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Topic: Sycamore maple

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  sycamore - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Sycamore, common name given to a several unrelated trees.
The name sycamore was originally applied to the sycamore fig, a species of fig native to...
- type of maple tree: a tree of the maple family, naturalized in northern Europe and North America, with five-lobed leaves and two-winged fruits.
ca.encarta.msn.com /sycamore.html   (106 words)

 Sycamore Maple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sycamore or Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) is one of the most common maples in Europe, native to central Europe from France east to Poland, and south (in mountains) to northernmost Spain and Turkey.
The name "sycamore" originally belongs to the fig species Ficus sycomorus native to southwest Asia (this is the sycamore or sycomore referred to in the Bible), and was later misapplied to this species (and others; see also Platanus) by reason of the superficial similarity in leaf shape.
The Sycamore Maple is noted for its tolerance of urban pollution and salt spray, which makes it a popular tree for planting in cities, along roads treated with salt in winter, and in coastal localities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sycamore_maple   (436 words)

The former is the wood of the Sugar Maple (A. saccharum) and the latter of the Red Maple (A. rubrum) and Silver Maple (A. saccharinum).
Maple sugar and syrup are obtained by boiling and evaporating the sap of the Sugar Maple.
Japanese Maples may be grown in pots for decoration of the greenhouse in the spring and they're great for planting in tubs.
www.botany.com /acer.htm   (773 words)

Sycamore is rated as medium in suitability for waterfowl habitat and low in suitability as deer or turkey food [3].
The presence of sycamore in upland climax forests may be a function of disturbance rather than a function of moisture or drainage regime; its establishment in these woods may require larger disturbances than those produced by single or multiple tree falls [8].
Sycamore seedlings were present in small numbers on the crown fire plots, indicating that moisture and light conditions were sufficient for sycamore seedling establishment [60].
www.fs.fed.us /database/feis/plants/tree/plaocc/all.html   (5066 words)

 Maple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maples are trees or shrubs of the genus Acer.
Maples are an important early spring source of pollen and nectar for bees, especially honeybees, which use its resources for spring buildup.
Maple is considered a tonewood, or a wood that carries sound waves well, and is used in numerous instruments such as the guitar and the drums.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maple   (600 words)

 Sycamore as tonewood? - Discussion Forums
Sycamore in the US is an entirely different tree misidentified by early English settlers thanks to a resemblance in the leaves, it’s of the genus Platanus.
Freeborn goes on in post #2 to state he is familiar with maple and sycamore and he believes his sample may not be maple-- and he states this clearly.
Back to "true sycamore," London Plane, one of the most commonly planted street trees in America, is a species of Platanus thought to be a hybrid of the Oriental Plane (P. orientalis) with the American Sycamore (P. occidentalis), but may be only a cultivar of P. orientalis.
www.acousticguitar.com /ubb/Forum12/HTML/000864.html   (1322 words)

 Acer pseudoplatanus: Sycamore Maple
Sycamore Maple grows in full sun or partial shade on almost any well-drained soil, acid or alkaline.
Sycamore Maple is quite adaptable to various soils and is also highly salt-tolerant.
Sycamore Maple is susceptible to trunk and branch cankers.
edis.ifas.ufl.edu /ST040   (538 words)

 Maple Tree Identification
Similar to sugar maple but usually 3-lobed (sometimes five); often appears to be drooping; often with a thicker leaf and lear stem (petiole) than sugar maple; usually with two winglike or leaflike growths at the base of the petiole (stipules).
Sugar and fl maple are particularly attractive as sugartrees because of their high sap sugar content and the late date at which they begin growth in the spring.
Red maple is commonly tapped in certain geographic areas, particularly in the southern and western portions of the commercial maple range.
www.massmaple.org /treeID.html   (2275 words)

 Acer pseudoplatanus; Sycamore Maple
The opposite* leaves of this maple have five lobes*, deep, V-shaped sinuses*, and large, blunt-toothed* edges.
There are a few Sycamore Maples planted on the small grassy island across Peripheral Road from the Stoneman and Mailman buildings.
The Sycamore Maple, like all maples, can be tapped for maple sugar and syrup.
www.bio.brandeis.edu /fieldbio/bersbach/EdiblePlants/aceraceae/acer_pseudoplatanus.html   (132 words)

 Acer pseudoplatanus ´Brilliantissimum´ - sycamore maple | Plant Encyclopedia | Garten.cz
Acer pseudoplatanus ´Brilliantissimum´ (sycamore maple), Ger: Kleinkronige Bergahorn, Czech: javor klen
Acer pseudoplatanus ´Negenia´ (sycamore maple), Ger: Kegelförmige Bergahorn, Czech: javor klen
Acer pseudoplatanus ´Worleei´ (sycamore maple), Ger: Gelblaubiger Bergahorn, Czech: javor klen
garten.cz /e/en/876-sycamore-maple-acer-pseudoplatanus-brilliantissimum   (1073 words)

Maples are widely grown as ornamentals and street trees for their foliage and autumn colors.
The box elder, a maple native to much of the United States, has compound leaves with three to five leaflets.
In addition to their ornamental importance, maples are a source of good timber, especially sycamore maple, and of sugar or syrup, especially sugar maple.
www.charliechucksfruitwood.com /Maple.htm   (240 words)

 Sycamore Maple - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
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Sycamore Maple 32 TV Stand by Ameriwood Here is a TV stand with a clean style and modern design It features 2 large component shelves for your VCR, Stereo, or DVD player It...
www.nextag.com /sycamore-maple/search-html   (381 words)

 Whiskey-Jack: The Balcony Birdwatcher's Bailiwick! - Naturalist section - More Trees
There are a number of hybrids and one look-alike - the Sycamore Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) which produces the regular Maple-type keys as fruit and can be seen at Riverdale Park and Edwards Gardens (west side plateau) in Toronto.
Following are photographs of a line of Sycamores planted along a boulevard in the east end of Toronto.
Sycamore maple Scanned picture of Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) leaf and fruit (Edwards Gardens, Toronto).
www.pathcom.com /~wgbz/moretree.htm   (867 words)

 Maple Leaves Forever   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Sycamore Maple is a native of Europe and West Asia.
Sycamore Maple is a large tree, growing up to 21 m in height with a wide spreading crown.
The diameter of the trunk averages 0.06 m for a mature tree.
www.mapleleavesforever.com /sycamore.asp   (387 words)

 American Sycamore Maple   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Sycamores or Plane Trees beautify stream banks all through the East and in some valleys of the Southwest.
Of the native species, the American Sycamore is best known and most common.
The seeds of these Sycamores resemble those of our western species.
home.kiski.net /~maury/trees/sycamore.html   (98 words)

 Sycamore maple
The tree Acer pseudoplatanus, native to much of mainland Europe, also often known as just sycamore, particularly in Britain.
The British sycamore is the commonest member of the Maple family in the country.
It can grow up to 35 metres tall and can often be broader than they are tall when fully matured.
www.woodworkingtoolstore.com /Sycamore-maple.html   (138 words)

 Acer pseudoplatanus--Sycamore Maple
Sycamore maple grows 60 to 100 feet tall and spreads to 80 feet.
The growth rate is rapid and the tree transplants well.
There are a few ornamental cultivars of sycamore maple: 'Erythrocarpum'--smaller leaves and red samaras; 'erectum'- -young trees upright; Gold Fleck--leaves spotted with gold; 'purpureum'--leaves purple on undersides; 'worleei'--leaves yellow with red petioles.
www.oldhouseweb.com /gardening/garden/01700023.shtml   (148 words)

 SUB Göttingen - Dissertationen - Pandey, Madhav: Development of microsatellites in sycamore maple (Acer ...
Pandey, Madhav: Development of microsatellites in sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) and their application in population genetics
Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) is an indigenous hardwood in Germany and in other central-European countries.
The species has been reported to be tetraploid (2n=4x=52) and is considered as predominantly insect-pollinated with some degree of wind-pollination.
webdoc.sub.gwdg.de /diss/2005/pandey   (1018 words)

 Sycamore Maple Tree   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Sycamore Maple Tree is know as just the Sycamore Tree in Europe.
In the fall the leaves of the Sycamore Maple Tree are a sight to see.
A lot of homes have a Sycamore Tree or two in the yard.
hippozippo.com /id229.htm   (56 words)

 The Trees of Pittsburgh
Also known as the “planetree maple.” A large shade tree with a widely spreading, rounded crown.
It is also an important timber and shade tree, particularly in Europe where it is simply called “sycamore.” However it cannot compete with American species for autumn color.
This tree was never planted in great numbers throughout Pittsburgh, although a few nice examples can still be found in the parks.
www.paconserve.org /alcoa-trees/sycamore_maple.html   (137 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for sycamore maple
Ameriwood 47837GM Sycamore Maple TV Stand for 32 inch TVs by Ameriwood Ind Furniture.
Features: -Two adjustable shelves -Holds most standard components -Made of press-board -Sycamore Maple finish Dimensions: -38 1/2" H x 23 3/4" W x 19 5/8" D About Ameriwood For over a decade, Ameriwood Furniture has produced innovative, high quali...
Features: -Holds most 32" TV's -1 adjustable component shelf -Stylish Sycamore Maple finish Dimensions: - 20 3/8" H x 27 3/4" W x 15 3/4" D About Ameriwood For over a decade, Ameriwood Furniture has produced innovative, high quality furniture for...
www.become.com /shop?q=sycamore+maple   (243 words)

 3D 3ds Autumn Sycamore Maple
XfrogPlants Autumn Sycamore Maple : three (3) textured models available in 8 format options (Cinema4D, Lightwave, Max, Maya, Bryce, Vue, 3DS, OBJ) with Xfrog source format always included as a bonus.
Also known as Sycamore Maple, the Mountain Maple is the largest of all maples.
It grows fast, on deep, humid soils, in both sunlight or partial shade.
www.turbosquid.com /FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/284550   (167 words)

 Acer pseudoplatanus 'Atropurpureum': Purple-Leaf Sycamore Maple Seeds
Zone 4 : Grows to 50 ft. A fairly large maple with a good spread - not often seen in landscapes.
Leaves are dark green above, rich purple purple beneath.">
A fairly large maple with a good spread - not often seen in landscapes.
www.treehelp.com /shopping/product-detail.asp?Product_ID=1625   (174 words)

 English Sycamore Hardwood Lumber in Hearne Hardwoods Wood Virtual Inventory
English Sycamore or also known as European Maple is the whitest of the Maples.
European Maple produces whiter and wider boards without heart then any North American Maple.
We are able to find this material with heavy figure suitable for Musical Instruments.
www.hearnehardwoods.com /Inventory/englishsycamore.html   (202 words)

 Fall Leaf Candles, Maple, Oak, Sycamore, Dogwood, Fall Wedding, centerpieces, Thanksgiving, Halloween
Fall Leaf Candles, Maple, Oak, Sycamore, Dogwood, Fall Wedding, centerpieces, Thanksgiving, Halloween
Floating leaf candles, Maple Leaf, Sugar Maple, Sycamore Maple and Oak Leaf designs for beautiful Fall centerpieces, Fall Weddings, receptions, parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Autumn celebrations
This symbol indicates a premium candle, made in the USA
waxwizard.freeservers.com /fall1.html   (351 words)

 Ameriwood Sycamore Maple Baby Change Table 65137 S&H INCLUDED IN PRICE - Bedroom Furniture
Ameriwood Sycamore Maple Baby Change Table 65137 S&H INCLUDED IN PRICE - Bedroom Furniture
Ameriwood Sycamore Maple Baby Change Table 65137 S&H INCLUDED IN PRICE
Ameriwood is dedicated to style and quality at affordable prices and have been for the past 30 years.
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 Good to Go Sycamore Maple PC Cart at Kmart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Good to Go Sycamore Maple PC Cart at Kmart
This sycamore maple finish PC cart accommodates most 17in monitors, and features a slide-out keyboard shelf and a lower shelf for CPU storage.
Just mail your product back to us or stop by any Kmart store.
www.kmart.com /catalog/product.jsp?productId=136266&N=562   (189 words)

 Ameriwood Industries 65137 - Changing Table in Sycamore Maple - Ameriwood Industries 65137. Free Shipping on TV Stands, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Ameriwood Industries 65137 - Changing Table in Sycamore Maple - Ameriwood Industries 65137.
Dedicated to style and Quality at affordable prices, we at Ameriwood take pride in our product.
This three sided, protective changing area includes a foam changing pad with a safety strap.
www.racksandstands.com /asp/show_detail.asp?sku=AR1032   (369 words)

 The Official Website of Sycamore Speedway
Use this site to keep up to date on driver point standings, upcoming events, and track information!
www.sycamorespeedway.com   (481 words)

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