   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
That connection switches between pairs of units on the bus as needed, allowing a variety of devices to interconnect, one pair at a time.
One possible approach would to be to design the system so that all devices needing multicast signals reside on the same switch, allowing the switch device to provide the multicast behavior locally.
The trick is assigning the various processors, memory blocks, and I/O devices to switching nodes cleverly.
developonline.com /community/related_content/7098   (686 words)

 articles on VXS, VME switched fabric, serial fabrics, VITA 41.2
Switched serial interconnects have placed substantial performance demands on backplane design.
Both groups plan to meet their higher speed applications by the use of switched fabric backplane technologies.
For instance, a Dual Star (redundant hub slots running the fabric) implementation could be implemented with cards at either end of the subrack, adjacent in slots one and two or in the middle of the backplane.
www.bustronic.com /release/articles/EETimes-Mar04.htm   (1204 words)

 Advanced System Architectures Drive Choice of Switch Fabric Solution | COTS Journal
The move to switch fabric architectures is well underway with powerful new switched computing platforms and open specifications such as PICMG AdvancedTCA and VITA 41 providing standardized mechanical platforms and management interfaces.
However, there is still no broad consensus as to which of the various underlying switched fabric technologies will emerge as the dominant fabric for these new platforms, with InfiniBand, Ethernet, PCI Express and even the still to be seen Advanced Switching technologies all being supported.
It can be plainly demonstrated that the hardware transport capabilities of a fabric technology dramatically increase the delivered performance of a switched fabric interconnect, while simultaneously reducing CPU utilization (Figure 3).
www.cotsjournalonline.com /home/printthis.php?id=100102   (1366 words)

 VXS: Switched Serial Gigabit Fabric for VMEbus on EDN: Voice of the Electronics Engineer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A switched fabric is a system for connecting devices together to support multiple simultaneous data transfers usually implemented with a crossbar switch, as shown in Figure 1.
Because of the "fabric wars", the VXS specification was defined to be fabric agnostic: there are five sub-specifications, one for each of the five fabrics described previously.
The switched fabric architecture chosen to connect the boards across the backplane is a ganged 4x, full-duplex serial channel, so that each interconnect supports data flow in both directions simultaneously.
www.edn.com /index.asp?layout=partnerContentDetail&articleid=CA330210   (1530 words)

 EETimes.com - VXS speeds switched fabric on VMEbus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As the fanfare given to serial switched fabrics swells, the industry is preparing itself for the long-anticipated rollout of multigigabit-per-second switched serial interconnect technologies.
Many switched serial fabric technologies are making news in the market today, and it is not clear which ones will survive and to what degree.
To insulate VXS from the trials and tribulations of any one fabric, the VITA 41 standard was structured to accommodate many different fabric technologies, although not at the same time.
www.eetimes.com /story/OEG20030116S0034   (1423 words)

 Embedded Papers - Addressing the Last Centimeter Problem of Switched Fabrics
Switched fabric architectures are changing the way designers look at multiprocessor systems in the same way that air travel changed the common understanding of time and distance.
Likewise, switched fabrics change the relative distance of distributed system resources such as remote memory from distant islands reachable only after long delays, to next-door neighbors that can be accessed almost instantaneously.
Because of switched fabrics, designers can pay far less attention to which system elements are remote or local, because high-speed communication paths make everything virtually local.
www.embeddedstar.com /technicalpapers/content/a/embedded1837.html   (273 words)

 (Features) Medical Imaging Systems: Ensuring High-Availability Performance (MEM archive, Oct 03)
By implementing a serial switched interconnect, increasing the overall bandwidth of a system is as simple as adding another endpoint to the topology.
A centralized topology uses a dedicated fabric board where all of the node board traffic is aggregated.
By adding another fabric board with connections to a second link in each node board, a fully redundant system is possible.
www.devicelink.com /mem/archive/03/10/010.html   (2626 words)

 Measurement tools aid switched fabric design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Serial transmission techniques are at the heart of switched fabric architectures.
With switched fabric comes the concept of dedicated, unidirectional, point-to-point connections.
Switched fabric architectures like RapidIO are on almost every digital system designer's future roadmap.
www.embedded.com /shared/printableArticle.jhtml?articleID=23901766   (2134 words)

 Making Gigabit Ethernet Efficient in Fabric Computing | RTC Magazine
Today, multiple switched fabric alternatives are competing to become the future standard for data networks in high-performance multiprocessor computer systems, also known as fabric computing applications.
Gigabit Ethernet, another switched fabric technology, is often dismissed as a viable data network for fabric computing applications.
However, it should be noted that other advancements are also quite significant to making Gigabit Ethernet a viable switched fabric, such as advanced flow control methods, switches and inband data encryption.
www.rtcmagazine.com /home/article.php?id=100140   (741 words)

 switch fabric Internet Resources
switch fabric are new networking technologies such as infiniband.
StarFabric is a scalable, universal switch fabric which addresses the unique requirements of communication engineers designing for the next generation data, voice, and video networks.
While we expect to see a strong fabric market by 2007, the revenue in 2004 and 2005 will be modest, as the core infrastructure targeted by switch fabrics has been especially hard hit.
www.eeglossary.com /switch-fabric.htm   (645 words)

 RamSan-320 Solid State Disk by Texas Memory Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The switched fabric topology implies that there is a storage network switch (such as those from Brocade and Vixel) between the host and the RamSan-220.
Switched fabric topologies can be used to provide unparalleled scalability and redundancy for storage networking.
Because Fibre Channel switches tend to add very little latency to storage transactions, the switched fabric topology is still an excellent choice for high performance storage.
www.superssd.com /products/ramsan-220/sanity.htm   (483 words)

 Byte and Switch - InfiniSwitch Now Fabric Networks - Storage Networking News Wire
As Fabric Networks, Inc, the company will continue to build on its legacy of excellence in developing high-availability InfiniBand solutions for the enterprise data center and high-performance computing (HPC) markets.
Fabric Networks HCA-X(tm) (formerly InfiniSwitch Dual Port Host Channel Adapter) A robust HCA providing high bandwidth support for clustering, storage, and network SFN connectivity.
Fabric Networks Fabric Manager(tm) (formerly Lane15 Fabric Manager) Recognized as the leading fabric network manager for SFN computing.
www.byteandswitch.com /document.asp?doc_id=35179   (592 words)

 Switched fabric board embeds Ethernet switching: News from Concurrent Technologies
The FP 110/008 switched fabric board complements the range of CompactPCI PICMG 2.16 and VME64x VITA 31.1 packet switched single board computers from Concurrent Technologies.
Ports 1 to 8 are used for connection to the nodes on the packet switched backplane.
Port 9 is a board-to-board link to connect to a second FP 110/008 board for switch fabric redundancy or to increase the number of network nodes.
www.electronicstalk.com /news/cct/cct153.html   (592 words)

 [No title]
We are proposing that, during packet transmission, the network interface calculate a CRC for the entire UDP and TCP/IP packet and append it at the end of the packet.
Note that as long as the CRC protected IP packet remains on the switched fabric (even to different media, such as from the interconnect to HIPPI), the packet is never modified.
We are also proposing that routing over a heterogeneous switched fabric avoid the IP header adjustment of TTL and header checksum - a reasonable proposal that will be justified if a subsequent paper is written.
www.cra.org /Policy/NGI/papers/wiltziusWP   (849 words)

 VXS backplanes, VME switched serial, VITA 41.2, VITA 41.1, VITA 41
The 12-slot VXS backplane features a Dual Star switched fabric topology and a special high-grade material to maximize performance.
The new connector allows the use of switched fabric signals for higher bandwidth and reliability.
(Other fabric technologies may be implemented later.) Designers will have the flexibility of plugging in standard VME64x cards for parallel bus only, integrate new payload and switch cards for parallel bus and switch fabric transport or switch fabric transport only.
www.bustronic.com /release/040317.htm   (284 words)

 XMC Modules Make Their Debut | COTS Journal
Paving the way to switch serial fabric interfacing, the VITA 42 XMC standard builds and extends upon the rich legacy of the PMC form-factor.
Both standards support a range of current and future serial switched fabrics while providing complete mechanical and electrical compatibility with the legacy PMC and VME standards.
The Serial FPDP and fabric cores use less than half of the FPGA resources, allowing additional processing to be performed within the FPGA if necessary, and a range of signal processing functions are available as pre-integrated solutions through our partnership with QinetiQ.
www.cotsjournalonline.com /home/printthis.php?id=100245   (849 words)

 Emulex Miniport Driver Version 4-4.81a4 - Topology Notes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Switched F_PORT (Point-to-Point) topology only will be used.
In this mode of operation, a Switched Fabric is required and Point-to-Point to a Target is not supported (for these configurations use Topology=0;)
In a Fabric environment, the order that disk devices are created is based upon the Name Server response data (which is not guaranteed to be in any special order).
www.emulex.com /ts/fc/docs/winnt4/mini/4481a4/topology.htm   (352 words)

 Switched Fabrics Networks
To form larger networks or nodes the switches may be cascaded together to form any size [fabric] network.
Switched fabric networks are used to provide Fault tolerance and used in many Avionics Buses, the buses are serial in nature.
StarFabric is a multi-protocol switched interconnect technology for board-to-board and chassis-to-chassis connectivity.
www.interfacebus.com /Design_Connector_SwitchedFabric_Networks.html   (317 words)

 IBM Redbooks | SAN - explaining the different ports
A port is designated an E_Port when it is used as an interswitch expansion port to connect to the E_Port of another switch, to build a larger switched fabric.
These ports are found in Fibre Channel switched fabrics and are used to interconnect the individual switch or routing elements.
An F_Port is a fabric port that is not loop capable.
www.redbooks.ibm.com /redbooks.nsf/ffb155b535b4144485256c050061937a/85a6f0907e57354088256c1e0000238e?OpenDocument   (685 words)

 Entry-level, 10-port, 10/100 Switched Fabric Board for PICMG┬« 2.16 or VITA 31.1 based systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The FP 100/008 is an "unmanaged" embedded Ethernet switching platform that provides a low cost, low power, switching solution for telecoms OEMs and integrators.
Concurrent Technologies announces the FP 100/008 switched fabric board, complementing their range of CompactPCI® PICMG 2.16 and ANSI VITA 31.1 packet switched single board computers.
Using the FP 100/008 Switched Fabric board with a CompactPCI PICMG 2.16 or VME64x VITA 31.1 packet switched backplane (PSB) enables a tried and tested method of implementing a LAN-based multiprocessor architecture by leveraging readily available Ethernet hardware, TCP/IP software, clustering and other network management tools.
www.realtime-info.be /VPR/layout/display/pr.asp?PRID=7584   (554 words)

 Ten-million-gate switched fabric needs better verification   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
During the design phase of the company's service processor, the Switch Fabric chip, we recognized the need to incorporate formal equivalence checking into our silicon design flow.
Basically, the Switch Fabric chip is a comprehensive software and a fully functional reference platform for telecom equipment vendors targeting the optical market.
The Switch Fabric chip design is quite complex, on the order of 10 million gates, and has interface speeds greater than 2 GHz.
www.commsdesign.com /printableArticle?articleID=16504052   (1256 words)

 In-Depth Switched Fabric Training Class Description - Solution Technology
While Arbitrated Loop may suffice for a modest SAN environment, high-performance, high-availability configurations have come to rely on the switched fabric topology.
Whether you are designing a product to attach to a fabric topology, an installation using Fibre Channel switches, or even the switches themselves, there is something for you in this seminar.
This seminar is intended for those who require an in-depth understanding of the Fibre Channel Switched Fabric topology.
www.soltechnology.com /indepthsf.htm   (210 words)

 Press Release Details: 1999
BROCADE SilkWorm switches are the defacto standard for connecting servers with storage devices through a Fibre Channel network, enabling companies to access and share storage in a high-performance, scaleable SAN.
Also demonstrated in the Unix Zone are fabric connections using BROCADE QuickLoop 2.0, enabling private host, Ultra 2 (with a SOC+ Host Bus Adapter), to private storage connections, A5000 JBOD, in a fabric environment without requiring a special driver or HBA configuration.
This connection will demonstrate BROCADE\'s Fabric OS in translative mode, which allows a public loop NT host device and a private loop Sun storage device, to communicate across the Fabric without requiring a special driver or HBA configuration.
www.brocade.com /brocdoc/news/announce_details_99.jsp?id=12200469   (484 words)

 SBS Technologies > Pressroom: embedded computer market supplier of system and board level solutions.
As the data throughput bottleneck problem is solved (probably for a long time) by the accelerated proliferation of various serial switched fabric interconnect schemes, the world of embedded signal processing must have processing engines that are suitably matched.
Classic DSP chips, even with their advancing clock rates, are simply too serial in nature to achieve the very high throughput needed to feed switched fabric bus architectures.
FPGA devices, with their inherently scalable parallelism, are more genetically fit to take signal processing performance to the next level, occupying the same performance space as serial switched fabrics.
www.sbs.com /pressroom/374   (1336 words)

 White Paper: Introduction to InfiniBand Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) promises to replace bus-based I/O architectures, such as PCI, with a switched-based fabric whose benefits include higher performance, higher RAS (reliability, availability, scalability), and the ability to create modular networks of servers and shared I/O devices.
By moving I/O out of servers onto a switched network, InfiniBand technology results in what has been termed “deconstruction of servers” which is anticipated to be a foundational design principle of future data centers.
The company's open, vendor-neutral products will be an early requirement for the development, testing, and deployment of InfiniBand hardware products as well as a key to the successful exploitation of InfiniBand in customer environments.
www.serverworldmagazine.com /webpapers/2001/05_lane15.shtml   (1234 words)

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