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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Urban Dictionary: Syed
Syed refers to a very respected clan in Arab world i.e.
I went to Syed Sahib for his blessings.
The Syed screwed the Thanksgiving turkey since it reminded him of a big chicken.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Syed   (326 words)

 Call for Emulating Sir Syed’s Inspiring Leadership
Former cricketer Syed Kirmani was the chief guest and Arab News Editor in Chief Khaled Almaeena was a guest of honor.
Syed Mohammad Hussain, a senior Aligarian of the 1947 batch, presided.
Sir Syed would have been proud of the way the Aligarians remembered him but perhaps he would have been happier if they were also united in their endeavor.
www.arabnews.com /?page=10§ion=0&article=52612&d=9&m=10&y=2004   (855 words)

 Syed Leathers
Syed's stock in trade are one- and two-piece custom leather suits, but they also offer off-the-rack suits, jackets, and gloves.
Syed's own literature is rounded out with customer testimonials touting the reliability and durability of suits that have experienced the less-than-silky-soft touch of scalding fltop.
Syed can be reached at 1 (800) 486-6635.
www.motorcycle.com /products/syed-leathers-2756.html   (660 words)

  Syed Ahmed
In October 2006, Syed Ahmed became one of the celebrity contestants on Sky's Cirque de Celebrite, however in the second week he had to leave when his walking the wire was not up to scratch.
Syed Ahmed was not given a custodial sentence after saying he was depressed through finding out his mother had got cancer.
Syed Ahmed could not keep out of the news and in August 2006 he was arrested on suspicion of being involved in money-laundering.
www.biogs.com /apprentice/syed.html   (460 words)

  USCA1 Opinion 03-1715
The BIA granted Syed's motion on March 6, 2000, remanding the case to the IJ to consider whether Syed was eligible to adjust his status and with instructions that Syed be given a further opportunity to present evidence that his first marriage was bona fide.
Syed argues first that these conclusions were erroneous, and second, that the judge incorrectly considered Hiraldo and Syed's subsequent divorce in assessing whether the marriage was fraudulent.
Syed challenges both assessments, arguing that the IJ improperly dismissed the photographs as "not convincing" and "did not state any reasons for his determination that [Syed's] testimony was not credible." We are unpersuaded on both counts.
www.ca1.uscourts.gov /cgi-bin/getopn.pl?OPINION=03-1715.01A   (1639 words)

 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan [1817-1898]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The greatest Muslim reformer and statesman of the 19th Century, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born in Delhi on October 17, 1817.
Syed Ahmad's mother, Aziz-un-Nisa, took a great deal of interest in the education and upbringing of her son.
Sir Syed is known as the founder of Two-Nation Theory in the modern era.
www.storyofpakistan.com /person.asp?perid=P001   (935 words)

 Syed Durali Shah Naqwi from Grishk, Afghanistan
Syed Shah convinced me to go with him to the towns of Nawzad and Khaway, which are in the desert and mountains north of Gereshk.
Syed Shah and his wife now have 8 living children, the last four of which were born in America.
Syed Daud Taroon, the security officer who ordered the release of myself and Syed Shah, was killed in a shoot-out between Nur Mohammed Tureki and Hafizullah Amin in September, 1979.
www.ishipress.com /syedshah.htm   (1031 words)

 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan-Man with a Great Vision
Sir Syed was an ardent reformer and he wanted to reconcile modern scientific thought with religion by rationalistic interpretations and not by attacking basic belief.
Sir Syed finally reached to the conclusion that lack of education was the main cause of the backwardness of the community.
The aim of Sir Syed was not merely restricted to establishing a college at Aligarh but at spreading a network of Muslim Managed educational institutions throughout the length and breadth of the country.
irfi.org /articles/articles_401_450/sir_syed_ahmad_khanman_with_a_g.htm   (1165 words)

 New Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Syed Bawkher suit is the result of many hours of expert craftsmanship.
Syed Bawkher suits are recognized by the high quality workmanship and the details in the garments.
The result of high quality craftsmanship, all Syed Bawher button holes are painstakingly sewn by hand using the finest silk thread to create durability and a silky feel.
www.syedbawkher.com /tailor.htm   (349 words)

 [No title]
Syed contends that a different document was in effect at the time he was injured and at the time his benefits were denied.
Syed complains that he was not able to verify "whether the definition of disability is based on official plan language, SPD language, or some internal policy, written or unwritten." Appellant's Br.
Syed's claim is indisputably based on a statute -- ERISA -- and because the more specific S 8111 simply does not apply, S 8106 is arguably a more appropriate candidate for the most analogous statute of limitations for this reason as well.
vls.law.vill.edu /locator/3d/May2000/995472.txt   (5578 words)

 Syed Ahmed Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Syed Ahmed Khan Bahadur was born in Delhi, then the capital of the Mughal empire.
However, Sir Syed was born at a time when rebellious governors, regional insurrections and the British colonialism had diminished the extent and power of the Mughal state, reducing its monarch to a figurehead status.
Sir Syed's protegé Shibli Nomani led efforts that resulted in the adoption of Urdu as the official language of the Hyderabad State and as the medium of instruction in the Osmania University.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Syed_Ahmed_Khan   (4036 words)

 Syed Imamshah   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Syed Imam-ud-din was the youngest of the eighteen children of Pir Syed Hasan Kabir-ud-din bin Pir Syed Sadruddin who was a descendant of Hazrat Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq.
Incidentally Syed Imam-ud-din all of a sudden returned to Uchh Sharif on the day his father was to be buried and to his great grief learnt of his father's demise.
Syed Imam-ud-din served the Ismaili cause for nearly seventy years and is said to have died at the ripe age of 87 on 26th of Ramadhan, 919 A.H. (1513 C.E./1569 Savant) at Girmata.
ismaili.net /hero/hero25.html   (1630 words)

 Syed Muhammad Hubaan :: Khyber.ORG
Syed Muhammad Hubaan was a resident of Kan'rha (Ghorband).
Syed Sahib was told, "The people of the plains of Peshawar had made a lot of promises regarding prompt payment of Zakat and Ushr but now they are not giving importance to it.
When Qazi Muhammad Hubaan was to leave, Syed Ahmad Shaheed told him, "This is for the work of Allah and his Prophet PBUH alone; may it not be that the wishes of Nafs becomes part of it." Nafs is defined as desires of a person.
www.khyber.org /people/sarfaroshan/SyedMuhammadHubaan.shtml   (1644 words)

 Bipuljyoti Saikia's Homepage : Authors & Poets - Syed Abdul Malik
Syed Abdul Malik (1919-2000) was one of the most widely known and popular writers in Assamese literature.
As a matter of fact, the three contemporary writers who mainly dominated the post-independence era of Assamese novel literature at the initial stage are Syed Abdul Malik, Jogesh Das (1927-1999) and Dr Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya (1923-1998), who with their creative genius not only enriched Assamese fiction literature but also made it colourful and vivid.
Born to Syed Rahmat Ali and Syeda Lutfun Nissa at Naharani Village of Golaghat district on January 15, 1919, Syed Abdul Malik took to fiction writing at an early age.
www.geocities.com /bipuljyoti/authors/malik.html   (1621 words)

 Bangladeshinovels.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Syed Shamsul Huq (b 1935) is one of the most productive and active literary figures Bangla literature has ever seen.
The diary of Syed Jalaluddin plays an important role to expose the nearly educated Muslim Bangali mind of the first decades of this century.
Syed Huq tries to analyze religious beliefs from a liberal point of view and the fact is that he manipulates the whole plot of his novel on the bygone historical legends of seventeenth century when Syed Shah Kutubuddin came to Begal to preach Islam.
www.bangladeshinovels.com /Syed_Shamsul_Huq.html   (1698 words)

 Syed Ali Jafar, Resume
Syed A. Jafar, Krishna S. Gomadam " Duality and Capacity Region of AF Relay MAC and BC ", Preprint.
Syed A. Jafar and A. Goldsmith, "Multiple-Antenna capacity in correlated Rayleigh fading with channel covariance information", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol.
Syed A. Jafar and A. Goldsmith, "Transmitter optimization and optimality of beamforming for multiple antenna systems with imperfect feedback", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, July 2004, Vol.
www.ece.uci.edu /~syed/resume.html   (1265 words)

 BBC - Apprentice - Candidates   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Syed Ahmed was born in Bangladesh and lives in London.
He cites an ability to think on his feet and strong powers of persuasion as two of his primary assets.
Syed is an uncompromising character and is convinced he will be one of the highlights of the series: "Without doubt I think I will be the focal part of the show because I am passionate."
www.bbc.co.uk /apprentice/candidates/syed.shtml   (177 words)

 'Syed Shihab - The Savior of Indian Muslims' : Delhi Imam | MeraWatan.com
Syed Shihab is a political leader, religious scholar, orator, a humble leader despite the following of an entire community behind him, beloved to all sections of the community, who
Syed Shihab became the savior in a state with a high level of intellectual and cultural advancement.
Syed Shihab handles both political and religious leadership without earning the wrath of any other community.
jaihoon.com /watan/shbleader.htm   (659 words)

 Sir Syed's Doshala Donated To Aligarh Muslim University
A doshala given to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan by the British government was donated to Aligarh Muslim University on behalf of the late Mrs.
Sir Syed, were he alive today, would have been proud of the woman who came to inherit his doshala, and perhaps some of his spirit.
Atiya Masud, nee Atiya Fatima, was the oldest daughter of Mirza Mohammad Said and Zahra Mohammedi Begum - the granddaughter of Syed Hamid, the elder son of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
www.twf.org /bio/AMasud.html   (1310 words)

 Syed Ahmad Khan And The Colonial Experience at Aligarians.com
Syed Ahmad Khan was twenty-five years of age at that time and had developed into a historian and antiquary with an active interest in sufism as well as mechanics, geometry and astronomy.
Syed Ahmad Khan may also have felt that he, being better informed about the English and the outside world, should have himself seen the change that now seemed to be just round the corner.
Syed Muhammad Ahmad, “Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, 1817-1898” in the Qrly.
aligarians.com /2006/08/syed-ahmad-khan-and-the-colonial-experience   (5534 words)

 G.M. Syed’s services to Sindh lauded -DAWN - National; January 18, 2006
He was talking to reporters on the occasion of G.M. Syed’s 103rd birth anniversary in Sann.
He said G.M. Syed was a great scholar and politician in the subcontinent who had a strong influence in Sindh.
The caravan was led by JSQM chairman Basheer Qureshi, senior vice-president Syed Mujtaba Rashdi, vice president Dr Niaz Kalani and general secretary Dr Safdar Sarki.
www.dawn.com /2006/01/18/nat33.htm   (387 words)

 Syed Junaid Alam- strong presence in Kuwait exhibition | Syed Junaid Alam (SJA)
Bahrain-based firm, Syed Junaid Alam, showed strong presence at Kuwait's annual Perfumes and Cosmetics Exhibition that was held at the Kuwait International Exhibition Centre in Michref.
This year Syed Junaid Alam introduced an array of its latest products and accessories that were specifically created to cater for the festive season in the region.
Syed Junaid Alam WLL operates with 50 of its exclusive retail branches around the GCC countries, including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman and a franchise in Yemen.
www.ameinfo.com /75022   (711 words)

 Syed Soharwardy
His father and Murshad (spiritual guide), Allama Syed Muhammad Riazuddin Soharwardy (May Allah shower His blessings upon him) was a great Islamic scholar and the Imam of a famous mosque in Karachi, Jamia Bughdadi Masjid, Martin Road, Karachi, where he established Dar-ul-Aloom Soharwardia.
Syed B. Soharwardy's grandfather, Allama Syed Muhammad Jalaluddin Chishty (May Allah shower His blessings upon him) was the Grand Mufti of Kashmir (Baramula).
Syed Soharwardy was appointed as a teacher at Dar-ul-Aloom Soharwardia where he taught various subjects of Islamic studies.
www.m-a-t.org /syed.htm   (268 words)

 G.M. Syed on the 'Unity and Diversity of Religion'
G.M. Syed on the 'Unity and Diversity of Religion'
Syed was as an enigmatic leader who spent his entire life advocating the rights of peasants in a feudal society, and fighting the adverse effects of centralized power and authority in Pakistan.
A man of great learning, he was a staunch proponent of humanity and love - a man who respected and drew from the teachings of all faiths.
www.sikhspectrum.com /022005/gmsyed.htm   (4488 words)

 Department of Pan-African Studies - Kent State University
Professor Idris Kabir Syed is an adjunct professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies, in which he teaches introductory courses at both the Kent and Trumbull campuses.
A native of Kent, Ohio, Professor Syed graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in English and Pan-African Studies in 1994 and an M.Ed in Community Counseling in 2001.
Professor Syed is another example of the multifaceted and talented faculty that make Pan-African Studies an exciting and dynamic academic area of study at Kent State University.
dept.kent.edu /pas/faculty/idris_syed.asp   (298 words)

 Sir Syed Institute   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sir Syed Institute is in pursuit of excellence and provides high quality quality education.
Sir Syed Institute for Technical studies is a prestigious project of Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association (CDMEA) which runs Sir Syed College and Keyi Sahib Training College,Sir Syed high School.
Sir Syed Institute for Technical studies, Taliparamba is a Muslim Minority Institution established in 2002 by Cannanore District Muslim Educational Association.
www.sirsyedinstitute.com /index.html   (128 words)

 Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi
Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi was indisputably one of the greatest exponents ofIslam in the second half of the twentieth century and because of his commandover Arabic, through his writings and speeches, he had a wide area of influenceextending far beyond the Sub-continent, particularly in the Arab World.
Syed Abu lHasan Ali was born in 1333 A.H. Having lost his father at the ageof nine, he was brought up by his elder brother, Dr. Syed Abul Ali Hasani whopractised medicine at Lucknow.
Karvaan-e-Zindagi,his autobiography in 8 volumes, and Purane-Chiragh (life sketches ofcontemporary personalities), his biography of Syed Ahmad Shaheed, his biographyof Hazrat Ali (KW) and his Tarikh-e-Dawat-o-Azimat are his permanentcontribution to Urdu literature.
www.youngmuslims.ca /biographies/display.asp?ID=10   (1538 words)

 Syed Professional Services : Tax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At Syed Professional Services, we're justifiably proud of our excellent and long standing reputation as accountants.
This fee will ensure that you are receiving the highest level of services for a lower cost than hiring your own accountants.
At Syed Professional Services, we continuously strive to provide the best service in the business.
www.syedpro.com /tax.html   (420 words)

 Syed Ali: ZoomInfo Business People Information
Syed T. Ali, a specialist in neurology and internal medicine at SOCH
Syed T. Ali, MD, is a neurologist at Southern Ocean County Hospital, Manahawkin.
Syed Ali, a neurologist on the medical staff of SOCH.
www.zoominfo.com /people/ali_syed_577695487.aspx   (363 words)

 In vitro reconstruction of the respiratory central pattern generator of the mollusk Lymnaea -- Syed et al. 250 (4978): ...
In vitro reconstruction of the respiratory central pattern generator of the mollusk Lymnaea -- Syed et al.
Find out more about why this message is appearing, and what you can do to make your experience of our site the best it can be.
In Situ and In Vitro Identification and Characterization of Cardiac Ganglion Neurons in the Crab, Carcinus maenas.
www.sciencemag.org /cgi/content/short/250/4978/282   (1401 words)

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